Common Mistakes During Ramadan #15 – Inviting Others

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Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

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The speaker discusses the common mistakes made by Muslims during the month of Brah, including selective behavior during fasting and the loss of family members. They also mention the problem of invited people not bringing blessing into one's homes and the need to eliminate this space for those who add value to others. The speaker encourages viewers to subscribe to their channel and share their own videos for a chance to earn the pleasure of being part of Islam's community.

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common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan and their fasting.

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of the common mistakes that Muslims make during the month of Ramadan and in their siyam is that at times we are selective with who we give access to, and who we break fast with and who we exclude. And this is not the habit of a believer, and not the way or the spirit of Ramadan, and its intent. Sadly, Subhan Allah, many of us, we are obligated to having certain people fate enter into our homes, even some people who we believe have a negative influence in our household. Sometimes it could be a family member, someone near or far, who you'd normally would not invite into your home. But it is the month of Ramadan. And it is a good thing that you share and break bread with them. The

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problem is in that you've invited somebody who doesn't bring bottle kit into your home, the problem becomes greater is that you invited people who aren't really worthy of eating the food from your table. But you've excluded the good people who are not maybe of your same social standing, or of your academic achievement, or of your ethnic or religious or cultural background. There are these beautiful people in our masajid who each and every night. We see them they're praying to Allah fasting, as we fast, who are generous with their smile to us who are carrying with their dog for us, but not once have they entered our home because they're not from our ancestral homeland, or they

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don't have the type of job that we perform, or that there isn't anything financial that ties us together. We don't have anything in common except Allah. And that is where you find a laws love the prophets of Allah, how do you sell them? He said that the love of Allah is whadjuk is compulsory for those who love each other for no other reason except Allah Subhana Allah, what an incredible opportunity for you to break that on that mistaken trend, where it's just our family and friends and neighbors that come into our home out of obligation, not out of tequila. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, fell yet called Allah yet called Tanaka la Taki. Try to restrain anybody from

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consuming the blessing Allah has given you unless you are knowing of their piety, meaning the ones you should bring in the ones you should cultivate. The ones you should have visiting your homes are those who you sense they have a connection with Allah, not just your family ties, not just those who look like you sound like you and come from your similar background. It is not wrong for you to have people like that in your home. What is wrong is that you eliminate this space for those who can add blessing and Baraka into your household. May Allah subhanho wa Taala open our hearts to each other, make us colorblind and culturally blind to other people so that we can see each other as believers

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before Allah subhanho wa Taala and now our hearts connect us and nothing else so that we earn the pleasure and the love of Allah the Most High.

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