Minute with a Muslim #001 – What Rejection of FAITH looks like

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The church's guidance on color and shift is not a cognitive issue, but rather a heart issue. The church's use of goddamn words and the potential for mistakes made by people are important. The church's desire to demonstrate what he knew is allowed, but mistakes are made. The importance of faith and a clear understanding of the afterlife is emphasized. accountability and a strong understanding of the people involved in the afterlife is emphasized.

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The rejection of Revelation,

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the rejection of Allah's guidance, the rejection of his signs, whether it takes the form of color, or the more specific form of cool photo, which is shift is not a cognitive issue, not a primarily cognitive issue. It's not about how smart you are. It is an issue of the heart. It is about how sincere you are it is about how moral and ethical you are, which is why Allah azza wa jal he says, well, and Mina Zelina la mala Mala Equateur what can Lemma humulene Moto what Hashana I lay him color che in ko Bella? McCann Julio meno Illa Aisha Allah, well I can Xsara whom he has a high loon. Allah Subhana Allah says, Look, even if we sent down to them an angel recall this was one of their

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phony demands one of their excuses, oh, we don't want a prophet. We want you to send us an angel. Allah says even if we sent them an angel, or even if we allow the dead to speak to them, or if we gathered everything for them, they wouldn't believe except if Allah subhanaw taala willed no rather most of them are ignorant

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what can Delica Anna Nikolina be and I do want to say Athena linseed oil gin

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in this way, okay. I lost found to us about it account for the existence of something. He says we have placed for every prophet enemies enemies among the shayateen NCO ology and mean human devils and devils from among the jinn.

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They help each other and they speak to each other and they delude each other. So my fellow colleague hoorah with beautified literally golden words, golden deluded words. Well, I will share our our bootcamp Mirtha, Alou And if Allah subhanaw taala had wanted, he wouldn't have allowed it to happen yet. And Hakeem, the all wise Allah azza wa jal decided that this would happen that this type of confusion would happen this type of argumentation, you've got some people doing the devil's work, right? Here's the shaytaan. People, or Wes, Wes, the suggestions that you find within your own soul. And the reason that he has allowed it to happen is to demonstrate what's on your insides.

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Because if you have on your inside sincerity, if you have on your inside faith, the virtue, then yes, you will make mistakes, but more times than not, you're going to follow the guidance that Allah subhanaw taala sends, and you're going to resist the whispers. You're going to resist the bad influences. You're going to resist the delusions, or the justifications or the rationalizations that the demons give you. But for people who have the sickness in their heart already, this is what they've been waiting for. They want to hear the West West, they want to hear the suggestions, they want to hear the delusions, they want to be provided the rationalization, so then once it comes

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along, they can latch on to it and say, Ah, yes. See, I knew what I was doing was okay. I knew that I can live my life without faith, I knew that I could live my life without thinking about being accountable to anyone, or to anything.

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This is how misguidance works. And if Allah subhanaw taala had willed it, he wouldn't have let it happen yet. He allowed it to happen to demonstrate what he already knew. Because when it comes to your heart and my heart and everybody's heart and what they would decide how they would react, Allah already knows.

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He didn't have to do it for his own benefit so that he knew something he wasn't already aware of. But he makes the hidden manifest to prove it to everybody else. So that we get on the day of judgment and we stand before our last panel to Otto and he gives us our final judgment. He shows us our deeds that set off. He makes us confess You did this. We have to say yes.

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We don't have an argument we can't say well, but if you had only given me this different situation.

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Allah subhanaw taala gave us the situation gave us every opportunity and we're going to get what we deserve.

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While he testscore la he has either to let in Allah You mean and I will ask you though this is exactly what we're talking about. Allah says Lee Okay, the lamb that he's using here as lamb Metalia Okay, lamb Italian last pantallas explaining the reason

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Why he let this happen? Why did he let the demons run amok, right be able to confuse people be able to provide these arguments, bad influences among the people bad influences with these suggestions in these whisperings. Why Lolly Tesco Ah, he lay here Effetre to Latina up notable akhira so that the people who don't believe in the afterlife their hearts would incline towards it.

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And Allah azza wa jal

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puts this front and center time and time again Alladhina Allah, you don't have an extra. It's interesting, you would think somebody an outside observer would think, Okay, well, the Quran would usually say believing in Allah, believing in Allah believing in Allah and it's true. Allah says that a lot in the Quran, but a surprising amount of times. Instead of saying you may only be LA, he says you may Nona will ask.

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Allah de la you mean on a bit ACARA here the people who don't believe in the afterlife?

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What's the first cifre the first description of the Moutoku moon and solar Tabacalera Alladhina Yamuna wanna live.

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Interesting. The first thing he says is not you'll be known as biller. He says you're gonna be the one who believes in the unseen Because believing in the unseen and the afterlife is part of the unseen has to do with ASAP has to do with accountability. You know that you're going to be held to account you know, you're going to be held responsible for what you did. All piety all Taqwa all responsibility, all faith is based off of accountability. We need it.

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If you don't have accountability, you're going to do whatever you want.

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And that's just the reality.

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How many think about your job?

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For those of you who have a boss, if your boss never ever, ever came in to work?

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How tempting would it be to slack off? How hard would it be to discipline yourself? So that every cent I mean, all of us have shortcomings imagine, are you going to tell me that every single second that you're on the clock is dedicated to your work? You never once looked at your phone you never once shot a message you never once scrolled Facebook or something like this when you're on the clock.

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Well, the last panel to audit is the only boss that has complete knowledge of what his workers are doing. Right? And so we need that accountability. We need to have some sort of accountability so that we act right. And Allah is bound to Allah says here, that the people who don't believe in accountability, and if you can't, if you don't believe in the afterlife, you can't believe in any accountability, no real accountability. Your heart is going to lean. It's going to lean towards these suggestions towards these demons towards these demonic forces and these influences. You only live once it's your body. It's your choice. Get out there and live a little relax, loosen up. You

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only live once. Let's go.

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If you don't believe in accountability, your hearts gonna lean towards that and eventually, you're gonna find the justification you were looking for