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AI: Summary © The speaker advises the caller not to share information about past sin with their future spouse, as it could affect their finances and reputation. They also suggest giving the information to their spouse to avoid embarrassment. The speaker emphasizes that it is important to not give out information that will cause damage to their reputation.
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What I'm supposed to tell my future spouse in regard to my past

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and regard to the past sin, first of all, the person must repent to Allah from any sin that the person committed in their past. And ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive him or her the sin that they have done in the past. And I asked a lot to forgive all our sins, what we've done in the past, what we doing now and what we might do in the future, what we did in secret or in public, as for sharing this with your fiance, with your husband, it depends, there are certain scents that will affect the marriage like for example of somebody committed as in a woman lost her virginity, or someone committed as in and he is attracted to the transmission, sexual diseases, or someone like committed

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a sin or something that has a proper consequences for it. Like for example, he was registered in some less than the government

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law as a case against him to to use drugs or,

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you know, some bad sexual conduct with minors or thumbs up things of that nature. So these things must be convinced you convinced you must tell your spouse about this or fiancee about this, you know, things that maybe has a consequences or financial consequences, like things that you have to pay back or a debt or find that it will affect your finance. And so these things of these nature's it must be shared and tall. But any other than that,

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you don't need to tell the person if, for example, you say you did it, or you had a relationship with the person. And these things ended. That's not supposed to be shared, and is not allowed for a man to ask a woman. Did you ever had an issue with a man before or known a person before? Or she asked? Did you ever did a woman before or something of that nature? Have you ever drank alcohol before? That's not basically a lot, but things that it did in the past my brain back like drugs? Yes, you can ask if you have used any heavy type of drugs in the past, but things that like some of the youth maybe did in their, you know, ignorant days, you should not ask about it. And should

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person not allowed to bring it up to what if somebody asks, Can I lie about it? If it's not something going to affect their relationship? Even Elon Musk said it's allowed for you to lie about it. And to or to say it in a way that it will not tell the kind of the full truth if you think that will cause a damage. And the final point, many people when they became very comfortable with their spouse, they start telling them about all the bad things that did in the past. I want to advise you don't get too comfortable. Because sometimes these things it would be used against you in the future when conflict happens. You know what your sins between you and Allah, keep it that way. Because

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Allah is the only one will forgive all your sins, and he will never ever, you know, hold it against you as long as you repent to Allah, but no human being will do the same. I ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive our sins and to cover us with his setup Salalah

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