Murtaza Khan – Morals Series – Episode 08 – Chastity

Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the responsibility of men and women to protect their bodies and others, including the concept of chastity and the need for individuals to be the same. The segment also touches on the negative impact of alcohol consumption and the importance of praying with others to overcome fear and arrogance. The segment emphasizes the need for a culture of fear and respect for women and men, as it is not just a habit but also a habit.
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After praising Allah Subhana Allah, and sending immense preaching and salutation for the final prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, as you mentioned, came to refine the characteristics and the behavior of his Muslim Ummah and the wider world at large.

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The previous good moral good value we spoke about, was about

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kindness and gentleness towards one another, specifically towards one's family members.

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But she wants children one, why don't we find the essential gentleness towards them. And as we stopped in the theme of goodness and kindness towards them, which touched upon the concept of chastity, of preserving one's honor and dignity,

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the concept of chastity

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should be highlighted first. It doesn't just concern women, as some people may think. Well, the army begins to speak about preserving one's chastity in one and dignity. Allah subhanaw taala Firstly, begins to address the belief in men, whereby a lot of dimensions put in in your whole domain of solving while you're following Fujian will

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say to the believing men, to lower the gazes and to God,

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then he can as well no, no, that is something which is more pure for them. And God knows whatever they can to carry out are they going to do?

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in a fairly in CERN as a symbol that Allah knows what the human being is going to carry out again to do. So the first pitfall of aggressive believing men only mean Yo, I'm sorry, in which literally means to lower the gazes, there is a literal translation that is lower than the linguistic translation as well. Because now the patient dimensions are so good

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that they believe individually that those individuals that they know the voices in front of the prophets of the long running sentence, and the same word is used of Laurie, if I'm being a high level voice, or from shouting to bring it down to low your voice, and like I say, a lot of dimensions too low when gazing, then it's something of the opposite gender is not related to you.

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haraam future look at a glance upon that a person should know they gaze is the literal meaning the literal interpretation and should be the literal practice. What if we find a modernistic approach that we find that people said, This doesn't mean that we're known as they gaze in front of the person of the opposite gender? Does it mean that on a local mystically, and technically points to them, that's what a person should do, then a lot of the women

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I'm sorry, know

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these are is in such so to noon, then the Quran addresses the believing women, that they should likewise follow suit, they should lower the gazes in front of men of the opposite of men, that are related to them non Muslim to them, and like when should God their private parts, because that is something that we find God

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to deliver, to display the beauty, except for that which naturally becomes apparent and hard to read about begin to discuss what naturally becomes apparent of the rooster woman.

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And two hands on watch her face. At some point about the first scene. I've concluded even some of the other videos that become the woman's possibly has been our face used to be in showered and covered how can we find out now for a woman to unveil her face, that if she beautifies her face, she wears makeup? That is old enough for her

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to uncover that she should now screen her face in the public domain and shroud her face cover her face. No Come on in the community saver person takes that view, which Foucault has mentioned inside the works of film takes the view VW in great detail, because unfortunately, this has been exploited amongst the women at the moment that I'm allowed to show my face. But yeah, how do they deal with their face, plastered their faces in an element of beauty and display in front of everybody around them? These are inside so to continue the page who is permissible for a woman to deliver or display the beauty in front of the whole at all at the end

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The page these are the only individual you display your beauty in front of anything other than

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for Muslim woman to display her beauty in front of strange men. And as you find a nice area inside so to know, the 24th chapter on the sort of new the sort of like, the main theme of this story is about chastity is about preservation. The whole sort of begins to speak about those individuals who blame other people for immoral acts, for action, out of marriage, etc, that we find for them to be individually to be punished, to be lashed to be flogged at a certain if the story is a blade.

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Runner, the whole of the sooner refers to that is referred to them.

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Making a freedom is blame. What are people saying about her till Avengers would have been then begin to speak about, about the good men out for the food women and good women are for for good men. bad men are for bad women. Bad women are for bad men. Why? Because we find that they say that birds of a feather flock together then you find that people who rejoice who entice themselves in sinner.

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That's the way your partner will be inside dice that you will realize that your partner will be an equal person in general will be equally just equally as you they know God had a chance to have a garden the chastity and like was in the continuous iron inside in in

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no other animal for

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those who like to scrimp and for what is the literal meaning of

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his sexual misconduct promiscuity, lewdness, wickedness, bad speech enticement. So, as the whole, the whole theme of the sutra is about preservation, about chastity to live at the last

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was so good

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marry the men and the women who are single amongst your community and married the service, whether they may have even seven in your era, you will love me for me, if you feel property, that Allah will enrich you, it is this is a TDP of a person who preserves the chastity Allah will enrich the individual Allah will take care of the individual and is heading to today okay to discuss with the data. And even before this, if so, to know that we find if you look at

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the 23rd chapter, the first beginning 10 or so versus aleena

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those are going to inherit paradise felt Ensenada, who those individuals who get to inherit paradise, what are the traits? What are the characteristics and Muslims are going to be the traits and characteristics of the believer individual incentive time because some of us we just condensed our life right for you we should emphasize about a Salah that we find but the Quran expands on so many different traits. So many different characteristics and these are super meaning. These are characteristics of the believing individual one

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in the other as well in a bedroom family.

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Life was not

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just a bar that we find one Latino foodie have a load. Don't individuals who got the chastity

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deserve the honor the dignity These are the people who are going to inherit paradise in the other as well. Except for in relation to the spouses are whatever the right hand possesses from a Nutella or other legal for hula.

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Whoever seeks any other means these individual transgressing individuals gone beyond the limitations. That's the only open expenses about the need of the human being from give him a favela Covina Nisa, he must know what to learn.

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Men whatever you want from amongst the women,

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three or four have been able to be just evolution from just one woman. So a person as an adult or a need that Islam channels are in the right direction. This is how you can live your life. This will be allowed inside the Sharia. As for any extra merican affairs, or relationships, or secret indulgences that we find, or people that some people they tried to have Nika claimed to have carried out a marriage without their parents knowing about it, or secretly carrying out or conducting themselves

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and now it's your marriage. They

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The people know that you're married, there's no secrecy, because you find that when we're now announcing that the person knows that people need to know, this is a married individual, this is a mature individual is the person who perfected half of the deed and the other half to fail Allah Subhana Allah, as a concept of secrecy of hidden affairs, is making a shout out to whoever seeks any other means, than the open means. That means that those individuals are pressing individuals that we find is hiding.

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Three types of individuals that we find is a lots of data, who will take a look and help these individuals and more generally, do the CBT learn out when the person is struggling and struggling in the way Allah Subhana Allah Sani would

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you read alfalfa the person who's seeking married and wants to preserve the chastity the honor the dignity and a third individual what vocabulary you read the other person who is a slave who wants to emancipate wants to feed themselves comes to the agreement that at the end, I'll pay X amount of money to my monster on free muscle. So first, we'll make that effort these three individuals are not sukanto the other will protect these individuals as individuals, I have been in a sort of an incident that we find. So here we find olema begin to discuss this, many times begins to occur. Last Friday, I mentioned the highest level of action and

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the one striving away a lot.

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Then secondly, and as

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the person who wants to get married and preserve the chastity, what is the relationship between a person who performs Jihad and a person of God their chastity externally there seems to be no relation because a person struggles and struggles is a far higher caliber. Bona is something which is hidden in men is a hadith that is extracted. That time we've covered individuals that will be very difficult for person to guard their chastity, overcome Amina jihad, and jihad.

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jihad is various types and struggles that person have to go through inside their life. So it becomes very difficult for a person to God the chastity so that's a company inside this Heidi, that straight off the one who strives and struggling who needs the help of Allah, like where the person who strives and struggles to protect themselves Likewise, the slave will together gather the money carefully, day in and day out to eventually to, to relieve themselves to feed himself is going to be a struggle. So all these three types of individuals are love panda with a and protect these individuals. And as we find old forms of temptations, of desires of fiction that we find mass media,

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YouTube, adverts, newspapers, magazines and television, everything around us, the billboards, all

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that begins to be exploited in society to demean people. Because you know the site for these people. They're very accurate. It's an impediment to direct people who is Muslim oma, because there are two types of filters inside if Mr. O'Mara be fine, a super hot shower and this how they destroyed his Muslim coma. They destroyed him replacing shower feed sugar happy demeanor, doubt regarding a belief about him as a mom.

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unveiling the doubts these people try to throw shoe at sin exists today they try to throw upon about about belief. And they can't catch us by this what do they do? They are the Delta What are chawan desires, temptations? Life this becomes a freelance living, of enjoying yourself temptation, placing yourself inside her making her own environments and joining her on encouraging her on her own. Because it's all visible in front of us. There's nothing to hide, just like we come down from people commission and other people come to greenfish to clamp down on people who encourage violence inside society because the end result will be the same. Even though people have done even though they may

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commence intervention, there's no doubt we'll go to gender Naga people who simply want to go to gender, but these two effects that we can then use to derail the Muslim Ummah, take them away from their mission and focus towards Allah Subhana Allah and as we find that a professor, he actually prophesized about this.

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For months, the science of the day, gentlemen and your

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agenda, you find that knowledge become deficient, become minimal, become weak. Let us know you can see this type of day and century of the century that we find mean forever from a depth of the relevant that you find the knowledge because we can

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Moving in the more you will move away from

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chosen selected generations, you find that knowledge begins to weaken the impact of knowledge understanding of knowledge that delivers of knowledge begins to weaken and General Ignorance become provided becomes common among society. Well yes, Xena Xena become apparent inside society and I can find with Dr. Lisa we can do our region we will begin to increase and men will be minimal till eventually by there will be there'll be 50 men 50 women to one woman mm hmm hope to speak about this

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man imagine and you can imagine and it doesn't mean that they actually will be 50 women to one man is a form of speech is an Arabic that will be accepted women with a one on 140 women to one man's head quite relevant discussion Toby speaks about these images and then you'll be excessive women The reason for that could be posed with

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excessive warfare fighting and killing and slaying of men that we find that it would be women would be a man that Noxon Rosina is it become apparent inside the society that we that we find like one find the prophecy of the Prophet Allah or another Hadith that we find that group of people of my own man will begin to drink wine and call it by another name

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a group of my own from my people. So speaking about non Muslims is speaking back Muslims and as you find another nice trick like yesterday noon yesterday

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to seek something the stuff you seek the forgiveness of Allah, there is some people who seek to make something which is originally haram

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so when people try to defend and said his head he doesn't mean that if people come try to make something which are halal haram they're not trying to do them. Mr.

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Maliki in something at all for the 13th century speaks about his howdy yesterday Luna hombre they're trying to make

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a movie from saying openly say that this which is haram is no longer Haram is hidden. Oh, he mentioned that becomes excessive drinking becomes common practice in the Muslim in

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amongst the Muslims

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and so on to be your phone

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right now.

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Even without a manatee they are so fanatical Adobe

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says at the top of the 13th century, as I've seen this with my own eyes. He's speaking about a 12th or 13th century that is excessive drinking of alcohol in the Muslim in amongst Muslims. For what about today? What about today that we find the drink of alcohol the opening of alcohol that we find a somewhat we find it is offensive that if a person speaks about that, that

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doesn't exist is that a Muslim community doesn't exist in our community from a small scale major scale

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from the average Muslim being intoxicated, addicted and gone to global government and scale of allowing people to drink alcohol serving you on the airline serving in the environment serving in the hotel serving everywhere.

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There's nothing to be gained in fact that exists inside a society. Yes, the camera trying to make Hammad halaqa people and also common is what

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drugs kasamba means now you leave with your loved ones after what came to your mind anything intoxicated classified as harbor. So people try to legalize drugs,

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drugs, drugs, is it covered? Is it liquor isn't wine that they don't understand the content of the

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drugs, intoxication, anything that takes away your mind, even for a few seconds.

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mascara, you

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had incense a Muslim, whatever intoxicated is a large amount. It is heroin, even in school, not even a small drop is one element.

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In the sherea sherea professor told me

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that he continues that we won't ascertain your mentor there will be many, many physical people I find with a plague of musical instruments and the singing of female singers. This all expressing what a Xena musical instruments, singing dance of female singers that we find and that we find if we look at the music industry today. What is music coupled with today? *, promiscuity, evil wicked behavior, temptations desires, Vonda speech, evil speech, evil conduct.

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What does this lead to

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Amongst the youth, it was a lead to inside their mind and therefore, to how they treat women, how many women and you're on the opposite side, if you study most of the dialogue and a lyric inside all of this, what is singing about what they fantasize about? It leads to, it leads to effect that can find the violence. The culture you find inside a society of killing and sane people all goes back to the listing of the songs, to watch the videos, to listening to nothing about things that were enough about.

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any decent individual didn't entertain the inside, they manifest in places filled inside the mind. And when you become the individual, overcomes them, life becomes becomes tainted, can make a distinction between and over time you cannot make a decision with that which is pure and that which is good. And therefore,

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your life becomes impure things become a normality for them, becomes a normal way of life for them. During this promiscuity becomes a normal way of life. And

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that this will lead to sooner that we find even

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Sabina, well, Xena

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Xena didn't use that language.

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Talk Rosina. Never ever go close to dinner. So

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close every single door and Avenue inside your life that will

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close every single door any door temptation, see inside you like to never go to

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the progress of even even a further stage. Since

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there are

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two types of individuals. I saw them inside the fire. I've never seen them before. Never seen them individually, individually described such as such

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as this, Steve like that this could be described

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by these two. I haven't seen them yet.

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But when these two type of individuals first appear individually, people have whips inside their hands. And they're punishing and whipping and torturing other people as

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a volley moon

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rabbinical leaders juridical individuals are pressing the people around them within people to cheat people, controlling people making people there are many people in the slaves and

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none is free. Man is no one slave, except for a slave of Allah. That's what a man is man is a bow down to any individual, no individual man ever bound down

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even comebacks for 4000 2000 if the opponent to balance on the judge

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your battery's dead for no human being. And check what you've been forced to do that the human being back only bends, proceeds

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that are in the know

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nothing but death awaits and have no choice. In the hand a person may be weak in such a manner make that choice, their own judgment and do that. But in general person never doesn't even know their head for personal covenant wounds over the shoulder. This is a form of reverence. Because this leads to arrogance needs to pray with me throughout history before the Muslim history. Our people individually enraged that his person never bowed in front of me, never prostrate in front of me never showed delivered himself appropriately in front of me, send them to the gallows, punish them and torture them.

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We all human beings,

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there is no virtue for any human being except for the fate of Allah

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Subhana darna And does he want a second dub of individuals that are described when he said kaseya

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he mentioned women.

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Dress by yet naked.

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He prophesized this, there will be women will be dressed by they will be naked. They'll be swaying in a in a way that they walk in a walk of temptation. And likewise they'll be dragging enticing other people directing other people away from the problem lots of Canada anna and i go and find out their hands will be a function of like a hump of a camel beyond the head strain or going to a sign and the women that we find they will not enter Paradise and they will not smell the fragrance of Paradise winery.

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And the smell of Paradise from such a such a long distance. You find in discussing this honey that we find some of the regular begin to discuss centuries ago about women and Lisa kassian. One distinction we mentioned is that if women are dress, wearing the right attire,

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They tighten their dress to reveal the ornaments. This was written centuries ago, and local and visitor society today, centuries of experience that hadn't been mentioned that way that way the dress by a

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certain body can be exposed to society around them.

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the way they fit the type of material and the way the way that they dress, you made the way that he jumped as they say, you may lose the weight without the government. Because the HR without the government is interest of chastity is a dress of modesty is a dress of adequate body sukanto Diana is not a dress of beauty is not a dress of delivering to society and acceptance to the society. And like when you find a person should be vigilant inside the life that we find only the interpretation is for the mystic interpret the challenges that we find have around us. This is a preaching of the sixth century and medieval barbaric practice, our practice that we find a preacher that you want to

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take us back to that time and environment is not taking you back in any time. It's taking you back to the fear of Allah is taking you back to modesty. take you back to chastity. The prophet Elijah was the most just individual that we find. He encouraged his companion coach people around him.

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When he said to them, he was

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upon you to ever enter the gathering of women surrounded by women. He said never let a man see What a strange woman for a woman a shaper. Never praise you such as you sitting alone with strange woman. Because as a in a pod that we find sympathetic that we find inside a live

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Shakedown of a strange woman. There is no need for more than is the cockroach that we find in the shower in the shower. If you ever design don't have a desire for what is it? What is it for that? the progress of the super individual. He's had never touched any strange woman in his life.

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a better leader than him who has a political role, surrounded by so many individuals, from the women, he never shook their hands

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never shook your hand just took a break from them, no strange moments and he never touched on in his life. The only has a touch

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as well to his wife, his daughter, don't touch them. He shows love and affection to them, and they never shook hands. He said you'd like to have a metal rod above them through your hand that you touch a strange woman's hand. Simple, simple life, people may take offense to them. But actually the point of that one, this is the way we used to be conductors

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and life of modesty and chastity in our company to Allah Subhana Allah as we find the fair share of the prophesies inside the heavy Mohali that we find the two eyes will commit to Xena what are what do you think of the eyes, their claws, they can will come in the hands touching

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the private pilot with either accept that or deny that. And even inside the head he actually mentioned that the mind committed Zina in less than desires. If a person follows all of this that will eventually fall into a zener so need to preserve and protect themselves. And thus it becomes a difficult practice that preservation becomes

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to preserve your chastity and your dignity live with more than one becomes a form of jihad. The one extreme that we find in the Western world is constant understanding of chastity and living a world of temptation designed actually for the visit temptation design, but actually the concept of mandatory for them that you have children out of wedlock to get married at a later stage beside your life chemistry system, numerous partners, a numerous numerous religions or a common practice for them, we find an unfortunate opposite extreme for some Muslims well that we find in a static world that we find that making money should become something very, very difficult, excessive dairy that we

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find requisites that we find inside a society that we find, making it difficult for an average person to get married. At some time we don't find 1000s we find 10s of 1000s have been placed on stipulated as a dairy that might have that needs to be given and needs to be exchanged. Or we find that unfortunately,

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family members of the women will see excessive amounts even beyond that we find that the man will see excessive amount from a woman and a family

00:29:50 --> 00:29:59

speaks about the opposite the man delivers the dowry to the woman and that's it. There's nothing to be given to the family an important person is wealthy person has the wealth as the means

00:30:00 --> 00:30:03

Once again, presidents give whatever they want to give out their own goodness.

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But to stipulate that America is based upon this, for 50,000 pounds, for this to be given a card to be given a house to be given, and it's going to be given this to be given is all to be called the dowry. This became become one, this becomes difficult for the average individual to reach that benchmark.

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may Allah forbid a human fund concept of homosexuality spreading inside the Muslim Ummah, because why people cannot get married is a fact that it is a minor fact unfortunate exists, but the reason being behind one, making it difficult for people to get married inside your life. And likewise, we find it's not a taboo, that if a woman wants to get married, a woman seeks to get married or ask her parents to get married. But sometimes that society we see that as offensive. There was a woman expressed that I want to get married. We

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have a man Bukhari Hadith of the Prophet Elijah, a woman came to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and she proposed itself to get married to the Prophet Allah.

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He looked at her, he glanced at her.

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He had no inclination, or do you want to get married to her? If I wonder companies walked over and said, if you don't want to marry her, let me get married to her. He said, What do you have to give to this woman? He said, I don't have much. She don't even have an iron ring or something nice in order

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to even have a nice garment. I'm the only one garment that I'm wearing at the moment, obviously can't give the

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district a name. Then in progress, I'm calling back in Austin.

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He said, Okay, I'll marry you to this woman. And you teach her the sort of the Miranda You know, that's your man. He got them married, or never had the they stipulated on his Howdy. What is the inner dimension mean was handy. This woman wanted to get married. If we use the word in which he had a desire to get married, the man had a desire to get married, that progress Have you fulfilled that desire, let's say going fulfill that desire around me. That's the intermediate

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sort of woman can have a desire as well. That we feel is something Victorville. And I'm presently understanding in such society a woman beat as we just said that a a man with a certain age, and a person needs to carry that out. There's a person who comes who seeks to handle marriage. And you can pay for No, no, Sharon visa for no appropriate reason. There no, there will be facade of a sudden, there will be immense fitting, and corruption on the face of the land.

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Whoever comes to you and you're happy with indeed happy when

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you're happy with that, then you should get married. Because there is no perfection for any human being. There's no perfect woman, they're not perfect man. They're not perfect, perfect individual. for

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the greater good of society. They're going to go to presentation and try this out. And as we find that seek the means and a way to God once chastity Oh learn along the Indian a simple Buddha what to call

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a Muslim, excessive supplication to Proctor Allah, Allah in the Buddha, what to call when

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I asked you for guidance, ask you for fear of Allah spandana asked you for to be given the ability to guide my chest ready to preserve myself and ask you for richness to present you begin asking environment around them, give me the ability to be a trusted individual to present and to protect myself, like going for other prophetic traditions. Yeah, Mashaba, all young men amongst whoever amongst you can afford it or food it goes back to growth. So remember, they mentioned a person has a

00:34:04 --> 00:34:08

limit that will suffice for the person to get married. Until they go to another extreme you

00:34:10 --> 00:34:36

fall into that person needs to have a career need to have a degree it needs to have well established needs to have this. But the sad fact is that many of you may never achieve that men ever reached. That is a true fact that we live in a in a in a realistic world, that we make all these achievements. There. Many people get married inside their lives. But whoever has the basic means they get these people not able to be effective alone again, and God wants chastity.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

To do so should foster foster would be a shame for that individual. And I qualified other elements that are discussed based on Vedic tradition, to place yourself in a good environment to surround yourself in a good environment to engage in some physical activities and some labor's work on busying yourself. Suppose it doesn't have time. The mind isn't isn't free to just watch

00:35:00 --> 00:35:17

The awake line isn't just free. That's when every young individual is engaged in some form of Labor's work that we find will keep them engaged. When young users are busy walking around the streets, fantasizing on the street wasting your time, results have just been given. And you can see my love and many,

00:35:18 --> 00:35:24

many of you in here, there was a look at the grades, look at the resolve, minimum force, you just can't be bothered in your life.

00:35:25 --> 00:35:25

They will do

00:35:27 --> 00:35:36

the bare minimum just straight through and you're interested in their life and just becoming a generation and wasting their life, wasting their dignity wasting the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:23

Muslim essence of a Muslim is preservation is chastity is goodness, that that is the essence of a main man. A main man isn't one that person engages all these hydrometers This is a symbol of a good individual symbol of a good individual is a person who live a moral life and right life. That's how Muslims should be we've been exposed to so many things. Some of you be exposed to become nobleman a Jihad a person in this industry that can present themselves as a great reward with Allah Subhana Allah, Allah those who are foolish or shouldn't, we should encourage them. There are many, many people's too young, to guard and preserve themselves, to return back to Allah and live in a food, a

00:36:23 --> 00:36:27

pure wholesome life. They can see the fruits of this inside this dunya and inside the

00:36:30 --> 00:37:07

inability to live a good life, a good life, even what mistakes have made that we preserve regard our honesty and our dignity, a wise God and the honesty and dignity then you find a prophetic tradition speaking that a woman who gods are fine and adjusted it preserves and symbolizes and only for husband for what a great reward will be given to that woman that we find them entering to Gen X whichever door that he wishes. These are symbols of a society of goodness and chastity that love how to preserve value the youth that live and get them over youth that will come into the future give this youth to the garden so to present themselves. To the youth of the people have to follow the

00:37:07 --> 00:37:17

form to say either the agenda of two masters or two young individuals or young individual entering to gender amongst young individuals.

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