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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how to avoid cultural sensitivity and asks the audience if they can put books on walls. They also ask if anyone is taking a certain stance and if they need to put books on walls. The audience is asked if they need to put books on walls and if they are willing to wait until everyone is ready.
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I put a crown on the ground.

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So I'm on ecomark de la Peace be upon you, we have to take this question and understand, was there a written bound? Maalik Fahad printing complex? Or on during the time of the Prophet peace be upon him? No. So right off the bat, we're going to understand the question is going to have some sensitivities. So let's work together on this. Can a script with the Quran written on it be placed on the floor? Yes. Now let's get a little bit more comfortable with, can I take your wedding album and place it on the ground? Whoa, it's really delicate, something special. So what happened right here was we bought something cultural, we bought something real into the picture. So can the Koran

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be placed on the on a sheet on a carpet on a must have, you all know that would we place the most half on the ground? Now we're getting to a place where we're, I don't want to get to the gray area where we know there are lines of respect and admiration, we wouldn't cross. But let's blur the line here. When it comes to culture, you got to the mustard you're reading, you read all of sort of half 812 pages, you're exhausted and you want to, or you're just taking a second to wipe your tears and you place them off on the carpet. And someone's like, Oh, look at these kids. They don't know what they're doing. Look how disrespectful they take some classes and they put grunt on the floor. Before

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you throw a kitchen sink of delille and halal and haram at this person. Are you taking the cultural nuances into effect the same way you would be culturally tolerant of a homosexual person or someone who has a you know, different piercings? The same way? I'm asking us today throughout our Koran revolution and faith IQ question. Get caught culturally comfortable with those around you? Can you put them up on the floor? I would be very intelligent about where you put the most house down and how long you place it there. For all of you who are quoting that the Sahaba had or the law who died on had pieces of paper and books, written piled stacks and books and people sat on them. Yes, that

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is an also a reality. But they lived in very different contextual plate conditions, small rooms different times without storage. So now you answer this question. Do you need to put the muscle on the floor? Can you place a single book underneath it your laptop that's up to you? culturally speaking, it's our time. The next few questions are going to come under this guise. It's our time to become culturally tolerant of each other.

We all have great respect of the Qur’an. If the Qur’an happens to be on the ground, is that disrespecting it?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

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