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Are body piercings permitted in Islam? If yes, then under what circumstances and for whom and what parts of the body? What is the general norm concerning body mutilation or preservation in Islam? And what are the reasons for following these norms?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elucidates explicitly.

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body piercing allowed in Islam.

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Our scholars have said that the piercing that is the norm and the normative in, in the cultures of the world such as a woman piercing her ears or even a nose piercing that this is something that is permitted because we learned from this soon and the idea that the woman at the time of the prophets of the Law Center also had their their nose and their ears pierced and they would wear the jewelry that is common amongst women. However, beyond this, our scholars have said this gets to the issue of not only imitating the people who are not of good character, but also have body mutilation and the body should not be mutilated. The body should be kept preserved and intact to the greatest extent

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possible. Therefore, especially for men as well because there's also the issue of being effeminate or imitating women. So all of this should be avoided to the greatest extent possible. Women are allowed to get their ears pierced and in certain societies and cultures, their nose as well. Other than this, it should be kept to a minimum because of two reasons. Number one, the body should be preserved as much as possible. And number two, we don't want to imitate the people who are a bad character.