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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of "ma'am" for the term "ma'am in Muslim culture," and how it relates to a person who falls into a sin and is unable to stop and lose their power. They suggest that individuals may not want to stop and lose their power in order to regain their father's mercy, and that they will continue to fall into sin until they have regained their father's mercy.
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How do I repent for a repeated sin?

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One of the most common questions is about the habitual sin, the one that is repeated and the person repents, and then they go back to the sin and then they repent. So someone asks, How many times should I repent to Allah if I keep falling into sin, meaning in other words, they've given up and one of the traps of the shaman is to cause people to despair from the mercy of a law or to lose hope that they will ever change. So eventually he wants them to give up on this path to repentance. However, we find that as we've mentioned many times as we hear in in the Muslim community, often there is no sin that you cannot ask the Lord to forgive you for so always seek the the mercy of

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Allah subhana wa tada repeatedly, no matter how many times you fall short, to the extent that a man came to and hustle and bustle Rahim Allah, he said, a man falls into a sin and then repents and then falls into a sin and then repents and then falls into a sin and then repent. What do we say about this man? And hustler Mosley Rahim Allah said, this, there is nothing that I know about this except that this is the behavior of the believers, meaning this is what you should do. However, as you are repenting on the from the aspect of sincerity, you want to also logistically make some kind of change. If there is some things in your environment or your friends that is triggering you to fall

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into this repeated sin, then try to make some logistical change so that you don't keep falling back into the same sin. In other words, try to learn from your mistakes. However, you can continuously return to a loss of power Tada, but do not stop and do not give up and do not lose hope in the mercy of a loss of power. No Tyler for he does forgive all sins and a loss of power to Allah knows best.

There’s no question about it. We all sin. The best of us though is the ones who repent and turn back to Allah (SWT). What about a sin one commits repeatedly? After repenting every time? What should one do when in this situation?

Shaykh Suleiman Hani answers.

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