Can I Join My Non-Muslim Family For Holiday Dinner

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A great number of us Muslims have relatives who are non-Muslims and take these dinners very seriously. They invite all the family. Is it permissible to attend non-Islamic festive dinners?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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Can I join my family for their holiday dinners?

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So like I said, I'm not all suited up this question with regard to joining family and holiday dinners,

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joining the family and holiday dinners, just as a dinner or a social gathering, it's permissible because the default rules in a social gathering, any gathering, especially between relatives, something encouraged because this was selected by him, basically being good to your family members and your kinship, encouraging us now, but at the same time at this gathering around something of a religious nature, here, it will be something that Islam tell us that we cannot participate in any non Islamic practices or practices or ritual. That's not part of our religion as Allah tala said, Look him Dino qumola Do you have your religion and religion so if you've been invited to dinners or

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you go into Christmas, for example, your family to spend time with them, and make sure that you don't purchase within the religious practices you don't pray to other than God, you don't basically go to church and do the ritual that people do during this season. But in the house where people gather and and having fun and chance to see cousins and relatives you haven't seen for a while, that's permissible. And also make sure that you don't participate in consuming anything that's not allowed in Islam, like wine or drinking wine or alcohol, or

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eating pork or anything of that nature. I want to say that these occasions became more of social events, more than religious events that the reality of it. So this is the case, I don't see a problem for you to go and to participate with your family and be close to them. Hopefully, this will be a good mean of dalla as well. But I want to say also that any holiday or gathering that does not have religious natures, it's permissible like Fourth of July or Thanksgiving or anything of that national holidays. You're allowed to participate in it. Just watch your heart. Watch your deen watch your Eman because when you're surrounded with things is not allowed. Even if you're not taking part

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of it or not doing it it can impact your Eman and your deen. Now last month Allah guide all