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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Shafi Lumbee Riverwoods Sidi Mohamed Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam does Lehmann cathedra and cathedra formado my brothers and sisters,

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many people have been asking me to talk about the celebration of Mila do Nabi modules on the be different names by which it is called on the 12th of Rabhi we'll have one

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which is celebrating the birthday of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa he was I was ALLAH.

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So let me try to explain to you and try to clarify to you the issues that are involved.

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The first issue is

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and it's important to differentiate these two things because people sometimes argue and then they ask you questions which are really quite unnecessary.

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celebrating the birth of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, differentiate that from celebrating the birthday of Rasul realizers.

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Now, you might say, is the semantics, are we playing games with not being with words? No, we are not.

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There's a very significant difference between these two things, celebrating the birth means, are you happy that he was born Salallahu Alaihe Salam, as a Muslim,

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absolutely 100% There is no birth. In my view, there is no birth of any body in the entire universe, which is more worthy of celebration, which is more blessed than the birth of Muhammad Rasul Allah is Allah Allah Allah UI lives.

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So will I celebrate the birth of Rasulullah Salam? Absolutely. Absolutely.

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Do I love Rasul Allah says Allah, only Allah is Witness.

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Yes, I love him. I love him more than I can possibly express and Allah subhanaw taala is witness.

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So do I celebrate his birth? Am I happy that he was born? Absolutely. Totally, completely I don't have the words to describe. The birth of rasa Sanam is the happiest possible incident in the creation of the entire universe.

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celebrating the birth

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and celebrating the birthday, what is the difference? celebrating the birth is to celebrate is to be happy is to rejoice on the bad the on the on the birth, meaning because wrestlers are the salon was born. Rejoice because of the birth of Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, celebrating the birth day means celebrating it on a particular day.

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Whether that day is the 12th or rubeola. Well, whether that day is the 10th of Muharram, whether that day is the first of Ramadan, whether that day is the 10th of January, whether that day is the fourth of April, whatever may be celebrating the birthday means specifying a particular day and saying that Rasulullah sallallahu sallam was born on this day, therefore we are celebrating his birth on this day. Now is that something to be done not done, and so on, so on.

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Let's look at the both the logical historical aspect of it as well as the aspect of it in the dean. Of course, obviously, the aspect of the dean is more important, but we have to understand the logical and historical aspect as well.

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As far as the logical and historical aspect is concerned, if I see if I see that I want to celebrate a particular event on a particular day. Right? Whatever that might be. I'm not even talking about birthdays and so on. If I say I want to celebrate

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the establishment of Google

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on the first of January,

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what is the

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first question you need to ask? The first question you need to ask is, was Google actually established established on the first of January? Is this a fact? Right? Simple.

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If you say that you want to celebrate my birthday,

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my birthday, you want to celebrate it? I'm not asking you to do that, please. But I'm saying if you say I want to celebrate the birthday of my birthday

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on the phone

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of April. But the first question to ask is, was he born on fourth April? Right? Simple as that. Let's look at this.

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If somebody says, I want to celebrate the birthday of Rasulillah Salam on the 12th of radula. Well,

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and you can name any day, any day you like, I'm just taking 12 Because that is the the most commonly held belief.

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Was he do we have conclusive verifiable

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that he was born SallAllahu Sallam on the 12th or Bulova? We don't? It's as simple as that we do not.

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There are multiple reports. There are people who have said he was born on the second of Rhodiola. Well, there is there are people who said he was born on the eighth of robiola one. There are people who said he was born on the 12th or a doula.

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There's people who said he was born on the 10th of Revilla. Well, I can give you all the names and so on and so forth. I don't want to elongate this whole lecture, it doesn't matter. All those things are verifiable. You can go check them yourself. There are people who said he was born in Ramallah, there are people who said he was born in suffer.

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What people are

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agreed upon is that he was born on the arm will feel that the year of the elephant the year that abre attacked maca, with the intention of demolishing the Kaaba and of course, he was unsuccessful, and his army was defeated. And Allah subhanaw taala destroyed his army not defeated alone destroyed his army, and him and he

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that was the year that Rasul Asana was born and this is agreed upon by all the historians.

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There is no difference of opinion on that.

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Now, why is there no difference of opinion on the year? And why is there a difference of opinion on the day, again, very simple, we have to understand the history of the Arabs,

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they had a system, the Arabs actually followed the Roman calendar. So they in terms of numbers, the dates and so on, they follow that. And they had a very sketchy way of following it. So it wasn't that they kept track of every single day and so on. They named years after significant events. So for example, this elephant thing was a very significant event never happened before never happened again. And therefore, that's I will feel the year of the elephant. Later on from the Sierra if you read you will find that there was a year when Roswell, Salem, and the all the

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his entire family who had been exiled from Makkah, and they were

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embargoed and restricted in the, in the value of our dollar, shave shave of Italian. And that was the year in which was was reserved last our mother hostage recover or the Alana as well as his uncle, I will die. And that year he was the it's called the year of sadness, I will Hoser. And so therefore, these years were named so specificly years were remembered, and they were named based on some significant event which happened. Now, keeping track of birth dates was not from the tradition of the Arabs. So not only do we not have a exact the exact date of birth of Rasulullah salaam, we do not to have an exact date of birth of anybody.

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Right you name any of the people of that of the time, there is no exact date of birth for that person, either for a welcome narrow Barnardos manner I lead or I was a VR or anybody or the Alon was right? There is no

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need or no no date of birth, is specifically mentioned, and authentically reported of anybody and that the reason for that is because this was not their tradition. They did not keep track, they didn't celebrate birthdays. They didn't keep keep track of the date of birth or any person. Now, in addition to that, you might say, well, maybe they didn't keep track of everybody else. Why did they not keep track of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam for a very simple reason. When he was born, they did not know that he is the Rasul. Nobody knew that he is the Rasul nobody knew that he was going to be the Rasul.

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This was a child which was born and this was a child, which was born in a very significant and very honorable and noble family, the model Hashem from the Quraysh, but it was also a poor family. And on top of that this child was born his father had already passed away so this was an orphan child. So it was not somebody who was you know, like the princess and our king or substance take away you would give some drag of the of the data but it wasn't right

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This was a very ordinary thing which happened at that time. Was it ordinary in itself? Of course not. It was the most extraordinary event that could ever have happened. Allah subhanaw taala sent his Nabi sallallahu alayhi Sana, but this was something which was known to Allah subhanaw taala. It is not something which was known to the people as far as the people were concerned. I mean, I've been to I have had a baby. That's it, like many, many other women of the time, they did not drag anybody's date of birth. And so therefore that date of birth, specific date of birth, is not not

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again, so therefore, should we celebrate the birth of Rasool Allah that he was born? Absolutely, when you regenerate it absolutely any time, any time of the year. And as far as I'm concerned, we should celebrate it every single day by following his sunnah because that is the correct way of celebrating the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu not by seeing that I see then homily and whatnot, but by following his sunnah by following his method, which makes us the Beloved of Allah subhanaw taala right? Well it goes on to a boon Allah Fatah beauty, you will be Malawi if we look on the ruler Kumala for Ray Mala Samaritan has it installed a lightning rod said to them over Amazon Mozilla, to

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emulate you to love you so that they emulate they do the copy. They

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they do everything the way you do. Right. And then Allah will if they do that, and I lost Ronald and I will love them and Allah will forgive their seats. So this is the best way of celebrating the birth of asanas. Asana is by following what he did. Now, what about specifying a particular day and saying, he was born on the 12th, or Abdullah wall or he was born on the eighth or Abdullah is born of the 10th or whatever day you specify our day and you say, therefore we are celebrating this day. First and foremost, factually, it is incorrect.

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You don't know the date, I don't know the date, nobody knows the date. Nobody today can say with authenticity with authority that he was actually born on this day, there is no evidence to the to the effect. So therefore that statement itself is false and wrong, number one. Number two, if that particular day had been so important that this information would not have been lost Rasulillah Salam himself would have informed us and we would have had the date, the very fact that he did not inform us means that that particular day, the date is unimportant, that the fact that he came amongst us is a is a is a blessing of Allah subhanaw taala we thank Allah subhanaw taala for this Now,

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therefore, should you specify a particular day and celebrate? Let me come to let me answer that in another way. Which is,

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why would you do that? Why do you want to celebrate on a particular day and specify that as the day especially when you know that this is that this information to say that it's always false? Because we don't know this? Why would you want to do that? Tell me, right? There's no reason. So don't do it. Simple as that. Now, people do it. Why do they do that? Very simple. There are people with good intentions, I have the law, we are not talking about the intentions of the people. Right? The people who are celebrating the birthday of rasa Sena, are people who with good intention, they're wild. Why do they love the promises they love, they want to specify a particular day, they want to sing some

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songs and whatnot is prepare some special foods and and then and then they have some special, you know, acts of worship May Allah may Allah protect us from all forms and be that they want to do all of this. Why? Because they think this is a bad because they think this pleases Allah subhanaw taala. Now, that is where the trouble comes. Which is that in the Sharia in Islam, there is a fundamental rule is that as far as the Aqeedah and the bylaws are concerned, the Creed and worship is concerned. Everything is haram, everything is prohibited, except what Rasul Allah is Allah, Allah Allah Salam did and what he permitted to be done both are the same things, right? Except what he said and did

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and what he permitted, other than that, anything is haram and also does Allah Salam said, Kulu with Afro Bharara or kulula thinking that

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he said in the famous Hadith, which we hear in practically every Juma he said that all innovation is in the hellfire.

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This refers to

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a pizza and a bar that creed and acts of worship. This does not refer, for example, to your budget architecture, you know, was there a dome in the time or was there a mihrab so when you're putting a dome now, is that

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should you wear a topi or no Toby? Right should you wear a B?

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Law? Or should you drive and drive a car? Or should you ride a camel and people ask these? You know these questions may Allah protect us. These are questions that come because people don't understand the definition of these terms. So it's very important first of all to understand the definition of terms b that is something which is introduced into the religion with specific reference to the Creed and the ways of worship to Akita and Nevada.

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It does not refer to culture, it does not refer to food you eat and so on and so forth. It refers to acts of worship and creed, belief. Now, what is an act of worship an act of worship is defined as any action which is done with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala and expecting a reward from Allah subhanaw taala right. So for example, I'm sitting here giving this lecture, I hope Allah subhanaw taala will reward me so therefore this becomes a act or Eva for me insha Allah and I ask Allah subhanaw taala to save me from saying anything which is wrong and to forgive me if I do that and to reward me for this inshallah.

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I request you to make the same law for me. You feed some people, because you are Allah subhanaw taala Reserve said it's a good day to feed people this becomes an act of a bother because you are feeding people in order to please Allah subhanaw taala if you are feeding people, and you have TV cameras, and you're putting it up on Facebook, and you're saying it shows saying, Oh, I'm feeding all these people, then it becomes shirk, this becomes a matter where you may Allah protect you from yourself. Allah can punish you for that it becomes a Ria, it becomes *.

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So don't do that. Worshipping, any action which is done purely with the intention of pleasing Allah is an action of rebirth, right? So whether it is feeding people, teaching, learning what not anything your work, for example, halal risk, earning Halal risk, earning Halal provision is an act of riba if you're doing it consciously for the sake of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. You don't fall into interest based transactions, you don't buy and sell haram you and you ensure that you do only halal, this becomes a source of,

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of benefit for you. Now, why do people hold these celebrations? Because they want reward from Allah subhanaw taala? Are they doing that to say, well, you know what, let me let's let's have some entertainment today. Let's have a party and this party is the birthday of Rosaura know, they are doing this thinking that this is an act of worship, that they are asking Allah subhanaw taala to reward right now, what is the criteria? Is it is it permissible or not permissible? How do we decide? It's not my I'm not making any fatwas?

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It's not a question of saying did so and so allows was no, we go directly to the source and what is the source? The source of this is Rasul Allah is gonna throw himself.

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So celebrating the birthday. Again, as I mentioned, Bibi is differentiated. We're not talking about feeling happy and celebrating and being joyous about his birth. You're talking about celebrating the birthday, on a specific date, whatever the date is immaterial, whether it's 12 910 15, whatnot, doesn't matter. Specific specifying a particular date and saying, We are celebrating the birthday of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, and he was born on this day. As I said, first one that has to be authenticated. There is no such authentic report, therefore, stating any particular day and specifying it itself is false. Second thing is, if we do that, then we have to look to see, de Is

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there evidence of this in the life of rasa Salam? Did he do that? Short answer? No, he didn't do that long answer. No, he didn't do that.

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Did any of the Sahaba do it? Did the Haulover Rashida do it did Abu Bakr says there's not the Allah who didn't do it? It was a viral whatever Katara de la No, did he do it? He did not do it did have Marbella follow the Allah who do it says it says I live in Italian gelato do it did his did his wife Fatima to Zara the Alana do it? Did anybody

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among the Sahaba did they do that? All of the 100 and whatever. 1000 of them, right? Did anybody do that? Answer? No, they did not do that. Did any of the next generation did Abdullah bin Mubarak did Hassan Al bacillary. Did Sophia and authority. Take the next generation? Did they do that? No, they did not do that. Take the next generation the third generation, right 300 years after we saw Selim. Did they do that? Did any of the IMA of fic did Imam Abu Hanifa Imam Ahmed Shah for Imam Malik Imam Ahmed bin humblebee Allah one Ovid mine Rama Rahmatullah la my did any of them do that? Nobody did that. When did this start? They started in the fat me

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dynasty the fatty meats

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The fatty Miroslava was the Shia dynasty which ruled Egypt and they were the first people who started the celebration of what they call more lead or more load

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and you know, different sort of names that they have for this. So, that is where it started

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right now.

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And that was when that was almost 600 years later, almost in the,

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in the 12th century, there was a salon was born in the seventh century, so almost 500 years later, the five TVs were the people who started this celebration, and they used to celebrate many other things

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they celebrate the many other days, among which this was also one of the days which was celebrated by the fatties now. Therefore, if you are practicing this celebration, who are you actually following? Ask yourself this question. Are you following Rasul? Allah Himself? Or are you following Abu Bakr and Omar was one and ally of the Allah one was made? Are you following the sahaba? Is one layman may collectively? Are you following the Imams of faith? Are you following the Sunnah facade ahead? Or are you following the the fire TVs among whom this tape was first started? Who are you following? Ask yourself who do you want to follow?

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Who should you follow? Right? So if you are doing an action, which also doesn't Trump did not do, and any none of us have heard it, he never asked for this to be done. They he never permitted it to be done. Right? And if you are doing this action, and you think that this is an action, or rather that you think Allah is pleased with this, then seriously, we have to ask, do you really know your data at all? Right? So this would be completely privated this is something that we must never do be very, very clear about this. I'm not even going into all the Horovod and all the all kinds of exaggerations that happen in the name of barley than malo and we laugh because I don't want to

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butcher them. I know them. I don't want to mention here because we don't want to propagate falsehood. There's lots of stuff that happens, all of which is false, all of which is wrong. Right. So, please lead us

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to celebrate the birthday of Rasulullah Salah Salem on a particular day. Historically, there is no evidence for it religiously, it is something which is prohibited because it would come in the in the act in the in the area of ABA. And no ABA is permitted which Rasul Allah never did. So if somebody tells you that you should celebrate this birthday of rasa Salah whether it's the 12th or Gulaba or wherever, tell them please find me authentic hadith

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or ayat of the Quran, where we am directed to follow this and I'm directed to celebrate the birthday of wrestlers on cell.

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Right? There is no such thing they cannot find it by just saying tell them that. Right? Just find me the is where Allah told me it was elaborate, or find me and or find me. The heavies were a Surah Surah Salam celebrated and he taught people to celebrate.

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So as I said, I was born on a Monday. He did not specify the date Monday, he said I was born on a Monday and he used to fast on Mondays. He said I want Allah subhanaw taala to find me in a state when I'm fasting in the state of Nevada on a Monday. So you want to celebrate the birthday of Rasulullah Salam please fast on Mondays.

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That is authentic. We know this from the from the WA alayhi salam himself, but did he specify a particular date he did not. So please stay away from anything which was not done by rasuna seldom and was not done by the Sahaba revived it was made. As far as the culture aspect of it is concerned there are many people who have said that oh but you see this is culture it doesn't matter it matters because even in the name of culture, something is started and later it becomes religion. That is why be that are prohibited they are haram because all be that start with a good intention. The people who made the salary salary to Son of God started with a good intention. They wanted to praise his

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RSL and they said there is nobody this man is so beautiful. This man is so pure. This man is so so biased that he cannot ever be here.

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what he has to be sort of God knows we'll start with a good intention. Just having a good intention about something does not make it halal. It's actually a very big trap. So don't fall into that please. Good intention alone is not sufficient. It has to be this Islam this deal of ours is a deed of delight. It's a deed of proof and evidence, not just good intention. good intention is definitely required, but good intention that is not supported by evidence from the Quran and the Sunnah is invalid in Islam.

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So please don't please stay away from this. celebrate the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu by following his sunnah in every aspect of your life, in your appearance in your talk, in your work in your dealings in your in your relationships, in everything and wellness rather than a fill your life with the baraka and lore of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Li was I will send them stay away from and do not celebrate a birthday a specific day don't specify a particular day and celebrate a birthday of rasuna Surah Salah because he did not do that none of the Sahaba did that Allah did not order us to do that in the Quran. And therefore this is not from this deed. I hope I have made myself

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perfectly clear. Ova Aleyda ill Bala will mobian it is not for me to do anything more than to state it as it is, was Allah Allah Allah will carry while Ali he was ivh baby erotica rahmatullahi wa salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh