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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a situation where a teacher is being charged for teaching the Koran, but the teacher is not being paid. The speaker suggests that the teacher is being charged for his time and expertise, and that the teacher's teaching style is not inappropriate. The speaker also mentions that if the teacher is not paid, they can be compensated.
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Can I charge to teach are on

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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah age old question which I'd like to come to, through a different approach. The Prophet peace be upon him said of the headjam, the person who does hijama, the X haemochromatosis. The one who charges per the one who charges for the practice, that person is, that's an ill practice to charge for this. Now, a lot of us get stuck in the same thing that if someone teaches or on the Absolutely, it's inappropriate. So let's go one step further. Is someone t charging you money for you to be taught the Koran? No. But are they charging you for their teaching style for the system that they've developed? Or even their time? Now you got it? So I'm going to

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bring you back to the JAMA question. My my Navy said that it's horrible for the hjem to charge. But then when my nubby had hijama, done, he paid the huddle. And now you get it. He did not pay him for the process, or for the cups removing or for the bloodletting. He paid for the time, the expertise, he paid for that which this person learned and perfected. So is a Koran teacher being paid? And now we're going to get to the actual question, yes, you can charge and can be compensated as the mom Malik made it very easy for the teachers of Hold on. He said, they will not be able to do an exemplary job, they will not be able to teach the people if they are not paid, and he put into the

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work that the teachers have put on be paid. So really, if you can help me split the question, because you're still going, Well, they're taking money for a foreign friend. Do you want a doctor who went to school for years, and then comes in you're like, wow, you should you should tell me. You know how to heal, you should do it for free. So then, I don't know if you're necessarily praying for them to heal you. You're paying for their time, their expertise, and the time they spent which you couldn't to master the science. The Koran can be charged and the system the dynamic teaching presentation, and also the convenience that you are receiving. You can compensate for that.

Majority of us are always looking for a teacher or a person of knowledge who can teach us the Qur’an. Is it okay for a person to charge to teach Qur’an? Shouldn’t it be free since it is for the sake of Allah (SWT)? Is charging for teaching Qur’an permissible?

Imam Wisam Sharieff answers.

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