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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam aleikum, wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My dear sisters and brothers Shala. All of my article fans are two fans are doing well. Today I'm going to speak about another quality that auto had that many people overlook. And this is a very, very, very important quality. It's just, he was just that he was fair to everyone. He made sure that everyone had their due rights from him. He gave time for example, his parents, his wife, his children, his mission, his friends, his community, and those who needed help. And subhanAllah it's just something to really reflect on from his actions and how he lived his life. They want to share

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with you one of Islam's greatest and brightest novels, I mean, symbols of justice.

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Okay, so, today El Cap he, the judge who narrated he said The Hollies are marvelous above the law, one who bought a horse from a bad one. He paid its price and then he wrote off with it. However, after traveling a little distance, Khalifa noticed that some kind of defect was in the horse, so he returned to the seller requested him to take it back since it was defective. The man refused. He told the Khalifa that the horse was perfectly healthy when it was sold to him. Oh my My lovely pleased with them, told the man to choose a judge and the man suggested should they even have a Hindi whom Amara de la han, who accepted now after the judge, listen to the bed with testimony, he

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turned to Amara, the Allahu Anhu. And he said, was the horse normal and healthy when you bought it? Amara de la Juana replied, Yes, it was. Should I then said, then keep what you bought or return it as you took it. Amara de la han looked at charade admiration thing. Thus justice should be statement distinguishes words and fair justice. I give you the position of the Chief Justice of hope in Iraq.

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So Subhanallah this, my dear sisters and brothers is Islamic justice, an ordinary Bedouin he took the khalifa to court, deciding which judge to go to, and the Khalifa accepted the judge's decision voluntary. However, this leader was not any ordinary man. But the one whom the Prophet sallallahu lism said, or Allah make Islam victorious by one of these two, and Omar was the one that was the one of those two. So Omar, may Allah be pleased with them did not threaten the bedwin nor did he misuse his power. Neither did he tell the Bedouin that he had actually exceeded his authority, nor that he would go back to him. No, alma de la han accepted the judge's decision with all modesty. So O'Meara

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Dylon admitted that the horse was healthy when he took it. And he accepted the judgment, making the case and everlasting example of Islamic justice, the judges fairness, again, the judges fairness made O'Meara de la han appoint him as a judge of who fought, he rewarded the judge for his justice and fairness and did not jail him for ruling against him. Some leaders may have done in the present, so called democracy. So now look at where we're living, whether it's the west or the east, wherever we are, Pamela, if the judge doesn't rule in favor of the President, or that Prime Minister or the one who's in charge,

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what ends up happening with those judges, either they get killed, they get jailed, they get thrown away something or another. Why? Because they want whatever they say their favorite to be the one that happens. And that's why a lot of these leaders pick their own judges, when they become leaders so that they can, you know, always favorite them, and you know, vote in their ways upon law. Now, if there's one word to define Islam, it would be justice. Allah subhanaw taala has sent messengers and prophets for this purpose, to guide the people bring justice to the land, the Quran says, and we sent a four time Messengers with clear signs, and sent down within the book and the balance that men

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may stand forth and justice. We see examples for this many times. In total, he lived for justice and fairness to all people, because this is what Islam teaches us. You can see that with ortho when he would help the needy when he would help the Christian or anyone in need. Islam is all about making sure everyone is taking care of an injustice and oppression is away from us, whether they're Muslim or not, whether they're Muslim or not.

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This was one of the most difficult tasks to do back then. And today, because of this justice and fairness because he wasn't all through wasn't after the money and the greed and the power and all that he got. Everyone was his enemy. They didn't like him because they were all one way and he was a different way. My dear sisters and brothers

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Unfortunately, just to start with knowledge, and then application, it's going to start with knowledge and application. We have to be fair at all times, even if it's against ourselves and our families, this is a must. Even if we're against ourselves or our families. I tell you this over and over, you know, if our children did something wrong, and I say this to my children all the time, like if you go and commit a crime, and you do something that's wrong, and I find out about it, I will take you to the police station, I will testify against you in court, I will make sure you get your time sir. Because I had did not raise you that way. So if you're gonna do the wrong thing, and

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I catch you, and I'm aware, I will not send and go oh, Everyone, be quiet. Don't say nothing. No, just this has to be served because that's the only way we'll learn and grow.

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Now the Quran contains revelations that spell out what's fair and unfair or right and wrong. The message of the prophets Allah Allah, Allah some teaches us how to apply what we should do and what we should abstain from doing, how we should calculate it all. When we have understood it as what was taught to us by the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then we too can be like are too and we can make sure that Allah subhanaw taala has rights are met first and foremost. And then after the rights of Allah azza wa jal are met, then it's our parents and our families and the rights of everyone else on us. Now, how many times was orthros? tested by Allah azza wa jal? How many times was he shot with

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arrows? Was he tortured, or even close to be being killed? Yet he did not let that determine how he treated others. Even when he was in the most difficult of situations, he would help those who needed him more, whether they're again they were Muslims, or Christians, and they love to him for this quality Subhanallah wherever he went, because of his justice, and his fairness, they love to him. It's not hard, my dear sisters and brothers to be just under normal situation.

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It's when we are tested with difficulty that will really show our true justice. However, we must remember that Islam commands us to be just even in those situations where our emotions can take over us. The Quran teaches us to overcome the first impediment when we're dealing with our closest relatives or even ourselves. Oh, you who believe Allah azza wa jal says in surah number four, I 135 Are you believe stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to a lot even as against yourselves or your parents, your kin, whether it be against the rich or the poor, for luck and best protect, vote, follow not the less of your heart, less you swerve, and if you just store justice, or declined to do

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justice, barely Allah's wall acquainted with all that you do. Last telling us and this is that we must be just at all times. We saw an ortho how people were unjust when it came to their self interest. Those hypocrites will do whatever to protect themselves while stepping on others and destroying them yet or to expose them and give justice when it was needed. The Justice demanded by Islam permits no favoritism there is no favoritism injustice. And another if on justice Allah subhanaw taala tells us to not let our hatred for a person or group swerve us from being unjust.

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Laser gel says, Oh you who believe stand out firmly for Allah's witnesses to Fair Dealing. And let not the hatred of others to make you swerve to wrong department justice. Be just this is next to piety and fear Allah for Allah is well acquainted with all that you do. And this is in the Quran surah number five I in number eight. You see in the past, we used to treat the enemy very unfair. We used to hurt them and be very cruel to them. Even today, this is true for many countries and governments. When Islam was sent down by Allah subhanaw taala, it commanded the believers to remember that there were rules and regulations, even though we may hate someone, we cannot be unjust

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to them. We have to follow the rules. And this is what authorial was good at again and again, witness this with his actions. In Islam, no one is above the law, not the rich, or the famous or those who have connections. The judges are independent from everyone and fair with their judgment. It doesn't matter if the President is taken to the court or a layman. Everyone is treated the same. Everyone needs to bring their evidence to the present.

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This is justice that the world needs today. In the Quran, and chapter number four I 58 ELIZA gel says, Verily Allah commands that you should render back the trust to those who they're due to and that you judge between men, and that you judge with justice. Verily, How excellent is a teaching, which he Allah gives you. Truly Allah is Ever all here. I'll see you, my dear sisters and brothers

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Allah subhanaw taala created mankind to sue to be a servant or to implement his way on earth. If we distance ourselves from this message, then we've distanced ourselves from Allah His origin. I would like to end with another story about justice. I live in a vitalant Brahimi Allah, I read the law, one who he lost a shield that was dear to him and later found it in the hands of a non Muslim citizen, who was selling it to one of us markets when he saw it. Ali, may Allah be pleased with him said, that is my shield. It fell off my camel on someone so night and such as such time, the man answered, No, this is my shield in my hand. I leave that the alarm replied to him. No, it's mine.

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And since I never sold it or gave it to anyone, it's still mine. The Matic retailer, the judge decide which eluded the law, one who accepted they went to Shreya. Who were who asked Ali, may Allah be pleased with him for his side of the story. Ollie de la honom said that the shield was his and that he had founded with the man it had fallen off his camera that he never sold it or gave it to anyone. The judge then turned to the mat and asked for his side of the story. The mass of that he did not accuse a leader the law him of lying, but that the shield was his as it was in his hand. Should a turn to Allah de la honom say, I believe you. But we need the testimony of two witnesses to

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back your story. I needed the alarm said that there was his aide combat and also his son al Hassan Ali the de la hora.

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May Allah be pleased with them, and to which the man replied that the son could not testify for the benefit of his father. I leave that the alarm said Oh ALLAH a man has promised paradise cannot act as a witness. Have you not heard what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said

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that Al hacer una Hussain, may Allah be pleased with them? are the masters of the youth of paradise? Should they said yes, I have. But a son cannot be a witness for his father. Then Allah de la han her turn to the man to take the shield as I have no other witnesses. That man was a non Muslim. That's it. Oh Ali, the shield is yours. What a great religion. I can sue Ali and get a judge to pass a decision for my benefit. I declare myself a Muslim. He told the judge that he was falling the army and he had seen the shield fall down and he picked it up early that the alarm then told him to keep the shield on top of that he also gave him a horse soon after the man was seen under Ali's

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leadership fighting the high wattage

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May Allah make us amongst those who just and fair to everyone my life increases and knowledge of the lean and mean and mean me. This was an example of the messengers of Allah subhanaw taala and the Sahaba the alarm that came after them. And this was an example of or to over and over where he felt peace and he took a roadmap to live his life. So Subhan Allah the more knowledge of the deen we have, the more we can understand it the more we can apply it in our lives. And the more we can, you know, be just unfair to everyone around us. When I say being just unfair just hearing those words people could say okay, okay, okay. But in reality when we hear the stories and when we understand

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the deeper that's Apollo we can and shall apply in our lives and teach it to others. JazakAllah Hayden with that being said in the Sherlock Allah I will see you guys soon with the next video, talking all about bravery. Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh