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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the authenticating of prophets in the Jewish Judeo Christian tradition, citing examples like Adam alay His, Salatu's, and the entire series of Jesus storytelling. They emphasize the importance of finding authentic narratives in the books and bringing them to life to enhance one's knowledge of the spiritual teachings. The segment also mentions a book by one's brother and colleague, Chef, which is a series of storytelling and informs listeners about upcoming releases.
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Can you please recommend some resources some books on the most authentic biographies of the prophets beginning from Adam alayhis, salaam

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Well, obviously the most authentic book is going to be the whole and, and the book of Allah Subhana. Allah intentionally is to Mammon. It is meant to be a completion of the stories that have been retold and narrated in the Jewish Judeo Christian tradition, which are rooted in the Bible, and rooted before that in the Torah and the songs. Now for us as Muslims, we accept the the narrations that are found in the the previous revelations in one of three ways, if they are in accordance to what our teachings are, we accept them and we endorse them. If they are in contradiction, then we reject them. And if there is no condemnation or acceptance,

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then we can retell them, but we don't verify them as truth and we don't deny them. This is where you will find a lot of the Israeli meaning the narrations of our cousins and faith, the Jews and Christians have clicked, crept into the books of Tafseer. And therefore, there isn't one book really, that I would refer to you and say, This is the most authentic, many of these kind of stories are just simply compiled, and they don't have a senate a chain of narration of verification. So if you want something that is authentic, you're going to need to look to the origin, and then look towards the books of the, of the student of the prophets, I sell them. So I had Buhari inside

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Muslim, they all have chapters relating to the biographies of the prophets, or as Babel newzoo reasons of revelation of certain chapters in the Koran,

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books like albida, with the higher volume of nicaea, which has been translated as the beginning and the end. There's a wonderful series by my dear brother and colleague, Chef homerville, a man with the same title. It's a wonderful series that might enrich you, but know that a lot of the stories that are told are not ones that we verify is true, and not ones that we condemn, as being false. Many of them are just simply narrations and we leave their knowledge to Allah, we extract the benefit where we see that there is benefit brought for from our lemma of the past. Allahu taala.

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