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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of hedging during a death and transferring reward to others. They explain that hedging can be done on behalf of a deceased relative or on their behalf of their deceased relatives. The speaker also mentions a way of continuing a good deed on behalf of the deceased relatives and encourages subscribers to visit their channel and share videos.
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Can a daughter perform Hajj on behalf of her dead mother.

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So when it comes to Hajj in regards to performing hajj on behalf of the one that has passed away, any believer who has fulfilled their own obligation of hedge can do hedge on behalf of another believer that has passed away whether that person did hedge or not. So you can do even if the person that passed away has done had you can do hedge on behalf of them and ask the last contract to transfer the reward to that person. So this is true for a son and a doctor. And this is true for anybody that wants to do Hajj on behalf of anybody else. So long as again, the one that's doing Hajj has fulfilled their own, fuddled Hajj, their own obligatory Hajj and the one on whose head or on

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whose behalf the Hajj is being done was someone qualified to hedge themselves so any believing man or woman can do hedge on behalf of any deceased believing man or woman, so long as that person has done their own hedge. And this is one of the ways that the Prophet slice Allah mentioned to saregama the law of Thailand or to others, that this is a way of continuing a good deed on behalf of our deceased relatives and on behalf of our beloved ones, even after they pass away. We asked the last contact to accept it on our own behalf and to accept it on their behalf. Subscribe to this channel, share this video and click on the bell icon so that you can be notified with every new video at

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