Prophetic Du’as #2

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The Two Types of Du’a

Did you know there’s more than one type of Du’a? Without both types of Du’a, we might be falling short in how we speak to Allah.

Join us this Ramadan for a series o that will explain some of the Du’a the Prophet used to make. In each Du’a there is a lesson, a meaning, and a spirit that will bring us closer to Allah.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh thank you for joining us for another episode of prophetic. Today inshallah we're going to discuss a couple of concepts we're not going to talk about a specific to maybe a genre of Doha, called fener of Allah subhanaw taala, the praise of Allah subhanaw taala. What does this mean? And why is it important? Imagine if someone, for instance, walked in on a great king, he walks into His kingdom. And this person instead of asking the king for something, even though he might have needs, instead of mentioning his needs, and the things that he wants, or the things that he requires, he just praises the king, he tells the king You're So Amazing, your help

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has benefited so many people, your wisdom has averted so many problems, and he praises and he praises the king, the king will feel so happy with this man was praised him that he will turn to his, you know his people and he will tell them take care of whatever needs this man has. And they might end up even giving him more than he would have asked for himself. When he left his method and Allah belonging to God are the most beautiful, the highest examples, sometimes just by praising Allah subhanho wa Taala just by praising him and not even asking him we may attain more from the blessings of Allah subhanaw taala than we would otherwise and many of us make too are only asking a

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llama zucchini allama fiddley Allah forgive me Allah give me a lot provide for me Oh ALLAH forgive me mercy. We're just asking, asking, asking. And if all of our do is in this concept is only just asking from Allah subhanaw taala then really our doula is lacking something. There's something missing from our doula. Because do i is two types. There is do I miss Allah? Do I have requesting asking from Allah, Allah give me this or Allah grant me this. And the other type of da is this type fena, praising Allah glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala. You may have noticed when you were in the masjid, maybe during the prayer of wizard and the Imam is making dua, and sometimes people are

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seeing a mean, and sometimes they're not saying I mean, and you're wondering, why is it that people sometimes say I mean, and don't say I mean, the reason for this is this, when there's a mess Allah when there is a request being asked of a law, then you should see me and because I mean says Oh Allah, I respond to this old lie with this old law I want this I also am asking for this. And it doesn't make sense to say no mean when the person is praising a lot. And that's why when a lot is being praised, you don't say me and rather you can say yeah, Allah, you can say satanic or you can remain silent or you can repeat what the Imam is asking for and all of that is permissible

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inshallah. But this is, you know, the reality is that this concept of this concept of praising Allah subhanaw taala, it is, in fact more important than even requesting from Allah. It is more important than asking from Allah, just praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, because of this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, have been Alhamdulillah he said the best of dua is what Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah you know, praise belongs to Allah. What are you asking for? How is this the promises? This is the best one not only is it a do I it is the best one. Yet what are you asking a lot for your praising Allah azza wa jal, and when you praise Allah azza wa jal, Allah Subhana

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Allah can, will respond to you, without you even asking. And Allah Subhana Allah teaches us how to make Dr. to him. When you when he revealed to us Oh my god, and when he revealed to us through that, and Fatiha, the most powerful drop in the Quran, and how does that do? I begin with hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Oh, praise belongs to Allah. And through this, you remember, and you recognize a lot as Odin has granted me. Allah has given me a lot has blessed me. And it's as if you're saying, Oh Allah, you've blessed me with so much so please increase me more, even though you didn't specifically explicitly ask Allah for anything. It's as if by mentioning his blessings upon you, and

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his worth worth of praise and the fact that he's praiseworthy that this alone is like asking a lot to give you more blessings. When you say, Amen. Oh, Rahim, you're mentioning that allows the Most Merciful, the most compassion, compassionate. It's as if you're asking a lot to give you more mercy and compassion. Maliki oma Dean, you're remembering that Allah Subhana Allah is the you know, the king of the Day of Judgment. You're remembering Allah azza wa jal is the one full of greatness as the one who has power over every affair and it says if you're saying oh law you have power over every affair, please help me in my problems. When you say yeah can our buddy I can stare in your

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ears recognizing the laws right over us. And our need for him subhana wa Tada. All of this is that all of this is praise of a law before you even ask a law for something. And then a third option was to clean Guide us to the straight path. And it shows us that the best way towards a large xojo includes an even precedes the beginning of it is fun out of a lot. Praise

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Allah subhanaw taala you begin by praising him and then you ask him because asking him straight away it's lacking something. It's lacking a little bit of decorum it's lacking a little bit of you know the the proper way to turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. For this reason he knows panel of the Prophet so the lower Islam says, how you to do I want the best one that is made is made on the day of alpha. And then he says how you will map to unknown NaVi Unum in Hubli La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Maluku Allahu Hamdulillah, who Allah cliche in particular, he says the best thing that I and all of the other prophets have said, so he's saying the best dry is the vada. And the best two are

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made out of that is what I in the other prophets have said, What is it? Let Illa in the law, there is no god but a law there's none of the right to be worshipped, say the law. When the hula should ecola he alone, no partners ascribed to him, level molk belonging, Tim is the kingdom. While I will hand belonging, Tim is all praise will hold our ally Coalition for the year, and he is powerful, capable over all things. What is being asked in this, nothing is being asked. But it has been out of a lot. It is the praise of a Lost Planet Allah. And yet the Prophet says this is the best way on the best day to make draw. And of course, you can make this this wire on any day that you want to. And a

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man came to Sofia, Marina, and he said to him, where's the question in this drop? Like he said, he asked the same question that where's the question? You're just praising Allah? Where's the question? And Sophia and Rahmatullah to Allah Allah he responded to the man. He said, didn't you hear the Hadith of the Prophet? He said the prophets of the low at New send them said in the Hadith could see that our last panel to Allah says, men shall Allah who Victorian mess allottee are pleased to who published and yes Anthony, he said, Whoever has become busy by remembering me. Instead of asking me you're remembering a law you're praising a law you're glorifying a law and you're doing that you

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become busy with that before asking a lot. The last panel dialysis athlete who I will give him without him even asking or before him even asking that just the praise of Allah subhanaw taala even if you don't, you know, get to your question your requests and and what you want from allies, just praising him causes a loss pedal to Allah to give you and to grant you maybe even more, and you see this in some of the drama that is mentioned in the Quran. For instance, are you buddy Sam, Allah Subhana Allah says, Where are you? Where is Ned? and knee messenia boom, went our hammer rock. I mean, what did you say what is this do I and Nima Sania Bora Overlord, hardship difficulty has

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befallen me distress has befallen me when to hammer rahimian and you are the Most Merciful of those who show mercy? What did he ask for? He didn't ask for anything. He just said Oh, a hardship has come to me and you are the Most Merciful, his praise of a loss of Hannah to either his his daughter by praising a lot of religion. He knows that a lot. So Jen will respond to that praise. Likewise, we see the door of Prophet Yunus when he's in the belly of the whale, what does he say? La Ilaha Illa. And so the hanoch in the consumer body mean? He says none has the right to be worshipped other than you La Ilaha Illa and subhanak You are the one who is perfect. All glory belongs to you in the

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consuming Avante mean I was of those who are wrong. Where does he ask a lot for anything? Where does he ask a lot get save me from this will take me out of this darkness Take me out of the pain of being in the stomach of this whale. He doesn't see any of it. Rather, he just glorifies a lot of religion and acknowledges his own faults. And just by praising Allah glorifying Allah subhanho wa Taala he has saved for the Jaina who has the job nella when a genomen Allah Allah says we responded to him, and we saved him from that hardship and difficulty. And so many of the things that we will cover during this month of Ramadan when we go through our series, they will be full of praise of

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Allah azza wa jal. And when you make a tome, make sure that you praise Allah often that you begin with praise, you say it hamdulillah you praise Allah azzawajal and as you're praising him, you're thinking of your need for him and your desire for him to respond to your needs. I hope this has been beneficial. And make sure to join us throughout the month of Ramadan. For more videos where we will take different drops of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and learn lessons from them, extract lessons from them that can benefit us and that we can learn that in order for us to make that to whether we are home or in the future in sha Allah in the masjid Salaam Aleykum wabarakatuh