Curing Our Faith #11 – Board The Ship

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AI: Summary © The importance of grabbing onto Allah's name and experiencing the truth of their faith is crucial to gaining higher knowledge and knowledge about Islam. It is essential to avoid false assumptions and to be with the Prophet instead of the smell. It is also important to educate oneself on Islam and associate with the presence of others, as it helps them gain higher knowledge and knowledge about Islam.
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Lavell hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi Germain will begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah and mais finance peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad and his family and companions, every last one of them.

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So for the past two sessions, we were speaking about the Quran as a cure and Allah telling us grab not just hold grab on to the rope of Allah. And we said that means many things. It means consistent, regular visits to the Quran, concentration in the Quran interacting and engaging with the Quran. That is how you grab onto the rope of Allah so you don't drown in hypocrisy.

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This second of the cure is that Allah azza wa jal calls our attention to is

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boarding the ship. You have to get on the ship. What is the ship? The ship is the Masjid.

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The Masjid the house of ALLAH SubhanA Hua Allah is the Lighthouse where you find his light. It is the sanctuary where you find safety. Right? And it is like the Ark the ship of new Hala he Salam, whoever does not get on drowns. We need to be certain of this. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Ma'am in Fela 13 filopodia teen wala bedwin law to calm Wolfie hemos Salah illustre Hawa Allah hemos shaitan there are no three people in his in a desert or in a town that don't congregate, pray together, except that shaitan will be able to interrupt them and trap them in in confusion and trap them in doubts and trap them in desires, flood their hearts with hypocrisy

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basically eats away at their faith, he will be able to entrap them so he continued to say in the Hadith Valley Conville Gemma it for a NEMA yet Kudo. Minella monomial Cassia. So stick to the congregation. Because the wolf only eats the sheep which strays away. That's the only one the wolf was able to get.

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And so boarded the ship and take it seriously, you know, social scientists without getting too geeky here.

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When they were speaking about why people commit to any faith or even an idea, why do they have convictions?

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When they try to like map out human behavior, they said the number one most common reason why people adhere to a faith have faith in something, whatever it may be. They said it's faith by association based on your crowd, who you're associated with. And this is very obvious, right? Most people are on the religion of their parents. Nowadays, you follow the religion of your parents, you go on to wider society that doesn't like religion, you begin to wonder, do I have a good reason to be on this religion or not? Right? It's all associations, your association changes. Your faith sort of takes a different turn, right? And that is why even Ibrahim alayhis salam said in amateur costume in dunya

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Allah He Athena mela database any confit hayati, dunya. You are all accepting these lousy excuses for Gods these idols as gods, just because of the social relationships between you. You don't actually believe that stuff, what you're telling yourself it's true, just to not ruin the relationships, the tribal relationship or otherwise, we're all like this. This is not just in tribal society. Right? So that is the number one reason they said the second reason. The second is faith by persuasion. Like you, you stick to a faith because you're convinced by it, you're convinced that it makes sense. You're convinced intellectually, it's true. It's right. It makes sense. Okay. They

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said, and then the last layer, but this is the strongest, not the most common, but the strongest, they said is faith by experience, when you believe you've experienced the truth of this faith yourself, you're most committed to it.

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And so all of that has to do with MSG is what I'm trying to say. Faith by association. That is, you know, it's a two way street. It is the reason why we are so

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extreme about making sure the message is a place you want to associate with. It's why we keep talking about the noise levels. It's why we care about the cleanliness. It's why we make sure everyone is smiling or we try to be right, because we want people to associate right with the Masjid. There's a reason why the Prophet alayhi salatu salam said when you eat raw onion or garlic, don't come because you're gonna push for other people out. No one's gonna want to associate with the smell. You get it. They don't want to be near that. But that is part of the equation. The other part is you need to want to associate with the Masjid. Whereas rather than hedge or Brotherman had to

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raise your hand

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Brotherman hatches the superhero of the evening. Brotherman has runs that will enrich. And we have put together a buddy system after Ramadan, before Ramadan is over, but for after Ramadan, you need to connect with him. People that are saying I can't find consistency in my attendance for federal Russia. And so we're putting together a system where we can carry each other in sha Allah, you need to want to come you need to commit, you need to get on the ship with us. Don't you want your problems to be less? Don't you want the renewed perspective? Don't you want to have higher spirits? Don't you want to be closer to Allah? Don't you want to retain your gains in Ramadan, get on the

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ship, you have to associate. Alright? Even if you go to the second level, this faith by persuasion, the Masjid we try at least to do our very best to ground people in the deen to educate that can only be there by presence, right? You have to come and ground yourself through regular attendance and education and increasing your perspective and gaining Sacred Knowledge especially in our age. The amount of knowledge you need to know about Islam, to stay strong in Islam is so much higher nowadays because the waves are very high. Right? And so we're trying our best to bring experts in hold these classes. And we try our best also me personally, to teach the dean in a way that is you know, true

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to the dean but resonates with the mother in mind. But you got to come, you got to show up. The onus is on you get on the ship. Extremely important. I'll even tell you to be very honest. The reason I broke my promise to myself, I wanted to I had a promise to never be an imam in my life. Okay. I want it to meet Allah azza wa jal having never been an EMA in that sense. But someone said to me, you will never change anyone's life in a lecture. In a reminder, at a conference, you may convince someone to want to change his life, but that will not change his life. changing their life means accepting to be a lifelong student to be a dedicated person committed to tarbiyah self development

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and where else were through the massage it in this atmosphere. And so I accepted to be an Imam, I apologize to everybody.

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So that is my persuasion. The last one is faith by experience when you experience the sweetness of the faith yourself, that is the strongest kind of faith and we cannot do that for you. But to give yourself the fighting chance to do that Allah told you what to do.

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In Surah tilbyr, which is the surah of the Quran, we have spoken about the most this Ramadan, because it has the most elaborate discussions on the fact on hypocrisy. Allah azza wa jal gave them and that sort of the remedy and he said to them, it tackled Allah will Kunal Masada clean, fear Allah and be with the truthful that helps you become more truthful experience genuine faith truthfulness in your faith by being with them. That is your greatest fighting chance and where else but in the masjid I mean, we do not know where anyone stands in the sight of Allah azza wa jal or how anyone is going to end their life. But if we had to guess who had the truest faith, who would we

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The people of the misogyny, right Allah told us that in Mr. Yamamoto, masajid, Allah, human Amman, those who populate the houses of God are those who have Iman, those who have the truth faith. So may Allah make us and you have them and keep us and you around them Brotherman Hajj, take all their numbers and we're going to abduct them into the masjid crowd post Ramadan does like a little late on Subhanak alone we have Nick shadow Allah Allah He learned Mr. Furukawa today