Are there Aboriginals Around The World Exposed To Islam

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What does the word aboriginal mean. Who are the aboriginals and Where did they live

Were these people exposed to Islam

Shaykh Abdullah Hakim Quick answers


AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of AbRiver, which refers to the original man and Malaysian, and how they have migrated into the area. They also mention that indigenous people in various parts of the world are embracing Islam, including in the Americas and Europe. The speaker notes that indigenous people in various parts of the world are now embracing Islam and returning to their natural worship.
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Other Aboriginal people in different parts of the world who are exposed to Islam.

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We have to recognize that the concept of being Aboriginal means the original man and Malaysian, they would say Orang Asli. The original people, and this exists all over the planet. There are people who lived on in these areas for 1000s of years, and there are others who have migrated into the areas. But it is in the colonial period now, when the European powers conquered much of the world, and they subjugated the local nations that you get this concept of Aboriginal are the native people, the indigenous people, because the colonization that came in large scale throughout the world. And so if we look at it in this light, when Islam first went out, of course, it was touching the Aboriginal

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people all over the world, because these are the people who are basically embracing Islam, in Africa, in Asia, in Europe, even in Spain, as we understood the vandal people who who are the Aboriginal people of Spain, they were the main population of the Muslims in Al Andalus, for hundreds of years in the 20th 21st century, we find now that with this colonial structure Alhamdulillah there are people embracing Islam from the Aboriginal populations, for instance, Australia.

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Aborigines are embracing Islam in Melbourne, and other parts in southern Africa, the hoisin people, the original people whose DNA goes back maybe further than anybody else. They're embracing Islam and crowds. In

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the Americas, there are the people who are embracing Islam in US people of the Northern people wrongly called Eskimos and First Nations people, they are embracing Islam. So there are indigenous people all over the planet, who are now recognizing that Islam will take them back to their natural form of worship in an organized fashion.