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The use of Islam in West and the struggles of the COVID-19 pandemic led to people not being exposed to the virus. The speakers express concern that Islam may harm people and encourage them to use it for a better life. The use of drugs is also discussed, with the latter being a surprise. The segment emphasizes the importance of learning to be true to oneself and practicing learning to be true to oneself.

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Salam Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa

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salam ala salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna on finery Madame Tana was an element of horror. I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from what he told us and increase us in knowledge. I mean, I mean, we ask Allah subhanaw taala but God I can this gathering and make us from the people. At the end of the gathering they will be told Kumu my food on lecom Cuthbert de la sejati compassionate la maganda mon Homura but I mean I mean you know behind me

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like I said in the morning, I want to

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thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for all your messages and all your phone calls and it really meant a lot to me and to the family. Every time I tell them that you know, your brothers and sisters in in Dallas I'm making the art for you. It made a huge difference. May Allah subhanaw taala reward you all may Allah subhanaw taala cure your sick and all the sick Muslims all over the world and in your

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third in the Hebrew the Hebrew agenda

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will always see

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a tinge of

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well hanging in a unit will never be in.

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Let will not be and

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be Emery him

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well Hoonah shows

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a cool

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the heaviness stereo we're talking USofA

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meaning Nana can now saw the screen

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before we

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leave the hash. We spoke about

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the brothers of us have have already made the plot and decided that they have to move on with the plan and kill us of any Islam. Then one of them called aluminum Takato use of it was said that the elder brother said Do not kill use of but throw him in the world.

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And then they went and begged their father yeah Diana Nyla cannot use of them they begged her father to send the use of with them so they can he so they can all have fun and run around and enjoy the have fun together as siblings Yanni.

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Then he said current Nila Zanoni until the hobby he said I feel very sad. This is how much he loved the use of that he could not even stay few minutes without looking and being in the company of us have already has salam Wa Kafa yet kudos to them. And I'm really worried maybe the wolf will eat him when when you are you know playing around and distracted maybe the wolf will come and eat and eat Yosef Caro and this is where we ended on kind of who they are not possible in either in the hospital. I said How couldn't How can the wolf eat him? While we are possible we are a group of people and there's no way and they kept on confirming to their father that

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We will definitely 100% protect and take care of him when a hula half moon and we said this is the same idea that I used for the Quran that's known as Zonda vicar. When the hula half moon so they use the same term just to show us how much they have tried to convince the father that we are definitely going to take care of our brother five now the plan is here the father agreed for them the hub will be where edgy mouth and goofy but

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for them the hub will be Allah said and then they took him and they left

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okay one I'm going to dissect this area into minut details and shallow

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for them the habit will be Allah subhana wa Tala

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Tala us that they took him

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no details

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there is no details. What happened, what did they do to him?

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We are we do not know all you know is phenomena that will be what at Gmail at Gmail. We all know in our deen we have the Quran we have the Sunnah. Then we have the HTML,

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right, we have the HTML, Jonnie the consensus of the Anima. So here, a Juma who, unanimously,

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they agreed to carry on the plan of throwing use have in the world, not one of them felt remorse, or pity or mercy on use of a GMO. And yet

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they all agreed unanimously, it's not one person decided to say NO, maybe let's change our mind. None. Hmm.

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Now the point here is that Allah subhanaw taala did not mentioned the details, because number one, it is understood that they did what they did. And they harmed him. And Allah subhanho wa taala. When there's something evil,

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he did not go into details, how did the process took place? In other books,

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it was said that they literally tortured him. And he was wondering, and he kept on asking, Why are you doing this to me, they kept on pushing him. And when he's holding to the wall, they stepped on his feet on his fingers, they kept on stepping on his fingers and pushing him and they took his shirt off, because the plan was to take the shirt off and take it back to the Father. So all that stuff was in the Israeli yet was not detailed. Why Subhanallah it's gonna come in Sharla. And these details another reason why these details are very painful. And Allah subhanaw taala does not mention in general painful details. And there's not mentioned painful details.

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This shows us that not one of them was merciful.

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In regards of what they are going to do with the use of that is concluded from the word of mouth. Now,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala if you notice in the whole surah

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you will not see in one place that Allah criticized the brothers

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for what they have done. For example, you will not see him Subhana calling them they will avoid the moon they will face your own none.

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He did not Subhanallah even though what they did was very evil.

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Even though what they did is very evil. And Allah subhanho wa Taala when someone does something even like frown he exposed him. So how come here even though they did something very evil to a prophet?

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He did not say anything evil about them. He just said for them as a hobby, watch metal. And that's it did not tell us what happened next to the well, how was the process of pushing him no details whatsoever.

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This shows us

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between the difference between the Islamic model of showing the stories and other

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other books. If you look at our present situation, you have one any thing that happens the media explains it in vivid details

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and that Subhanallah will lead to more crime.

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Now we how many times we heard someone saw this movie that they did this, this and that and he wants to do the same because they showed how he killed this torture that Subhanallah the Quran with

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That evil act he did not go into details how did it happen? exactly opposite of what happens these days and what the media does Subhanallah

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This is one reason, another reason why Allah subhanaw taala could not have mentioned or criticize them is because they have repented

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because they did repent. And Allah subhanaw taala when someone repents, he does not expose him. Remember the story of Musa alayhis salam when there was no rain?

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When there was no rain, Musa gathered all the people and said let's make dua for Mr. Scott right? And he started making rain ya Allah the rain and no rain is coming down then Allah subhana wa Tada. He told Musa Musa I'm not bringing down the rain because there's one person amongst you, he has been singing for 40 years and until he returns, the rain will not fall down. So Musa Islam informed the people he saw, he told them, there is one amongst us talking about 1000s of people who is who has been disobeying Allah for 40 years. Let him repent, let him come out and then drain will fall. So this man

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of course, he immediately recognized that it was him. It covered his head. He said yeah, Allah

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I repent.

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Extremely sorry for everything that I have done. Please Yeah, Allah forgive me. I would never do it again. Yeah, Allah forgive me. All of a sudden, the rain, the sky started pouring,

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stopped raining. So everybody was happy but Musa Islam said Ya Allah, nobody came out.

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He said

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Subhana that the man already repented? He said, Yeah, Allah, expose him, show us that man that because of him, we will deprive the frame shows that man so Allah Subhana

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Allah the head would be another call called Allah subhanaw taala I did not expose him when he was sitting. You want me to expose him now he has repented.

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I was not exposing expose him while he was sitting for 14 years. Now he has repented.

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Now you want me to expose him similarly, that could be the reason why Allah subhanaw taala did not say anything even about the brothers of use of because

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the stock for linen they ask the Father to next afar for them, they re they repented

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now look how cruel they have been.

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Look how cruel they have been. And how merciful is Allah subhanho wa Taala everything they have done. Allah did not even continue the sentence for them. They have who they

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were how nothing, even though they were so cruel and they need to be exposed. Subhan Allah look how merciful as Allah, they did something to someone that he loves so much. Allah loves this prophets right from the hobby. That's it. This is how merciful is SubhanaHu

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wa Gmail, AJ Luffy Raya batil job and they have unanimously agreed to throw him in the world. Wow. Hanaa LA.

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Now somebody might say how could more use of Islam get while he while he's still young?

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He's not a prophet, yet, at that time, when he was thrown in the world, he was not a prophet yet. So, the way he has one as we know is of different kinds of way right? This kind of way. The automat said is like in ham, Allah subhanaw taala inspired him that what did he inspire him while hyena la he led to never be and now be angry him has one layer Sharon and we have inspired use of you have told us of that there will come a day that you will definitely tell your brothers of this incident why they do not know.

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Okay, now, so like we said, like for example the mother of Musa hyena Musa Musa no prophet no Gibreel Ali Salam came to her and told her this way is similar to the way of Musa Allah Allah subhanaw taala for example, he said that he made right into the beasts Jubilee I said did not come to the beat. So there's different kinds of a flag now

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led to net B and now and we have inspired to use of LED

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We agreed before many, many times that when the lamb and the noon Tolkein come in a verb that means this verb 100% is going to take place Lana below 100% is going to take place here, let her not be unknown

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100% You will inform them. What does that mean? When the boy young man is being thrown in the well, a message came to him that one day you will tell them of this incident. What does that mean?

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Excellent number one that you use of Do not worry, you are going to survive, how he's going to tell them if he's gonna survive. Right? He is going to survive. You're going to stay alive. You're going to make it second or use of you will go you will go and then you will be reunited with them. You're going to be reunited with your brothers. Third Subhanallah Wow. Oh my gosh. Oh. And they do not know. That means

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when you inform them, you're going to have the upper hand

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they do not know who you are, while now your showroom, they do not know there is going to come a time that you will be reunited with them. And you are going to tell them about this incident and they do not know Yanni. Now, use us they have the upper hand and you have the lower hand but when you inform them, you are going to have the upper hand and they will have the lower hand this is exactly what happened. Right?

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You remember

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what we said before why this is why the surah was revealed.

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Why the surah was revealed.

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Masha Allah, that's why they call him use of right? Because you know the suit of use have to come down Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because he lost his wife and he lost his uncle.

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Yeah, Mohamed

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Yusuf alayhi salam

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went through the well.

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And he was thrown

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by his brothers, by his family members, just like you Yeah, Muhammad, they're gonna throw you away from Mecca. You're gonna come back here, Muhammad. Now they have the upper hand. You will have the upper hand. Yeah, Muhammad, in the fact of Baca Allahu Akbar, just understand the story and feel good. You're going to have the upper hand and they will have the lower hand and you see exactly what happened. And salatu salam, he's the one who forgave them all when this took place. Same thing. Yeah, Muhammad just happened to us of what happened to you. So as similarly, just like we made them survive, we're going to make you survive and and victorious. Let's take one more idea. And then

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we'll continue next week was about Asia and of course, there are three Asia O's

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or three

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that are coming up and they all start with the verb

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Jah is was was was that

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they came to their father at night crying

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Okay, now

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what does at night mean?

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What does that mean at night indicate or why at night?

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Excellent. Number one.

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It's very late.

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That means there is no chance for the father to go and look for him.

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But listen to one Quran Quran every word

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lot of explanations. They came at night Allah could have said was about him about whom you have gone he could have said Allah they came crying but they said he could they came at night. They came to the father at night crying

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number one is that there's no way the father is gonna go and look it's too late.

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What else

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is dark at night? What else what does that mean?

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Excellent at night.

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Keep in mind, there's no electricity, no flashlight, no iPhone, no nothing. So at night.

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It's very hard to tell these tears. True or are they fake? Right? You cannot tell

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So at night it's very hard to tell the truth. If they are really crying, or they're fake. They're smart. What else

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they are trying to tell their father that you're

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our Father. We were looking for him so long that became night

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right we've been looking because who's gonna have a picnic at night he told them to be backed by Murray. It's now very late they shot a shot and you have cool

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so also indicate that ya our father to show that they are very sincere. We tried everything, this is why we are late.

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What else

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in order, remember that when they put the blood on the

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on the shirt, so at night, you're not gonna

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you cannot tell the ketchup from the blood, you just saw something red, right? So something right and you get very upset. So that is another reason so he cannot tell whether it's blood or not just something good Subhanallah all these four things are under the world Asia, under the word Asia and you have Kuhn. Now

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what is the lesson here?

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To study the show a very famous judge.

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A man came to him

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in the presence of many people crying, crying, and his eye, one of his eyes

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are puffed out

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and crying

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to the Kodi to the judge telling him that someone popped his eye out.

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And he's asking him to

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rule against the other guy and crying and everybody get really touched by his crying.

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And Accardi did not do anything.

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They said Yeah, call the O judge why? The guy is crying, severely weeping and his eyes out.

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You know what he said?

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I have to check the other guy. Maybe his two eyes are out

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as a brother, that many people come and

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ask for counselling

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when the husband come and tell me about his wife. I want to kill the wife.

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And then when I listened to the wife, I want to kill the husband.

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If the wife comes first crying hysterically

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This is the lesson.

00:23:06--> 00:23:21

Listen to the husband. Always Jaquan no matter who is that person talking to you complaining to you asking for your help. Always Always learn this lesson. Listen to the other side of the story. You will be shocked

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and I'm talking from experience you will be shocked no matter who it is. Always listen

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just like

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the cardi said maybe he already popped his both eyes then he will be the guilty one.

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was Yeah. A bear whom Aisha and Allah could have said back in any they cried. No. You have Kuhn is very well thought out.

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It indicates that this verb is still happening.

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So they came and they are still crying and a non stop crying. This is Jani.

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well. Planned skin.

00:24:14--> 00:24:26

Everything was planned to the dat we come at night this that blood crime Subhanallah was Yeah. abou Aisha and you have gone

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I'm going to stop right here in sha Allah Tada. And we will

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see next week if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive. But I think next week whether it will be asked me to give my slot to Chef use of a slide.

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He's coming. He comes once a year. He might be with us in Charlotte had on Thursday and Friday. If not in Charlotte Allah. We will continue the week after and now they are

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telling their father the law

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eyes. It's going to get very, very interesting and there will be many, many lessons to be to be learned. Again, as every Thursday, I remind myself and remind you that tomorrow is Joomla. And Salatin measure of Joomla is the most beloved to Allah in Jamar, please come and attend 615 and may come out of salad on Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam tonight and all day, tomorrow. May Allah subhanaw taala just like He gathered this here, gather us with him.

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Yama PM, me or Brandon is Aquila here, about a couple of people are following Mohammed Ali he