Muhammad Alshareef – Where Did My Dua Go #Shorts

Muhammad Alshareef
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how a woman named Amy never gave up on her children and always made promises to eventually have children. She eventually found out about a reward for her actions, but she didn't do them. She is now facing facing a difficult situation.
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Now let's imagine that someone let's say a woman, she made your heart Oh Allah bless me with children and her whole life. She never last opened that door she never gave up. She always made dua to Allah subhana Dada, oh Allah bless me with the children. She's either gonna get the child or Allah subhana dato bless her with something else, or protect him for some calamity. But let's just say she had a very difficult life. And then she went to the hereafter she was never blessed in this dunya with a child, what is waiting for her in the hereafter? Amina who has patients all this time? What's waiting for in the hereafter is a province that a lot has said and said that the person will

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come on the Day of Resurrection, the see all this reward? And this they can't imagine. I didn't do these actions. How can I have this much reward

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and the response to that person's that this reward

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