I Cannot Make Wudhu When I’m Out Because Of Hair Loss

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There are a handful of Muslims out there who have hair loss. When going out, Wudhu can be a challenge. Is tayammum allowed under this circumstance?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

This video is in partnership with Muhsen, in order to bring crucial answers to Muslims and their families who are impacted by disabilities.

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The speaker advises the customer to use their wet hand on their face to cover their scarves and prevent damage to their skin. They suggest that the customer try to wipe their face and wear a mobile app to avoid leaving their scarves on. The speaker also mentions that they can wash their scarves with water but it will not be enough to cover their faces.

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First of all sister I asked Allah subhanaw taala to heals you and ask Allah subhana wa tada to aid you and to support you

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asked for your case. First of all, I would like to let you know that you can wipe over your hijab, you didn't need to put your hand inside your head or to wipe over your hair, it will be sufficient and there is a plenty of the scholars from the top of the top 18 said that you can wipe over him out of a job, it doesn't matter if it's died or not. I even forgot who said the wife of one of the female they also if it's tight very well, that's where they said it's a lot if it's loose, they said you have to put your hair. But even there is plenty of scars and even if it's loose and there is no need for you. And it's easy to take it off the sun, it's still allowed to wipe over it. So that's

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something maybe we'll make it easy for you. But also you mentioned that you cover parts of your face. So in this case, what I would recommend you to do if you can, if you can to basically wash everything else in your body. Okay, and the park in your face, you can basically with your wet hand, reach out to the area that does not cover and you wipe over whatever covering basically the park through face, let's say you're covering the top part. So your wet hand will wipe over that part of your forehead because it's covered with your scarf or whatever you're wearing or face mask you just wipe over but the rest of it you will have the water to wash it or to rinse your mouth to blow your

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nose and to wash if you can do that fine. If you cannot do anything of that, okay because basically that will take the same rule of wipe wipe over JV or wipe or bandage then they bandage so it otherwise all what you need to do is Tim and you make them move and you pray. And if we lose is very hard and kind of painful you can make with it and you can join the two parents because of your case and also a mobile app and if you need that, okay, so 100 last year, it's so easy. And Timo will be an option if you are not able to use the water because water is not safe for you to put in your skin. This is the case where Tim will be allowed for you or because you cannot take off your job or

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it became very difficult for you to take it because of your illness and outside. But make sure that you try your best if you can. To do it the handle you can wipe over the female and the rest of your body to wash