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Calisha Bennett
AI: Summary © The importance of giving attention to those within one's community is emphasized, as well as the need to check in on older individuals and ensure they are okay. The host advises parents to check in on their children and suggests reaching out to local organizations and service providers to educate parents and coach them. The host also provides resources for parents to find information on support during the pandemic and offers advice on how to assist those who have entered the military and other lands.
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Salaam Alaikum. This is Felicia from developing diamonds with your final reminder for reminders at home while it's in quarantine, and lockdown. So this reminder, Number eight is, don't forget about and I wanted to mention different groups of people within our communities that are often overlooked or forgotten, and have greater rights upon us than perhaps what we might actually give due attention to. So before I tell you these five different areas, I want to remind you of this beautiful quote, maybe you've heard it, maybe you haven't, but it's by even elokim rahima Hola. And he, I have this quote, actually written in a frame on my desk, someone gifted it to me, and it's actually one of my

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favorite quotes to remind me about giving focus and attention to those who have rights over us in our communities and not overlooking those because we don't know what blessings that might bring into our lives. And this quote, this is what it says, perhaps you might be asleep while the doors of heaven are knocking with 10s of supplications for you, by a poor person, you aidid or a sad person you cheered up, or a distressed person you brought relief to therefore do not underestimate doing good at all. And in particular, I wanted to mention these five different groups of people within our communities, because they are the most often neglected or overlooked, or perhaps we don't pay

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attention to because maybe we don't have someone in that situation within our lives. So it doesn't really hit home for us. But let's bring it forward and try to remind ourselves of these individuals within our communities and to try to fulfill the rights that they have upon us inshallah. So the first one is converts and new Muslims. So don't forget about convicts and new Muslims, they have great rights over us as those who have entered Islam and come from a different life to a new life and a life of light after having come from a light of a life of darkness. And it is our responsibility as the existing Muslims to support them and assist them not only in their learning

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and their development as new Muslims, but also in whatever needs they might have financial or, you know, with security or with housing, with food or whatever it is that they might need for us to remember to check in with them and support them not just on that first day when they say their Shahada at the mosque, but to check in with them on an ongoing basis basis, befriend them, and bring them into our communities, wholeheartedly. inshallah, another area not to forget about the single mothers or fathers in the community, you might be struggling and doing it totally on their own, especially now what's wearing lockdown, they might not have respect in terms of someone else to help

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out with care of their kids. Personally, I know of single mothers who can't even go for a walk on their own, because there's no one at home to watch the kids while they go out for a walk just to clear their head, or to you know, get some exercise in. So don't forget about single mothers and fathers who might be in the community doing it tough, you know, check in on them, drop off a meal, and ask if they need any help with anything, and do reach out and make the effort to make sure that they are okay. Number three is don't forget about the travelers and the displaced. And we should be quite familiar with this topic because we know we as Muslims often have a lot of refugees who enter

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into our communities or globally in other lands where there are war torn situations where people have to leave their countries and don't have any way to call home and are not legal citizens of any country and are roaming the earth panela with nobody to take them in and give them that security. And also travelers some people might be stuck where they are and unable to go back home or go with go back to where they are originally from because of the travel restrictions. So keep an eye out for such individuals and make sure they're okay make sure they have some support, and see if there are any community groups or organizations who are checking in with the needs of the travelers and the

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displaced. The fourth area not to forget about other elderly and the disabled. And just as much as we might like to look after and attend to the needs of our elderly and our grandparents. Likewise, don't forget that there might be some elderly out there who do not have family or support living close by who might be experiencing extreme hardship, loneliness, poverty, and ill health and incapacity with taking care of themselves or their homes. And they have nobody from the Muslim community checking in on them on a regular basis, as well as the disabled that you know, the disabled sector of our communities are often already disadvantaged, already excluded from community

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access to things

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Likewise, now that they might be on lockdown and restrictions and social distancing, distancing, feeling perhaps even more isolated, more learn, and more

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left out at a community level. And do reach out if you're able to join some organizations, you might have a network of contacts and see if you can assist in any way even if it is through social interaction, you know, having an online video call with someone who has a disability once a week and just befriending them, and seeing if they have any needs, or if you can assist them with perhaps some errands or getting some supplies to them, as well if needed. The last one not to forget about those who might be struggling in any way, financial, emotional, psychological, whatever aspect they might be struggling with, and those who might be unemployed as well. So just checking in with

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families who might be struggling with their situations due to the lockdown. And you know, a lot of jobs have been cut right here, in Australia or any in other countries, a lot of people have added What are out of work. In times of extreme maybe desperation or feeling very disillusioned and feeling like they don't know what's going to happen to their livelihood or their security within their living and financial situation. So just check in with people that you have in your network and have an eye to catch out someone who might be struggling and do reach out Don't wait for people to ask for help and support be someone in the community who notices the gaps who notices those who are,

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you know, unspoken, the crying out or needing help support connection or whatever it might be. And you know, utilizing Connect anyone who's in any type of struggle even beyond these five suggestions, do reach out to them and also reach out to service providers and link them with those service providers with local charities with local Zakat organizations and get people the help that they need. And you'd be a person who can facilitate the fulfillment of the needs of these precious individuals in our communities. So remember, don't forget about the convicts and the new Muslims, the single mothers or fathers the travelers are displaced, the elderly and disabled, and those who

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might be struggling in any way or going through unemployment and other types of challenges. So that's it for this series of at home during quarantine or lockdowns or social distancing hurt inshallah this series of tips have helped you in some way. Feel free to share with your networks and give me further suggestions if you'd like any more advices or tips, and check out developing if you'd like any more information about any way that we might be able to support you educate you coach you towards your greatest success in sha Allah in this life and the next Joseph Allah Hi, Salaam Alaikum

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