Are Birthday Celebrations Allowed, Can I Attend A Birthday Celebration

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains

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Is it okay to celebrate birthdays Can I attend a birthday party I'm invited to

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the show birthdays has divided scholars.

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And mainly because it's a celebration that comes around in a regular way. And that's the kind of thing I really wish we should relegate only to AIDS. And actually, the word aid itself comes from the Arabic verba, to return all the time on a set kind of manner. And the prophets, Allah sent him said, these are our two Yanni celebrations. And therefore the idea would be that other kind of celebratory moments and events that happen regularly should be avoided, that's an opinion. And then there's another opinion that says, Well, you know what, that really only applies to religious ones, those that are affected in our acts of worship, and so on. But those from a dunya point of view, a

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secular point of view, those which have nothing to do with religion, but to do with celebrating happy moments, etc, then that should be we should be flexible on that. And birthdays, a number of scholars put into that second category. And I gotta say, I'm sympathetic with that there's no doubt that that birthdays do not fall into a religious arena. It doesn't matter, that the Christians for example, they turned the birthday of Jesus Christ into some kind of semi pseudo religious thing. We don't go by the, the practices of the people, but rather the understanding of the concept, if that makes sense, and especially if it's non Muslims that are not following the criteria that we would

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consider from an evidence points of view. And also we could argue that even the concept of a birthday has some blessitt connotation. It would be a weak ish argument. I'm not saying it's my finest moment when I when I put this forward. But yes, the purpose of life Selim did signify his own birthday. He said, I was born on a Monday and for that reason, I fast and so there is this kind of indication that Janya birth can be a momentous moment that should be marked, but you're going into dodgy areas there because then you're trying to mix a religious kind of justification with something we're trying to argue at the same time as secular and it shouldn't be. That's the dangerous kind of

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side of trying to justify things. So if you ask me, Jani, do I celebrate birthdays? The answer is no. Because I don't feel the need to I rather stay on the safe side, rather avoided entirely. But if you are in a environment where you're feeling under pressure, kids often feel under pressure, you know, they get an invitation, can they go can you go? I think it's permissible, I don't want to say that it's a pure bit. Even in the sciences bit I consider this to be a bit of a innovation at best, which is supplementary or secondary, not a pure, real one that is the ones that are blameworthy in the religion. Allah knows best. This is a contentious issue, but I think that we should be flexible.

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If people are predisposed that way if family invites us to take it really really badly if we don't go because maintaining Family Ties is far more important than us dividing between us on something which is contentious and yes, I do believe that if you started early amongst your children to either avoid it entirely or to deal with it in a general way that makes best personally I like avoiding it I like Danny us for the Muslims to show a strong strong hand and show that Friday's awesome is brilliant and make every Friday better than any celebration one of the problems one of the reasons we're in this problem is our either so lame I mean, you know we only really celebrate the either

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fifth or after Ramadan and most of us you know, don't even bother with the house and the case of school we go to work ourselves take another day off work if we don't Yanni, you know, emphasize it ourselves, and how can we offer an alternative to birthday so you know, there's a lot to think about there is more than just having a harem. And that's my opinion on that. Thank you for watching. Please subscribe to the channel and like the videos so that you can get notified of the new releases and consider donating to this worthy cause.