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Selected Advice Of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH]


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The importance of learning to be conscious of Allah's teachings and the importance of being mindful of one's actions is discussed. The speakers provide advice on being modest, caring about people, and balancing behavior. The importance of healthy behavior is also emphasized.

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All phrases belong to us, Canada Tada.

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We breathe in, we seek His help and support in all our matters. And we send these Salutations, mercy and blessings. Upon the last of the prophets, the leader of all the messengers will

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show the love of it, he ascended upon his household, upon the canyons, and upon all those who follow Him, up until the last day.

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My brothers and sisters in Islam, as always, the first thing that we advise each other on every tomorrow, on every Friday is today in the consciousness of Allah subhana wa Tada. And we begin in the same way that he asked a lot of Louisa to give a grant us this quality of being conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala, in open and in secret,

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and hamdulillah as we all are aware, that we are going through some of the best days of the entire year,

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the first 10 days of the future. And we have the loss of Allah who are China for giving us this opportunity to be able to live in these days. And we ask Omar

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to give us guidance and tofi to make use of these days. Indeed, as what

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he said, there are no days in which the right to do the good deeds are more beloved to Allah, that in these 10 days of the future,

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my brothers and sisters in Islam, the topic of today's huitema

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is about some of the selected

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advises by the prophets of Allah already he was similar.

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If we actually understand the framework of Islam,

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we know that Islam is our de our way of life. And we know that Islam is prescribed by Omar his origin

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and we know that the sinner is described by the processing center. So, what else happens from the profit center? No more I think you will send them is actually the description of that description from a lion surgeon

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well I know people only how in who or what you you have, he does not speak profits or the lower center, he does not eat anything for insult, except that he has a worldly from above it is a revelation, a message from Allah.

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So the life

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of prophets of Allah alayhi wa sallam is the most important for the believers. In order to walk that path, we need to know what is the type of profit?

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What are the advantages of profits and

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what are the efficiency that He has given

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to the amount of profit.

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So, to understand the framework, unless we know a lot and you know, sooner or later we will not be able to do justice.

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To this way of life, and that is Islam.

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And that brings us to a point of reflection, that how important are the advices of Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our lives.

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He says, la casa

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de la su relearning for short term hustler, indeed, in the life of prostitution, alarm or any civil, you have the best examples to follow

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a must be the party, the creator of every one of us and everything exists in this in this creation, he knows the nature of the human

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human beings naturally are inclined towards someone and looks up to someone to fall, this is among the human nature. So,

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he brought this shining example in the life the profits of

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a told us that look for you, from the day that you born until you die, you have been biggest best example for to follow.

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So, when we talked about the example of profits, in

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this topic, of the selective advisors of profits, that

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comes into picture, what were the advices of prophets that

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was given to Sahaba at that time, which are relevant for all time,

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to begin with,

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prophets, number he said, to

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be conscious of

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when ever you mean this one shot statement of profit and Learning Center has gotten meaning like an ocean, he said,

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Be conscious of a law hyphema wherever you may, so, province

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is advising you and me as to the over at large, that be conscious of Be mindful of Allah wherever you mean.

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Because many times you become very good, very loud, we are in the masjid, already we have some good people. But when we go out of that hole, we thought you try to behave in a manner which is not desirable. We try to change things which are not expected. We tried to perform certain acts which are acceptable. So

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be aware of everything, maybe you're in the masjid or in the market, you will

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be mindful of Allah. What do we mean when you say be mindful of law, be aware of law, be conscious of Allah subhanaw taala it means that you have to ensure that you have that mental status, that understanding and that mindset, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has created you and he has created you for a purpose. And he is watching you every now and then. So if you want to do anything bad, if you want to think anything bad, if you don't want to play anything bad, that stops there itself. Why? Because you have the Presence of Allah, that money says that Allah is watching me, this is stuff. It's like that you took your thumb on the streets, whenever there is a hurdle or hindrance, you

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press the brake. Why? Because there's a danger that that comes in front of you. There are cars that you wake up to that there are bumps that you slow down. As you stood up, you try to be conscious driver. You are driving our lives with the consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is what

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gave me the environment that we love, to work on. Be aware

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whatever role you're playing, you're playing in your life.

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Be conscious of the law. If you are a leader of your own, be conscious of Allah. If you're a follower in your home, be conscious of Allah, if you're a father, be conscious of Allah, if you're a mother be conscious of Allah, if your children be conscious of Allah, if you're a neighbor, be conscious of Allah to your

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goals goes in the consciousness of a Muslim.

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So you're always connected with Allah Subhana, WA Tada. You don't leave those who have talked to us Allah, they cannot live away from us. So when you think that you're doing anything, you know, not desirable or that is sinful, then you have to go away from above. In order to do that, with the company, in turn spiritually, you will not do anything wrong. So the third one, it comes as a value that was comes from a Muay Thai which means a barrier between you and the back, a barrier between you as a wrong and evil. So you try to protect yourself and all of these being mindful of a muscle.

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This is the advisor proper to the member it was a little bit late for us to

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be conscious of a lot better ever you make

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profits and

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he also said and advise us to be up to the devil and instead of too many Sahaja mela is with me. prophets in the love world he was sending, he said,

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obtain modesty. shyness is the path hyah is a part of Isla de la modesty is what is required is the shine through be more than as the most important shyness or being modest, is in front of Apostle kinda who will die. For example, if we were to do something wrong, we would try to do it in front of our ages. Why because we are shy, we want this, we try to protect that because we can't do anything in front of my father, for example,

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the value of

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a diamond is much more than that he should have done over time, and he deserves

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that he'll be shy, will be really mindful will be more honest in front of Allah much more than anybody else. So be more this is the second advice of profits on

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V Shankly have in life because hire an email they go together the more hire that we have the more email and it alerts the lesser the higher is the lesser the demand will be. So I imagine most to gather

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push yourself

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to the higher it goes together. In order for us to keep our Eman higher, we need to be sharper, we need to have that higher that image of modesty that humility for loss

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of profits in the long run.

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Is that

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whenever we do say no we know we know that we all commit sins we all make mistakes. Prophet sallallahu Sallam he gave a beautiful advice. He said whenever you do a follow up with that which is good.

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Follow up with a good deed because good deeds removes or repels the parties. So what does it mean? It means that you are making some but

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you will return to Allah you have gone away from Allah by obtain or something which is not desirable which is you know, private victory.

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You have decided to do what needs to do today you need to come back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. So

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is a beautiful advice from the province of the Netherlands and whenever you do any act of sin, or whenever any act of sin is permitted by you, intentionally or unintentionally, for each with diabetes. For example, if you do something wrong, make sure that you pay. You pay challenges to someone bringing a lawsuit for example

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Be pious people of the past, they used to do the similar things, they used to do commit sin, they used to perform, you know many records of Nebraska in a way that that good deed is followed up with that which was done wrong, for example, so processes around where the system is giving a beautiful advice because none of us, none of us are away from since we all make mistakes and commit to the moment we commit a sin which we know if I did something wrong, I bet a weakness of myself number one, so when I do something wrong, I know that I've done wrong. So what do I do, I follow it up with that, which is,

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for the sake of time, this is again, abuse advice.

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has stuck to my first perfume.

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I actually believe he was charging.

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My brothers and sisters, as we were discussing the advices from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. The first we discussed how to be mindful of love and caring and balance

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in our lives. Number two, we talked about how important it is to be modest in childhood. Number three, you talked about

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love from time to time, this is one of the greatest days, you know, where we can actually get back to

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the best 10 days of the entire year. Generally, what happens what is afterwards is we don't pay this these days, the reception that you should do, while we do that reception, whenever

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we are so excited, and you're so in tune about these days.

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Remember, my brothers and sisters, these days are better than the days of the date, but the lights the vision in terms of the night the last 10 nights are greater, that's not enough.

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But in terms of the days, these are the best days of the entire year, who knows we will be there for the next year in training these 10 days to make a one time use the opportunity before we use the opportunity to turn to Allah paradise, that Bible prophecy. The fourth advice that he gave to us as mentioned in the book is to be high and have good treatment to the people have kindness and compassion towards people is among the greatest ways of developing a beautiful and affectionate to find among the statements of goodness to the people the first guns, okay. So profit to the seller, he said the best to your favorites among the people. We have the people like for example, we have

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parents, we have middle spouses, children, neighbors, society, relatives, friends, all

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advise us to be married and to be best to our parents. How about me, that is no parallel, there is no replacement of the parents. And this is something which is a shame as an advice from the prophet to the level it says that we be coming to our parents.

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Also based in Silicon Valley, he said I am among the advices that he gave.

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He says that behind your pace is one of them, or both of them attain the old age do not say to them. You know the Arabic word is a person that runs on our faces. When our parents say something we don't want to accept. We try to make faces, you know, talking about this age, or what? So we try to make expressions in front of our friends. That is an expression of

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a prophet.

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speak to them in the best way. So Allah uses the word what the Bible says.

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is the highest level that you can attain. In Islam, you have a slur. You have EMA. And then you have words in some

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of the same tone. It shows the gifts.

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We are living in an age

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where children, they don't talk to their parents while they get food.

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This past week passed by months passed by the sun.

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If the parents you know, away from them, they don't even talk. They don't ask how are they doing? We are living in such an English and you just arrived like a reminder for all of us that we must do the best to our parents. While we are talking. While we are listening to our parents while at the coalface. While we are doing a thing to offense while we are only two options, every level of doing to offense. If not, we have the highest level. That's the best way. That is what

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was among the treatment. He also said, Take care of your women

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or believers take care of your women, if you take care of that one heart, as I mentioned, she will take care of the entire economy.

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As we know, we tend to miss you sometimes the role that we are given by Russia, Canada and you mistreat women.

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Justice to women. And profits are the number one warned us and reminded us even

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among the faithful, your sermon he said all believers be good to your women.

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Be good to your women be your mother or wife or anyone else you got to your witness. And that is the advice from

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also some of our neighbors in terms of the relationship

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to the leavers is so much so that was a particular number. I think he was selling music, I you think about the rights of the labels that you breed the brains to me, I was thinking that he would even do and make me live, to have my hair to meet him as a varaha. For me, as a part of a event is over attribute to the labels, I was assuming so much that I have the label of so many. And we are living in the current time we lose the global name of our neighbor. Unfortunately, we don't even know who is living beside. We don't know anything is not necessarily the name but should be a Muslim or not. Regardless of that, and the neighbor, the neighbor he

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has, so we need to ensure that we obtain this again.

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The last thing I'd like to share with you is about the advisor

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to obtain the warranty,

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you see what help and support are supplements. Our words are the number one amongst the number, the process of learning it and sending me advice

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in particular into the Puma agenda that you must last three days of the year of the month, you must play close to your heart you must play Serato with these are the three key advantages of

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and he said I would never ever use them throughout my life until I got

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to the importance of voluntary acts become so important especially in these days that we are going through the lens of Canada as we know these are the days where we are recommended by

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these nine days of the future. We are asked by also to the Learning Center to facts and these are the days which are the most beloved days to love to kind of tie that in it has the greatest of all days and that is

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the day of alpha. This is the busiest day.

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So for example you have the biggest day they have everything free, whatever you want to shop around. You will see everything

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Wondering why because that's the day when everything is given for free, that is the day of free play for

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us to enter into.

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This is the day that you should never, ever miss, and you should plan of the day by fasting on that day, by keeping certain selected, you know, to the supplication for that day, we should make sure that we do the best deeds possible on that particular day of Yamanaka, which is the ninth day of the future. So these are the profits, profit advisors, that was given by our fooled by our very

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own work to learn for us in order to be able to earn the pleasure of

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we also have to have a whole to practice what we preach, we

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practice what we learn, we are supposed

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to enrich those we are

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to those who are we

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to the mercy and the Rama on this particular country, the viewer pretending that we're living in the United Arab Emirates, we are about to carry Matata to protect and learn will be to the rulers of this beautiful country, the United Arab Emirates we asked them not to kind of guy who showers mostly on all those events to evade the problems, the difficulties, the challenges that the Muslims are going through and across the globe. We are set up to handle

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the point of guidance to the whole of humanity so that they become low.

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We are supposed

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to make the some of the rules who will be

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in the highest levels of Jehovah Witness in the face of

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God guys