And It Is Only He, Who Can Break The Law!

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This is what we need to do in our life. This is why Subhana Allah, once zekeriya started reflecting Allah gave money in

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fruits, that does not belong to the season.

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And I am very old. And my wife doesn't give birth to children.

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So if Allah can break the law, even though the law says, If I'm very old, and my wife doesn't give birth to children, you know what I will try and make to her.

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So Allah will break the law for me.

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That moment of reflection.

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If Allah can give fruit

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for money, and he can break the law for me.

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So law says, Yes, I carry in my shirakami

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is here, yes, I'll bring the law for you. you trust me? You believe in me? You have that faith? I'll give it to you. And this fight, he asked, What happened?

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He said, How come you Allah, you're giving me a chart. I'm very old. And my wife is barren. She doesn't give birth to children. So Panama, you asked for it. I was giving it to you. He said, How

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do I say to him?

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So let's get the

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from Boca, who

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does your masters This is easy for me. I am the one who said hello. And I can break the law.

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And because you have the opinion you made from the heart, I'll break the law for you. But listen, Allah was preparing money in for something very, very serious. That will come later on.

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Why? cuz she's gonna give birth

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to a child without a father. Again, breaking the law again. Right? This is why I lost some money in the funky water hierarchy. That's number one. So the first Allah selected you and purified you, so that nobody can talk about you after that. Next was

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because you will be the only case in the history of mankind who will give birth to a child without a father. I will break the law again. Bismillah it's only Bismillah because Allah has the power to do this.