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Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various cases involving backbiting, a term used in Islam, and workplace behavior. They warn of the importance of being a judge and not requesting religious instructions. They also discuss cases involving a woman who wants to be a judge and is advised to let her know who she is and what she wants. The case is transferred to case four, where the speaker discusses a woman who lost her job due to a poor judge's actions and is warned to let her know who she is and what she wants. They suggest further investigation and the case is worthy of further investigation.
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Yes, sister, what is your question tonight? Yeah, my question is,

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I want to know.

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and you talked about

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what he's talking about talking about.

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Oh, I see. Brothers and sisters in Islam. Our sister from Houston is asking a very, very important rather interesting question

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which is a when it is permissible to speak about somebody in his absence

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and to say something that the person may dislike, which is the definition of backbiting.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comma a few Sahih al Bukhari, even Hadith ebihara Allah Juan. He asked his companions at aduna melva. Do you know what backbiting is? For calu

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Allah they said Allah Rasool Allah, Allah and His Messenger Novus, the companion said, Allah and His Messenger know best.

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Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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backbiting la vida, De Luca haka be Maya cara, that you say something about someone in his or her absence, which they would dislike,

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to be said about them.

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Here is the important piece. One of the companions said Dr. Rasool Allah or messenger of Allah, Allah I, in canopy, what about if the person actually has what I am saying? Then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, in Cana fee for Padilla tapeta.

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If what you said is in the person, this is considered to be backbiting what Illa mia confy Heba bahat.

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And if he does not have what you said, then indeed you have slandered him.

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So this is the row. This is backbiting. Now, there are some exceptions and hear me here carefully to what I'm about to say. There are some exceptions to this rule.

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What are the exceptions? One of the our scholars placed it in a

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poem that I hope I can recall it, I do it, I'll cut the hole ASAP. But in FY 13.

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Speaking bad about someone in their absence is not considered to be backbiting in six cases. motiva limin

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wa mohabbatein Omar reefy one was Steph T and one more J. Heron. fisca waka Alabama una tin fee is Allah de mon carry.

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case number one, someone who is oppressed.

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Somebody who committed oppression against you. Let's say that you're going to go to the police station, you're not going to go and tell them the person is an angel. But rather you're going to have to tell them what they have done. Which they would not like but yet you are allowed to do this because you're trying to lift the injustice from you. What is the evidence for this? Call the light if you sold it Nisa law, your HIPAA law who will be sued su immunol Cali El Bulli, Allah subhanho wa Taala does not like you to speak bad about somebody accept or unless you are being oppressed and you want to live that oppression. But be careful now. Don't go and throw allegations which the person

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did not do. You only tell what they have done only any

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Extra word or unnecessary statement, you're going to be held accountable and it is considered to be backbiting. So this is case number one. case number two most ft. Most ft. Somebody who goes to an Imam.

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Ally, for example we have Let's mention the story of Hint, Hint, hint.

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Hint, the wife of Abu Sophia, she went to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and she said to him, yeah Rasool Allah, O Messenger of Allah, in Abba, Sophia and Raja loon Shahe.

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Abu Sufyan is a little bit stingy, he does not spend, what should I do? Oh, of course, I will. Sophia would not like this to be said about him. But he wants to take care of her livelihood and the children and she wanted to know what she can do about this. Rasul Allah, Allah wa salam did not blame her, or tell her this is backbiting. Rather, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told her what to do. He said to her who the Nayak Viki Wyatt fee while at the key Bill maruf. Take what is sufficient for you and your children meaning from his money? What do you mean matteotti from his wealth, what is sufficient for you? And what is sufficient for your children, according to what's

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customary, so this is case number two, but I want to warn the brothers, especially the Imams, that when somebody comes asking for a religious ruling, asking for a hook or asking for a factor, and then he backed by it's about the person, make sure that you let this person know listen, I'm not a judge here. I'm just giving you a religious ruling. Because for me to be a judge, for me to arbitrate.

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I must call the other party in and hear their side of the story. Yeah, there is a difference between somebody who gives a religious ruling, like somebody calls me and tells me Okay, shave, my husband did this and this and this and this. What should I do? I'm going to give her a fatwah. I'm not being a judge, for me to be a judge. I must hear the brother MFC his case? Well, I'm not sure I didn't say she did her while attacking me.

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ffsc I'm in home. The story a very famous story

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that somebody entered into the room of the Buddha de salud NaVi in order to arbitrate. And he said,

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I have only one sheep, and my brother has 99 sheeps and you want to take my sheep. Say that right away judge ruled, it's a convincing case. Allah Kabbalah mK disana gtkdialog. Indeed, he has committed injustice. By asking your sheep, you have only one sheep and you want to take it away from you

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right away that would realize that he fall into a fitna

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hoo, stung for a

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minute. So again, I want to make this clear, there is a difference between you being an Imam who gives a religious ruling.

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And somebody who judge, the judge must hear both sides of the story

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and must hear each one of the two parties before he arbitrate. But it must after you come and ask for factor I'm gonna give you a vector based on what you tell me. Mr. ft. Number three, Mahathir Mohamad. In a community, in a Muslim community, there is somebody who comes and sells drugs to the youth of the community, and you know it now should what should you do? right away you go to the Imam, you go to the Imam and tell him that is this person because you're warning? You're warning maarif that's case number four. I want to rush into this because this subject is so beautiful. Martin, if somebody who calls you and he, let's say, okay, somebody from Denver wanted to marry

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somebody from

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California, okay. Now, the father in California doesn't know the person here. So he calls the person tells him Okay, I go to that machine. Okay. And then he calls me and the amount of this machine here Colorado Muslim society, I'm the mom here in Colorado. There is this brother who attends your Masjid he is interested in marrying my daughter What do you know about him? I must give him a straightforward report about it. I don't I'm not gonna I'm not gonna because Heidi testimony This is a testimony and it could be a false testimony and this is a major sin if you give a false testimony shall at the zoo, Allah Masha

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Allah Masha Allah Masha zoo,

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Muslim, lol Muslim

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Muslim ban another Muslim ban soccer fans Ah,

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there are six rights of a Muslim another Muslim.

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fee illegible Muslim dilemma Bukhari, Hadith Abu hurayrah, Allah Viola Han anathema, tapinto case. Sakuma Binta Tice above Yella, Juana, a female companion to individuals came to ask her in marriage. So she came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and she said your rasulillah in Nevada we were at a Jam Jam with em haka, Burnie, Mojave and Abba jam, asked me in marriage Rasul, Salatu, Salam sitter mama we have So Luke doesn't have money, he's poor. Well, Abu jam is somebody who places the stick in his shoulder all the time. That means he beats women, that's one or he travels because the Arabs once they travel they used to place you know the water and then one side of the

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stick and their food in the other side of the stick and they place in the sources is gonna hang around the house too much. So he told her that the fault of those two in order for her to decide and at the end of the day she did not marry either one of those and she married I believe if I'm not mistaken or setup there's a Ravi Allahu and so Mujahidin fisca wa Taala even marijuana fee is at 81 carry or somebody who I love this when I taught this in,

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in Maryland and and pdma where I used to be an Imam before and I love this I had a student His name is Bella Bella Nuri Mashallah is one of the people who memorize the Quran. Bilal came one day because I told them that if you go to the parking lot and you see people doing something wrong in the parking lot, now you cannot change it. If you tell them this is wrong, but it was like seven or eight years old at the time, they are going to beat you up. So now we need to come and ask for help. Let's say that somebody in the parking lot opening the car stealing the cars the car fee for example. And and you're a little you cannot if you go there you're afraid is gonna shoot you can run

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into the machine and call for help. So hopefully we help you my sister here. This was a lengthy answer. But I think the subject is worthy of covering which is the exceptions. When are you allowed to speak ill or bad about somebody

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