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The speakers discuss the importance of acknowledging and embracing the direction of others, seeking forgiveness, and showing respect for relationships. They stress the need for everyone to have their own private moments to create a sense of connection and connection with others. The importance of consistency in relationships is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to have a healthy and healthy routine. The speakers also emphasize the importance of working out and finding a balance between their emotions and finding happiness in their lives.

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Welcome back to Mr. Conway international and it is time to link up with our guest, who's in Durban for the semies assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato walaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa jal. How are you my beloved molana? Very well,

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in Africa disease, man, how are you giving this morning? Okay, and I'm very light. In fact, you know, I'm so disappointed. I was supposed to join the early mind shake. Yeah, very big for Kruger National Park.

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And I just came back from overseas, and I just heard my lower back, you know, so I was advised not to undertake this journey. And anyway, but I came over to Johannesburg just for a day or two. And Shall I pray that all goes well, and I'm sure the experience to be beneficial. They really, there's so many lessons we can take from our last creation, and some things that we can apply even in our human lives, you know,

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it seems that

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we are we are keeping on par with each other. Because I was cycling on Sunday, I had a small little fall off the bicycle issues on a stationary fall. I wasn't even moving but I put my hand out, break the fall. And it turns out the resistor bones just beneath the sun was fractured. And the only way to get it 100% better would be to operate. So left in operation either tomorrow or Monday inshallah Allah, Allah, Allah gave you Shiva, you know, renew renew,

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at my age, even if you stretch your imagination, your

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Yes, yes.

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Yes, but I just made this speaking about this. There was an article that

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I came across in fact, I was on Twitter, somebody put it up. That lady was made to wear the suit, The suit was designed to make her feel exactly like a

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old aged person. And

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you know, just by wearing suits, he says that, by the middle of the day, she was ready to cry. And she, you know, she she just could not take it any further.

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You know, Mulana. It's such a powerful story, because

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there are so many lessons to be learned from it, you know, old age, speak about the deprivation of old age, old age, the time of loneliness is a time when you lose your capacity to see clearly to Yeah, clearly. It's a second childhood, you are so dependent on people around you. And the loneliness is accentuated more so than people around you supposed to give your comfort and they find you as a burden. And you can, no people are not idiots, you know, they can see, they can see to what extent the people around them are hypocritical or sincere in the support. So her crying is, I think what she has learned through reading the retire is through empathy and I pray inshallah, that word

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this woman is it makes appreciate wishes, and make sure that whenever she sees all people, he

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treats them with kindness, compassion, and generosity,

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and universes. It's called the old age simulation, so to gnosis as I find it here. It is a suit that's designed to teach hospital staff how to treat and how it feels like to be an elderly person. And some of the things that they put on his goggles that simulate cataracts in reduced vision, ear defenders blockout sound to simulate being hard of hearing, neck brace reduces head mobility and simulates having a stiff neck vest which is full of weights to restrict movement and cause slouching gloves that causes the hands to shake every now and then make splints restrict knee restricts the need to simulate joint stiffness, and oversize shoes contain weights to cause shuffling. And you

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know, the person puts it on and gives you an insight on how it is to feel like an old person. And you know this person put it on and

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you're really shopping

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No matter what we would say that, okay, no, just take a quick walk to the car? or Why are you? Why are you dragging your feet? In actual fact for that person, for an old person, it feels like actually a marathon just to walk a few meters.

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In fact, you know, I am so glad you're, you're doing this, because I've been doing programs for hospitals. And I just had a meeting this morning with Len med hospital. And what I'm trying is to make help the nurses, we can understand that the tasks are often daunting, it's not very easy, you meet all kinds of patients. But at the same token, they need to understand that the significant qualities is of compassion, of communication, of empathy, and sensitivity. And I think it's a great idea that these suits, you know, should be worn in during the orientation program. And you can give them a true understanding of what the other person goes through. And this is, you know, one of the

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beautiful things about being human beings, is when you try to crawl under the skin of other people, then you can feel the pain, you can feel the anxiety, you can feel, you know, the sense of despondency and depression. And when that happens, then you are able to connect, otherwise, what happens is that often, when we speak to them, we are so glad, there is no emotional connection, there is no rapport. And in fact, it is a one sided thing, and sometimes we tend to look down upon demeanor.

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And it is, as you know, you know, with your little bit of a back injury that you have what was my hand, it's only once you lose the use of any particular limb, that actually begin to appreciate how it is to live without them, you know how difficult simple things become a chore become a task, when when you don't have use of something and, and if these things while they are just from Allah subhanaw taala. But you need these great lesson for us as well, to be able to appreciate what people who who don't have these terms at all, what they go through and any basis. Absolutely, you know,

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I mean, even if you look at your fingers, you know, and only we understand fully why Allah made us the way he did make us you know, and if you lose, for example, sensation in your small finger, or you hurt it so badly, then you cannot use it anymore. And you'll see the difficulty the adjustment you got to make, and something we take for granted. And I think it's a lesson for us to be self aware, to be always showing gratitude to Allah, thanking him for the useful limbs for the clarity of our vision for the lucidity of our mind and most importantly about your own mobility and the ability to feel sensations and I think these are everyday things that happened to us, but we show no

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appreciation and and and I'm so glad we're talking about it and perhaps you hope inshallah it heightens our sensitivity to this

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isn't it is way over these weeks going on to a different topic. Now inshallah over these? Well, since we've spoken last week, we spoke while you were in Dubai the day before you return?

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What counseling work have you done? And what what would be of lesson for us? in

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Milan, I've got, you know, the number of points and and I think each one will be really a full program. And I want to start off with my preamble to say that what is happening to us molana what is happening to us, you know, when you deal with families when they cannot forgive each other, when, when the man or the woman did not show respect to each other. It really it breaks your heart, it really breaks your heart. So there are about eight or nine topics, I'll just go through them. And we can look at each one right. The one thing that is critical, and often speak about is reciprocal understanding. Right, the other one that I want to talk about couples stay apart. What often happens

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is we look at the impact on their own relationship and the impact on the children. Also the other issue when mothers in Allah bless all our mothers, who mollycoddle their sons in specially those that are married, and also you know, I'm sad to say sometimes you know, you

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He kind of behaviors of the sisters in law, you know, the brothers, sister. The other issue we can talk about is about forgiveness. Yeah, the issue we can talk about rude behavior. The other issue is about sadly, our girls are now drinking and smoking. The other issue is about the degeneration of the old muddies. Can you believe this? All of this in the space of one day, in the space of Monday, I've been through all of this in one day dealing with all of these different types of issues in one day manana one day, one day, one day, and I'm telling you, I don't know where we going. I have no idea what the role of what role parents are playing. To what extent parents are really preparing the

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children for marriage? To what extent degrade for premarital counseling? How can we give our children unbridled freedom?

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You know, to what extent are we impacting on them, and to what extent we are showing respect for the institution of marriage. So these are all all in one day. And you can imagine how heavy it is in your heart, when you listen to all of this. And it is even more

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just granting or disconcerting. When when the stubbornness you know when the stubbornness when you're not prepared to say, you know what, I'm gonna give it a chance. And one of the things I tell people, yes, while divorce is something that is permissible, but is found upon, but they also mentioned how you go through divorce, you do it with dignity with calmness, you do not demean or ridicule, you're not spiteful, and you don't speak, you don't watch dirty linen in public. Because none of us is perfect. None of us is perfect. And I'm saying this to you Melinda, if every human being if every human being does not forgive, I wonder how many of our marriages will survive how

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many of the marriage survive any? And also what what is neon speaking generally that when people are human, they will make mistakes? But why do we sabotage our happiness at the moment a romantic moment their happy moment you bring up issues of the past

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just by the way that you are describing things a Muslim handled Allah protect mine a masala guide us all.

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Everyday effect that we are taking from all the different things that are

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bombarding us from media to cell phone usage to our social lives, whatever it may be, you know, all of these, this just these different things, having such an effect on us, that we we've we are losing ourselves, we are losing our identity, or we've lost our identity. We don't know who we are. Absolutely. In fact, you know, I was when I was just driving this thought struck me, you know, I was looking at, you know, when we grew up, you know, and, and Milena, we're not pretending to be angels, like, you know, people have issues about us and, and men always protect us and hide or false. We're not we're not suggesting that, you know, no one is infallible. But I recall in the early days, you

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know, the thoughts of a of a son ever smoking in front of his father, no matter how old you were. I remembered There was an old man in Shipston. Right? I mean, the elderly, elderly, you know, you know,

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first mail our hometown, he was 60 odd years old at that time, his father was still living his father was in his 80s. But he never used to, he never lit a cigarette front of her father. Can you believe it? Right? But today, it is what was non negotiable, unacceptable. Now we see it's okay. You know, it's fine as long as you're not smoking longer is not taking drugs. So our morality has become very relative. You know, My son is no secret He's a good boy. You know, so now and in everything, we added the degeneration sometimes we do not see because it appears in susceptible, if you go to our wedding functions Also, if you look at what was acceptable attire, at one time, you know, nowadays

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is regardless ultra conservative. And what we regarded that time and lacking in modesty, today is regarded as acceptable. And this is the whole point we as a state

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Society, we are losing our moral compass, we are losing sight of what is right. And and this is the whole point. You see, the point is, I think, sometimes we have forgotten why we are born, we have forgotten that we are going to die, we have forgotten that there will be consequences and accountability. And this is a point to the point is that, you know, we really have to confront these otherwise, I shudder to think the kind of world that our children are gonna grow up into.

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It's all about taking in this is all about taking a step making a change. And, you know, having that sense of acknowledgement,

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in that what we are doing, the direction we are going, and the path that we're taking is not right, it's not beneficial for us. It's not it's harmful for children harmful for society, as a first step, it is maybe an acknowledgment that we need to we need to do absolutely, in any motivational speaker will tell you, or any person will tell you, if you do not know where you are, then how do you know where you want to go to you got to know where you are, you got to understand your state, your model, state, your spiritual state, and all of that, you need to understand and you need, as you rightly said, to acknowledge if you know to say yes, and being wrong, if you keep on being wrong, it becomes

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a natural part of your whole being. And this is a point you see, the point is, and even if marriage, you know, you'll find that when the elders when they got married,

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they realized they were imperfect. But they showed tremendous forbearance and tolerance. Now, today, we are looking for a utopian ideal and ideally calm, you're looking for Nirvana, looking for Jana on this earth. And yet, we are not prepared to contribute to this harmony, we expect to sit back and be passive. And you and I know the grass always appears to be greener on the other side. And I always ask people, can you say Robin system that both of you have given it a shot, you have done everything humanly possible to

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create some sanity to show respect to each other? And and what I tell people is this, you may believe you are the loving husband, the caring husband, but you must see from the perspective of your wife, how does she perceive you? Similarly, how does he perceive your system, and that's important, and whatever is under your control, we should do what's out of your control, you cannot expect a person to take responsibility for things that are out of his control. And I am pleading I'm really pleading to people that when you say I forgive, not ever speak about it again, you forgive when Allah forgives, it's over if you raise Alas, is finished, move on, move on, make new mistakes.

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rekindle the passion, we kill that love, be romantic, be loving, they carry heavy a routine, you know, to beautiful things together, have your private moments you know, and also respect the fact that your husband is someone son, he also has responsibility towards his own parents, right? Therefore, when you have a routine a weekly plan, then it is quite clear and transparent. You know, I'm not saying one needs to be mechanical or mechanistic. I'm not suggesting that if it says that your mum and dad are few kilometres away that we said we'll visit them once a week it does not mean only once a week if you visit twice, why not? Or sometimes every second week depending on the

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situation. And parents must allow the young couples to find each other to to understand each other not to pressurize them you know, because sadly, when sometimes in our daughters go to their own parents home, when they come back they come back a little more militant and bellicose and they will be like warriors you know so these are things that worries me because one of the best gifts you can give your children is to teach them the dynamics of relationships.

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Yes, it says continue nine months before 12 inches by one and welcome all listeners to SMS most welcome to to send any questions queries, any comments that you may have

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on the issues that we are discussing to the SMS number 0731738461. You can also SMS Idris quite directly on his number and 0828251991 and you can call us as well and 118541548 and join in on the

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seven to jacada k 43 and Ivana Dr. Dre Good morning.

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Welcome back to my silicone radio Islam international and it is very welcome back to the program. It is welcome Manali good to hear your voice. He's a sister sent a message now, he says that, well, you know, whenever I forgive my husband,

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make me laugh, he takes me for granted, he continues with his way of life. And and this is a point you see, the point is this, you know, person should be allowed to do things with impunity. I think it's important when they say reoccurrence of a pattern of behavior, then you need to go for counseling, where the counselor of whoever she is, or he's the nominee paper and make them sign a kind of pledge or contract. Right. And that's fundamental, because there has to be consequences, and there has to be accountability. And and remember SR the critical thing in life is this, that you should not allow that to diminish who you are, you must always continue to to continue to do what is

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right. The issue has to be consented. inshallah, what is important that you need to talk to your husband, to help him, you know, to do the right things. But he cannot do it with impunity. As I said, it comes at time and the respect of families must come into the picture, no matter how long they've been married. And it's important that is discussed. Again, the other critical point is this does not this must not become part of a public discourse, that the neighbors everyone comes to know about it. You must never ever do that. And I'm not suggesting you're doing that. Or anyone for that matter, you

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received another SMS here at least Why is that? How can one be romantic if privacy when the husband sits by the TV from the time he gets home from work until 11pm? Yeah, this is a another issue that many of our sisters have. And therefore, you know, I would like all of them, you know, I suggested to one couple the other day, they must develop what I call a family routine. And part of the family routine is, you know, that me time that togetherness, and I said to them, that they must not go to the bedroom when they're tired, when the you know, just when they want to go and sleep. And you find that the television is of an anaesthetic induced asleep, it ties you make some mind lazy, and it is

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it does not stimulate you in terms of some of the things that one needs to do. You know, so it's important that they go to bed reasonably early. So you can spend time when they can connect with each other and be romantic. And this is the whole point. You know, I think sometimes and May Allah forgive all of us that we forget that we are not individuals were in marriage, we are together. It's a partnership. It's a sacred trust is one relationship that will continue beyond our debts and that and therefore I don't think it's fair.

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Really not I don't think it is definitely unfair. When when people adopt these attitudes, you know, attitudes of indifference, when the wife is pining for the husband, she wants the to connect them emotionally and physically. And then he does this and, and television really, really it can destroy a marriage, it stunts your imagination, it erodes your self esteem, it affects your attention. There are many, many negative aspects to sitting there. And especially for so long it affects your health, it affects you psychologically. And so I pray that we rekindle our passion and our love inshallah.

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inshallah, this

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is me, coming coming back to what we were discussing initially, that what while we have gone wrong, and what have we, what have we lost, I think that basically it comes down to our relationship with our Creator. And this is what will then mend all other relationships. And as long as we are connected with Allah tala, everything else in our lives will come, right. As long as we've lost our relationship with Allah subhanaw taala, then everything else in our life is also not going to work out for us what you think is so true, when I was driving this morning, from lenasia, and I was just, I'm not just saying that I am now, the benchmark for spirituality, I was making the curry No, no

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single step philosopher, as I was saying it, I said, you know, when you when you make the car, when you, when you put a line in your heart, you got no place for anything else, you know, there's no places, it's impossible to make Vicar and to have an immortal thought, you know, you can do it, it doesn't work. Because the power of align your heart is all encompassing. And what you're saying is so true, that we have forgotten our Creator, and we have not really strengthened our own relationship with Allah, we have forgotten that we are born

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the life of Jesus. And sometimes we forget that we are people, we are human beings, and we have a mortal life is not infinite. So what you're saying is so true, and therefore have been what is significant, you find that,

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you know, while some homes, they perform their rituals, but it is still done mechanically, it's not done. You know, when we pray to Allah, when you read our Salah properly, that Salah or to have a moderating effect on your behavior should have a salutary effect on your behavior, it should impact positively on your attitudes and your values.

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that we really have that connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala, then it's definitely going to impact on every aspect of our life, when it comes to worry about that when it comes to our social lives, whether it comes to our marriages, whether it comes to parenting, whatever it may be, as long as we are connected in and we have that feeling that conviction in the Las panatela that is definitely the solution to all problems.

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Absolutely. Montana, what do you think is so true? And it's, and we must do? I mean, therefore, we said, you know, and obviously reminded us to die before we're dead, you know, so it's something that we need to reflect on on a daily basis. Where are we spiritually? If he were to die this very moment, will Allah be pleased with us? And I think it's clear, all of us know exactly where we are, we know, our dark side, we know our moments. And sometimes we slip you know, and there are moments when we reach a height of spirituality. And the whole issue is about consistency is about doing things right. And doing the right things you know.

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The other issues that you spoke about drinking and smoking among young girls

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Yes, you know what to be

00:29:15--> 00:29:21

this is becoming a really is I'm not saying everyone is doing it, and

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it's somebody said growing minority, the growing minority and

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often what happens, I feel that you you cannot give your children unbridled freedom. You have to there has to be consequences your your to know who they are staying words who are their friends, and a whole range of things must take place. Because you'll find that the world is very seductive, alienating world, we find that the drinking in many cultures is something a phenomenon is acceptable.

00:30:00--> 00:30:51

And, sadly, you know, when our children have not been given the effective antidotes or they have not understood clearly why we supposed to stay, desist from it. And we sometimes get caught in the trap. And I've yet to come across any individual of their own accord and volition, will buy a drink. It's precisely because of the friends they keep. And I think it's very, very fundamental, it is imperative that we as parents should be the role model for our children, and we need to guide them. And I'm not suggesting that every time the child does something wrong is necessary. The parents accountable for that. And sometimes kids do make mistakes. Sometimes it is an aberration. But any

00:30:51--> 00:31:03

Yasuni person looking around, used to have to go to visit some of the places and whatnot. And what is even more shocking is when the

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some of them was done they know that society will do it quite openly so that's that's a that's really a worrying fact. They have a caller on line. Can you take the caller Yeah, please.

00:31:16--> 00:31:26

salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa Salaam Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh manana manana de la Chicago yourself London algebra the trees will vary

00:31:28--> 00:31:32

from Rena Mona, some inputs regarding two marriages, right.

00:31:33--> 00:32:26

You know, when a marriage takes place, and we tie a knot for eternity, that we you know, we make those marriages, we bring up our children in Islamic manner and so forth, and we expect that marriage inshallah will last forever. But I really appreciate Reese's input all the time. And wherever he goes with his workshops, smo heinola, a great, great award being shown. And, you know, this, there's a lot of outcomes from his workshops. But my little input in this is that, that if the boy is efa is what a mama's boy or mommy's boy, then so get involved in a marriage is really a difficult issue, because that begins to interfere interfere into marriages. Now, we are giving Mary

00:32:26--> 00:32:34

Hamza Lila, we have recently a marital workshop in Indonesia. It was outstanding. We are giving marriages, we're giving these

00:32:35--> 00:33:11

workshops Alhamdulillah full support. And we are giving for children, young boys, young girls, I mean, we are getting some daughters, from other families in our homes, for our daughter in laws, we are giving our daughters to somebody else to become their property laws. Now the input that the point on the dragon was Milena, she said these marriages that we do, I mean, these workshops, these are for reviewing for the loving birds, the two loving birds who want to get married. But the problem comes when parents or extended families begin to interfere in the message.

00:33:13--> 00:33:54

That is what we need to address. We need to give workshops to father in law's mother in law's and so forth. We need to give workshops to extend assemblies. I mean, I see Milena in the in the same tone that we looking for good marriages, lacking marriages, I think we should create a course where individuals for example, avoid getting married or the girl is getting married. Let us have a workshop for them impersonal call them up, give them a workshop for at least a week or two weeks before in personnel. Some of that will help because that's happening. That to couple that a couple of happy days. They want to carry on what they live, they ready even though difficulties come upon

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them they want to carry on. But the interference of parents problem and 30s to the eating and I why I'm seeing this more than

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any other family really to have a breakup in a marriage. And then there's the first point second point molana step professionals do the professional job. I mean a person in a salon let him cut the hair a person I'd rather if he doing professional work, let him do that. But let let even in orlimar if the owner cannot handle a case of a marriage, then give it to those who can handle it. Giving directives or saying that you know what? Looks like a marriage don't work. Now you go for an era it doesn't work Madonna because done before marriage mean to throw in a toilet or to give a istikhara Malala

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This is my my input and one other really very serious stem sing from my heart. She he needs to be worked out very well. I paid for the breeze to create workshop for parents, especially for parents.

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When you know when they want to get married, so give them some input inshallah. Brother just started from Allah bless you for your input for your information I offer free medical counseling, I speak to the couples, I give them 100 questions they need to answer, then I need to their respective in laws I do all of that, honey Sabina, I do that, that. But the other point that you raised is about interference of parents and one of the issues I raised when mothers mollycoddle their sons, they begin to show so much a possession even the son is married, then the son has to make a choice between his mother and the wife, Jane as well that is grossly, grossly wrong. You have an

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opportunity with your son, you love him, he loves you. And the conflict must never take place because you deal with so many cases the doctor says he has chosen his mother over me. He tells his mother much more than he tells me and he says something to the mother energies are unacceptable things. I think therefore we speak about Shura and what worries me the divorce rate is so unbelievable. And sadly parents themselves either they invest related with each other sons and the daughters. Whatever decision you make, I'll support you I'm what kind of father are you? You got to make an effort to reconcile don't do the work of satan satan is doing is that you need to be the

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antidote. You need to call the respective families together and say listen, let's try to work it out. Yes, when there are times when you have tried everything humanly possible with mind wisdom, and you realize that this is cannot be done if that decision is made misura danger is another matter altogether in Java sokolova input appreciated many maybe this has been done in the Durban area isn't about the Johannesburg area, but a brother Idris in specially allamani to handle and lead VA in these methods, Mr. Nelson it but I am saying that we need to get to that point will be what is my if I can handle it, handle it. Let me handle it. If I cannot handle it, let me pass it to somebody who

00:37:09--> 00:37:55

can handle this. I just do some other news. I all I offered it two things to three rooms. Two of them accepted it immediately. The one is I met one the shabby strategy this morning. I'm going to do a three hour program on the art of public speaking. And inshallah I'm also going to do a counseling cause for the the only mother so and I'm realizing very receptive Allah bless him, and also the new class society and the feasibility line I'm prepared. I'm not saying at the monopoly of knowledge, but I'm prepared to share those skills then Allah bless all imagine trying very, very hard, but a counseling itself requires special skills, special knowledge and inshallah NFV the embrace in the

00:37:55--> 00:38:11

room so that our respective alliums you know when they are participating in this to be able to handle the dynamics inshallah. inshallah Misaki Allah Allah May Allah reward you for in abundance for the good work Samadhi Kumara

00:38:14--> 00:38:21

wabarakatuh It is my 10 to 12 we need to take a short break, and we'll be back just after that inshallah.

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hire me to

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de la Lal kulu

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come back to El mashreq. I'm ready Islam international newspaper. Welcome back to you.

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interesting points raised by

00:39:39--> 00:39:49

by by Madonna. In fact, the Alhamdulillah I just got one SMS and are left to leave at five to 12 molana right. is one point k is the sister writes.

00:39:53--> 00:39:54

On certain

00:39:56--> 00:40:00

degrees by when my married son has a problem with his wife. It gets very

00:40:00--> 00:40:39

I agree. I tried to intervene for the best for them, then his wife and our family say I'm interfering. But her mom speaks to her with his knowledge. And I speak to both of them. I don't know how to end the stream, please advise, right? You got that? Right. So So my suggestion is a very important thing you see, therefore, part of premarital counseling is you decide if there is a conflict, how to deal with it. Now secondly, there's another critical thing every time we have an issue, don't run through your parents, man, why you burden them, see how best you can handle it quickly, initially, not allow it to fester and you get very upset about it, get an objective person.

00:40:39--> 00:41:20

Grant is very, very clear. You get from both sides of the parties, you get them together and to deal with the situation right. So now also, as much as you know, there are some sensitivities that your daughter in law gets upset. She takes exception, then move away just Maury, Maury, it's okay. For them, they should move away for the night and do not say okay, fine. Okay, his mother knows everything and why me and whatnot do not allow that to diminish your ego. Your frame is just must be. Let's see how we can help this young couple. They are no young, innocent, naive. They do not know much about the world. They have pure romantic notions of life. And they forget that marriage

00:41:20--> 00:41:30

requires a lot of hard work, you know, and so I think that's very important to be supportive of them. Yes, we have a caller on line a salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

00:41:31--> 00:41:34

O alikum. Salam, how are you buddy, brief and modern, I

00:41:38--> 00:41:43

have a phone number nine, as you said about the in laws and all of them interfering how to it is that

00:41:44--> 00:42:01

we mothers and fathers, we played a very, very important role in our children's life. Because once we go according to the Sharia, and you go according to all the rules, it's guaranteed from Allah subhanaw taala, that there will be peace and harmony and happiness in the family.

00:42:02--> 00:42:18

And I say from the bottom of my heart, because I'm also a mother in law. I also had a mother in law who was wonderful. And as you say, sister in laws also, you know, the husband's sister, if you control them from the start what my mother did to us and my sister and we were they choose to stay

00:42:19--> 00:42:31

in my house to not interfere with your sister in law here. She said many the seniors use cookies cooking, we can't even eat opened up Potter, they dressed to go in the kitchen. No, no, no.

00:42:32--> 00:43:12

Anything she can do, my mother will never ever go in the kitchen. And say I met today we made this you take this or you take that no, but my sister in law, Allah subhanaw taala. Put that love into her heart. Allah subhanaw taala work, if you control yourself and your work, share it with my sister in law just to give us it's so easy for my mother also, you see what I'm trying to say. So this is what I'm saying. The mother in law speaks very, very important. But I have three daughters in law. And I've got in my hand already that Maulana Abdul Hamid, his heart attack, he has put a paper in his website, downloaded from the our DD three is quite long one 200 papers for the mother in law.

00:43:13--> 00:43:48

One whole paper is for that doctor, you know, and every line there is 100% the people practice upon that I tell you, every home will be 100% go to the website and give that to a mother in law must read that for her. And that totally normalizes that for her and there'll be peace and harmony in the house or they did go to charity away and everything is there. I'm not gonna tell you what you're supposed to smell all the things that they require, but they have to follow that to bring peace and harmony and then when you have a toddler in your home, there's no need for anything. So on the call

00:43:53--> 00:44:30

Malachi, the sister in fact, you know, I was dealing with one case where the father thinks his daughter will do nothing wrong, you know, so she's not married. So she interferes in the relationship between a brother and his wife and he said ridiculous you know, you do not own Your brother is your biologically connected you know, your you do not own you cannot you know, do things that are in political Islam interact create suspicion, I think it's important that we need to understand that we have a role to play the role of supportive role and nurturing role you know, so Allah make it easy for everyone inshallah. inshallah.

00:44:31--> 00:44:42

Allah for your time this morning, it's time for you to go as well. And Maasai warrior inshallah we'll speak next week. inshallah and Milena, look up yourself right don't match.

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Unless you mean you and protect you always man and I love this un. I mean, I mean, like the last seven years is very you keep Salam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. Just four minutes before she can use even for listening to my second lady, some international all those

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contributed to the program and reward you and inshallah we are all dry from Allah subhanho wa Taala is that a metallic grant his own peace and harmony unity, have the love affection, compassion, empathy, sympathy. Allah subhanaw taala clampus all the Mubarak characteristics and traits of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the latter like Francis all happiness in our lives and goodness in this world and the year after shipment for listening to Elon Musk lecture contrast to the operator semi jet from Tunisia to sidama alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato