4 Qualities That Will Destroy Your Imaan

Hatem al-Haj


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One of the other things also that are important here to, you know to keep in mind is that true reaching the true essence of emend means that you have purified your heart from all of the bad qualities that devour him in there are four different qualities sitting inside your heart. That's the power he meant, those are the qualities that will make you not love free rather what you love for yourself, what are those

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a group of qualities called the Suffolk Elba emia the characteristic characteristics of or the qualities of Captain captain,

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a group of qualities called the safaga seborrhea, the characteristics of

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predators prepatoria qualities, a group of qualities School of Pharmacy, funny satanic qualities, and a group of quality school has suffered.

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And many came here for some of the scholars from say a rock Valley,

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which is basically to claim honorable beer to claim you know,

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Okay, one of them needs to the other, one of them needs to the other.

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Truly, if you don't purge those qualities out of your heart, you will never love for your brother, what you love for yourself. And therefore, you will never have to place you will never enjoy your faith, you will never taste the sweetness of faith. So, for the many many other qualities of cattle,

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cattle qualities

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would be enhance with 711 now, it is eagerness it is keenness slowest. So, it mainly in this eagerness for money, eagerness for wealth, eagerness for a food, eagerness for lust, you know lustful desires.

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And now these are like cancer, cancer, cancer, think about as you know, those pleasures, food and sexual lust and so on. That's what cattle are concerned about. So those are supported by me, they lead to they lead to a focus separate predatorial qualities, predatory predatory qualities. Why? Because like I said,

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this world is not the best like the mercy of Allah, it's limited, it's finite, has finite resources.

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And this crowdedness our keenness, our eagerness creates this crowdedness and we're competing for financial resources with infinite greed.

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And that will result in us being predatorial. And kind of adware. Basic, basically aggression,

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These are all predatorial qualities that we have in our hearts, that are devouring our faith. They resulted from our supportive Bahamian that we act like Council, like we want to have more more and more, and you want to have more and there is competition. And there is limitations. So you become predatorial you want to push here, you know, the other, you know, animal or counselor, human being pushed him away. So you become aggressive, aggressive, and you transgress the services.

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there is Satan was given some powers, you know, corporates, they have absolute, keep in mind, they are absolute away for six months, Allah Allah will give him power over the sheetala TVC calasparra was given some tools, some, you know, keys to our heart. So he is there into the middle of a modular demolition, although he goes through the setup and laying the block goes through the vessel.

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And he is using all of those cifar

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to add to them to add fuel to those cifar or those qualities of Captain

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Now we get into Rich hevea you know,

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in hazard, envy, Hazard,

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verse, cheating, Dr. deception mark, plotted all of these are suffering from a

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you know, predatory of animals are not really that deceptive in the they're not that envious. Pretty

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You know, they have the support of the human capital like qualities. And in addition to this, they are also predatorial. But they are not as deceptive as us human beings. They are not as treacherous traders, they don't plot like. So, we went beyond them. So we got some qualities from the behind the curtain, some qualities from the severe predators, and when we went beyond them, with the support of Satan, a result of the Satan going through, you know,

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that's a fun was not satisfied with this shape and was not satisfied

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with this item ever say to anyone, I don't know, Pokemon Allah, I am your Supreme Lord, that she found himself did he ever say that?

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What does the shape one square by

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but for me, when I was writing by your might, you know sopapilla the attributes of Allah

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and that she could never sit on a bookmark.

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But some human beings do say that. So the same time use those refer to bring us to the worst level whatsoever, which is to compete with allied himself. Now we're done competing with the creation, you know, the keenness, eagerness and so on. And we became predatorial. And then we have we went beyond the severity, or the predatorial animals with the deception planning and so on. And now, some of us have this kid, this, this, this arrogance that some Express clearly I don't know.

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Like, you know, some of the, you know, we don't have, it's not just limited to those examples. It's not just limited to whoever feels this way, whoever feels complete and perfect the essay.

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Whoever feels, you know, like those, you know, I heard this myself from one of the plastic surgeons, he was saying that is correct his mistakes, who's who he's referring to?

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He's referring to go, I'm correcting his mistakes. So, in that now, now that this person has gone beyond the Sybil behind the cactus beyond the severity is a thought beyond the sights on because there's a thought was was debating with Alaska, but we use never this Volker with Allah, he was never this route with Allah subhanaw taala.

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He was always talking about I will do that to them. I'll do that to them. But he never was confrontational with him. So

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anyway, let me know I don't have to have anything we will have to Why is he will not have why is it that he will not have faith until he loves for his brother will give upstream. So why is this the whole mark of having faith, because he will not love for his brother what he loves for himself until he proves those qualities out of his heart. And now he will have perfect faith.

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You cannot, no matter what, even if you were the best person without faith in God, you will not be able to purchase those qualities out of your heart. If you're just being like a good neighbor, a nice person and without sincere effort guided by Allah seeking the pleasure of Allah. You're not going to be able to get there. You're not going to be you're not going to be able to get