Mufti Menk – Would you care for your elders

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of not being advised to not be angry at people of community and society. He uses the analogy of " Granny Fucking flat," as an analogy to explain the need for training and respect for older people. He emphasizes that older people need to make sure they do the right things to live their lives, and that older people need to make sure their rights are respected.
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To look after your mother's look after the elderly women of community and society look after those who are destitute those who don't have look after widows look after orphans. That's what Islam is all about people wind and wind. No, I'm a good Muslim, I make my five salah, but there is someone in your circle who might be cursing you, number one. Number two, if they're not cursing you, Allah has shown you such a massive investment that is glaring you in the face that will bring back returns way beyond your imagination, but you're blind to it. You know why shaitan has to come in the middle and say it's going to be difficult, you're going to come out of your comfort zone, you're bringing

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something in, that's going to be problematic, I can deal with it. However, there's something called a granny flat, there's something called maybe nearby apartment, there's something called a cleaner or a helper. Every time you cook, you can get it sent over. You don't have to have direct interaction with people who might be unreasonable. Like I say, some mothers are unreasonable. But you have to look after that mother and respect her. She swore you you're not allowed to swear back. She disrespected you you're not allowed to disrespect back. And you need to train each other. As spouses that our mothers on both sides, no matter what they say, We should not disrespect them.

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That's it. Husband, my wife's mother, I will look after her wife, my husband's mother, I will look after her. That's the attitude. Even if she's difficult, it makes it more challenging. Subhanallah May Allah Almighty bless us.

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You see why I say this, and I want to end on this note.

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We are growing older, what goes around comes around. We are growing older, my brothers, my sisters, and I tell you something, as we grow older, Allah Almighty will definitely test us. When you've made life easy for someone, Allah will make life easy for you. So what you need to do is make sure you do the right thing so that as you grow older, the whole picture becomes so beautiful that you can actually have an amazing, amazing life. At the time when you've retired. People love you, your grandchildren, your children, everyone around you. Why? Because when it was my days, I went out of my way to look after those who are slightly older. What's the point? All the older people, they look

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sad, they look depressed, they they lose purpose to live, they don't even want to live anymore? Is that how you want to be when you grow older?

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My beloved elder fathers who are here and mothers who may hear this, we love you, we honor you, we will respect you. We salute you. You have every reason to live and we will make sure we stand up for your rights.

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