Edris Khamissa – Marriage Conference – closing

Edris Khamissa
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a woman named Maria who wants to cancel a meeting and is advised to use humor and be Muslim in the face of disappointing spouses. They also emphasize the importance of being true to oneself and not making assumptions about partner behavior. Speakers also thank people for their support and invite others to join the tour. They acknowledge the importance of thanking individuals and families for their contributions to their success.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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it was very emotional watching this. Because what he did is not the figment of his imagination. It is a painful reality at home, in our homes.

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And I want to say this to the sisters.

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You are important. Allah loves you.

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Allah validates you. Nabil Salah Islam validated you also.

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So you have dignity.

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For me,

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it'd be very sad. Because I must give you a little background about this conference

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a few weeks ago, people that we love said we should cancel it

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should cancel it.

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But you said no, you're gonna go ahead.

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to Allah's mercy. We are glad we went ahead.

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And I could feel and I felt today

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whenever we do this Allah's Mercy,

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the joy of people, the excitement, the anticipation, and the brilliant speeches made by everyone, including me by theory,

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in case I need to know an autograph book and all that.

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And the MC Alhamdulillah. Everyone.

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And I'm saying this to you, I don't want to give a long lecture. I know you want me to speak forever. I know. I'm in the Mandalay Bay, right.

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Really is so good. You know, when you can be yourself at home. You're I mean, so good. They know affectation and whatnot. If you can come home and tell you baby, how's it baby? I like it. Hey, how nice. Right? Right, anyways, shakes out. At our age. I told you you state your imagination. We pull a muscle

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that goes by spirit body parts in the body, right? So I'm gonna say this to you.

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If today you go back or not, if you go back, hope you go back.

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Today when you go back, and if you have not been touched by what you have seen, really? Why did you come?

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Why did you come?

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And I say it and I say it again? The OMA is bleeding.

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The Omi is bleeding.

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I have never come across the kind of issues that I see. Now. contestation, father and son, mother and daughter, everyone bring the own direction.

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In the end,

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you look at yourself, as Sheikh said, What have you contributed? Hey, what is what have you contributed? Right? So, how many of you when you go home from not when you go home, you're going to be a different individual? Put the hands up.

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Now, if you didn't put your heads up, I'm assuming you're paralyzed. So we're not gonna worry about that. Right.

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Now, I mean, I'm not saying you must change so much that your spouse doesn't recognize your

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daddy recognize again. Oh, darling, love is black.

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If you hear my voice love is not deaf, you know, darling. Right. So So I want you to do that. And you know what? In what we need our homes, we need humor.

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We really we need that. We need humor.

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Hey, don't you want humor

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one person told his wife No, darling, I was away for the weekend. I became a magician. He says well, then you disappear.

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Disappear. Already unit you Maria tomes ready. Laughter You know, that's what you need. Also, perspective in Islam. The notion when you are Muslim, you you're constipated.

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You know, you go with your task. Be the wife say Hello, Dolly. Don't disturb me. Let's be Muslim. You understand? No, we don't do that. So I'm just very sure Sagittarians rather sit down with warming up by the way they

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really, you know what? And we

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so anyway, I just got to

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Take five pieces of advice for you. five pieces, right? Number one

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if you did not come with your husband, right, if you're sitting next to your husband, tell him darling, I love you say that.

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And the husband must say, I love you too.

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And if you're sitting next to someone else's wife tell her I'm sure your husband loves you.

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I mean, you're I mean, I'm not promoting anything yet. I mean, me, me. I don't mean misconstrued. I mean, right? Right. Say that every day. Be expressive, be loving. Second thing.

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Very important. And I know issues happen. I know sometimes, we disappoint our spouses. Sometimes they hurt you. Sometimes they can be mean. But say Bye, darling. I forgive you.

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when when your husband tells you, darling, I forgive you. And one man said, you know, my wife gets historical. He said No, using the using the wrong word. You mean hysterical? Not all historical. So what do you mean? You say when you when I tell my wife, I'm sorry, should remind me in 1914 your day this 1921.

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So my wife is historical. Right? So right, right. The next important thing is the most important thing. I tell my wife, my darling, my shipbob Lena, she likes to travel, you know? You know, one day I told her I'm taking out for supper. She was so excited. She said we are setting the variant. Anyway, okay. My wife likes traveling. And I tell her darling, I'll take you any part of the world to take me to one place only. In a way, Jana. If your relationship with your spouse, no matter how many, how many creature comforts you have, if she or you cannot help each other to attain Jana, than your relationship was in vain.

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Your relationship was in vain.

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Your relationship was in vain.

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You know, Habiba li Jeffrey, may Allah bless him. He wrote a book the way further to God, you know, and we found a publisher in this country, too. He was doing a program for the sisters in Abu Dhabi. And he said to them, we you said this week?

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We you said because your husband forgot to buy you a gift. Or you said this week, because your husband did not get up for Fudger

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These are important questions, right? The last two things I want to say to you. I really, I don't like to mention names. But

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I cannot thank Allah enough.

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That in our community.

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There are people that are humble, authentic and generous.

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You have been enablers

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and you know what?

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Often when you're involved in any kind of work and Imran you should know that also. You get your naysayers.

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naysayers, the keyboard warriors, you know, my Juma message that I did last week.

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I every Joomla BY JAMAL find it already.

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Right. Anyway, I like to read it though. You know?

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I said yeah. If you are going to be remembered for number one, moaning and groaning to bad mouthing and vilifying three, being the bearer of only bad news, or being a keyboard warrior, then it was a life not worth living.

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Right down to say to my friends, may Allah be pleased with you?

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May Allah forgive you. May your hearts connect. And each of the speakers really these speakers, I'm humbled by the knowledge, each one of them, humbled by the knowledge, humbled by the authenticity, I humbled by their heart, and I'm saying to you, let today be a beginning of a new day. To those of you of you who are sitting in a very difficult marriage. Leave no stone unturned to make it work.

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Leave no stone unturned to make it work. The grass is not always greener on the

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Other side.

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And last but not least, I want you to remember us in your prayers. That Allah gives us a class speaking is easy. Allah gives us sincerity of purpose. And I want all of you to repeat after me. Will you repeat after me?

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Would you repeat after me? Right? Say if I

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do not change

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in the next 48 hours

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it's unlikely I'm going to change

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and tell your neighbor, I'm going to change I've changed already.

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Okay, didn't do that right. Anyway. Okay. And Allah be with you. I love you for the sake of Allah. I spent five good years in Capetonian by Goodyear Alhamdulillah I know your god withdrawal symptoms.

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You got separation anxiety and all that. What can I do Ramin right? And in fact, and you must love yourself. Are you beautiful and handsome? Are you not? People tell me no, Sergeant. Sergeant is that

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right? I must give a moving talking alright. So you know, if people tell me, Allah bless them, you know, they tell me no shake. They tell me this. You don't know how happy we are to see you. And every time I look at the mirror, they say the same thing as a these houses.

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No, really? You know what? You see you have interpersonal relationship and interpersonal. What do you say to your mind? Do you say to yourself, I'm stupid. They say I'm cool, man.

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I'm cool. Hey, I'm with

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Instead, you got to you must be positive, right? And when you're positive, you're projected to the people outside you. Right? I know. You don't want me to stop.

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I told you when I speak I have a calendar behind me. So anyway, right? Allah bless your

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remember me in your prayers. My my father, my mother, may Allah grant them high status in Jana. Those of you have lost your parents, right? And to all of you, you know, good to see my pen disease and Rezac.

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Anyone else I know just mention your name. I don't want you to get upset. People are very sensitive these days. He said I was sitting right in front information.

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You know, it happens husband and wife fight. You know, my husband went past me. He knows smiled at me.

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So and you don't know why she was smiling back at you. You see, you will pass we never smile. Said darling Love is blind. I never saw you there right. Anyway, a Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And I want to thank you know, Sergeant Sajid, he came at personal sacrifice here to organize this and if you saw the kind of program you know is done by a professional that it may Allah bless you look after and protect you and remember any program you do you have to invite dynamic speakers like who are right he said it

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thank you so much. Mashallah, so uncle Idris is booked for next year and the next five years inshallah guys okay before we call it a day, you haven't

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thanked Allah if you haven't thanked the people that have made this possible. So first and foremost, I would like to thank our sponsors, sponsor, a lot of them weren't able to make it here. But they've seen the impact that we try to create and they've supported us in this process. I'd also like to thank our partners mashallah, who've over the months and years have actually given us a support. I'd like to thank Killara TV and every single other person that has made this televised to 1000s and 1000s of homes around the country. I would like to thank those speakers that have traveled from far distances to be here to share sister Holly Thank you very much sister Maryam Thank you very much. I

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like to also give my thanks to you from the scholars that weren't able to make it like Shakira Ibrahim like check it out, but and a few others like Molana genetic for example. Now these type of events mashallah you've seen the benefits of please share this for the people that you know, and the family members as well. However,

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the person I really like to thank

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you, very close capacity is my wife.

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She Masha Allah has to tolerate me, traveling the world without her. See what it is. She has his policy.

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that if she cannot unpack her suitcase for more than three days, she doesn't want to travel. And I'm lucky to be in one city for more than three days. So where is my wife? Mashallah, hello? Wifey. Come on, don't be shy. Come on through. Comment.

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Oh, you got flowers.

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Oh, mashallah brothers, this is my wife Shazia. I'd like to thank her for everything she has done over the last 20 years, but I will also like her to invite somebody very very special to us. A dear brother and sister that we've kind of taken over their house and squatted recently. So sister Nadia, please come on to stage brother Ashraf if you're in town as well, please join us Isabella come Don't be shy Isabella

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since an idea this is a very very small token of our appreciation for being a superstar for managing this events with that the support that she needed but Alhamdulillah Oh, here we go. Mashallah. The man behind the woman or is that the other way around? Mashallah, but if you don't get the flowers, you just get a hug

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mashallah, guys, thank you so much for everything that you've done. Wallahi you are people that we love and insha Allah whenever you come to Istanbul you have a home there

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and we have your home now as well. Inshallah in Cape Town. Okay, sure.

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I think I want to take this opportunity to say thank you a Saudi Heike, bye good emotional

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I'm gonna think Sajid, purchasing me to get so deeply involved. Everyone said I was just at the background saying you know, I will help you I will help thee. But he trusted me enough to do this. It was hard work, very hard work. But at the end of the day, when we saw the results, we saw the people we saw the impact that is what makes a difference to me. That is why I will continue working as hard as I am so that our Alma can benefit inshallah Amin, just Aquila. And I'm just happy they actually going home because they said they believe that if you stay longer than three days in somebody's home, you can squat and take it over. So they said we're going to Turkey

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guys, thank you so much Mallory Ward you and protect you forever. There are also a few other people in the audience that I would really like to thank and no one more dear than brother Azhar mashallah, you know, an amazing individual who does so much behind the scenes, but then his arm sister Sharifa we've always been there supporting us over the years as well and everybody else now before I say goodbye and you know, say farewell to you Insha Allah we just let you know we had 1000 to 1020 or so people that came through the door today. So mashallah, it's been a nice productive turnout, Inshallah, it will only grow and we had nine couples that are potential married spouses for one

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another. So make dua for them Inshallah, Allah may Allah make it easy for them on their journey and everything. So without further ado, Salam aleikum for me I would like to invite Carrie Nadeem on to stay is to say a few say a while before we close look after yourself take care slough Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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