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A woman describes a woman who came to her and her husband, saying they are happy and married. She tells her sister that she wants to say thank you to her husband and that she wants to be a novelist and writer. She tells her sister to use her wisdom and not say she should come to him. She also talks about her love for her sister's home and mentions her upcoming return to a conference.

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Does that Kamala?

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You know, what can I say? You know, whenever I listen to stuff Allah bananas.

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I say she's a gift to the OMA. She speaks from my heart. And I see the way she would lead to the children and her husband.

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She's not here to speak, but to share what's in her heart. May Allah bless you, my beloved sister, may Allah protect you and look after you and also to our shook. I want to say this to you also. Yeah, I just share one incident with you. So many incidents. I want to say autographs later. Please don't interrupt me when I'm speaking of speaking when I'm interrupting. Alright.

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I like Do you like it? You're looking a bit depressed. Are you happy? Hey, I think the happy ones are not married. Right.

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I jokingly say to young people get married, you know, we can suffer a lot.

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Anyway, this one couple came to me and she came reluctantly. You know, she had that constipated. Luckily,

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she came to me. And she's looking at her husband. Why you brought me Yeah. I think she kicked him on the table. No table, man is zero.

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So anyway,

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so she came with a thick book. She wrote about the issues of the husband, you know, I think she wants to be a novelist and writer. So anyway, so she was eager to speak to me. Then I said to her sister,

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I said to her, before you share what you wrote in the book.

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Share three good things about your husband. She got married me.

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She didn't eat the good day, right? He looked at her husband told you not to come to him.

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grudgingly she said one good thing.

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To say the second good thing.

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A heart soften. She said the third good thing to said 10 good things. Then she said you know what? I realized now I'm happily married.

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I want to ignore the book.

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You got to show gratitude, my friends. We are living at a time and shake on spoke about LGBT thing, right? We are living at a time when the Ummah is bleeding. Right. And remember, your Jana is who you are at home. It'd be very sad. If none of us spoke except Sr. Hala. Banani spoke it was enough to transform all homes Yes or No. Enough to transform homes. Words matter. Go back. If your husband is not here. You must go to him today. Use hikma use wisdom. Don't say you should have come in. Everything they said was about you.

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Everything they said about human, nothing of everything. In fact, I wrote it down also.

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what you should say instead, you know, darling, I'm glad I went. I learned so much about me. The things I need to do differently. He said yeah,

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he's exact. No, really, you got to use wisdom. You got to use hikma be mean some Terrington be mean people. You understand?

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Look after your home.

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Please look after your home.

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Look after your home.

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It takes two people to make a sad home. It takes two people to make a happy home. Right? So when you go home now, when you see your husband, you put a smile on your dad. It's a pivot.

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Hey, hey Bibber he might die of shock right?

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Then your DWIs except to

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see you go home give you you know I find it hard to believe honey if you're married Put your hands up again. Do you hug your wife every day ends up still. You do you do right Okay. That's good. I like it. I like it. I like it. You know this notion that we have the Euro Muslim. You do not celebrate he never smile. In fact how to write a book since the holiday will help me to write it. Nabi SallAllahu Sallam the romantic prophet. He was

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he had a codeword in email BB Aisha about the knot. He laughed his smile. He brought joy to them. Hey

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Amen. I love you my wife, my darling.

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Listen, are you enjoying the conference so far? Are you happy you came Alhambra May Allah bless you, bless you for your coming in. May your home be transformed into a happy home inshallah. Right and enjoy the other program inshallah. And don't worry, I'll be back a little later. Immediately after this commercial break. Everything keeps going right to your turn.