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AI: Summary © The series of test questions and answers discussed in this transcript include negative and positive answers to various questions, including one about a tester's ability to make things easy and a question about a tester's ability to make things easy. The importance of testing people in a job and elevating their position is emphasized, along with the use of hesitation and problems in motivation for people to pursue success. The speakers emphasize the importance of learning from one's past experiences and protecting and perfecting one's success. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of letting people test and judge people in exams, avoiding making judgments based on who is doing their best.
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hamdulillah salat wa salam O Allah Mallanna via bada

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bada bada Amati Villa kita Baba kitabi wa Sheree. Sheree it Mr. Babu former wilhemina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem alleria hola como tal hayata li

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li Abu Akuma Yocum. asanoyama sobre la hora de m.

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My dear respected elders and brothers diet which I've recited before you

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is an ayat in Surah mulk in Surah Tabarak

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in many ways this ayah captures the essence of our life and that Allah says we have created the cycle of life and death. Why have we created the cycle of life and death? LEAH blue Welcome to test a Yocum. sanwa Amala who does the best of deeds? Allah tala a puri Zindagi moto Hyatt caja Pura system que para for my attacchi jkk con a Chaka

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Khan yes he has my share your empty Hannah. This is a test from Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah He made the respect of others if we consider this if you will find an answer to many questions that people have many questions you will find this if it will give you the answer towards it to be an example these are very many times people ask this question and this question is

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Allah sees wrong taking place? Why doesn't Allah stop it?

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kidney matava you heard this question Allah tala Baraka ticker que rotini.

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Allah tala sees wrong Why does an allatra stop it? Now the answer to that is this dunya is an exam an examination all this dunya is an exam Did you ever see in an examination the moonta in the examiner seeing a person writing a wrong answer stop him communica

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Tachyon aqui para flickriver scooted up Malika empty and empty and desolate.

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In a similar manner. So this is this is gives us an answer to many of the questions that we have. Why does Allah subhanho wa Taala stop wrong? Why does it matter I see a person going to kill someone what is it a lateral stopping wave Allah tala to stop wrong then it will not be an examination when you are civil law service will meet him Matera Cali Hammond

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Wanaka romila jelly masama If Allah tala to see his people immediately upon doing wrong, then there would be no examination. But Allah tala gives them rope to do whatever they want, because it is part of the examination. So what is Allah Allah says, Allah Allah Kalamata. Well, Talia will welcome you Kumar Sinha. mala I have created life and death to see who does right his deeds this life. This entire aspect of life is a trial.

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Second, one other important question. Allah subhanho wa Taala could have put people into Jonathan Jana without testing them. But Allah tala test them, one after the fraternal lady in Amman Cavalli him, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala Manuel Caribbean, we test people to see who is right yes and who is wrong to see who is upon the truth and who is upon falsehood, hum loco as much as much as markertek take a con such icon tutor. This is an aspect that we have done Allah tala Bahar as my Webby Allah tala Luca kasasa disappear. without examining people Allah tala can reward or punish them. But in doing so, Allah tala as Justice will not become manifest. So Allah tala test

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people and after testing people Allah subhanho wa Taala justice become apparent and manifests but Allah subhanho wa Taala rewarding and punishing after the test. This is the aspect now furthermore we will see Allah tala if this examination is a test, if this life is an examination, this life is a test. Then Allah tala will test you with various conditions. Whenever local missionary will hire a fitna 70 inches of the Holy Quran. I will test you with difficulty and ease. I will test you in different ways. He has some empty hands. This is is also a test. The difficulty is also a test. I sometimes test you with easy sometimes I test you

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With difficult condition, comedic asthmatic I've been lucky as Mata Salat Allah sometimes give you a test you sometimes Allah takes away from you and test you. And this particular aspect that Allah tala is testing you through the means of ease. You and I never regard to be a test.

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Allah tala is testing you by giving you wealth. Allah is testing you by giving you children. Allah is testing you by making things easy for you. You can be amazed I was taking me as my share. This is also an empty hand. But yet it is part of the human empty hand. Perhaps sometimes a great day test, then the difficult conditions that comes upon you. And Allah says in the Holy Quran,

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I mean fatherly, Robbie, Leah blue and he asked guru for this is the grace of Almighty Allah. I'm Jenna. Yay, if Parker

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Mr. Cooper, come hoga Mulder, namale malkia here nigari Mali or Bangla Milla, we get happy when we get all of this yet cambium needs to stick his iron copper elettronica forma, we never ever think after this I wrote a letter C's

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had I mean further layer of b this is the grace of Almighty Allah, the blue and e to test asheboro for whether you are grateful or ungrateful. So when Allah gives you ease, when Allah gives you wealth, Allah gives you children, Allah Allah gives you something good, Allah has given you not because he is necessarily happy with you. He is testing whether you are grateful or whether you are grateful. I think it was a bill library mosquito the ultimate one of the eminent companion companions, when wealth became freely available to the people of Medina and the Muslims. whereas previously there was difficult conditions. They used to say Allah tala tested us with difficult

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condition. We came through the test with flying colors. We were still steadfast support human ally now is testing us with wealth allies testing us with ease we do not know whether we will be able to pass this test or not. So Allah tala sometimes test you with ease. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes tests you with difficulty can we do Sharia decorilla plasma now when Allah subhanho wa Taala test you what is difficulty what we got to understand is Yeah, Holla

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Holla que por hamara vetem emiliana jasola our situations are not the reality. Even love puts difficulty upon you doesn't mean Allah is unhappy with you. He will not Allah gives you ease and that doesn't mean Allah tala is pleased with you. It is a situation the situation is not the reality. How do you react to that situation? Now according to your reaction to that situation, Allah tala will reward or punish you. So Allah tala can give you good but you react with pride and arrogance. We have failed the test. Allah tala can test you with difficulty you remain steadfast and you have suffer that particular person is successful.

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This is the reality we got to understand when a blue commission we will hire a fitna Allah tala sometimes this Keyword Difficulty Allah has made mention of in the Quran many a times while an evolution accomplish a mineral hope you will do one oxy minute.

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One oxy minute Mr. Lee well unfussy was Samarra Allah tala test you with fear by taking away your wealth by taking away someone near and dear from you. And let Allah test you all of this way over Sherry savinelli larina EDA asaba Tomasi Eva and give glad tidings to those who persevere who have server that when someone takes something away from him, he says in law he were in LA he Roger on to Allah we belong into allies our return Allah things Allah as goods Allah as a manatee toolkit. So you see how Allah tala test you with ease and difficulty both of that has been made mentioned in the Holy Quran. And in difficulty when Allah tala test you. There's also reasons behind that. Why does a

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letter bring difficulty upon you? Sometimes Allah subhanahu wa taala brings about difficulty upon you to warn you of the wrong ways that you have taken not as a full punishment mini

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says that Allah tala don't accept Mega yacapaca Allah tala hamari to Sharia take her home in

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Nevada, Arizona yep Nevada rocky archaea Samar Oh

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Mina la ville Atlanta Dona La la la la mujer own Allah tala sometimes make you taste a minor punishment before the major punishment you alumier God Jeroen to turn back to Allah Allah tala kitra Tamara by. So Allah tala sometimes bring about these type of small types of difficulty to make us aware of

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Perhaps where we have gone wrong. Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes brings about difficulty to elevate the status of people

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and that Allah brings people to a great state because of the difficulty that they endure. When he viptela Liberace Morocco de Cali Martin Fatima hoon. Allah tala tested Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam with various difficulties trials. He came through the test with flying colors in the jar he local in a city Mama, Mr. Ibrahim, we will make you the Imam of people. Allah elevated his status after the difficulty. So as a woman it allows us to say Allah tala, you know expiate our sins and elevates our status through the means of Ghanaians and tomorrow, the atrocity before Islam. We used to do wrong, nothing used to happen after Islam we do wrong.

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And immediately some difficulty come upon us we feel that perhaps Allah tala is expiating the sins that we have done because of that, that difficulty came. Sometimes you find yourself you cut through a person who is a motorist, and you act rudely with regard to him. Immediately after that someone else will do the same thing towards you. Maybe is Allah tala wiping away the previous sense. You have done wrong to someone immediately something happens to you. One day in a time of nebbia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, a person saw a beautiful woman and after seeing a beautiful woman, he knocked into a wall. Somebody said What did you do he became made and he just saw that woman and he

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became men. Some Saba said he said something wrong immediately Allah subhanaw taala made him aware with regard to the wrong that he was doing. So sometimes Allah tala brings about difficulty, to where persons to expat ourselves to elevate our status to warn us. And sometimes Allah tala brings about difficulty to show that you are not the ultimate authority of your destiny. Someone else controls your destiny. And when everything is only going right, can you imagine the arrogance of a person that everything is going my way, nothing goes against my situation, whatever I want, whatever I design, whatever I plan, always go according to my plan.

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Then what can happen to a person Olivia Lozano says, are off tour of the first Hill as a him I have recognized my Allah by the failure of my plans and intentions. I have recognized Allah subhanho wa Taala by the failure of my intentions, Allah subhanho wa Taala brings about these situations sometimes to make you recognize lies the one that controls your situation, you are not the one who controls your situation. It is made mentioned that the the amongst the uscar of the melodica one of the Oscar is this Suhana minister Rajat do a bill Bana Glory be to Allah who extract do are from people because of the difficulty they fall into.

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Glory be to Allah who extract from people because of the difficulty they fall into.

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That difficulty didn't come in a month. But because of the difficulty Allah tala Glory be to Allah who extracted to our from people because of the difficulty. So Allah tala sometimes test you through the means of difficulty someone has very beautifully written this piece and I thought I will share it with you that Allah tala sometimes brings five reasons why Allah brings difficulty upon you. Sometimes Allah uses problems and difficulty to direct

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you whenever you are out of direction Allah tala brings about problem to direct you upon the right path by dobara come closer towards Almighty Allah you have gone very far away. So Hannah Allah tala uses problems to inspect you. Sometimes Allah tala brings about difficulty to inspect how sincere you are to allow

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me to meet me

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when things are going well you remember when things are difficult you forget Allah sometimes Allah tala brings about difficulty to inspect you. Sometimes Allah tala brings about problems and difficulty to correct you so darnay Kelly, Allah tala brings about difficulty to correct you upon the right path. Sometimes Allah tala brings difficulty upon you to protect you. The reason why is that Allah tala sees a great calamity comes in coming upon you. And Allah brings a minor type of difficulty to protect you from the major calamity and Allah tala sometimes brings about problems to perfect you your luck will not get correct until you go through some sort of difficulty. So the

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autumn I have made mentioned five reasons why lotteries sometimes bring about difficulty a lottery brings about problems and difficulty to direct inspect, correct, protect and to perfect you inshallah you will remember this Allah subhanaw taala sometimes, in all of this is part

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Once you remember this life is a trial. Now look at this ayat of the Holy Quran. In Amal Kumar Allah Dooku fitna. Now you see immediately you will say fitna our wealth and our children are fitna, but you see the word fitna has a very different connotation. In order to do compared to what it is in, in Arabic, fitna, in that will do and with ratty language means was fitna fitna. lsap OTA, if fitna, let but the word fitna, in the Arabic language means trial. Allah has given your wealth in children as a tribe. Would that wealth and children do you remember Allah? Or do you become so engrossed with them that you forget Allah apneas and Don Quixote? Yup. Allah tala caecum couture.

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Is comes in a hadith this treatise two three I didn't just make mention on this regard. As a musician, he has made many mention in martial Quran, a person will come on the day of Tiamat with very little good deeds. And the Hadith says, and we'll say Sue Sue Todd Eliyahu Sue Sue Todd, and his family took away his good deeds. They will say his family took away his his family didn't allow him to do good deeds made him do evil deeds. And one Hadith Nabila Kareem saw some said, when I said Hassan and Hussein under was running into the budget, and then we saw some came out of the member down from the member. And then we saw some said these children they make you miserly and they make

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you cowards. These children make you miserly and make you cowards. Can you imagine them wisdom and one added maybe a cream sauce lamb said they are the bugs that weavers have good, the other the you know, you get a small bug that comes in take away the crops and harms the crops. You know, I don't know what type you can maybe call it in a particular way you get the in the in the hood, you get those type of worms that completely you know make it Coachella Coachella when added to it become in a similar way sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala says that these wealth in children, they take away your good deeds in a mahalo como la. Now remember what I started off from Allah, Allah Cal Moto,

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Leah Blue accom au from us and what am Allah, Allah has created life and death, to test who does the best of deeds, just remember us and I will come back to that towards the end. Now when you realize that this life is a test.

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Now, immediately when you say this life is a test, there is another very great wisdom that comes to our mind.

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No matter how you see a person is whatever good deeds he's doing or evil deeds, you can form judgment with regard to him.

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You can form judgment with regard to why why he is busy writing the test

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the judgment, and the result is going to be in the year after how to you know, ally accepted or not accepted. So you see a person in an examination hall, he's writing many pages, and you feel definitely this person is going to pass. But maybe he's writing all wrong things.

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Maybe the examiner will see all his 10 pages and all of it is wrong. So it doesn't mean that he is writing in the examination hall he is definitely successful. Therefore we are not supposed to judge people. Because Allah will judge He is the author, he is the examiner. So when you say life is a test, you can draw conclusions about someone on the basis of what they are doing. Sometimes a person might be doing good deeds, but when I don't accept it, if Allah doesn't accept it, and the examiner doesn't like the answer, even if he's written 10 pages, what does it mean? It All it means is, he has failed. So allow will judge, sometimes you might be doing a lot of good things, but Allah

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doesn't accept it. So therefore we cannot form judgments. Or maybe a person is writing an exam. He might not write any many things. But he write one point and the examiner likes that answer and he said, I'm going to pass him because of this. Therefore we can judge people. Therefore now via cream sauce them I said sometimes a person does righteous deeds. There is only one spin between him and and Janet, that deer intervenes Allah tala takes away the Hidayat for good deeds. You start doing evil deeds you go to Jana, sometimes the other person does evil deeds is only one spent between him and Jana. Allah tala gives him Hidayat. And it starts doing good deeds, Allah puts him in gentlemen.

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Therefore we have got no right. Because this life is a test. According to this ayat of the Quran, Leah blue Akuma you Kumasi Mama, you can judge anyone until the results come out. You can

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Another very important point, when you realize dunya is empty handed, when you realize that this dunya is an examination, a trial, and a test. Now just remember this, you see a person in the examination hall, and he's, for his chance a bit away. He's sitting with a great amount of Shawn. He's not he's laughing with everyone. He's not writing. And he is sitting What a great shot. He is not worried. He's not anxious, and he is completely happy. And another particular person is any struggling, and he's sweating, and he's perspiring, trying to ascertain the question and answer the question. Now you look at them two together. Now, can you form a judgment that this person will

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perish and sit on a better way? He's sitting so happily, and he's not worried about the questions, and he is just laughing? And he is very smiling? Does it mean he is happy? Does it mean that he is successful?

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How then can we see a person who is apparently with Marlin wealth, and everything going and who say he is successful? By it all? It means he still hasn't been able to answer the question. Or for example, the other way a person is in difficulty while complying with the commands of Allah. Allah tala kiya kamco budget a way for mushkil admin,

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then will you say that he is unhappy? He's a failure. But no, he is writing the exams. And because he is finding it difficult to comply with a examination question and he's trying, maybe he will get it right. That person who is doing nothing, he is not answering the questions, he might fail and most likely he will fail. So a person while complying with a commands of Allah is in difficulty. Don't form a judgment that is not happy with him, or evil person. While not obeying the commands of Allah seems to be prosperous, don't get carried away with it.

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Then there's another idea to this particular remarkable aspect of this ayah Allah says we will test people not who does more ideas deeds, who do the best of righteous deeds the best of deeds, and Lateran. Say the one who does more good deeds, the best us and llamada and Assa means one who does it for the sake of Allah. Sometimes you can do a lot of good deeds but not for the sake of Allah. Allah won't accept it. Allah says I have test people to do, who does the best of deeds, not who does the most good deeds? Rather, this is just a remarkable if it when we think about it, and we look at this world, this world is a trial. This world is a test, Allah tala will test us to see who does

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righteous deeds, who is right, who is wrong, who is truthful, who is a monastic who is a hypocrite. And our test that was his law will test us with difficulty. And these are part and parcel of the test. Don't get carried away. When you see someone who is in difficulty while complying with complying with the commands of Allah. Don't get carried away with someone who is in apparent prosperity, while is disobeying Allah subhanho wa Taala. It is still part of the test. Don't get carried away and don't make judgments with a person who might be doing righteous deeds. You do not know how Allah Allah is going to examine him. How is Allah gonna mark his paper how Allah tala is

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going to deal with him, don't get carried away when you see someone who is apparently doing He will teach, maybe a letter will change. Maybe he will change maybe another word like something and Allah Allah might pass him. Therefore this ayat Allah Hola, como tal hyah Leah blue Akuma you Kumasi Allah teaches us many wisdoms Laguna tofik of understanding wash