Zakir Naik – What is Jinn and how can they affect our Behaviour, and Make us do Evil

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the theory that the jinn and the jinn are the cause of diseases and that humans have a free will to do whatever they want. The segment also discusses the potential treatments for the diseases and the importance of having a habit of milking in the heat.
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slonaker walakum wa salam ala

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i would like to know what is jinn and how does it affect human life?

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Because recently we have seen in the news that two sisters people said there had a jinn bad gene in there and they killed their father.

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We asked the question that what are the genes and 10 defect the people and needed a news that the two sisters who had bad gene in them and they kill the father knew they haven't read Rafa gene is concerned the two creation one of the cinema is the unseen creation. The angels don't have free will of doing whatever Allah says, they believe the human means and the jinn. They have free will they can either obey Allah subhanaw taala or they can disobey. So amongst the creation we have free will other human beings and the jinn. The human being the thing creatures, the jinn normally the unseen, normally in normal circumstances, the unseen. So these creations have a freewill. So therefore the

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Quran was revealed for the complete world, including the jinn and the human being, even they have a free will, like in the human being. There are people who follow Allah as commandments. They are the good people. Like the angels are better than the angels, those who disobeyed they become members of the Satan. Similarly the genes don't obey Allah smells commandment, they are good genes and the bad gene the Baljinder, they Satan and Allah says in the last chapter of the Quran, Surah NAS, chapter 114 was number one to six close webinars where they can ask Allah hiddenness when Sharia was first Hannah's Allah the U verse for the fee to the national unity oneness, that there are people who

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whisper in your ear and withdraw. These are the ones who are amongst the managing that mean the Satan category, the evil category of two types, amongst the jinn and the men, the men who are thin, and the desert Allah subhanho wa Taala they are the things Satan's the unseen Satan's are the genes. So the genes is a creation which are the freewill like human beings that are good and bad, similarly in the genome, so there are good and bad and can they come in human means yes, they can come human we can be possessed by jinn. And for this, the two surah of the Quran the masa 10, chapter number 130 114, the last two thirds of the Quran, the most the 10, the one I recited, Surah NAS and so if

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Allah these two sutras were revealed as a treatment or the remedy for this. So the origin, science hasn't reached that far to completely and defy this concept. So therefore in science,

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there is no 100% Proof Jinda but neither is the proof that there are no genes, there are certain diseases, with a psychologist say it is more with the brain, with the human body, and they cannot categorize in any of the scientific diseases, which is known. science hasn't reached that far. Maybe Inshallah, 20 years later, 30 or later, 100 years later, science will advance and they will agree with the concept of the Quran. Since the Quran says the origin we have to believe in it, there are good things that are bad news, etc. But what we have to do we have to have trust and faith in Allah subhanaw taala and the two Surahs which have been revealed in the Quran for the treatment is very

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valid, and shouldn't ask, So regarding the situation of the two sisters, I don't know whether it existed or not. But you have to realize that to say that the jinn normally I always say that people take advantage of the position and they can make a fast buck. So you have people you know, you go into every nook and corner. And most of the religion whether it be Hinduism, Christianity or Islam, your religious people making a fast buck fast money, they do something, you know, that was a border duty day that whether it be Baba, so we have to be careful of that. And they take care of one last mother, my advice to anyone who says it's the personal process for your child or your friend or

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normal doctor, then you can show to a specialist and find it to a psychiatrist. And after there is no cure, then you can search and say that it can fall in the category. Because normally some of the diseases are more of a psychological disease, which a layman will say it's the position of general may not be that doesn't mean just don't exist, didn't exist, a human being can repossessed and there's a book written by Dr. Bill Phillips or the translation of one of the books on gins and demons that gives more details. And there are very few people who really know how to treat the jinn based on Quran and Sunnah. And normally the moment the person tries to make a fast money out of it,

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you're going to end if I shortcut if he asked you for certain gain the chances of him being in that category 9919 in person but if he initially doesn't have somebody that doesn't mean that he doesn't find that category he may later on leave the car

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fine so many times they have a habit of milking because the small cars the lever side or what me personally tiny has to be a genuine case you know Baba isolate any place or nail at absegami Basically that doesn't mean that is a genuine case. We were taking from those people who are rich and there are people all with approach and ask miserable and therefore go to a doctor then go to psychiatrist and then if they give up all hope and there's no medical treatment for it then

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You can think of a possibility that it can be a position of the jinn etc. And then you have to approach a person accuracies life the leftover should be on the Quran sunnah. If you live turnabout Ranch, we're not going to teach you and the treatment is but naturally we have to decide versus the Quran that hadith mentioning that, but those who the specialist in that field, go to him rather than to any person Tom, Dick and Harry, hope to answer question

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