Umm Jamaal ud-Din – Umm Habiba – A Story of Strength

Umm Jamaal ud-Din
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You know the end of the day love nothing better when a sign on bonus thought through the two way day when I was a bit learning in Shruti and Fujinami and say as Dr. Medina may yeah he loved all for them being the last one they used the filler head yella wash Hello hola ilaha illa Omar who wants to hula shimmy kala West hello and Mohammed Abdullah who was soo so long Monday who was salam presume mitosis is Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah here what are cattle as the level to Allah that you're all in the highest state to the men and health in in Lehi to Allah and I firstly just like to say does equinor la Hadron to IC ng for organizing tonight and make it a get reward for everyone who's Eman

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is uplifted in this night Vidyalaya to Allah and it's so important for us to come together and reflect upon the true role models of this ummah. Because especially in this time of social media, you know, it's hard to see who are the you know, subhanAllah out the true role role models about Alma they are like lights for this Oma. So it's important for us to familiarize ourselves with their stories and their legacies, Ebola.

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So first of all, my dear sisters, the wife of the prophet that I have chosen to speak about tonight is omen. What mean or Habiba? Radi Allahu anha will adore her.

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And one of the reasons I chose to speak about her is because her story is filled with lots of trials and tribulations. And you see how she held on to her faith and had what's called at least the armor, which means staying steadfast despite whatever she went through. And this is something we all need to try to adopt, especially with this time, right.

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So I'm happy about it Allah Who and her her real name was Ron law, the daughter of ABI Sufyan and she was called after her daughter like she was her to Konya. Like I'm happy, but she's caught after her daughter Habiba, whom she gave birth to her first husband. Now from her distinctions, is that what she was from the very first of those to embrace Islam, right. And she also made not one but two Hydras for the sake of Allah, so two migrations for the sake of Allah azza wa jal.

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Now, from all the wives of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. She was also the most closely related to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in her blood lineage, through both her father and her mother. And in fact, she was a cousin to the prophets of Allah when it was sent him through her father.

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And also as we'll see, Allahu to Allah actually sent down verses concerning her marriage to the prophets that are long one of the seven to be recited until Yama, Kiana.

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Her father was Abu Sufyan who before becoming a muslim, was one of the most powerful leaders of Quraysh. Her brother was Marya who later, as many of you may know, became from the full of fat, obvious ethnic empire. And her mother was actually the maternal aunt of Earth man, even our fan, Radi Allahu Anhu. As for her virtues, she was a woman who held tightly onto her day. And she kept herself steadfast on the path of Allah, despite the many trials and tribulations that she went through in her life.

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She was born about 10 years before the revelation of the prophets, as you know, came down to you before the revelation of Allah came down to the prophets that Allah when he was selling, and it was in fact said that she was born 17 years before that. She was described as being tall in stature. Why is in her thinking, humble in her character, and beautiful in her appearance?

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She married young, and her first husband's name was albedo, lobbing Josh. And no sooner did the news rich their household about the call of the prophets that Allah has sent him to tell heat and the Oneness of Allah azza wa jal, except ohm Habiba and her husband obeyed Allah embraced al Islam.

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Now, as we know, in the early days of Mecca, the disbelievers used to persecute and even torture anyone who was found to be Muslim.

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So you can only just imagine what was the reaction of the father of all Habiba, Abu Sufian, who was at that time, as we said, from the most prominent leaders of Quraysh

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and imagine his reaction when he found out that his own daughter has accepted al Islam. And that's why he began to persecute her in many different ways. Just as the ministry key were persecuting the belief

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was at that time.

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But sister Subhanallah, despite wherever she went through, we see how she remain steadfast upon her D, along with her husband in those very early days of Islam.

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And one of the lessons that we need to remind ourselves of always reflecting upon that is remind yourself that and it's something that a lot of also teaches us in the Quran, that don't think it's enough to say and men now, don't think it's enough just to say I believe with your tongue, and that Allah Who to Allah is not going to test you to the sincerity of your faith, as Allahu barpeta Allah in the Quran says, a hassy been nasty to you to aku a boo Lu.

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A bolo.

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You've done. Two people think that they'll be left just to say that we believe and that would not be tested to citizens 30 of their Eman

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and as anyone he knows if you happen to be a revert, especially one of the hardest things that you can go through when you choose and his plan is to have your own family turn against you. But what we see from all Habiba radiAllahu anha is how she had tasted the Halawa to the man she had tasted the sweetness of any man. And that's why she did not hesitate in leaving her homeland and making Hijra to add Habesha to Ethiopia, with her husband, out of protecting her deen and as in answering the call of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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And it was said that she was even pregnant with her daughter Habiba at that time when she made the drum.

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Now in fact, I'm Habiba ended up staying in that foreign land of a habit shop for at least 15 years without returning.

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Now what happened was, is from the trials of whom Habiba Subhan Allah, in the sixth year, after the profits that are long as Saddam had made, he drugged to a Medina. Habiba saw a dream one night that greatly disturbed her. Because in that dream, she saw the husband that she loved in the worst of forms. And it was a form showing her disobedience, disobedience to Allah. And it was as if it wasn't her husband that she loved.

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And then what happened was the next morning when she woke up, she found her husband coming to her and saying to her, all Habiba. I have fought about religion. And I did not think that there's any better religion than Christianity. So I have gone back to my former faith.

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And no doubt he wanted him happy, but to follow him in that apostasy. Right. And imagine that you can imagine the trial of that for her because she's living in that foreign land, away from her family, a family, they've all rejected her and exiled her out of her land. And she's living in that land of the Christians.

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And now her husband has apostatized, you know, from Islam. So from Habiba told him, Well, likely you will have no higher there'll be no goodness in what you're doing. And verily, this night, I saw a dream like Allah showed me a dream of you in the worst of forms. She was trying to warn him, Be careful, you're trading a very dangerous path. And in one narration, Habiba says that, you know, I tried to tell him about that dream, you know, in order to warn him but you know, he didn't pay attention, and he ended up while the be less sisters, he ended up becoming addicted to alcohol until he died upon Cofer. He died upon disbelief to Allah and addicted to alcohol. So he died in the worst

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of states. Right? He died upon soil hard to map the bad ending map protect us from that. So no doubt, one of the hardest tests for women in particular, is to be tested with a husband whom she loves. And then suddenly he leaves Islam begins to follow a path of clickup Marcia clickup your disobedience to Allah azza wa jal and this is why the prophets are along with us and taught us there biter, the Mfu, Cain, female CETOL Holic, there's no obedience to the creation in the disobedience of Allah.

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And that we need to realize also that, you know, this journey that we are on in this life, realize that Allahu Taala is going to test us sometimes with the people or the things that we love the most.

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To see who do we love more? I was gonna test you to see who do you love more? Is it Allah and the F Euro? Or is it that individual and the dunya may have checked us, you know, even if that person was right

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husband or your parent or your child, Allah could choose you to test you in that person.

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So sisters, this is how I'm Habiba refuse to follow her husband and his course. And instead she turned to Allah, Allah azza wa jal, she increased in hurry Banda and her worship of Allah and kept on making dua, to Allah to keep her steadfast and Subhan. Allah my dear sisters, not long after that she saw another dream in which someone was calling to her and saying, Yep, amen. Meaning own Mother of the Believers. Now as you know, that's only the title for the wives of the Prophet summon law. My name was send them. So instead of them calling them Habiba in the dream, they're calling her on what you need.

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And subhanAllah I'm happy to say that, no sooner did she wake up from that dream, but she found the messenger of the Kenyan and have a shot, coming to her with the news that the prophets of Allah wa salam has sent a letter to the king to inform her that the Prophet SAW Allah what Islam is proposing to her.

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Because as we said, the Prophet says there isn't Medina, right. He's already made, he dropped you on the dena. And the news has come to him about the apostasy of Obaidullah and because the karma and the steadfastness of of, I'm happy but upon her Eman.

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So I'm Habiba tells us how that moment when she heard that news, she took off her silver jewelry, out of happiness and gave it to that messenger of the king.

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And, you know, it's kind of one of the things this also shows you is how when someone is close to Allah in that you man, like you really have that closeness to Allah, Allah can actually send your dreams, Allah can actually send your dreams in order to strengthen you and help you stay steadfast upon your Eman in times of trials and tribulations. And the messenger of Allah told us that this is the good dream that Allah sends to the believer is one part from the 46 parts of prophecy or prophethood.

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And one of the lessons that we can also take from this is that no matter how dark dark life gets, but as long as you're with Allah, there's always a way out. There's always a way out, right? As long as you're with Allah, and as long as you're with Allahu Taala you'll never be a loser.

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And that's why we should never despair of the Rama and the mercy of Allah and know that the relief of the hardship is always knee.

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As Allahu Allah Allah says in the Quran, in metal Llahi or EBO mineral Seanie that Verily, the Mercy of Allah is ni and yc mean those who do righteousness.

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And Allahu Taala also tells us we're may yet tequila Hydra Allah Who Maharajah whoever has Taqwa of Allah. Allah will find a way up to them. Why are Zuko hoomin hate to Leia tested and Allahu Taala will bless him in ways that could never have imagined one day at a work Gala. Llahi for whoever has to whoever has to work who in Allah Subhana Allah, then Allah is deficient for that person.

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So my dear sisters, this is how I'm Habiba became on and what we mean. And the prophets that Allah when he was selling married her while she was still in a harbor shop. And he was in Medina.

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And in fact, it was the king who was known as the Joshi, who was the one who conducted her marriage on behalf of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and one of her relatives Khalid bin Salman, the last was her when he

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and sister Subhan Allah, at that time on Habiba was already about 36 or 37 years of age. And of course, she also had her daughter with her Habiba.

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And one of the things it's also shows you is how the prophets of Allah why it was Selim did not marry women, merely due to his desires, with no purpose for the sake of Allah. Like as we know, the true what men just the normal, what many lives their life with purpose. So how much more do you think the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say didn't work, meaning the leader of the meaning was living his life with purpose. He doesn't do anything, except there's a huge purpose behind it right.

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And so from the wisdoms of him marry him Habiba was firstly out of making it up for her for the many trials that she had gone through she said, it was evident that she was a very sincere believer, like from the first to embrace Islam and

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From the first to make a huge drop, right, she had a lot of, she had a lot of righteousness, right? And so we want her for her steadfastness, especially after the apostasy of her husband in an Habesha in that lonely land, right.

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Also from the wisdoms of him marrying her was it was a means towards softening the hearts of Benny omega, who was from the severest opponents from Croatia like they wanted to cleanse of Christ right. And others Sofia and her father was the leader of now she was the prominent leader from Benny or mayor for months price.

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And it was due to the blessing of the marriage of all Habiba to the prophets that Allah when he was selling, that Allah Jota Ana even sent down verses it's a one tahina.

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Allahu Taala says, By that I will be letting the shaytaan Oh my god.

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I sound long Adriana ballyknocken Well, Dana levena de to

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what Dana levy nice day.

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Well, long bodied. One mom waffle rocking.

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So Allahu Allah. Allah says in these verses, it may be that Allah will pace affection between those who have a meeting with with you with whom you have in the TV will learn more buddy. Allah is the most able while long lawful Rahim Allah is the most forgiving and merciful, right? And even our bass Radi Allahu Anhu said about this AI, that the nawada that Allah mentions this ARD affection is that, that Allahu Taala placed affection between the believers and the enemies from crush through the marriage of Habiba to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, right?

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And of course, as we said, She's the daughter of ABI Sufyan and Sapan ammaji sisters, it wasn't sure many years after this, that both on Habiba both Habib his father, abba, abba, Sofia, and her brother more alvia ended up embracing Islam. And as we know, they became from England, the leaders from amongst, you know, from amongst the Muslims, they became prominent use Panama in Islam, and had lots of righteous deeds after that, Panama. And so this is one of the examples that shows you how Allah is Al Qadir, as you know, one of the beautiful ends of Allah is alpha D, right? He's able to do all things we have to believe in that Allah is Al Qadir, he's able to do all things without exception.

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And this is why you need to realize that many times, Allahu Allah, Allah is going to cause certain things to happen in your life, in order to push you into a path that Allah wants for you. So realize everything is from the plan of Allah, like nothing's happening with no purpose and no meaning right?

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So my dears distance after that all Habiba set off to an Adina to be with her husband, the profits that are long one was selling. So this is how she became from amongst the very few believers who gained the reward of two Hydras two migrations for the sake of Allah, the first one have a shot to Ethiopia and the second to and Medina while the majority of the companions had the reward for one migration only for the sake of Allah who to Allah to and Medina.

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And so it was at the beginning of the seventh year of the Hydra when Habiba Radi Allahu anha and the Companions, who had made a huge ritual in Medina began to arrive in and Medina and at that time the prophets that along the salon was distributing the booty from El Haber.

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And the prophets that Allah would have sent him had arranged for him Habiba to be next door to the house of Salah

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because on Sunday, Emma had originally made Hedra to Al Habesha. And so she and him Habiba had become friends in a Habesha and they'd spent time together in that foreign lands.

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As a Panama Sister, this is how I imagined after all these years, Allahu Taala wheeled for them to be brought back together. But at this time, it was united in the city of the prophets that Allah when he was sullen, in the household of the prophets of Allah wa sallam, and both as COVID co wives to the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is public with the honor

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and sisters from the moment that I'm happy but arrived in the household of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. she focused her attention on trying to gain as much knowledge as she could.

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Due to what she felt she had missed out on all those years like she was, you know, they're in a Habesha away from the Prophet siphon away from the Committee of the believer.

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Isn't and Medina and no doubt there would have been so much knowledge that she hadn't heard on before. Right.

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And sisters, even though she only spent four years with the prophets that Allah has done before he passed away. In that short amount of time, she managed to preserve for the owner of Valley slam more than 65 Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Two of those headaches are from those which are agreed upon by both Emanuel Behati and muslim

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meaning they reached the highest level of authenticity from headaches. And another two are reported by lmm Muslim only, and the rest are found in the various books of Hadith.

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So this is how I'm Habiba, in fact, ended up becoming from amongst the prominent female narrators and memorizes of Hadith. Despite the very short time she had been able to spend with the prophets that Allah when he was seven,

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and from mass those who transmitted her deaths from Habiba were her brothers more Albia and understand and also Subhanallah Zainab bint Abi selama who's the daughter of Selena, her close friend, right, Pamela and many others to

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fund her to her deaths is one narrated in the Sunnah of Agatha, would that have even the rights that the Prophet said Allah has some said, Min Salah If Natasha waka FeO meanwhile Leila Boonie Allahu be Hina de to Jana that you ever prayed 12 Extra raka in a day and night Allahu to Allah will build for them a house in a Jana

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and look what I'm happy this is about the this hadith she said for men to walk to Hoonah Mundo Samia to Winona mean Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, I did not leave them. From the time I heard that from the prophets that Allahu alayhi wa send them and this shows you may well forgive us the difference between us and how the Sahaba used to be, you know, they would just take that few Hadith from the Messenger of Allah, but you'd find them implementing it. They would read a few eighths of the Quran and you'd find them implementing it, they'd rush to implement it, you know, it's kind of like well, if you give us all inshallah and keep us steadfast from Federation's, also

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is that whoever prayed for like our before, and for after

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the fire will be the beating for them.

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Also for him generations

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that she mentioned, it's recorded by the men Muslim, that the prophets and Alana Some said that it's not allowed for the woman who believes in Allah and the next life to mourn for anyone who's deceased, more than three days, like what that mean is to you know, give up, you know, wearing perfume and give up wearing like bright clothes, you know, and to show that you're mourning for someone you know, I'm trying to say not that you come to be sad after they passed away after three days, but just you can't show by what you wear, you know, bring plain clothes and all that, that you're mourning for more than three days. And this is for the husband who is legislated to mourn for

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the husband for four months and 10 days the husband who passed away of course.

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So this is how the AAM Habiba came to play a prominent role in preserving the teachings of the video for us.

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So this is the this is how Allah Allah made up to my home Habiba after she had gone through so many trials in her life. Firstly, all of the persecutions and hardships that she went through in the early days of Islam, and having to leave her homeland, and to migrate for the sake of Allah. And then the trials that she went through all of the years, she did have a show in Ethiopia, you know, the loneliness, the isolation,

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and also the fitna of her first husband, apostatized Ng and Tony to alcohol and then diamond cool for a while to be left.

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So my dear sisters, those four years passed so fast, until Allahu Allah Allah chose to test on Habiba one more time with the loss of the prophets that are long was salam after she had spent such a short time with him. And we can only imagine the sadness that she would have felt. And you know, you can just imagine the sadness that all of Medina felt, right and all of them what me

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and so I'm Habiba. Radi Allahu Unhatched. She lived on through the time of the last of our book, Radi Allahu Anhu and Omar by the Allahu anhu, an Earth man.

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And she used to rarely leave her house, unless there was a very pressing need after the passing of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam but during the philosopher of Earth man

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Due to fitna due to some fitna that occurred,

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some people had placed with men, even our fan and a stage in his house. And as we remember, I told you in the beginning that, you know, he was the son of her maternal aunt, so he, you know, he's from her blood relatives, right? So, um, Habiba. She came out to the house of both men in her whole dej a whole debt is like a carriage that the woman Almohads and what we need, like the wives, the believers, sorry, the Mothers of the Believers used to go out and then we'd go out of their houses that would stick inside of carriage for example, on top of it on top of a camera, for example, right? And it's like, it's like it to contain their insight.

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The reason that she did that is because she wanted the people to to, you know, see her presence there and feel shy of themselves, and say, This is a woman what meaning the wife of the Messenger of Allah, and they even she's coming out of her house for this, this great, you know, travesty that's coming in the form of fitna to the Hadith, you know, the, you know, the, the Khalifa of the Muslims, right? So they may stop that siege against the Khalifa of the Muslims, right, who's both men? So what happened was that one of the men while the biller, one of the men who were involved in that siege, he came and looked inside the carriage of all Habiba.

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And he began describing what she looked like to the people

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and so on Habiba made dua against him

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and said, Otter, Allahu yedder, who will adapt or what

00:26:36 --> 00:27:02

may his what he shouldn't say, first of all, what is with him to do some such a thing? Right? May his hand be cut off, and may Allah expose his older why because he is stealing, like, you know, he's stealing from the privacy of the wife of the Prophet so long a southern woman would mean I'm happy but the Allahu anha Baha and then is exposing that to the people.

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So then one of the supporters of the Khalifa with men came, and Subhanallah, who came and just struck that man with his sword, which happened to land on his right hand, and cause it to get chopped off the panel off. And so that men started running and he was holding his, like his waistcoat with his left hand. And due to that Cipolla, you won't believe it is our became exposed.

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So this is how Allahu Taala responded to the dua of all what we need on Habiba ready Allahu anha Baja, due to that man, transgressing upon her honor and privacy.

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As this shows you why people need to be especially careful in what they say and how they speak, especially when it comes to the wives of the prophets that Allah when it was set up. And it also shows you my dear sisters, how Allah defends and protecting LDS from amongst the believing men and women.

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As is mentioned nothing to Khadija, right? But even our best Radi Allahu Anhu that the prophets that Allah has and said it for the last podcast, it Fidella to deep turgid who to Jack God the rights of Allah you find Allah will be guiding and protecting you God the rights of Allah you'll find him in front of you defending us panela and you know and supporting you and protecting you.

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Another thing is incident also shows you to my dear sisters is the strength of the righteous believing women of the past. They weren't we can pass these. Rather they were empowered to test and see a man in Allah to borrow $1 Right. And this strong connection to the source of all

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right, all that is done. Oh Allah is with Allah. All strength is with a Realized deeds. So my dear sisters, all Habiba regular one. These on until the healer for of her brother, labia, even at the Sofia

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and even during the time of the fitna that broke up between Ali and while

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she never took part in any of that, despite it was her brother who was involved.

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Then the year of the 4044 after the Hydra

00:29:27 --> 00:29:37

44 years after the hurricane, and all Habiba feel sick after she returned back from Damascus after visiting her brother while we're here.

00:29:38 --> 00:29:59

And she felt that her life is coming to an end, as is related by an Imam Ahmed. So she called for Aisha Radi Allahu anha. And she said to Aisha, yeah, Aisha, verily there was between me and you, that which, which comes between co wives. So may Allah forgive me a new

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From whatever was that from that and so I share my the hola Han has said to her, may Allah forgive you for any of that and overlook anything.

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And so then I'm happy they said to her son won't any Southern rock Allah, so she said to me, you're Aisha, you have made me so happy. So may Allah makes you happy, like you've made me happy. You've relieved that burden from me. I just wanna live this life with the husband, Celine, with the clean heart free from, you know, any bad feelings towards anyone, and so that I leave this life. And I don't have any wrong that I feel I might have done to someone's Pamela. Right. And then she called for on selama. And she said the same thing that she said to Arusha

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says Pamela, something we can learn from this incident as well is look at the true sisterhood. They were able to achieve, despite being co wives like it was not easy being a co wife, probably that one of the hardest things for a woman to do now, like, as you know, one of the highest tips for most women is keeping their hearts free from feelings of jealousy, and you know, and hatred and bad feelings towards others. So what if that woman's your co wife, you know, so they did have, they weren't, you know, they weren't perfect. They did have little, you know, incidents between them. You know what I'm trying to say? But they had the Taqwa of Allah that there was restraint. It didn't go

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overboard, like what you would find in this day and age, you know, between what happens between many sisters the way they have fights and stuff like that, right?

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So this is how she died.

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After asking the wives for forgiveness, and so that she could meet her Lord in a state of being all the time Malia right in a state of her being pleased with Allah. And Allah blee pleased with her

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as Allahu Taala since referred to

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Yeah, a year to help nudge students to Madden.

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It will G down on BT Walby at Moby Yeah.

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Federal Holyfield a baddie. Wailuku Legion.

00:32:16 --> 00:32:18

Earn my tranquil soul,

00:32:19 --> 00:33:12

returned back to your Lord, pleased with Allah and Allah is pleased with you. Federal fully free a baddie, enter into my as enjoying my servants were the holy Jannetty entered into my Jana Spangler, the place where no more sadness, no more pain, no more nothing to upset you in the least. I asked Allah Who to brag to Allah, to gather us all in the next life with our beloved prophet Sallallahu, ala he was sending them and all of his wives, and to allow us to be from those who drink from his hold from his water tank, which its water is whiter than milk. And it's sweeter than honey, and its vessels are more numerous than the stars in the sky. And I ask Allah Who to Allah to make us from

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those who will walk with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and follow him into a Jana, with the prophets and the CDP in the sincere believers in the Shahadat and Saudi here in the masses and the righteous. I ask Allah Who to Allah to make us from those who will meet with Allah, having the Uldum Celene the clean heart, the pure heart from having any diseases of the heart in it, and in the state in which we are from those who we are pleased with Allah as a lord and with our Prophet science and and as our young as our messenger and with our you know, pleased with Islam as our dean. And may Allah Allahu Allah Allah, make us from those who he's pleased when we meet with him. While qu od

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Heather was told for Allah when he will not come Will Subhana Allah Morbi handig nished head to Allah ilaha illa and nest of Fuuka when a to boy like Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa like your water kettle

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