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This lecture/talk was given at the Green Lane Masjid on January 13, 2017.

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In an Al Hamdulillah he no matter who when I say you know who when I start Pharaoh who will not only be la he mean surely I'm fusina

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woman cdiac Yama, Nina

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may be now philomel the needle homing you didn't fail ah ha de la.

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vie shadow Ella Eva in La la la sharika Whoa.

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Why shadow no Mohammed in Abu rasuluh salatu wa he was said mo and he

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Yeah, you will live in LA haka, Ducati when it moved to next level and Tomas Ramon. Yeah, even as it Rob Baku Levy, hella Takumi Neff Singh. wahiduddin. Mahabharata minha zoologia. bobette. femin. Houma, rejoining. kathira when he says, What up law neddie aluna be well or ham in Allaha Cana la cumbre Kiba.

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Yeah, you and levena m n, la kulu Colin sadita. Use de la comme la ku. Welcome. We welcome the new Boko woman, UT la Rasulo mouffetard affairs falls in Alabama, and my Bible that just transpires with these two, this weather right here. And that is, as we're dealing with this issue of the virtues of a sham, and the area which is known as a sham, which includes Palestine, Lebanon, Turkey, parcel, Arabia, and Iraq. All of that area is important for the Muslim because there are so many issues that are connected to a sham, and the Dr. of a sham. We should know, right now in this weather right now is similar to the weapon a sham, and that the people over there are cold. And the people over there,

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not only cold, but they're faced with some serious challenges and some serious obstacles. So unless somebody has to always remember that the Dean of allow data is an all encompassing Dean. We are not Muslims, just when we come to the masjid. We're not Muslims, only when we make them into the marriage. We're not Muslims only when we welcomed the baby. But the Muslim is a Muslim walking down the street. The Muslim is a Muslim when he gets in the car the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa it was sentiment as we taught in our class to shun Martin and mohammedia when he said on his camel his horses when he said Bismillah and then he said different to ours, depending upon whether he was

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going to be in Medina whether it was going to travel so that I in a dean in the law he and Islam The I Am Dean will be in Dean, that's just not your the you use your religion to me is my religion. The religion to a lot is Al Islam. Not a good translation for the dean. The Dean is the life of the Muslim to use your life and to me is my life. So everything about ours, our religion and everything about our life, it has been systematically codified. So everything we need to know about how to sit here, how to dress, what to wear, what not to wear, eat, what not to eat, what to say what not to say. Everything has been codified in our religion. So when we get situations like the weather,

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whether it's hot, or whether it is cold, remember, and I gave a hook about this here one time about complaining is one of the characteristics that is the fitter of Benny Adam, everybody here he has this disposition where his fitter makes him want to complain. As Tyler mentioned in the Quran, in Santa Holika hello and either Mr. Who shall Jesu wherever Mr. will hire men who are bending Adam all of us have been created, they have been created. And we are group of people were in haste, especially the youngsters from amongst us. If evil or bad touches him, he starts to complain. And if good were to touch him, he got wealth. He received money after not having money. He made a come up.

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Now he's not going to give them money now. That's the nature of bending Adam. He mentioned sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam swimming Fira in Ebner Adam in a Saba who barudan Karla has a Saba who Haru Kala has the son of an Adam, the son of Adam, all of them. They are those types of people who, when it's too hot, they say, Oh, it's too hot. And when it's too cold, they say oh, it's too cold.

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That's the nature of Benny Adam. So the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Abu huraira. In describing our nibi. He said, anytime that people put in front of him some food, no matter who made it, his wife, a man or a woman, food that he was used to food he wasn't used to, he never complained. Salalah while he was setting up, If it pleases them, he would eat it. If he didn't please it, he will take it away. And as we mentioned, on that day of the woe unto the parent, the man, the Father, the mother, whoa, and to the wife, the husband, all they do is complain, you don't mind a married lady that all she does is complain. You don't want to marry a man, all he does is

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complain, you don't want that. And the parent, one of the quickest and easiest ways you can kill and suffocate and destroy the spirit of your child's growth and development of the child is to be one of those parents who has nothing good to say about your kid with a problem. And we don't see that from the profits on the line himself. We see the opposite of that, as an exhibit, nomadic said, and he was young, taking care of the Prophet all those times sallallahu Sallam said, I took care of him for 10 years from the age of 10 to 20. Never did he scold me and say to me, why did you do this for something that I did? or Why didn't you do that for something that I didn't do, then maybe you sell

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a lot what he was saying was balanced.

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So don't be of the people will complain. Because right now in a sham, I have a jacket I brought from America is more than enough and hum de la because I had to go to Canada, it was 45 degrees below Celsius. 50 degrees below Celsius, you take a hot cup of coffee or tea, you throw it in the air, it freezes before hits the ground. The grid for the electricity in Toronto, shut down the city, all of that technology in Toronto, Canada, all of that technology. They lost electricity, because it was that coal. So the grid in Pakistan few years ago, it was so hot, the grid broke down, and people died in the heat wave up anybody here dying. Right now right now, this storm that we have there

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Muslims on the East Coast, people who live on the east coast of the UK, they have been evacuated from their homes because there are floods in the East Coast, all of us are going to go back to our homes tonight in Sharla. And we're going to have hot chocolate, we're gonna have tea, we're gonna have all kinds of meals. So we can put on clothes, we can put on long johns, thermo socks, boots, this to deal with this inclement weather. Those people who have a sham, they can do that, although as you're going to see, they may be better than all of us because where they come from, they're better than us, as the Prophet mentioned, the lighting center. So the Muslim and living his life and

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living his life, we don't even have to look as far as Shan from amongst us may be a person who's homeless knows from amongst us as individual who was living in a situation that's not his best, you know, the best situation. So don't be of those people who always complain, but instead, look at the people who have been given lesser than you more.

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They're less fortunate than you. And don't look at the people who have been given more than you. If you do that, you'll be a person who will be shacking. You'll be grateful what you have, and we have a lot to be grateful for. We have a lot to be grateful for, like many of our good wives, many of our good children, like many of our good husbands like many of our good parents and stuff like that. So we asked Allahu taala to make use of those people from the shacking not from the people from the cafeteria in the cafe. The word kosher cafe means he covers up and he conceals the net mavala. He rejects that a lot created him and a lot deserves to be worshipped. So the people in a sham right

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now, they have been dealing with quite a few issues for quite some time. And due to a number of geopolitical economic reasons, factors and variables, this oma has become desensitized to their reality. Some of you youngsters who are here, you young people right here, because the people in Palestine had been subjugated to the boom of the yahood for all these years, since you've been breathing from the day you opened up your eyes and you can you can understand only an Abbe. From that day until right now, all you known is that Palestine has been occupied, not only occupied but the people who live there had been subjected to some of the harshest

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behavior that Benny Adam could do to another Benny either.

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So we become desensitized. When if

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If someone were to go to Mecca and they were to attack Mecca, right now, the whole oma would be up in arms and we'd be appalled and rightly so. Someone attacked Medina, the whole oma would be upset. And because of the lack of knowledge and the emotions that control a lot of our community members, especially our youngsters, if Mecca Medina were to be attacked La hawla wala quwata illa de la because the ragdoll farrin are the response of that from the Muslims gonna be a problem because we're not the type of people who are going to take it easy and be calm and handle the situation the way the tablet soon is telling us to handle it by weighing the benefits and the harms and then

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determining what will we do.

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So we pray to Allah tala not to allow Mecca Medina or any of the lands of the Muslims to be attacked. But because Palestine has been in this situation has been in for so long, we desensitize it is the third most important messaging to the Muslims more important than greening mistake, more important many mistakes and as hard any master you can think of in those maps that we get on the calendars that show us the big Miss sajit in the world, like in Indonesia, and in Pakistan and in Qatar, and in Kuwait, wherever you go. Bake the muck This is the third most important message so therefore, it becomes imperative and incumbent upon every Muslim who wants to learn his religion to

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know about what was said about Shang and it is a lot a lot. Second thing that I want to bring to your attention is why did they destroy the people in Shan the way that they're doing it right now in this corny, hypocritical Western dunya. always talking about human rights, always talking about being barbaric, always criticizing the Muslims trying to put us on the backfoot making us defensive, making me responsible to answer why does ISIS do Latin got nothing to do with ISIS? I don't have anything to do with ISIS.

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But why they attacking those people the way that they're attacking them, when the world should have come to the rescue of those people, instead of using these phrases that they used to use in these buzz words that they used to use in the media. You know, the media is talking about things like there is a human, a meltdown of humanity, and cerium. And we not trying to hear those words. They call them sexy words in the meat. We're not trying to hear that, get in and do something about it. But doing it collectively, why did the doing it sit back and not say anything. They sat back and they didn't say anything. Because right now as I speak, they're drilling for oil in a shed. And they

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make money off of the Shang. And the rich people the powers to be right now, those people that dick cheney's and that people like that in the rough childhood and nice morning, and people were coming to the Illuminati, but it's documented as reality. Russia, all of them, they are willing to sacrifice the lives of the Muslims, this whole thing that they had to do it in order to make money. And that's what capitalism is all about. So I don't know, when the Muslims are going to wake up and smell the coffee, and stop being so juvenile and mature and incompetent. And still arguing about all of these crazy issues, crazy issues. I wish that our youngsters, people in our community, we have

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some big fish to fry, stop overdoing these issues that they are important because everything in the deen the life of the Muslim in Islam is important. But are you and I were going to argue about pointing our fingers. And we're losing our lives all over the place. Our children have to be educated the media is against us, policies are against us. And all I have to do to give when I come here, all I can give when I come to sit before this blessing audience in Sharla is

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when the winter conference comes, you people go over there, we're gonna stay over here you go over here. We're gonna stay over here. You go over here. We're gonna see you over there. You want to see us over here. And the chef solid Oh, sensei you over there. And we were over here. You stay over there. And we're over here. And I say that for 30 minutes. Is that all that I have to give to our community.

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So I'm not encouraging anyone to start reading about politics in China to become a political Muslim, but we have to wake up and smell the coffee. And we have to stop being the people who are into this thing about share, worship and all this kind of stuff. Learn your religion, but be a person who's realistic the reality on the ground. We got big fish to fry.

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Our communities are in a mess we in a hot mess right now.

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And that our lives and the lives of our brothers

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can be destroyed. And all I'm sensitive to is who's a bro he who's a whiny to bleep he said if you know, and guess it's important to be on the keytab. And as soon according to the standard, and I'm not downplaying that or biting my tongue for no one about that, talking on the side of my neck, you have to be on the correct this land.

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But even with that being the case, the one who knows his religion, he knows how to look at these issues, yes, to be on the hook. But I went to a funeral the other day. And you people in Birmingham, you people on a higher level of existence in Ellis land than many of these communities across this country.

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Take it from me, I travel across the country. I'm at the funeral the other day. And in the funeral, the females of the dead person, they're all wearing black. When you come to the masjid, they have the dead person inside of the door of the masjid in the foyer, where everybody could come and look at him and get a viewing. Before the janazah salaat starts, the man wants to get up and give a eulogy. So Sheriff so and so who died. He's been in this country for 45 years he was adopted, he did this and he did that. Amen. We don't have eulogies in our religion. We know how to welcome the baby and we know how to bury the dead. We don't give eulogies in this, well, what are you talking about?

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If you would only see, then you'll be able to appreciate what you have doesn't mean we should just sit and be calm and okay with where we are, because we will have to do better. But the point here is the point here is if you truly have knowledge of this key tab, and this sooner, and really what the real Mr. From the companions were upon, then we went known at the time of the funeral, when you see mixing between men and women, when you see move karate, when you see things that are bad gets to religion, it is not the time to start blowing up the spot because it is a funeral.

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And that doesn't mean you're mania. That doesn't mean you're apologetic. That doesn't mean you're acquiescing, that means you have some hikma. Now, obviously, some people do some things that are clearly wrong, you're going to have to say something. But when our relatives die, and things like that is not the time to get down and blow up the spot. Because you got down, you got knowledge of the keytab. And the sooner. So you know the best way to deal with that. People are mourning right now people not listening to you right now. That's the point I'm trying to make, that things are going on around us. When we have knowledge, we know the amount of energy and concern to get it and

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how to deal with it. But act as if we are a group of people who are oblivious to our surroundings and what's going on.

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Shame is being raped and people are being murdered. You saw the images, I saw the images, kids being blown up in buildings for one item, holes in their bodies, because they've been shot left, right and center. And the world has nothing to say. And all I have to offer is to come to our community and say to you, you move Teddy and you knew that and you're wobbler and you that that's all I have to offer.

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We will deal with a sickness right now in our community. So we have a lot to talk about honey as it relates to a Shan brothers sisters. This has everything to do with our Deen and a lot can be said. Let me first begin by saying that again repeated. reiterate, this repetition is from the keytab and the pseudonym. It shows the importance of the issue. We say it all the time. The ama of this religion, especially the Mohamed dethrone the rhythm of this religion never left any stone unturned. Everything has been explained for you in your deen. Everything has been explained to you for you to practice Islam correctly. So the scholars came and they wrote books. And usually it was the scholars

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of Hadith. And sometimes the

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other historians but usually the scholars of Al Hadi, and they wrote a book they wrote the books telling you the history of different places in the world, different places in the world, like the gray skull of Ellis Simon enamel. Hamdani, who wrote his book kuttabul, Dan, the book of the countries, why did he write that book? So that when you read a Hadith, when you read an ayat of the Quran, and something is mentioned, like Noah's Noah, Noah Salawat ally, he was sent him while he, his Ark stopped at a mountain called Judy, Judy, where is that? We never heard of that word that he man would tell you that in Turkey and it's in this part and this is what used to happen and this is

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how their civilization was. These types of books are, are invaluable for the Muslim the student of knowledge, or you understand things the wrong way. That's why the scholars

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What if you lie? And they explain something Bukhari and Sahih Muslim and all those books about Heidi,

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they explain who that companion was and who this woman was. So that we will know how to verify the authenticity of the Hadith. You know, one of the things we're going to come to inshallah, is the fact that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam praise the people of a shaman that area and told the people go to that area. And then they said, What about Yemen? He said, also go to that Yemen, go to that Yemen as well. Someone said, What about Nigeria? What about Nigeria? rasulillah turned away. They said, What about an edge? He turned away? What about ledged? He said he didn't encourage the people to order next, he said that is the place where the two horns of a shaped bond exists. So the

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people who are nasty roughing tough

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and tolerant towards

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Wahhabi ism,

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you know, the Wahhabi ism they call your wild blah,

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people intolerant towards that. They take that Hadith and say next is Arabia.

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Because there's a place in Arabia called Niger. It's a place called ledged. So they say, look how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam warned about these Arabs or these Arabs, and then therefore, we get proof as to why we shouldn't follow them and listen to them, when they tried to determine when Ramadan is going to begin and when it's going to end. We shouldn't listen to them, because this is the place of fitness. But that's not the niche that was being referred to in this hobby. If you go back to the book, kuttabul baudin, you'll find that he said, this niche is a land that is elevated, higher than the land of Almudena where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And this narration

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along with all of the of the narrations shows you that the implied the meaning of mentioned here is Iraq and Iraq. So you're able to go to that book to know what the issue was talking about. And like the ignorant people, so our religion is like that. And the reason why I'm bringing to you this issue and it's inflammation, I always do it every opportunity is to let you know the importance of holding on to the knowledge of the scholars wanting to live in, but not the scholars, the scholars as a buzzword.

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The scholars, the scholars the buzz word, shed glow in the dark, he said he said, Where's the de Lille chef cited photos and said, I don't have to take what a chef fools and say,

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I want to take what a lot of said what is missing. If you give me the deal, a shift son falls and said, That's not a deal for me. It's not a deal for me and share have been bad said that's not a deal in our religion. And mukalla who cover rasuluh Karla Sahaba too lazy bitten way, man. Muskoka Shirazi bainer, Sunni, we're baying, Arabian, our alpha key remember, time used to say that over and over right that in his books, knowledge is not knowledge is Allah said this latter on the Prophet said that is authentic sooner. And the companions understood this from those two issues, those two books, those two sources, and there's no ambiguity about that. He said, he said, knowledge is not

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you telling me that some shift came and said something if the key says something in opposition to what the prophet said something I love what he was saying. So I am not downplaying. Instead, I'm lifting up the scouting slam, but the right way that she said that she said,

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it's part of the problem that we have. So those are dilemma. They came in they wrote books about almost every important Islamic country or city.

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Back that everything you can then Bukhara, Samarkand, Egypt, wherever you can think of. And obviously, the books that have been written the most are the books that have been written about as it relates to cities and countries are the books that have been written about those three main places in Ellis lab, like the book, bar, Mecca, Ban Emanuel FACA. He, in which he brings all of the history of Mecca, data and all the way back to Adams time and what was mentioned Salawat de la he was cinema whiny about Adam than Adam came down at Mecca. And there's a lot because there's no clear delille but he brings those narrations Adam was the first person to build the Kaaba

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and how the whole thing happened with Abraham and smile and so many other issues about the days of the Arabs. And then a man about Mr. Eben shaba. He has a book called Tyrion Medina the history of Medina. The

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History of El Medina, everything you need to know about el Medina and other people wrote about Mecca and other people wrote about it in Medina. And then we had this issue of a sham, when many scholars came in a role, like the greatest scholar Eman even as a kid, he has a book called The mosque, the history of the mascus. And that book talks about the history of the city. And the history of every single scholar who had come into that city stayed into that city and left that city. And it's more of a Hadeeth book, so that you can know who the narratives were, who they took from who they gave and took from them. What did they say what people said about them, but the point is, it shows the

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virtues of these places. So the great scholar of Islam, and the Imam, Abu Hassan Ali bin Mohammed rubbly, he wrote a book called for the ill a sham, what damage the virtues of a sham, the whole place, and Damascus, Damascus, when I became Muslim in 1986, started standing in Medina started hearing and reading about the dilemma of Islam that came from a sham. I envisioned myself one day traveling to that area Beirut, traveling to Damascus, we have a lot of Somali people who are exposed to domestic beers. That's one place that Somali people went to.

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I never thought in my wildest dreams, that the masochist will be the mess that is today. reduced to rubble, in many instances, highly unstable. It's not a place you want to go and visit. It was one of those places where the students who can't get into Medina can get into Becca Kenton cussin can get into the Gulf states, okay, go to Egypt, can go to Egypt, go to Syria. But now we won't tell anybody in his right mind to go to Syria, because your life will be underlined. So it is an important place. And that's why it was mentioned in the Book of Allah subhanaw taala a number of issues concerning this place. So what we want to do right now, before we even get into the meaning of Hadith of the

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Prophet SAW Selim, many of which have a lot to do with your IP than what you have to believe in, like the thought even saw, like the issue of a digital, like yo kiama, the mahshahr. When people are raised up and they brought together on this earth, they're going to be raised up in that area of a shed, that place is important. Some of the marvelous lamb, they say that bacon muck this and that area is more virtuous and better than Mecca and Medina. And the reason why they say that is because Mecca and Medina, it is what it is both of those two cities, those towns, because of the messages that are there, the messages that are there. As for the land around that town, those towns, it's not

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much to say,

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not much to say, Medina, actually there was a volcano in Medina that the prophet SAW Selim used to call it the liability of an Medina

00:28:20--> 00:28:27

when he told the people, the demarcation of the herma, the

00:28:32--> 00:28:36

the herma Medina is a harem, what's that word? Again, from

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the boundaries of the what is in Medina, when he mentioned what it was from this mountain to that mountain, he called it the mountains in the area of the volcanic ash, there's a volcano not much concern in the land, or what is important why, because of the battle that happened there. But prior to that, what was prior to that battle, or who does not like Kilimanjaro, over does not like Mount Fuji before that battle. But after that battle, it became something because of the battle mech is the same way. It is the machine that is special, and some of the other things that you do outside of the sacred precincts of Mecca, like was dead, if an RFI and so forth, so on, whereas in a sham and a

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sham, that was the place where most of the most of the most of the profits and most of the rustle, that's where they came from some of what the way he was said mRNA him and that's where they're buried.

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

So Allahu taala mentioned in the Quran, from the meaning act in which Sham is mentioned. So panna levy Astra, the Abba de Lehmann, Minh and mustard that harami

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message them upside lady, Baraka Hello, me Maria who made it and know who sent me bossier

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glory into Allah Subhana Allah glory unto Him who took his slave and Mustafa sallallahu. And he was sending them from the sacred priests in the sacred precinct. He took them from the sacred priests in, in Mecca, and he took them to master them up to those sacred precincts and messed him up. He showed them from the Ayat of Allah in that land that is blessed.

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He called it a blessed land in the same ayat that he mentioned, the nested al haoran in Mecca.

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And that's one of the eyes that Allah refers to a shin. Another one of those eyes is one of the smallest serous and the last 10 songs of the peran sort of parade. Li Laffy Quraysh This is talking about what the Arabs used to do in Lj Hillier. They would travel from Mecca, and they would take their goods and the Prophet did this sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and they saw signs before he became an ABN AMRO soul that this is a special person. And they used to talk to his uncle, Abu Tyler. And he used to tell them something is special about this young man, you have to protect them. This is not a normal young men. And that's because n beta locked us in the area of a sham. They had

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experienced wave and Nobunaga that experience wave and why the Arabs didn't have that experience that those people had over there. So they saw those signs of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam they had read in the Torah they read in the NGO, the way he was the things that were happening from the Martin Jesus sallallahu alayhi wa it he was seldom so he was taken from there and he was taken to bake them up this way. He went to the different stations going up to the heavens, we went all the way to the moon tada the sigil tada tada we met with Allah subhanaw taala. And Allah spoke to him directly from behind a veil from those ayat so that's to is he used to travel some love while he was

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from Mecca. And they will travel to a sham in the winter in the summertime. And they will sell their stuff to those people. And then in the winter time, those people will travel to Mecca, and they will pay homage to the guys of the Arabs and the idols of the Arabs and they will sell their things. So it was a pivotal practice and important practice of the Arabs, the Arabs of Mecca, they're the cousins and the relatives of the Arabs of a sham the different people, but yet they are still the same the Arabs, those was over there more wider. And those will be here in Mecca, Medina in the area, they were darker. And they both had the special qualities they mix with the Romans, as a

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result of that they had a certain way in their culture. And these people didn't mix with anyone, and they had particular way with their culture. So Allahu taala mentioned that issue in the Quran, the second ayat, or surah, they had to deal with mentioning a sham. Another one is what Allahu taala mentioned is sort of the NBA at sort of an NBA. I in number 71 when he was talking about Ibrahim the alila of Allah and His nephew, Luba Salatu, WA he was Sam awani Hema Sora Ibrahim or NBA number 71. He mentioned to Baraka Tara and Ajay now who will open in an hour the lady Baraka lol and I mean, we saved Ibrahim and we saved along with him his nephew Lot. And we brought them to the blessing land

00:34:08--> 00:34:56

to the blessing land. So just as an extra we allowed to call the land of a sham, bless it beat them up this. This is according to the mufa serien of the Quran. There is a consensus of those mufa sitting that Ibrahim went to that area. Loot went to that area, and that was the area where he made hedra to be saved. And he better he mcclenney for you information. He traveled to many places and was traveling at a time when traveling wasn't that easier. So along with that, I said that Ibrahim by himself, he was an Obama and Obama. He traveled to an Iraq he traveled to Egypt. He traveled to a sham all over that area. Doing what sightseeing

00:34:58--> 00:35:00

No, he wasn't sightseeing. He

00:35:00--> 00:35:58

was building monuments and establishing the dour calling the people of those areas to La ilaha illAllah and as a result of that, he was called a oma an Alma by himself. And we've been commanded to follow his Miller, the middle of a tawheed and the middle of El Hanafi. It is somehow so that is suited NBI 71 is the third place in the Quran that mentions the issue of a Shan another one a one is suited to aarav, Surat and aarav is number 137. I love autonomy. No Coleman, Coleman levena Can we use the iPhone, you start our phone number shadowclan arriba arriba and Letty Baraka, Allahu taala said, We cause a group of people were weak and oppressed in the earth. We can oppress wherever they

00:35:58--> 00:36:29

found themselves. They were being oppressed by the enemies, we opened up to them, and we sent them to this blessitt land. Again, that was the blessed land of a sham. There are other places in the Quran where this blessing man was mentioned. As for the sooner had death while our heritage, but we're going to save for the sooner the specific things that the Prophet said. So the lighting was said about this place, but before we deal with that, we want to mention two of the companions Abu Dhabi

00:36:30--> 00:36:45

and Sandman and Pharisees. Both of them have tremendous stories and men and fantasy not being an Arab but being from Persia and embracing Islam, after being exposed to Christianity and Judaism, and zoroaster ism.

00:36:46--> 00:37:12

When he came into Islam, looking for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he embraces land, Abu Durga proceeded him to Ellis land, a Buddha was one of those companions who was Azad ahead. He was turning away from this dunya and he was praying he was fasting. So the prophet SAW the light he was setting them put both of them together in the same house and made them as brothers. If one of them dies, he wouldn't inherit from the other one.

00:37:14--> 00:37:55

That's how it was at the beginning of Al Islam before the hijab came down. That man came from Medina and this one this one came from Mecca and Medina Rasulullah saw someone would pay you together and you became brothers, not just in the deen. But if one of you died, the other one had the right to inherit from you that was abrogated later on. A lot of things happened with Abu Dhabi, and Sandman and fantasy, a lot of incidents, a lot of beneficial IDs. Now is not time to get into all of that. But one of them one of those incidents that happened intriguing, interesting and important.

00:37:57--> 00:37:59

is when Abu Dhabi traveled to a sham.

00:38:01--> 00:38:04

And Abu Durga is the narrator of the Hadith.

00:38:05--> 00:38:35

That is a hadith unquote, see, we Allahu taala. Say, got a baddie in the Haram to buma and an FC which is to vein okuhara muffaletta varnam in the 40 hadith of an Eman and No. Allah said, Oh, my service, I've made oppression huruma myself, I'm not gonna press any of you. And I made it between you haraam. So don't press one another. Abu Dhabi dies the companion and navigate and hurry.

00:38:36--> 00:38:43

Abu Idris and hola any one of the tabbing in from a sham. He heard that howdy from Abu Dhabi.

00:38:44--> 00:39:15

When Abu Dhabi Tao wanted to teach the people this Hadith, if he was sitting the way you're sitting like that, he would get in the position of a Tisha hood, out of respect for the Hadeeth actor here to the law, he will sit on his knees, and then he would not read that Hadith. When the students saw him doing that they would not read the Hadith the same way. I will Idris Kalani, he did that. And Imam Ahmed said, as it relates to the people of a sham and all of the knowledge that they have an ad because they have a marvelous man.

00:39:16--> 00:39:43

And him an admin said this Heidi is the Ashraf Hadith of the people of a sham. And if we go back and we read that Hadith, in sha Allah should alter the way we deal with those people who are close to us, from our relatives, and those people who are close to us in our religion. I don't think many of the Muslims are really reading this hadith as a release to how we deal with each other

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

volumes that are permissible. Anyway, the point is about the data was there. About the guy wrote a letter to Sandman and Pharisees and said to him, Helen, come to Shan blessitt place you have to come. Sham is for you.

00:40:00--> 00:40:14

Prophet Mohammed said this problem and he said that he said this he said that, because he encouraged the people you're going to see. In the end of time, find yourself in a sham. If there's anywhere you're going to travel to he said, find yourself in a sham.

00:40:15--> 00:40:21

So Abu Dhabi wrote that letter. Sandman will fare as he said to Abu Dhabi,

00:40:22--> 00:40:25

in an Arab lad to cut these who

00:40:27--> 00:40:52

were in the mire you cut this hole in Santa Ana law. He said the land that a person lives in, doesn't make him sacred at all. If you live in Mecca, Medina on beighton Marcus living there doesn't make you sacred. He said what establishes the sacred nature of a person is his actions. So Abdullah had, he came from Mecca,

00:40:53--> 00:41:43

came from Mecca, Abdullah Adam obey ebano solo, the chief of luminosity. He was in Medina and a sham was Hercules and Shang was Caesar in Sham was only the other people. So it was not the earth that makes a person religious or irreligious. Because you came from here you came from there, you have some virtues. So Good thing you came from there, as the Prophet mentioned about the people of a sham. He says sallallahu wasallam. That Sham is the software to our own software tala him in our day, it is the best place in the earth to Allah cleared the Lille that make scholars saying Sham is better than everywhere else, because the Prophet said it was the software software to la manera. He

00:41:43--> 00:41:50

is the curious place. And he said about the people of a sham. They are the best of the people to Allah.

00:41:51--> 00:42:27

A lot faster than Andrew Shan for the higher FICO. If the people have a sham become no good. And there's no good in this oma. He used those people as the measurement. So my point here with this Abu Dhabi, Sandman and fantasy issue, equity law is we study about the virtues of people Quraysh and other than courage, and we study about the virtues of this place in that place in that place. But as an Mustafa told us, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Allaha, lagen Guru, Ella sorry, come when I even

00:42:29--> 00:42:55

when I can no young guru, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah doesn't look at your pictures and where you come from. It doesn't look at your shake your sex, he doesn't look at that. He doesn't consider that. And he doesn't look at your money, how much money you've been given by him. But what a lot looks at. And what a lot considers is, what was your need? And what was your actions? What was your need? And what's your action? Why do I mention that?

00:42:56--> 00:43:43

for my students who come to these classes that I gave all the time, you can scream, set a fee, all you want. But that was said if he and set a fee, doesn't make you sacred, doesn't make a sacred. What makes the person sacred is the way he behaves, the way he carries on the way it carries the message in the way it carries himself. So don't get twisted with these issues that are from the removes. And this is the nature of our oma today that the minaret has to be very big, the member has to be massive, the masjid itself has to make a statement. But inside of the structure of the masjid, inside of the home of the Muslim, inside of the heart of the Muslim, we are like empty vessels in

00:43:43--> 00:44:27

many instances. And we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us people of substance. People understand the Tao of the prophets of Salaam and the way that he was able to transform that environment that he came from and the people that were with him or the Align him because they were a different nature altogether. But we have the ability and we have the potential to duplicate and to be like them to replicate what they were upon and what they were like, Rob do I know what some of the love was he was sending. So when I was asked to do this program, I said it's a lot of information how you guys want it to be done. That brother is fab said do all of it. I said well, it's a lot of a hadith about

00:44:27--> 00:44:59

a shot. I wanted us to give that introduction today inshallah. And then next week, we're going to deal with not all not all but many of the things that are connected to our Kedah and connected to the virtues of this piece this place in that people have this place. Now that is shocked I mentioned before I forget there are some ignorant foolish people have no knowledge about howdy knowledge about Islam. They reject that Sham has any virtues and their motivation behind saying that is racism right?

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

isn't around Syria.

00:45:04--> 00:45:49

We have a shaman his virtues are Matura they have Shahada, they Matura some of the scholars said they will try to, they reached a level of a tomato because so many had either they and so many narratives. And it reminded me about something that happened recently with a hadith that went around. That caused some people to have some kind of double take concerning this hadith. I don't know if you guys heard of the Hadith, but I'm sure some of you have, because we all deal with social media. On one level, one number, the Hadith where the Bedouin man came to the nibi saw the light he was sending them any told the Prophet I've never had headaches, I've never get headaches.

00:45:51--> 00:45:54

But people saw that had he, you read that text message.

00:45:55--> 00:46:05

The man came there multiple narrations, the one that went out in social media was the narration where the Prophet was asking him but there are other narrations Other than that,

00:46:06--> 00:46:10

where the man was bragging and he was saying I never had a hadith never

00:46:11--> 00:46:16

the prophet SAW Selim said anybody wants to see a man of the Hellfire then look at this man.

00:46:18--> 00:46:34

Social media you put that Hadith out there amor backer z from the Muslim social media, everybody has the right to comment. doesn't pray. He's coming. He's on Muslims like us. So you know, he she comments

00:46:36--> 00:47:06

and says, I have a problem accepting this, Heidi. I can't get my head around this. Heidi. What does that mean? But does that mean? I don't get headaches that mean? Am I being a Hellfire? I reject that Howdy. And how could the Prophet sallallahu Sallam expose the man just like that and say, here's a man from the Hellfire because he doesn't have he doesn't get headaches? Just like that. Do you think that the one who was a Rama to all of the worlds would put someone in the Hellfire just because he doesn't get a headache, which is beyond his ability.

00:47:08--> 00:47:11

It doesn't have anything to do with having a headache not having a headache.

00:47:12--> 00:47:49

So it's shocking that our community, our group of people, we can come in we can say there are no hadith of a sham and its virtues. And the man doesn't know what he's talking about. Just like the one comes in he says this Hadeeth are rejected. Why do you reject it? At least be scholastic about it? While the leaf is not in the cannabis sector? Sorry Bukhari Muslim Abu download, tell me the underside magic. Are those the only books with a hadith Ah, what about the idea of ebony ban his book with sad face? The Muslim when he met with his happy face? What about all of those other books of Hadith? What are you talking about?

00:47:51--> 00:48:31

But the meaning of the Hadith and Kalani is what I mentioned that narration that came with a manuscript BRAC, he used to brag that he was an individual, as if he was in control of getting sick and not getting sick. And the prophet SAW someone was trying to get this woman on the stand. No, people from my own. They have trials and tribulations and the trials and tribulations that they receive. Some of them, it comes in their health. So they get headaches, and they get fevers and they hit their feet in the toe and they totally they break their legs, they break their fingers, they get to fakes, they get migraines, they get this, they get that. And when they get those things, it is a

00:48:31--> 00:49:15

cathartic for them. So that takes off the sins that they mean. So if you are a person you never get sick, then you don't get that far. And also the fact that you're bragging like that indicates you're a person of keeper. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that the person who has one iota of kibber He won't enter into the agenda. The shy love that Karen is no your please know your position and respect our religion. Don't let them Miss Jane and don't let Islam be a free for all. Everybody has the right. And he's liberal and he's free to have his opinion. I accept. I reject just according to what I fill in what I think. Okay, why don't you shout along with Todd and next week, we're going

00:49:15--> 00:49:33

to deal with the ahaadeeth because if we were to start those IDs, I didn't want to discontinue them. I wanted to finish the whole lecture with all of the ideas to bring those issues to your attention. How that was a Lola who will send them robotic I didn't abena while early he was having as mine was selling