Sajid Ahmed Umar – Imaam Malik Rahimahullah’s Mother

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of motherhood as a source of reference in Islam, and how it can impact the world. They also talk about the negative impact of a mother being a trim tab and how it can lead to a fundamental shift in the world. The speaker emphasizes the importance of prioritizing elective and mandatory roles in life and how they can be addressed.
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Being a mother of my dear brothers and sisters

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is the greatest qualification you can have by Allah it is.

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And I like to call our mothers trim tables, trim taverns, you know what a trim tab is. A trim tab is the small rudder on the Titanic that needs to turn. So the big rudder of the Titanic can turn, which needs to turn. So this mighty ship content SubhanAllah. She's a trim tab.

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Right? If she doesn't do what she does, she can not nurture the big rudder that can do what he needs to do or she needs to do to cause a fundamental shift in the world to impact this world in a great way. Look at Imam Malik Rahim Allah Imam Malik had a mother she was a trim tab. She was she brought him up. Rahim Allah.

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And she took him to the teacher of Imam Malik. And she said to him, teach him manners before you teach him. Knowledge. Subhanallah today which mother does that mother would say he's the chef. You know, the chef knows no, no, no, no. You the chef, but I'm the chef. Right? Are you the chef, but I'm the bigger chef. I'm telling you what to do. This is my son is my responsibility. teach him manners before you teach him knowledge, who was Imam Malik? Did Imam Malik not instigate a fundamental shift in this life? Of course he did. His contribution to fic does never it can never go unnoticed.

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But he caused the ship to turn being a rudder but him as a rudder turned when the trim tuber the swirl right at hand. And that was his mother doing what she needed to do. Think of this, My Dear mothers who are listening very attentively, and my dear sisters who inshallah one day will become mothers. And again, I'm not saying you should be locked up in a glass box. As a mother. I'm not saying you shouldn't excel in education. I'm not saying you shouldn't excel in your fields of speciality ease, and concentration. No, I am saying prioritize.

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When you list your greatest achievements, make sure motherhood is at the top before you being a chartered accountant or being a flamboyant lawyer or being an amazing engineer, list motherhood as your greatest achievement, because Islam has given it great weight. And we know this My Dear mothers, we know that Islam has taught us that the greatest right

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upon a child is to respect his mother or her mother before the Father.

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When the person went Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said who has a greater right of my care and my concern and my respect, he said your mother, then who? Your mother, then who your mother. It doesn't come for free my dear brothers and sisters, it came because of the elegance that Islam has placed in motherhood and you being a mother and Islam recognizing your contribution. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bring about bring about a great understanding

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of we given a red card and I say this every day, but people fail to realize we started this lesson late with

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just a couple of minutes and we'll end a couple of minutes which we ask Allah to put Baraka in. So it becomes five inshallah.

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You know, we have elective roles, and we have mandatory roles. Anybody who studies management knows this. We have elective roles and mandatory roles. Mandatory roles are those roles which you cannot give up their God given roles to you. Elective roles are those roles which you choose to assume your degree, your qualification, your job title, your mandatary role is you being a mother.

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How sad is it today that we've switched priorities? And we've given excellence and attention to elective roles over mandatory roles. Isn't that? Isn't that a contradiction? Isn't this something strange? Doesn't this go against common sense? Right? So this is the lesson that we learn, My Dear

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mothers and my dear sisters from the birth of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and how Allah subhanho wa Taala left him in the care of his mother

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from a young age

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