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Eid Bayaan


AI: Summary © The history of Islam is a complex and comprehensive complex, including sacrifices such as holiday campaigns, national animal unaware, sacrifice of holidays, national animal unaware, and promises of Christmas celebrations. The importance of these sacrifices for achieving success is discussed, along with the significance of Christmas celebrations and their impact on people's lives. The transcript provides insight into the history of Islam, including the sacrifice of killing members of the military, giving back jewelry and money to the people, and changing one's life as a pro burrito optimist, as well as giving back money to the people through various holidays.
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Santa Monica Morocco, Morocco

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and Hungary and Hungary

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was Salatu was Salam O Allah nada de vida.

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de abajo

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when actually Avada Shariati

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lady, another

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set of

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respected elders and brothers we think Allah, that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us the opportunity of witnessing the Mubarak placid and joyous day of evil Avraham.

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Obviously, this is slightly different, in terms of its message from the eagle filter that we had a few months back.

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And as

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many of the lights and the budget and the doings that we do, it is to commemorate the sacrifices of Abraham Ali Salatu was Salam. That that is a very great sacrifice. It is an example and a lesson of sacrifice, submission, loyalty to the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. And, as getting a *cat

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almost met Johan Escobar.

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What Ebrahim la Salatu was Salam t carbonio to subak or as bizzarri I was here, or gianmarco savarkar Nikki, who escaped. azim Kobani Tian

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Sara fairest Orosco Amanda, we through the means of

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the means of sacrificing our animals. We pay supreme

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commitment and commemorate the sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam therefore will never be a Kareem salsa was us. Mahajan. yasunaga Yara escuela What is the significance of Kobani

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replied sooner to Abby, Ebrahim. It is assumed that of your forefathers Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. Now mention with regard to the lessons of the primary Salatu was Salam. We did previous Juma. We spoke about it. Today I want to speak about another aspect. And national animal unaware Donna today will not require from us will not require from us that we slaughter and sacrifice our sons we don't have the capacity.

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Or if anyone wants to go and do it. He would be committing a Haram. He can't go insane. He bribery salatu salam sacrifice his son, shalom medical letter Bismillah Allahu Akbar, he wasn't

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he was not possible for him to do so. And unless you honor what Allah does not in any way, demand such sacrifices from us, although if you ever attain this to come make it Who knows? You know, the son of Abu Bakar was he allowed

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to party the Battle of Buddha, he was not a Muslim at a time.

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And that Allah said ebrahimian Salatu was Salam kitara Kobani name Angra

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Likud Sahaba.

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So we find that in a bottle of butter,

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the butter was from the place of the flesh. He was fighting on behalf of the disbelievers. He was fighting on behalf of the nanosims and after the battle, he told his father

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Oh my father, many times in the Battle of whether you came under my sword

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of merit

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Kaka and because my father is to

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Abu Bakar immediately replied, oh, my son, if one time you had come under my sword in the Battle of whether I would not have left

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if matava Miracle was a little agitated mother God, not nopalitos here Mary Beth metal as much as 48

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K, Mahalia Ventura. So it happens and then last but not ask us in today's title, after a primary Salatu Salam swapclear to start our standards, but there are different types of sacrifices that are required. Here are the different types of sacrifices that are

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In Korea, metallic rocketman metallic.

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There are different types of sacrifices required at different times of history. Let me narrate three types of sacrifices that were done by people, not ambia nonprofits, that we can do it. I can take lessons. One is a sacrifice of holiday. What are you what an amazing sacrifice?

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What was the sacrifice? hard. It

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was one of the greatest generals not only Islamic but human history, never lost the battle in which he was in charge. never lost the battle. He was a general never.

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And after on the eve of the Battle of your book,

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a letter he sent it what someone who told him that go ahead, go into the mess of the Muslim army. And go ahead and take out the turban of Halloween. Well, he didn't tell the people that Halloween is no more than General of the Muslim army. It has been changed and now there is another general it has been given to an elite athlete ninja via mountain anvil.

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What an amazing thing. You know, I always see that is in today's time. You know, in today's time there would have been removed someone from his post and he has been so successful, he would have gone to CCNA

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would have gone to CCNA

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whatever, did not say anything. He kept quiet. And he continued fighting. Someone asked for a

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Halloween party

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or a

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holler multiple jumbo jet.

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less than

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a factor.

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And what did he say? Someone came to Caribbean when he Omar removed you. You are genuine who never lost a better human removed you

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have to learn

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what an amazing reply he gave me. He said I am not fighting for a woman I'm fighting for.

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that type of sacrifice that we require today to do everything for the sake of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala someone is so beautiful he said there is no limit to what you can achieve if you don't worry.

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There is no limit to what we can achieve you know what do you want who gets attended

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to Bali?

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una casa de una una

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congratulations be upon those people who do things for the sake of Allah. They are the lentils of Hidayat

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Silk calm

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was the director he directed minara

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one sacrifice, learn to do things not for the sake of evil for the sake of

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the second sacrifice that we refer you to the time of

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was martyred as it

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became the Khalifa. And he was the grandson of our beloved.

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Perhaps in any way he was

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working to become the philosopher. He was the grandson from

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the moral support the moral righteousness was

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and in this particular way, has an

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Amish we're getting ready to support him. His father had been martyred. The emotional support was with him. And he allowed who decides to relinquish the falafel

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on behalf and in favor of that one.

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Has anybody ever been to sleep?

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apnea Zaki Mufasa he gave preference to the benefit of the oma in terms of his personal preference and his customers right? He went to inside a peace agreement. And he really question is

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for the

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next 27 years,

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but greater efficiency and peace in the Muslim ummah.

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That's the type of sacrifice we need. Leave your own personal interests and look at the benefit of

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leave your own personal interests.

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his time when

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was the prophet in the time of the

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was very, very loving to the grandchildren of the vehicle. So I was going to have

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occasion was sitting on the member and those two grandchildren

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they came to the machine and it was who also they were stumbling along. And they were coming in they were fully

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cut off from the member and ready to go and had his grandchildren. Next to him, the children as a

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daughter as an omega, one,

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omega long

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Sahaba movie stars passed away the restaurant.

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passed away.

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My granddaughter Mima was on my back

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to December.

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I didn't want to disturb her. So one minute. So

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what did he say? He said just this grand son of mine is a senior he's a leader. And he will preach peace between two great groups of Muslims can use like

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the missile system convicted

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to say this grandson of mines, he will bring two great groups of Muslims together. He adore barrier free cocoa to Jamaica or Silicon Valley America.

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The third type of colony I would like to refer to is the sacrifice of Omar bin Abdulaziz.

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Known as Omar ehsani What a great ruler came after the Sahaba who sometimes we can say now what can we do? This was our I'm sorry.

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He grew up in the lap of luxury. Grew up in the lap of luxury. Because his wife was related to the ruling class. Fatima, our own um, I have written the only woman in our history that they can report

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as a woman

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that whose father was a key father was a funny funny husband was a halifa four brothers.

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So why Why?

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Why did Khalifa Shahada

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that was so

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he grew up in a particular family when he came to Malaysia to become the governor of goods. He scooters used to be made for 400 theorems one 400 silver coins.

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And he used to look at the core of the clock. Can you say no, this could die and this material is still not fine enough, get me a more expensive quota. And when it became the halifa one day someone presented a quota of 14 Durham's to him. He said by this is too expensive.

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He changed his life after he became a 35.

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The first thing he did, he made up his mind whatever the previous governments have taken from the people, I will give it back. Joe zulum

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pixley Hakuna Californian. Mazel mano Selby, Kumasi mount Martina nos Co Op has come back. So you're after he became the family politics with a man his brother in law passed away. He was about to pick a restaurant, his son.

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And his son said, my father, what are you doing?

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He said, I'm going to rest after I get up. Then I would then confiscate the lens of those that were given and taken away from the Muslims. And we'll give it to people out of political famous.

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If only the modern governments can learn from that

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sunset. Oh my father you are going to sleep? Do you have any guarantee that you will get up off to sleep?

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So he said oh my son, I don't have any guarantee. You have given me good advice. I'm gonna do it before I sleep in rest.

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He told us he told his wife Fatima. Oh my wife. You are the daughter of the honey for your brother's a great amount of ornaments, jewelry and gold and silver.

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I keep you up.

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Option, keep it if you want, but then take that option.

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Otherwise, give it back to the

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my wife.

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She said he did.

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he passed away the brother said to her husband told you to give it to the paper money. If you want, we will give you back your jewelry. She said no after giving me the time of

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what great sacrifice from waterlife to a life of complete simplicity.

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Successful simplicity. One day he came to his home. And he saw his wife and his daughters putting their hands on the mouth. And they were speaking to him while they were putting their hands on their mouth. So he said what is the reason you are doing this job so to cover up now have moved to open data, okay.

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What did they say? They say that is nothing in the house other than onions and garlic. And we only ate that. There is a smell coming out of our mouth. We are afraid that smell will emanate. We are speaking to you. That's why we are putting our mouths our hands.

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And he addressed me he said oh my daughter's Oh, my family. I should also have

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given you what the previous calipers did, but I'm afraid.

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One day he was crying, crying. You know, he has been how sharp was his friend used to say when homework inaccuracies used to cry out to the field

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that we would feel that celinda random was created for her with

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such great concern he used to have. So his wife said, Why are you trying so much to say Oh, man, oh, my wife. What must I tell you? Allah has made me responsible for great amount of people. They are oppressed people. They are poor people. They are people who rely upon me for justice, to be able to serve the community and serve them, I'm afraid without being able to fulfill this responsibility.

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This was what bin Abdulaziz

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he writes, he says that Omar bin Abdulaziz ruled for two and a half years diapers political apathy, and then the ruling class couldn't bear it. So they poison Korea.

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But he said he sets such a standard of how to rule. He said such a standard of how to hold a semi algorithmic idea that people today would look upon extended to look upon the rules and unfortunately the rules

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match that.

00:18:04--> 00:18:10

There was so much Baraka in his time because of His justice when a person rules or justice. They say the rich people

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used to go out and give Zakat in there was no one to accept Zakat

00:18:17--> 00:18:17

was the

00:18:19--> 00:18:21

only one everyone

00:18:24--> 00:18:25

This was the role of Uber

00:18:28--> 00:18:41

Lyft for more than two and a half years, Allah knows what do they be the condition they after. So that was a sacrifice a sacrifice of what? The sacrifice to change your life as a pro burrito optimist in the

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passage in the hustle or rock Metronet Gina Chaka and we also like to live in luxury and comfort. Nothing wrong with that.

00:18:53--> 00:18:55

sentiment, says you know what not

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to forget yourself in the dunya using Allah, Allah Allah never forget the last minute Allah, Allah Allah said.

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So my dear respected brothers in conclusion, I have identified three types of sacrifices that are required in today's time.

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So this app does not expect from us to slaughter or sacrifice our sons in today's time. But there are different types of sacrifices that have been done in our history. And these are the type of sacrifices that are required

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of understanding. May Allah subhana wa Taala give us the ability to understand these types of situations and be able to bring about the type of sacrifices for the benefit of ourselves and the benefit of the community. When

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we ask the people there to give us an indication if it is