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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a recording of a Hadith sermon where the Prophet sallua Alaihi wa) gives guidance on practicing Islam, including the importance of practicing the deen the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's the Prophet's
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh and welcome back

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in a beautiful Hadith it's a sound Hadith collected by Imam Muslim. The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him said, Man send Nephele Islam is Sunette and has an earthen

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cannula who drew her we're at Rome anomala via Illa Yeoman piano, which means whoever introduces a good tradition, right Yes practicing Islam, so that Muslims will act upon it and will follow it. Not only that you will be rewarded for it, but every single person who will practice it will be rewarded and a similar word of that will be added to the account of the person who inspired people to do it. When he arrived the Sunnah many people misunderstand the Hadith, unfortunately, and they think this is an invitation to make your own hour odd and to make your own form of worship and your own GEMA or cult, none of that is actually permissible nor is it even indicated or referred to in the Hadith.

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Rather, the Hadith refers to many of the forgotten and neglected Sunon whether Sunon or mandatory practices were somebody comes to a community or people have no clue about any of that. So he starts teaching them they start practicing, you will be rewarded, and every single person will practice this sooner or this form will be rewarded. And the same reward will be also granted to the person who guided them to do it. Yet without diminishing the reward of either one of them. Somebody will say,

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but why would Muslims forget the sunnah or these even practices? You said even Farah? Yes, that is true. Because in another sound, Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu ala selama, said in the Hadith, which is narrated by Abdullah ignoramus, rude, may Allah be pleased with him.

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Better al Islam or even was rude or even camera bad. Photo ballyhoura Bap the word very means odd means strange, something that people are not used to. So when Islam started off, people perceive it as an odd message. As a strange religion. What kind of religion is this? You want us to worship one God and abandon and forget all these gods around the Kaaba. Oh, you want us to stop drinking and stop eating this and stop doing that. So it was perceived as a stranger religion.

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But gradually the message spread all over the peninsula and eventually all over the world. hamdulillah the Prophet sallallahu Sallam prophesy is that the time will come where Islam will be perceived as a strange message the same way that the Mexican pagans perceived it in the beginning.

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Not even from non Muslims, but even from among Muslims, whom when you come to teach them about a sunnah or a prophetic tradition, they will label you as an extremist or a fanatic or whatever. Why? Because he see you practicing. What do you think it is bad? What do you think it is back word, while you simply practicing the deed, this is instructed by Allah. This is the guidance of the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam.

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So when their companions heard what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that the Islam will turn around, and also it will be perceived by the end of time as a strange message. Then he made a DUA, is a tubal whare tuba refers to one of the memes of Jana.

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So may Allah grant Jana to awaba to those practicing Muslims, who will be perceived by others as strangers as fanatic because are practicing the deen the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, may Allah bless you. May Allah admit you to Jannah May Allah make you eligible to enter heaven because you have your steadfastness. Not only that,

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as a matter of fact.

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Once the prophets Allah Allah Allah is

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Selam SATs companions in MMR equal A Iman or sub Rafi in Kennel Club diallel Jamberry.

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As the Prophet sallallahu Sallam taught his companions in the beginning of his message, that if you remain steadfast Allah will show you a victory and you will prosper and Islam will prevail. Now, after Islam prevailed, and the companions were victorious, the Conquer Mecca the conquered houses in with a thief and mashallah the conquered Hashem and here and there, and the challenge the Roman Empire, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam has said that those of you is sent to his companions who will live after me, they will witness

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some days, some time where patience on practicing Islam will be similar to holding on a burning coal. Those who will be practicing their Deen will be like holding their first around the burning code why?

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Because he will be looked at as strangers that's why an abuse Allah Allah Allah Salam said as a result of the widespread of corruption and mischief on Earth, and lack of knowledge lack of the practice of the dean, he said, Lila Amelie he hinted at Rohan cinnamon come. So the Prophet Salah Salem dropped the greatest glad tidings for us. He said to his companions. At that time, the turbulent times were patients who will be required to practice the deen like holding on a burning coal. A person won't practice Islam, share receiver word from Allah.

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Similar to the word of 50 of you, the companion said 50 of us or 50 of them, look how much that word will be augmented. He said rather 50 of you they said how come he said in the commentary you do not know who they are when and well as you do. Because you have people to assist you to do what is good. You have the Prophet and his companions among you. But at the time, the practicing Muslims would not find the true leaders to guide them, the right his company to establish Islam and to support them. And that's why when individually each and every one of whom will be holding fast to his deen the Almighty Allah will augment the reward so that it will be similar to the word of 50 of the

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companions of the Prophet Salah Salem.

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The short and brief series about reviving the Forgotten sunnah is intended to bring Muslims back to their traditions, maybe Alhamdulillah you know most of these traditions and Sunon or fora, but maybe others have no clue about it. So this program is intended to bring Muslims around the table of the Quran and around the table of the guidance of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam so let's learn all together some of the Forgotten sunnah and now only practice them but also try to impart this knowledge and share it with others so that we will receive a similar word of everyone will act upon this guidance. May the Almighty Allah forgive us all our sins, and guide us to what is best to be

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continued and until next time I leave you in the care of Allah Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah

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