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literally anybody not, because whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian, we all

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reaching this point of when we die we sent by Mr. Boyle irrespective of religion. Now remember,

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this is all darkened. This is all documented, I have the complete transcription I quote in mind can replace the word Jew with Muslim. That's what I believe that Gandhi, he was reading the life of Prophet Muhammad, we say that again, Hitler is very popular in India. But what if I told you that the same Hitler is in fact, a bestseller in India? Smilla Hamdulillah. So, Sheikh, how you doing? So you know, this guy? Yeah, he's going around preaching Muslim, but he need to preach in India, he need to preach in India to save lives. Exactly. So not to undermine the soil and all the other stuff that's going on. Well, I have marked for climate Brother, I have been watching Chicago, in New York

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as a Muslim Prophet, peace be upon him, was very careful. It says consume less and share more in water. He would say even if you have ocean worth of water, and you're making wudu, don't waste water. But you had your priorities, I mean, not mixed up. So this is one of the most popular spiritual gurus in India, and now almost in the world. And he's preaching, you know, Muslims and Christians, Jews come together, but he has, as he's speaking up against what's potentially going to be a genocide in India, not a single word. He has not spoken against the killers of Gandhi. He has not spoken against the killers of Muslim. He has not spoken against people who are claiming they're

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gonna dig out Muslim woman from grave and rape them. Wow, that guy is a governor of the largest

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chief minister of the largest state of India. His name is Yogi. He's also preacher. He's also religious man is a very powerful man. And he says, these type of things, ladies and gentlemen, we're here with Sheikh Abdul Malik Mujahid who's, by the way, one of the only Muslim award winning authors published in India, it's correct on in, published in America and some universities have used my book as a textbook. So you know quite well, you're also very well researched on what's going on. You also helped out when the genocide one of the greatest genocides after World War Two was happening in Bosnia, you were right in the heart of Europe, killing Muslims. We develop a Bosnian taskforce in

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Chicago, actually, and worked on it, and also in Burma. But my way of Burma Task Force, these are all part of justice for all. And one of the common feature with Bosnia and Burma is targeting women United Nations says that 50% of Rohingya women were either themself victim of rape, or they saw someone been sexually assaulted.

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So this is something that was happening in Bosnia, Burma, and we're seeing it happening also now in India. This is a BBC report that talks about and I'm sure many Americans, many Muslims, many just human beings don't know about this case. This has happened in India. So bookies Bonnell, and BBC reports the government of India Prime Minister Narendra Modi approved the premature release of 11 men who are convicted, so they're already convicted for gang rape of a pregnant Muslim woman, and murder of 14 members of her family, including her three year old daughter. According to a court document, you know about this case, obviously, of course, at that time, government says about 1000

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Muslim are murdered, but Muslim believed 10s of 1000s of them were murdered. And they saw the danger what is happening, and Modi was the leader of that estate where it took place. He was the Prime Minister and current home minister was actually at that time, the Home Minister of that estate, so it happened in the under the nose of these people. And they were never convicted of any of these crimes. But this lady, because these things were happening, so they left their village. So their neighbors, followed them, got ahold of them, rape them and murdered them. And at that time, they were able to file a case and it was not easy to file a case. Finally, 11 people were convicted for

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But they were released recently, and you know, on what account they said well, people who committed those crimes, were Brahmin Brahmins are good people they are priests.

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lay people, Brahman is the highest caste in India. They are not more than 3% of them, but in the government, they will be 50% 60% they control. A lot of those Brahmins are now coming to America in different agencies, different government and corporations. They are leaders. They they were the high caste, priestly class in India,

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full in control. So release them because they are nice Brahmins. That's how a minister said on which they were released. But these are the same people who gang raped this pregnant well, not on the gang rape, they were convicted of gang rape. They were convicted of murdering people. Her child died. Yes. And she was five months pregnant and pregnancy was lost. And then also how many people were also also murdered. Yes. And that was not this was just one of the case. There were

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10s of 1000s of Muslim properties and mosque were destroyed. Most of those people were never convicted. This was one of the rare situation in which conviction did take place. But they were released because they were Bremen and high cost people. Did you hear him this? So called spiritual guru? Was he talking about this at all? Also? No. He just goes around outside the country, preaching the world as a nice guy.

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As a nice guy, so you don't hear because I mean, I remember having you on the program before and you mentioned something that Muslims have become it's like a sixth pillar of Islam.

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They're condemning terrorism as pillars of six pillar of Islam. We condemn every every time something happened, whether it has anything to do with Muslim or not. We open our dryer and take out the statement to condemn it. And Muslim do condemn terrorism. The problem is

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our other people condemning this and Palestinian get killed every other day. Or they're American Jews who are condemning that and we are looking forward to that. Its attack on synagogue took place somebody put a swastika. I personally showed up. You instantly Oh, yeah, I personally showed up in solidarity. If my neighbor is attacked, it's my duties. My Islamic duty is my religious duty to show up. I'm looking anytime that people in Philistine as are killed.

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Our neighbors, there are good neighbors, Jewish voices for peace, they always March and create a big fuss, but they are not the mainstream Jewish leadership. Similarly, Hindus, when when these type of things happen, we expect all Hindus to speak up the way most all Muslims who speak up condemning terrorism, I expect all Hindus to condemn these type effects. Is there a war right now is there in India between this group because obviously, Muslims are not against all Hindus is this group Hindutva handled Why is the name of ideology which was initiated by people who are influenced by Hitler and Mussolini. Hitler is very popular in India, we say that again, Hitler is very popular in

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India. But what if I told you that the seeing Hitler is in fact, a bestseller in India? Yes, Hitler's autobiography mind cancer, which actually means my struggle, sells on pavements, truck signals, and book shops across India. So why is Hitler such a big hit with some Indians? By the way, Hitler's biggest Indian fan warships and achieved great ballparks in 1967 balls I upset and I quote, It is Hitler that is needed in India today.

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Even worse before the 1992 and 1993 Mumbai riots, how digital newspapers and I quote in mind can replace the word Jew with Muslim dads what I believe Hitler also stole our Hindu swastika while searching for Aryan symbols. Twisting it for his own use. Are you kidding me? Oh, yeah. Actually in a Jewish liberal paper in Israel, hundreds there was article hit Hindus of Hitler. But how could because Hindu Hindu was more for the right white race. So he would have been against these people also now. Well, it's all mixed up. But you see, the ideologies are not necessarily perfect science. These are myths. Yeah. So they they saw Hitler and they said that we're gonna do to Muslims in

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India, what Jews what Hitler did to Jews? Oh, yeah. They said that it is written and their things. And now people like this who are out there. You know, you see him he's not a major figure in India. I mean, there are major Hindu leaders in India. All the top Hindu leaders on December 2020 did a conference and in

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that conference, they call not December 2020, December 2021. They call, they made an announcement that we will reward 10 million rupees to anyone who is willing to become a suicide bomber, who's saying that religion or Hindu religious leader, yeah, in a conference, which is video recorded, they announced award for Hindu suicide bomber. They say we want to create and Hindu ISIS, they say that publicly and their religious leader none of these people have condemned them either. They also announced we want to, you know, have this suicide bombers, so to kill 2 million Muslims in India. And they also say what is the purpose so other Muslims either convert to Hinduism or leave India,

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this is all document. This is all documented, I have a complete transcription. It is on YouTube available, although you need to understand the language. Indian media has published it. And that guy has created an army. He calls it a Hindu army and who is this person that created the army yet the Nothing son and Yachty. And this guy, or other big Hindu leaders have not condemned Him. So how does some Modi that's the Prime Minister now? How does he fit into all this? He remained silent. Silence meant approval. Indian culture when he does not come? No, he did not condemn a you cannot create a Hindu ISIS. He didn't say that. He did not even say that, hey, you cannot have a suicide bomber

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recruitment. But 10 million rupees award he didn't say that. He remains silent Muslims are lynched in the daytime. And if a police officer goes that is honorable in the police officer who tried to stop, they killed him. And the killers are free. Okay, so you're talking about this man Modi. He's the Prime Minister. He's the Prime Minister. He's a former member. He's a member of RSS and a prime minister but translate what he's saying here. I'm I'm gonna guess Ubiquiti I

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am it born child?

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Am I a good subdomain,

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America mantra.

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swap out

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some sqrt

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Lord, Marathi Jinnah demek.

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Now what I understood here, tell me that this was actually a speech that was given right before or somewhere there. When this before this, or after this release of the is he he's a master of double talk. He's talking very nicely a woman in in support a woman and in their rights, we need to have respectful treatment, and all that thing is saying, but at the same time in India, his party people came up with an app that on your app, you can download, it has photos of Muslim women, Muslim speakers, Muslim leaders, Muslim professors, Muslim scholars, and all of those people, that they will be available as a prostitute of the day.

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And he did not confirm that. This is an app now app, the tool, there was one app. And now there is second app, of course, Muslim made a big deal. So Google and these people deleted the app, but they created the app, and he did not confirm that either. So he's double talk. I want to ask you more about this app. But before that, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. Salam Alaikum. Brothers and sisters, we went to the streets to ask Americans about Islam. Here's what they said. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Do you know anything about Islam? No. Sadly, do you know anything about Islam? Not really. Do you know anything about Islam?

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No, sorry. You know what Islam means? Islam? No, we've been told that they're out to kill us all. That's what you've been told that Muslims are out to kill you all.

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Well, that's it to say on TV. Anything. I know it's in the Middle East. Whether you're gonna have four wives, brothers and sisters, as you can see, there are so many Americans who don't know about Islam. We need your help to change that help us to build the deen center the first Mega data center in America click the donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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horrific thing that just does grave injustice. I happen to believe he's Bonnell this case, this speech, he's talking about women's rights. But then is he standing up to what is obviously just happening?

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Not just evil that just took place where these higher caste higher caste would be like these are the elite of society amongst the Brahmins. Hi, yeah, so they were released. He just gives a speech on women treating women right and taking care of them and eradicating such bad behavior. Campaign. Save your daughter's but it applies to Hindus, but But bilkis monos just suffered a gang rape by these. She was 21 year ago, 20 years ago when he suffered that has he speaking up? But no, not a single statement. Actually the whole whole attack Masaka of Muslim, which took place 20 years ago, was the reason that United States government ban Modi from entering the United States were at one point he

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was banned from entering Oh, yeah, for 20 years. It could not enter the US for 10 years. And he could not enter Canada and UK until he became the Prime Minister. Wow, how time that was because of that massacre, in which Bill keys Bano was raped and his family. It was in that and he was the chief minister of that state where it took place. And that's the reason he was banned from coming here. That's hypocrisy. Now one point he's banned but other than hypocrisy is a lot of people have hypocrisy. This is the mother and father of their father. This is the epitome Yeah, I'm just I'm shocked I'm hearing all this stuff. You just tried to just digest all this and it's really sad.

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Right now the the in smaller villages in India, gangs of this RSS people with Hindutva ideology to wipe out Muslim wherever Muslims are in small numbers and villages and all that. Yes, it for 500 Just mob goes in there in Muslim home, destroyed their property sometimes demolish their homes that police does that. And then police arrest Muslims who are the victim? And some sisters are, you know, they record the messages by covering their face what happened to them. So in smaller villages, they've given them an option, hey, you got to become Muslim, or leave the town. And some time they attack them and it has been recorded. What's been I recently had an Hindu on the program and he was

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speaking up against he said, This is not Hinduism is Hindutva. And he was speaking up. Do we are we seeing a growing number of Hindus who are coming out again, just like you had Muslims who are speaking against ISIS. So it seems like ISIS Hindu ISIS is running? India? are Hindus coming out to speak up just like I had this Hindu on the program. That is no comparison whatsoever. All government there is no comparison. No. All Muslim government. Almost all Islamic scholars I know of almost all the mosque in America, they condemn terrorism. I am not aware of a single temple in America who has condemned Hindutva there are some liberal progressive Hindus. They have Hindus for human rights,

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very few people. They are good people. They're condemning it. But they are leaders. For example, in Chicago, there is a congressperson. His name is Krishna Murthy. Raja krishnamoorthi. He is buddy of Modi is a supporter. He stands with them he speaks at RSS, he does not condemn RSS, he does not condemn Hindutva. So so so the thing is that they need to do this thing. So at this moment, Hindu tois is accepted by and large, by most temples in India and in America. That's the danger. And that's why Muslims Christians and Jews need to enter enter into dialogue with Hindu temples in America and all the big shots, Hindu leaders in India that hey, we condemn terrorist, when are you

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going to do that? We condemn terrorism. When are you going to do that? Yep, that's the question. That's the question. Let's go back to this app on foot unpackage that for me, help us understand this you got an app that's prostituting Muslim women how they're not plastic prosecuting what they're doing is

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they're so it's call

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her an Arab bully by

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and every day they will be photo from Muslim woman actual woman who is a leader in samsara a speaker a professor, Muslim journalist, Muslim pilot woman and all that and their phone number and email that they are available for prostitution for today. So it's a method of harassing Muslim woman I see okay, so they'll put their public information out there their picture and say that she's selling herself she's prostitute Yeah, so yeah, now you got some scumbag who Yeah, we're gonna call

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didn't harass and things like that. So this was going on. Yeah.

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There was one app which Google knocked it off. Then they came up with another one, Google knocked it out. The problem is not one app and this and that problem is the silence of the Government of India. Where will they remain silent? Where are the the woman's movements? The feminist movements that are out there? There were some cries. There were some people who did speak up, but not a religious leader, not Hindu religious leader, not Hindu government, not this guy. We just had no, not at all this guy just going around through the world telling the nice thing with the want to hear. This is really just, but it's still up in India. No, no, that app, you know, app comes through appstore of

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Android and all that they knock it off. Okay. Wow. Images are available on Google. But that knocked it off. Yeah. So let's go back to Gandhi. So when Gandhi was alive, his message and what he was preaching and teaching, this was in opposition to RSS, this ideology, wasn't it? Well, RSS, was in alignment with British. They did not work to India for the freedom of India or Pakistan. They were organizing their paramilitary forces. So they conspired to kill Gandhi, because they thought Ganti is soft on Muslim, who he may or may not be soft on Muslim. But that's was the accusation. So the guy actually who kill guns, his name is God say, and that guy is his book is on Amazon, you can buy

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it. Why killed? Can't he? What does he say? Why did he kill him? Well, you need to read I didn't read the book. But he is well known person. His worship in India is worship. Oh, yeah. In some temples, his worship, there are photos are available on Google. And his highly respected people want to name things after him. And people saying that or not?

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Joe on the street, the people who are in power, but wasn't Gandhi considered like the father of India? Yeah, he is founding father of India. Definitely. Yeah. So how, in this ideology, RSS. So you can pretty much say, is it right to say Hindu Hindutva? How long have they been around? And don't wait. Balaji is also 100 year old, but now they're in control. Now they're in power. And I'll give you I was speaking in a temple in India. And

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so when I was I left the stage after delivering a keynote speech, a elderly person approached me and she showed me a magazine, when I saw that, that's the magazine Woody Guthrie started and he said, Yeah, that's the magazine Gandhi started and is he so you should be the one to giving a speech. So, who you are. So, He is the chair of the institution would count it started, I say, when I say you know, you should be the one speaking to me. He says how, who cares for Gandhi in India.

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So, it is on their,

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their currency, they put his statues of Gandhi in America, but in India itself, Gandhi has been defeated by Hindutva and those who ideology is all over are they Is there proof that because this person was linked with RSS that Hindutva was responsible for, there are books about it, there are scholars who say that

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Indian government banned RSS, but RSS is a secretive body that are openly March openly do things.

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Every day.

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There are 50,000 gathering in India they do.

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This is their statement. At the same time. Every week, they have 10,000 meetings of their social media, team 10,000 social media team they have, according to them, this is their statement, not I read it on their website. So they continue to work, but they are open as well as secret. So when somebody get killed, nobody knows. For example, the guy who's in charge of the police and the lot of security forces is Amit Shah. He is a Home Minister of India.

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He was arrested

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in Gujarat by for killing a Muslim and two of his colleagues.

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And he when he became the Home Minister of federal level, they try to get him out to himself onto himself out. Judge says hey, you know there are about 10,000 pages of evidence against you, more than 100 With

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necess so I'm gonna read all of that will make a fair judgment. So they took him to knock poor, which is a city, which is the headquarter of RSS.

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And within 24 hours, that guy was found dead.

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They murdered him. There is a book out there who killed judge lawyer. And an Indian government did not even investigate why a judge who was

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looking at the triple murder case in which prime suspect was Amit Shah was murdered. And they appointed another judge to replace him. And in three day of hearing, in which he gave 3d to the witness to the attorney of Amit Shah, and a few to three hours to the evidence, which was 10,000 pages and 100 witnesses and said, Oh, there is no case against him and released. So do you going back to what you mentioned about Gandhi and Muslims? We know that there's documentation that Gandhi he was reading the life of Prophet Muhammad and then paraphrasing one of his quotes that he was sad that there was more to read that he had he started having an affinity towards Islam to towards part

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Muhammad. Is there a connection? I don't think so. He has some good statements. A statement about Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam to appease Muslim go to statement about O'Meara de la Tala on who is Him, He will say that when Muslim were campaigning, when falafel was being

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you know, shut down, not marred by hot months, you know, there was a philosopher movement. So, at one time all the Muslim leaders were in prison and he became the president of that. So, to appease Muslim the he will say these type of things, but he was in the practicing and though he will discourage people, but part of Hinduism is that this nice talk all paths lead to the salvation. So Hindus are okay Muslims are okay. Christians are okay in terms of saying that all Hindus will say these type of things, is a part of Hinduism, a Hindu style of talking, so but he dealt with Muslim politician and, you know, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who established Pakistan, he used to be president of

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Congress to just like Gandhi, and he realizes that Gandhi is not listening to Muslim demand, Muslim wanted equal right to Hindus, and he was not willing to give that and that's why they demanded for Pakistan to be created otherwise, Muhammad Ali Jinnah was from Gujarat, India, where Gandhi was so this sad guru who when we opened up with he was talking about Muslims, Christians and Jews should come together to save the soil. Is there something that people can do more honorable to come together Jews, Mrs. People who are walking on this soil, he need to speak up for the human being because every human beings are slaughtered and Hindu armies and Hindu sinners and Hindu biennis are

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going around killing Christians and Muslim and Dalit in India, you need to speak up for the living being as much as is speaking for the soil.

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More so. All right, so ignoring human beings and going around the world, talking nice about the climate change. Climate change is hard. Anybody can become popular talking about it. But what about the human beings in India, but not you speak up? But don't you criticize those people who have who are looking for Hindu suicide bomber to kill 2 million Muslims? That's where you're not needed? Yeah. Tell me. You have also your network there. You guys are talking about this. You have a TV station Radio, we have a Muslim network TV, it is available 24/7 on Galaxy 19 satellite, or Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku TV. You can download the app on your iPhone, just type Muslim network TV.

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It is also available on our website, Muslim network.tv It has religious programming or put your Dane show on it also with your permission. And we have daily news which comes out 9pm Eastern time, every day on the weekdays. And that's very popular program. So you've you've covered this extensively than what we just saw. Yeah.

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People can see there. We have several programs, several news items and several video packages on what's happening in India as well as what's happening to Muslims in China and Burma and other places. You cover all this there. Oh, we do. Did you hear this? Recently there was a report that they were having people come over from different countries. It was called like so far. Are you hunting in Bosnia? Did you did you read about this?

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Now, you didn't know about this, this story is something else altogether. And it's one that has been kept completely hidden from view for the past 30 years. That is until now. That is until a former US government official came forward recently to testify that wealthy Western tourists paid Bosnian Serb army forces for access to shoot Muslims in Sarajevo when the city was under siege during the early 1990s. even heard about this? No, no, wait, let me say that again. Rich Western tourists paid money to hunt and kill Muslims for sport in Bosnia, making this the kind of human Safari that you see only in a dystopian Hollywood movie. Okay, so before we conclude, that was the time when Bosnian genocide

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was taking. It's something else. So just hard to believe. I thought maybe if you knew about this, you know, no, no, no. Yeah. So Burma, what's the situation in Burma now? Well, the thing is that there are 450,000 Muslim Rohingya has left in Burma. They're in terrible shape.

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And then there are 1.3 million in Bangladesh. And

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in terrible situation,

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word feed stem and all that. But they don't. They're not allowed to have an education. So is the third generation of Rohingya people are being raised illiterate, there are no people in the whole world who are not allowed to go to school. These are Rohingya people inside Burma, and then in Bangladesh.

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And then China, what's going on with the with the Muslims there? Now, the situation the recent report was very horrible since August.

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There is a lockdown in eastern Turkistan, where old people are and they're not allowed to go buy food and all that. So several people have died because of starvation in their home. So about 90 bodies, just from one town, Golda was discovered who died because of starvation, because they are not allowed to go out. And nobody's providing them food. SubhanAllah. So I mean, it is something that's very sad to hear you got all these things that are that are going on? You know, brother, Eddie, may God bless you for the work that you do. I mean, your communication and information.

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You know, one we know, our duty is to do something about it. But we don't control the world. God Almighty does. Our salvation is that when we know, zoom, and oppression, whether it's on our street, right here in Chicago, or anywhere else in the world, we speak against it, we try to stop it. And we pray God Almighty, that he is he guide the people who are oppressors, and give Sabra to those who are being oppressed. That's the limit of our responsibility. I don't have any tank to drive from here to China and liberate our people. But I will speak up, I will keep speaking up. And that's being part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is part of the broader brotherhood and sisterhood of

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humanity. There is a whole humanity, we're all from the same father and mother, but within that responsibility of Muslim is to speak up for justice and establish justice. Absolutely, yes. And if more people did that, if more people were more concerned about, you know, the soil, the human beings rather than just the soil climate change, like you said, priorities right. Instead of seeing your brothers and sisters in humanity, a genocide I keep hearing from people in India, this is a genocide just about to explode about to happen. Well, there are a Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC says at the highest risk of

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mass killing, and there is a genocide expert who predicted Rwanda genocide. He says India is at the last stages of genocide. So there are steps that lead up to genocide and India is right there at that border. Yes, right. And people we get freaked out when we hear the term ISIS obviously we can Daesh que que que. But you got this type of ideology running this country right now. And people are just blind to it. I think most people are not educated on really what's what's going on. Now. That's where your that's where your program comes as a very timely manner. And the Hindu that I had on this brave Hindu that I had on the program, he was talking about how that's spilling over here to

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America. Oh, yes, I am and it is spilling over here. People have heard that I told you. There is not a single Hindu temple, who has condemned Modi

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worse condom, the release of the rapists and murderers of Bilquis

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family and her rape. There are no Hindu temples in America on the who have condemned RSS and Hindutva there are some bunch of people who are not part of the temples they are doing few things and thank God there are good people like that. But they need to temples need to do. There are organizations with support Modi like Hindu America Foundation, they haven't condemned many of these things either. They're not standing up with Muslim Denard is standing up with Christians. Christians are being beaten up and murdered in India as well. Also Christians Oh, yeah. Because and lower caste people, because Christians eat hamburger hamburgers also. Alright, yeah. So if we're eating a halal

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burger, I'm hearing that people are being lynched in India for this kind of sound just on the accusation that they are eating beef and it is not true. I mean, beef is not available, because who gonna slaughter beef, you will be murdered because of that. But just the cute Hey, he was eating beef and kill them? Just Oh, yeah, there are a journalist has developed a list of 680 people who have been lynched literally, just like the good old south in America, because they were accused of eating beef. Now someone says, Come on, you guys. This is some kind of conspiracy. What are you talking about? Yeah, that unfortunately, when people do not have knowledge, they can claim that but

00:36:35--> 00:37:21

I invite them to go genocide watch dot O R G, which is run by Professor Greg Stanton, or go us Commission on International Religious Freedom you serve on their recommendation America, Ban Modi. So read that recommendation. Every year report comes out from yourself, which is the government body, which is a government body, United States government body, they have called for sanctions on those people who are committing these violence, they have called that India should be declared a country of particular concern, because of these ideologies and violence. So these are United States comment saying thanks. So before we conclude, what message would you get out there for Sadhguru for

00:37:21--> 00:37:56

the Hindus, because obviously this is we're not against Hindus. This is the Hindu veto. This is like someone saying I'm against kk k, or ISIS Daesh, these extreme extreme elements out there. So now for the Hindu who's watching, for the Christian, whoever, just so human being who's hearing this for the first time, he's appalled, he's shocked, shocked, you know, hearing about this case of this woman that was gang raped, and her child in her womb was killed, and her murderers got let loose, free the murderers of her family. And they're roaming the streets right now, because they're in a higher caste. I mean, this isn't like just out of this world, there's got to be a day of judgment. There's

00:37:56--> 00:38:15

got to be that because you can see there's no ultimate justice in this life. So what advice? What message do you have for the good people out there who are wanting to do something they could be Hindu Christian was, you know, whoever? Well, first of thing I would say is just go ahead. And Google. Google, I would say,

00:38:17--> 00:39:12

Hitler's Hindu, Google that and read something about it. Google colors of Hindu, read about it, Google RSS, well, RSS will give you some computer terminology, put a Hindu RSS and read about it. Read about why Modi was banned from entering America for 10 years. Learn about it, education is not going to hurt. It will make you a better human being. And once you have learned as a Christian, contact your church and tell them that hey, do you know about this? If you're a Muslim, ask your Masjid What are you doing about it? If your handle get to your temple, why you are not telling us in temple that Hindutva is bad. Hinduism is a faith of my neighbor, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Jews,

00:39:12--> 00:39:22

all our children of Adam and Eve. We are one human brotherhood and sisterhood we need to stand up for each other.

00:39:24--> 00:39:55

So thank you very much and people can go ahead to the news network that you Yeah, you can go Muslim network.tv for that and if you want to take an action on Hindutva or anything like that, go for justice for all dot orgy. Thank you for sharing that with us and bringing us up to speed on the current events that are happening there this oppression and hopefully inshallah God willing people get more educated and speak up. Well, thank you for the work that you're doing. Thank you.

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I'll see you next time in sha Allah, Allah. Hi. And thank you guys for tuning in.

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