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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mela NaVi.

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I'm about to fold the villa Jimenez shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well, Medina Jaadu, phenol Ana de Anoma Solana Sara colonialism

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respected elders and brothers a few words of naseeha on the day of Juma.

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We know that two days ago we commemorated the supreme sacrifice of assertive Rahim Allah He Salatu was Salam when he set out to slaughter and sacrifice his one and only Son at that time as a dismantling salat wa salam with a command of Allah who wanted to test his submission. Allah says wave tele Ibrahima bhuvi kalimat when we tested Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam on various occasion and he came through the test always with flying colors. And we said we will make you the Imam in the leader amongst people.

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And therefore it is said that navia Karim sallahu alayhi wa sallam was once asked Maha the lava here rasulillah What is the significance of the here what we call Qurbani in our indo Pak

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vocabulary, what is a significant so he said sooner to ob comida him it is a sunit of your forefather Ibrahim alayhi salatu was Salam. And he said what is the reward with regard to it? What reward do we get by sacrificing that animal? So they said for every strand of hair on the sheep, you get a reward. Now someone recently posted on one of the groups from a veterinary expert that there are 15 strains of wool

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per square millimeter on a sheep 15 strains of wool per square millimeter

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and 650 square inches of wool.

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Six 650 strands of wool in a square inch. So 15 strands in a square millimeter

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and 50 strands in a square inch

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in a normal height of a sheep is nine square feet.

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Counting that now you've come to account I don't know I'm not an accountant right. They say it comes out to 7.5 million strains of full ownership. So for one Qurbani, you get 7.5 million reward. According to this word, Nivea cream sauce limit said that for every strand of wool on a ship, you get a reward.

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Now whether a letter can give you even more than that, but I'm just giving an example. What has been made mention of a hadith and tying it in with what today they tell us how much strands of wool there is on a sheep. But now one of the things that we have to keep in mind Allah is never going to ask us to stop our sons.

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It was once off that Allah tala wanted to show you mankind the power of human beings ability to sacrifice and submit. Allah showed us that subramani salat wa salam showed us that this is the power of submission. This is a power of dedication. This is a power of loyalty. So today, Allah isn't going to ask us and demand from us or expect us to start our sons to slaughter our children. We always make dua, Allah, never let us see the difficulty of our children. It's a normal duar that we must make, because everyone loves his children, and who doesn't want to see the prosperity of the children foba Kareem saw some thought as the dwara bunnahabhain ominous wodgina waturi atina kurata

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Yun, Allah make our wives and children the coolness of our eyes, and hasn't been to say the coolness of the eyes of the children is to see them doing good. That is a coolness of the eyes, the coolness of the eyes of the parents to see the children doing good Subhan Allah, Allah let us see that situation also. But there are different types of Qurbani different types of sacrifice.

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As Marvel has said that it was a very great album so he made mention of three I will make mention of one or two today, what he had made mentioned the type of sacrifices that are required in the world that you and I are living in. One he said is a sacrifice of Khalid bin Walid, at the time of the Battle of Yarmouk Khalid bin Walid was a greatest general not only in Islamic but in human history.

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When people used to ask who is the commander of the Muslim army and if they were told Khalid bin Walid, it was as if taken for granted that Muslims have achieved victory because of Khalid being the leader of the Muslim army. Such was his genius never ever lost a war. Under his guidance, and under his leadership, never ever lost the battle.

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On the eve of the Battle of Yarmouk,

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O'Meara Hello Toronto sends a special envoy from Medina, the capital of the Muslim state and from the ameerul momineen. Remove Holly been worried from being the General of the Army and replace him with a obedia image IRA

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replaced him with a boob ada ibni Jarrod is rewired that says Aveda caught the news, and he kept it silent and he only implemented after the battle. But there's one rewired Allah knows with regard to what happened. But look at the foresight of Omar and look at the sacrifice of Khalid bin Walid.

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On such an occasion, why did Omar do such thing not because he was in any way against Khalid bin Walid. But Omar started having a fear and what was his fear? his fear was that people are starting to say that Islam is gaining ascendancy and victory because of Khalid bin Khalid's genius. And he said, I wanted to prove Islam doesn't gain victory. Because of any individual No matter if that individual is Khalid bin Walid. Forget here today I you, you and I or any other individual in today's time, Islam doesn't become great because of any individual. An individual becomes great because of Islam. And individual benefits because Islam and Islam doesn't benefit because of an

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individual. If anyone follows or does something for Islam he benefits Allah tala if you want he will take work from Islam for Islam, and he will benefit Islam even from the enemies or even from an animal for now once he protected nebia Kareem sallallahu alayhi wa sallam through the means of from our bird while he was in the cave of thought. So Allah tala can take over from whomsoever He wants. So Allah tala doesn't need anyone to benefit Islam we benefit if we do something for Islam. So Omar are the Latin one to say that Islam people are saying Islam is gaining ascendancy because of Khalid he wanted to take that particular thought away from the people Islam will gain victory with or

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without Khalid.

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Omar ramita either made to Allah kin Allah Rama via Kareem Saul slim took sand and threw it in the direction of the enemies in the Battle of butter. It settled in the eyes and momentarily they were blinded. And they were dumbfounded and they became despondent. Allah says Rama Rama either made you didn't throw the sin on akinola Rama, Allah tala put effect in that said it was your action. But even that, which was nobody saw slums action, a learner referred to the vehicle himself to Allah tala, not in a vehicle himself. So that was the thought pattern of Omar. Now has he been bullied? You can imagine how much he must have felt I did nothing wrong. In today's time. People get away

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with murder and they still kept in the post. Look at in South Africa.

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Ministers don't do they work. They don't do what they're supposed to do complete abject failure but they still remain and they post here. If you're there was nothing wrong. did nothing wrong never ever suffered it if it had been removed from the post?

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In today's time maybe would have gone to ccma

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would have gotten what it has been revealed to say.

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Someone said Why are you fighting he removed you from the post? without any reason? Why are you continuing to fight any fought till the end of his life? He fought for the sake of Islam? Why are you still fighting?

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He said if I'm fighting for more, I would have stopped fighting. I'm not fighting for more even hotter and fighting for Allah.

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That sacrifice we require today to things solely for Allah sake not for the sake of anyone else. To value mahallesi congratulations we upon the people who do things for sincerity. They are the lambs of guidance. They say there is no limit to what a human being can do. If he doesn't worry who gets the credit.

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Today everyone is worried who gets the credit. I must get the credit individually or my organization must get the credit. Everyone is fighting for that. So this is a sacrifice we require. Go and do things for the benefit of humanity for the benefit of Islam. solely for Allah tala sake, don't worry who gets the credit to eat for LASIK.

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Marbella Sen. Angela says that is a sacrifice that is required in today's time and the benefit with regard to it you can imagine, you can imagine with regard to the benefit with regard to it, you do things solely for the sake of Allah. It is made mention of Sayed Ahmed Shaheed Rahmatullah Lee, who fought against the British in jihad against a colonial power. So he used to train and used to give, you know, motivation for people to join in his in his struggle. So, one day he gave a very great talk in Jama Masjid in Delhi, 1000s and 1000s of people attended after he was coming out of the masjid some he saw person, you know, coming running up the steps of the Jama Masjid anyone can see

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the German Nigerian deli knows what the big steps the is coming into them. I saw the person and he ran to modernize. You finish your talk. Yes, I travel so long to listen to your talk. I must be feeling so terrible. Marana took him in the masjid. The same fervor with which he delivered the talk to 1000s of people he delivered it to that one person. When he came out the students and the disciples said,

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You gave a talk we can understand for 1000s of people for one person you gave it

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and you put yourself through so much the cliff and through much inconvenience what he replied. He said the first time also it was for one.

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The first time also it was for one with it was for 1000 with one person it was also for one Allah. So that is what's required today. We don't have that today. Everyone is fighting for their own individual honor, individual position. And we have forgotten do things for the sake of Allah that's one sacrifice. Second, and I will just conclude with a very, very briefly after we allow to know passed away as it has entered the Ultron became the halifa he completed what novia Kareem saw some said they will be 30 years I think 30 years of khilafah Rashida is six months concluded that they after he reached a treaty and an agreement with as Maria for Maria to become the halifa and more

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Javier became the rightful halifa of the Muslims after has it hasn't it allowed? People who are very angry, why did somebody allow that and who give up his right.

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For the sake of greater good of the community.

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People are very angry.

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People used to call him and said you you sold us.

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And as some of you allow Toronto novia Kareem saw silom in his time, on day so as a hustler, the Latino he was holy what what was his age when we are Kareem sauce and pasta what eight, nine years or something like

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eight nine years and so now vehicle himself said this crane son of mines is a sacred his leader. He will bring peace between two parties of the Muslims, two warring parties of the Muslims he will bring peace.

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So as an Asana we allow the numbers were with him after literally allowed the new pastor with the emotions with were with him. He was the rightful because he was the most closest to nebbia Kareem Salah Salem. But he sacrificed that for the sake of the greater good of the community for the greater good of the mud. He was asked why you did it. What an amazing reply said, I'm afraid people will come on the day of chemo, it was blood. And they will ask and they will say why were we killed?

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Why were we killed?

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If only the woman could have learned this lesson our husband or his brother has it Hussein took another stance several years later, many years after 27 years later, he took another stance.

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And both of stances were correct. According to the situation they found themselves. Sometimes the decision changes according to the circumstances, the circumstances has handled the ultimate was that was the right thing to do. To put a stop to the bloodshed that was happened between earlier the ultimate Asimov era the ultra and he said what amazing thing he said I have chosen chosen shame over flames.

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people criticize me I've chosen that criticism rather than the war amongst Muslims. I have chosen the criticism that people have leveled over me. I have chosen the chain over the flame of the fighting amongst Muslims. If only we can get that particular type of thing right in today's time that we give preference to the oma. We give preference to the millet. We give preference to the community rather than our own individual self. Even if sometimes we have to subdue our knifes that was the sacrifice of assassin or the ultra to sacrifices Malala senator Angela Lee says we need in today's time, the sacrifice of holly been really doing sloughing solely for the sake of Allah, the

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sacrifice of others.

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Under the law of Toronto, taking away your own right and subduing your own right for the greater good of the community and society Malaga was a topic if you will be able to also do that inshallah