Reflecting When Tragedy Strikes!

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Bula Himanshu Dori and fusina woman say he RTR Marina Maja the hula, hula hula hula yoga. Deanna shadow Allah. Allahu wa.

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Muhammad Abdul Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi ajmeri all aloha Darla de la fitten Zilla Aziz rather the hula hula him in a shape on the regime. Yeah you will Latina Takuma haka Ducati he will not allow to Muslim all bacala Yeah, and you will live in LA Punahou covenants and either use

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local local

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festivals and alima I'm about a la smartglasses in total Harsha in Ireland number 18.

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He says yeah, you know, top Aloha. Well done for now Sumatra de Mahajan, law. In the law hobby room de matar Malone, a translation of which is, or you believe, have a cautiousness of a loss on our dollar and look forward or let every individual look at what they have put forward for tomorrow. While tandoor Natsume Makati had this expression of well, dango Nelson is every individual loves individual person should look to what Mark adamantly loved what they are putting forward for tomorrow, what aloha Be cautious of a lot because in the last abirami matamanoa, Allah knows extremely well fully aware of what you are doing.

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This particular IRA

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unquote Toby and other professor, you see that when Allah says a person should look forward to what they put forward for tomorrow,

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that tomorrow is actually a reference to what happens in the next life, the day of judgment. And even before that when a person passes away, the life of the grief, the life of the buzzer. That is what this is a reference to. And a lot of records on hospital Boston Qatada to seeing for Robert SATA.

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He says a lost part of his has brought the idea of the next life closer

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to the point where he's calling it tomorrow, as if it's going to happen tomorrow. It's so close. It's like tomorrow.

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It's so certain it's like tomorrow. That is what this ayah is referencing this ayah I wanted to share with you all today. Because it asks us to look at our lives and ask us to consider our own mortality, our lives are finite, we're gonna die one day, that is something that is searching whether you're Muslim or not a believer or an atheist, it doesn't matter. Every single person accepts this reality, we are going to die one day. And when time is up, like the paralysis, when the time is up and assigned to go, it's time to go. There is no delay. In that moment.

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It's final.

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Even if there is pleading, even if there is a person trying their best to live a few extra moments, there is not a moment extra they can live. That is the nature of it. And that is a sobering reality, a sobering reality, whenever we see someone dying, we're reminded of it whether the person dies of natural causes, or in a manner that was sudden, a person dies of natural causes, it is something that should make us pause

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and should make us reflect as well. Because this is a death of a person, they're no longer here.

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But the eyebrow, the reminder is even more pronounced when a person passes away completely unexpectedly,

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in a tragic manner. That tragedy should really make a stop in our tracks and consider for a moment where we're going consider for a moment what we're doing. consider for a moment what we are pulling forward for our next life. Well done don't assume academically but

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this week. This week, our community experienced a tragedy

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a very unspeakable tragedy. A Sister Sister by the name of Burton had that will have mercy on her soul. She passed away in the in the in a fire in our house.

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It's a very devastating situation.

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Her daughter, Sarah survived, but she's in critical condition

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and one of our others

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On her other son ashmit. He's handled recovering well.

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But this family has suffered a devastating tragedy. The brother and the husband Mohamed obviously has also survived because he was not home when this happened.

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so devastating tragedy for this family. When that kid recovers inshallah we pray that that kid recovers. So when she recovers inshallah, she's not going to find her mother next to her. These two children will grow up without their mom. That's the science.

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That is a devastating thing for any child to go through. Specially when it happens in such an unpredictable, unforeseen, tragic way.

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When this happens, brothers, sisters, there's a couple of things that we should do, firstly, and foremostly, we should make dua for the deceased and for the family. May Allah Allah have mercy on the soul of sister Felton May Allah forgive her since May Allah enter into genital for those who are Allah. May Allah smart Allah accept has accepted her as one of the Shahada. I mean,

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we should pray for these little kids, we're now going to have a tough life growing up without their mother, truly, sincerely, we should pray for them. Pray for the husband, for the Mohammed whose life got turned upside down went to work in the morning came back home is now his life is now completely rearranged.

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Sincere Dora, from the heart, I encourage you today to take a moment of your time, make this a conscious effort, take the time out today to raise your hands and make up for this family. That allows Patil gives them in this moment of difficulty is

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their hearts that are probably trembling right now. And suffering to trauma that allows patola is the one who guides them, and holds them firm in this moment.

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Please take a moment today to do that. That is the least we can do as a believer, that is the least we can do. As believers we feel each other's pain.

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And the least we can do is make the offer the pain and suffering of our fellow brothers and sisters. If you can help them financially, to help, you know as a token, not that they're, you know, in you know, this is not that this is a favor from you, but a token of our support

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a token of our support, we can really replace the loss of this mother. But this little token of this little gift is our way of saying we're here for you

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substantial way of studying this, this family, we are here for you. If you could do that, that's awesome. Please do that.

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And then for the ones who have outlived this tragedy, meaning the rest of us who didn't experience this, and we saw it from afar and heard about it, it should give us a moment of reflection, we should pause and think about our own mortality. What is it that we're doing? Where is it that we're going in life? What is it that we leave behind? Because life is like this?

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Life is like this, today you're alive, probably there's a chance that we survive and inshallah we pass away in normal in a normal, natural way. But there is also a chance that

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this would be it. And none of us know that.

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So let us live for a moment, thinking like this is it. Let us live for a moment and get the clarity when tragedy strikes. It gives the person clarity, everything that's not important goes out the window, only the most important things remain. Let us try to acquire that clarity that a person suffering from tragedy acquires and think about rotundo not so much.

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What are we putting forward for tomorrow? What are we doing for our eternal life? The life that is tomorrow?

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What is it that we're doing in this hour that I shared with you almost motto says yeah, you will Marina de la or you who believe have Taqwa of Allah. He repeats this twice in this ayah What up law in the lower half of the room Mr. Malone kotomi says last Matala. But de la de hada Tahira colico energy engine, our enemy enemy a lot smarter is repeating this statement in this ayah twice.

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And this is done to create urgency.

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Started with urgency. Like you would tell someone to hurry up hurry up. Be quick cook that

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Repetition to create a sense of urgency. That is what a lot is doing in this item, because our lives are so short, as if today is going to be the day of judgment. That's all really this life is a few hours.

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So do something in Tacoma, Tacoma, be cautious of Allah, let's leave the grudges. Let's need the pettiness, this leaves things that are not important. That's focused on what's important brothers sisters, building a house in the next life, leaving a legacy of righteous our children and family leaving a legacy of good that people will pray for us when we have died. Because they will not remember us for how we know what we were in terms of our accomplishments, but people will remember us of how much we help them. Let us do some things with people's lives are touched and they do as our we benefit from

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that see lasting legacy. That is something for us to think about. appunti mother's merona was stopped through

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smil Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. He was only he was Jaime Kimora and my dad in the law of melodica. Who saw lunarlon me Yeah, you will follow it he was sending the steamer Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Filipino if an athlete or Saldana Mohammed arena you know between a llama Hinata Suma de la mina Milla de version of Islam that he was still I mean, holy cow I mean, I love it because I was lucky when I was 20 you have an aura robina Tina Don't you

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have another one