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The virtual session on soul searching is a program that encourages individuals to stay true to oneself and live their physicality. The importance of discernment and physicality in animals is crucial for achieving their physicality. The practice of hunting as a sport is also discussed, and individuals must practice it to improve their hearts, minds, and bodies. The importance of trusting oneself during times of crisis, such as during difficult situations and during difficult times, is emphasized.

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I'm very interested to know.

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All right as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Alhamdulillah Hamza share Karim wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. So Aegina what have even whenever you know Mohammed in filma sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik Allah say easy now Habibi, now Mohammed in film Allah Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rahim Allah him I met him that means poor and I'll leave with a kidnapping who man who seana your hammer rahimian we always pray that Allah subhana wa to Allah increases us in good, protects us provides for us and assists us and makes us from those who are virtuous. Welcome, welcome. Welcome to soul searching, Masha, lots of Alka ramen. This is an online

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hybrid of a program that I used to teach called Know thyself Who are you, and what Allah has built within us as human beings in terms of the capacity to do good in terms of desires that need to be restrained in terms of understanding some of the inner workings of meta mechanisms, so that we can use our metaphysical self, use our spiritual self, to influence the physical world that surrounds us. So for those of you that haven't taken this journey with me, just comala head, I am streaming this just the first session on my Instagram and my Facebook. I do wish to acknowledge faces and post this channel. And many, many of the icehogs in the United Kingdom, who kind of come together in

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support of this program. This couldn't have really been done without our partners. The green lane, Majid Michel Logis, I'm in Lausanne and their connections with some of the different icehogs and different elements with Infosys, the Federation of Islamic students in the United Kingdom, and Mashallah MSA is in Australia, MSA is in Canada and a few msps that have contacted me from the United States, who are now kind of getting along into this journey. And if there's any others who want to join, no problem get on it, I decided to make it within my portal here

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through my website, because it's easy as many people as ones can access it. And it also allows for people to kind of send questions all internally have a group discussion internally, and be able to kind of send processes but also use your messenger service to send those messages through. So I'm hopeful in sha Allah, that this could be a functional program and that it's something that we can enjoy the time that we have together over the next 3040 minutes. inshallah, let me tell you a little bit about the scope of this program. So when we're talking about soul searching, it's about getting to know ourselves and you knowing who you are, is one of the first steps for getting to understand

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why it is you are here and how it is you can influence the world that's around you for the better by your very presence in it. No loss of kinda went to and I was studying this verse actually with my students earlier today in in, in Perth, there is an area in Surah alkaff Allah Subhana Allah says, It is Allah who created Jalan

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jalan out of the zenith alaikum Allah has made this earth as a source of beauty and beautification. Leah Blue accom or you come as an amateur. And by turn in the beauty that you experience in this life, you will be able to be tested to show which of you will excel in the goodness of their own life, to the betterment of themselves and the betterment of the society that they live in. It's a very profound verse that I wanted to kind of make a part of our discussion today. So this is going to be the first of 10 Wednesdays that we meet together in sha Allah. And these Wednesdays are different time zones. It's 10pm here in Perth in Western Australia, and Kuala Lumpur in, you know,

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the Far East kind of thing. But it's 2pm I believe in the United Kingdom. And it's just getting to 9am in New York City and the east coast of Canada. So it is an optimal time that I think that people can come together and collaborate and be able to share and discuss things in the learning data. Now those of you who are on my website, Masha Allah that you're watching along, there is a q&a tab that you see under the screen next to the the PDF that we're going to be going through today in sha Allah. And you can manipulate that PDF. You can also download it so that you have a copy there'll be 10 of them that we will go through. You're welcome to send that q&a leaves you anonymous and it

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allows me to receive your question instantaneously that we can kind of interact and go together back and forth with it in shot

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So let me know how that works for you and I'll be happy, very happy in sha Allah to, to maintain that presence in the heat to Allah. Alright, so the first session today we're going to be speaking about the components of man, and how it fits with the deen of Islam. And next week, we're going to speak about Exxon and its levels the concept of purifying our soul of what happiness actually means there's a whole session on joy and happiness, where to look for it, how to achieve it, but more importantly, how to retain it and the process of passing it on to others. The conceptualization of knowledge and the sensories that we have, but also the knowledge that we experience through

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understanding and receiving the revelation that was given to our Nabhi Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will then talk about the impact of sins. And the importance of a repentant soul and the psychology of repentance will speak also about the concept of struggle, and the Mujahidin, the Jihad that we make against ourselves, the Jihad that we make against evil, that the force of good that we seek to be in the world will also speak about the struggle against our desires, the struggle against the worldliness of you know, the materialism and the concepts that relate to that. And finally, the path to nurturing a consistent and moderated incrementally increasing the love that we have for

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Allah subhana wa Tada. So those are the 10 sessions that I'm looking forward to having with you in sha Allah. Let's begin today. So for those of you who are following along, it's Yeah, Abraham comm forward slash live for those of you, I want you to turn to your PDF. And then after the first page after the Add Page, I want you to kind of look at the components of us as human beings. Now you and I, as human beings were made up of three separate but complementary parts. And I want you to kind of keep this in your mind and come back to it and take your notes towards it. So initially, you are a bed then you are a physicality, you are a being that's made out of atoms, molecules, you are a

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collection of oxygens and hydrogens, and you are very much a part of this earth from which you were created. mean haskalah kanakam, where he had no ido home from the earth you were created. And to it you will be returned wamena Hi no hurry to hunt out and okra, and it is from this earth that we will be brought forth, once again as human beings. So the first part of who you are, is that you're a physical being. And being a physical being does not detach you from the other realities of other things that fly in the air, swim in the oceans and walk this earth. You and I are genetically very, very close to many things in the animal kingdom. And we can look back into the human record the

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fossil record, and see that there were creations that were similar to human beings that were before us that were similar to us, but they were not Benny Adam, they were not insane. They were a creation different to what we are created. And I want you to kind of think about the two words that Allah uses to describe human beings in the Quran to describe to describe human beings. The first description is a cognitive description. It's about our thought processes. So Allah refers to us as an insane one who is prone to forgetfulness in sort of Baja, Allah says what are the hidden Isla Adam, I'm in kaaboo Fantasy, while in Nigeria who have asthma, We inspired to add them a covenant we

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hold them to account for it, but he was prone to forgetting and we found no constancy in him or his children. So you and I were prone to forget our relationship with Allah. So Allah sends us the reminder. And that way we are able to be reminded in sha Allah of our processes with Allah azza wa jal, the concept of the Scripture, the concept of what he is to reignite remind our fitrah our inner self of our need to Allah and what it was that we were sent to initially perform, and to maintain in this life. So that's the first concept I want you to kind of think about the cognitive description, but there's a second physical description that Allah uses in the Quran, which isn't about our

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thoughts and forgetting our place with a law of forgetting our duties to others forgetting about the rules and rights and regulations that have been universally accepted by human beings. But the second concept is about our physicality. And Allah refers to us in the mejor elimu bashaw. That we are Bashar that we have our our furless animal furless bashore bush a Bashara is my skin Bashar one

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Who is not covered with hair that their skin shows and that's a profound description that Allah uses in the Quran. So where you have Allah Subhana Allah separating us from some of the other animals that walk the earth, maybe even upright, have cognitive thoughts and other things had levels of obligation to Allah in a way that is known to Allah and not to us. But they were not as human or humans as we are as the children of Adam, who Allah created by his order with his hand and with his instruction from this earth. So you and I are a physical being, but we are genetically similar to others. So when they began to do heart surgery and connect, or correct, you know, seeping valves or

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leaking hearts, they would take the valve out of a human heart, but they couldn't find a replacement, or make a replacement. So the nearest genetic animal that they could find with the swine, the pig, so they took a pig's heart took the valve that's working from it attached it to a human heart. Lo and behold, the human beings body very genetically similar does not reject the pig's valve as a part of its heart with a concoction of medicines and drugs, a human being is able to live with a foreign animals

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inside them are part of it inside them. Because we are genetically very similar we are created from this earth we are made up of h2o 70% This formula

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is from that right is that that is what I am and that's what I made up I made of collections of hydrogens and oxygens, but there's a second level and it ascends. The second level is that we've been given discernment aka the word arkell. In Arabic language is a powerful word. It's a beautiful word. The word apple in the Arabic language means to confine something. So the Saudis for example, the Kuwaitis, you'll see that they were this black thing over there looked at Ah, or over there shimoff he kind of keeps it in place. It's not meant just to keep it in place. That thing is called the car because that's what they used to tie up the camels legs with it's like the figure eight and

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you put a hope of a camel in it and a hope of another of the other hope in it so the camel can't walk at speed or run away from you. That's where the prophets I send them says to the man who left his camel untied. Yeah, kill her. What What can tie it with your call and put your trust in Allah article comes from that concept of confining of holding at bay of restricting, what are you restricting? You're restricting the animalistic the physical desire of fulfilling your physical needs, in a way that's animalistic and unrefined and human like so your minds purpose, the concept of the article that Allah subhanaw taala says, fly afternoon? Do they not use their alcohol? It's

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not just that, do they not think? Or do they not ponder it Do they not have discernment to restrict themselves from what is self evident to be wrong, or what has been inspired to them to be known to be wrong, so that they find a self preservation for themselves, their homes, their families, their communities and their societies. And therefore, my desires may be a physical part of me. I have a sexual drive, I have an appetite for food, I have an appetite for fulfilling a certain desire. That doesn't mean that it should not be restricted by something other than my physicality, which is now my intellect, reason, discernment and rationale. Now, what separates us from the animals isn't that

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we have emotions, and they don't, isn't that we think and they don't. In fact, there's many animals that are off the charts in terms of their intellect in terms of their ability to think or to use their brain and in higher order issues. That's not the main issue. There's something along with that. That is Allah says Allah holy Bejan, Allah taught us to communicate in a way to make descriptions, nomenclature and describe things for other people to understand. And that's why in Surah Al Baqarah, one of the first things Allah describes of Adam, he says to the angels I know about Adam, what you don't know, he's not going to be like the other mindless creations maybe that

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preceded him. Why lemma Adam and Asma, Allah taught Adam the ability to name and gave him the name of all things. See, when you can label something, it means you can transfer that knowledge to others. This is a cup This is a liquid inside it. You are now naming things. What's chemistry? How does chemistry begin?

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You're able Subhanallah with chemists

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Treat to be able to kind of think about the

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the table that tells you the elements, all of the animals. Why is that important? Because you're listing things you're describing things, you're able to organize and to order things. Those are really powerful, important ways of us to look at ourselves and our intellectual prowess. What separates us is not just that we think, and we are emotive and have emotion, but we're able to transfer that knowledge to others. And that's why the final testament to humanity had to be in a testament of knowledge that cannot read, write, to read and share with others, what will benefit you and then and into the future. May Allah Subhana, Allah make us of those who recite and are able to

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influence others with the mighty pen, if Cora and in the same verse, Allah bit of column who taught with the pen, so it's Allah is the one who orders us to read, but he's the one who has given us the knowledge of the pen, the pen is mightier than the sword, and even the word to describe reading the word to describe the pen column, both of them begin with the letter cough, which is a letter of Stella of cola, it is a letter of power and strength. So you immediately know that this is something of great effect in the world in the universe. The third level, and we rise up in our understanding and in our levels, is that now we get to a place where we begin looking at

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not just our physical being not just our intellectual capacity, and our ability to discern right from wrong. But now there's something special about us that animals do not have, which is a soul, a rule, and nefs. And so can the law. For those of you who are on my, on my on my site, I want you to kind of take a look at

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the diagram that's displayed before you where you kind of see my shot lob, that the description of you and I as human beings begins with a physicality a sense with a rationale and thought. And above it is this word called the heart. But the word heart in the Arabic language is one that shifts right you know, from good to bad. So there's two forces that are working against the proverbial heart, that one of them is the root and the other is the neffs. The next is the desirous coveting inflamed, being that is within you. The ruler is the one that is sedate and connected to Allah, the One that you seek to make better. So when you make your teskey or when you purify your neffs, it becomes a

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more divinely inspired entity that it enters into becoming the realm of the soul in the spirit of you becomes refined, it's referred to as a rule externally from you. neffs is what occurs within you, because it's always tumultuous. It's always moving, desiring, seeking, wanting, hoarding, gathering, and how can we take Arthur, you know, the pursuit of more has distracted you as made you forget your pursuit from Allah in the pniewska amount, often bisou the souls desire the ego, the desire of more, is summoning oneself to that which is sinful. And Allah Subhana went to Allah says, that the soul the ruler is the noblest of his creation. This is part of the hive and the unseen. And

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Allah says, as you find in the document that I prepared for you Why is aluna can a rule or a rule from an amateur rugby, they ask you about the very nature of the soul say that the rule is from the command of my Lord, and that one that was 82 mineral in me Luckily, even if it was to be discussed and described to you, you've only been given limited understanding.

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The next is the inner self. So the role is the noblest soul. It's where you perfected and purified your next. beneath it is this next and there are three levels to your soul. There is a necessary amount of a soul that is inclining inviting, seeking meandering, moving towards its cravings. It's how the word hello means descending, adopting its desires, it has shahadat cravings, and those shahadat are related to different things that all human beings will find lust for wealth, fame, power, glory, acknowledgement, Celebrity, physical gratification, all of that pulls you tries to pull

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Your way from Allah if it's not channeled towards a lot, and that's part of the lower possibilities of the human condition that you want to ascend from. Now Allah says Illa Allah He didn't matter. It's sort of an adage that you are sending your souls as sent towards Allah, the second soul one way, you're now beginning to condition it. You're fasting, you're praying, you're doing physical things to affect your spiritual state. Lita have even neffs we will talk about this as the weeks go by and Neff self awareness is man's active conscience,

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which is afflicted with guilt, and has a sense of shame, has a concept of remorse has a desire for redemption has a belief that it needs to self reproach and blame itself before God when it is disobeyed the law or it is not a word that's fallen short from doing that which is righteous. And Allah subhana wa tada he speaks about enough self awareness that it is a soul that is blameworthy, and that's the majority of the believers, those who do good and say I could have done more, and those who commit an error and come back to Allah in repentance. The third in the most elevated status is a Neptune mcma in that and that's at the cusp of the rule finding its glory before Allah

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and Nuff said, Look, my inner is a soul that finds rest, in the remembrance and in that which Allah has made halaal and finds rest and comfort in being distant from what Allah has made her on. So although we our main desire is physical gratification and sexual gratification, because that aspect is how long it is satisfied in being away from it as much more than it having fulfilled it. So it satisfaction is in the pleasure of knowing it has done what is right between itself and Allah subhanho wa Taala that causes to ascend in its nobility. So it finds ultimate Nina, it finds between itself and Allah, the soul finds rest ellerby victory lap top my inner loop and tranquility. Where

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else can a soul find its tranquility, except in remembering that it is accountable to Allah. So let's go back we said that there is better than a physical being, there is a discernment and an alcohol and intellect. And then there is the heart which can be inflamed with desire that becomes a neffs or it can be cooled and sedate and it becomes leading towards a roof that is not my inner enough. That is my inner that is tranquil before Allah subhana wa Tada. I want you to remember the three levels. And then the physical and the intellectual, our roof and neffs have called the conscious mind, right? The soul and its effect on the body. Now I want you to look at the Hadith

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that I quoted here for you. I've kept that in the Arabic text, but also the English. If you turn to the third page, you'll see that other prophets, Allah Allah and he was seldom encountered gibreel and he came in the form of a physical being in front of the Sahaba. And he asked particular questions. The first question, what is Islam? What is a man what is exam? Each of those three normally mean the same thing but when they're used in the same sentence, they mean separate parts. So the Prophet says, as we know famous in the Hadith, Islam is that you say I shall do Allah, Allah, Allah, you testify in the oneness of Allah, the oneness of the prophets, I send them this message as

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being that of the previous prophets, that he is the final messenger that you establish your prayers, you fulfill the obligation of giving charity and zeca ohms to the needy, and you fulfill the fasting of the month of Ramadan which is nearly you know less than six weeks out Allah from other living out on the line Oh Allah allow us to reach Ramadan to have a Ramadan where we are connected to you and able to worship you together in a way that we were deprived from last Ramadan Allah home of a living out of a bunny. I've heard about him in Armenia on camera, I mean, so fasting Ramadan and performing the hajj. What is he man? It is to believe in Allah to believe in the angels to believe in the

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scriptures to believe in the messengers, to believe in a day of judgment to believe in fate, good and bad is both from Allah, what is Isaan? It's that you worship Allah inwardly and outwardly as if Allah is present in your life that you can see him. And although you cannot see Allah in a physical sense in this life, that you know, he sees you at all times. Those three levels are partnered up with the three B parts of our creation. It's lamb is very

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Physical, it's about movement. It's about statements. It's about fasting. It's about giving charity. It's about running in the hydrogen, and doing all of these physical things that is meant to cater for the physical needs of your bed and to bring to your bed in a submission to Allah.

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The intellect the app requires an intellectual paradigm. And therefore the second level Islam II man, it's all intellectual to believe in God. I don't see him Allah. Do you know what me? No, no, because I believe in the unseen, the angels, the messengers, the scriptures, I haven't heard them. I've haven't seen one that's AI. But believing in that which is and beholden to you, becomes an intellectual pursuit that you hold back your mind from rejection, and you push forward in belief in that which is through the heart, and through your Auckland consciousness and acceptance. So the physical body is met by the Knesset, in that necessities of Islam, the intellectual and the rational

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discernment of your consciousness is led through your Eman. And then the third is sn your soul needs to be trained and it's training is to recognize Allah is always present, which is a mu Shahada and the practice of Assad is the practice of fulfilling Eman and Islam in a way that merges together and causes your souls effect to show in your outward movement to show in your choices of limiting yourself in the decisions you take and not take in accordance to the laws set for us by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Islam Eman and Hassan fit perfectly with the body, the mind and the soul right? Now we take it one more level. Because I want you to see the beauty of the completion of

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Islam as being a source of liberation and comfort to us as human beings. Eliana Mormon Halak wahala threefold Kabir is not the one who created most knowing of his creation and what their needs are. Right? That becomes a very powerful step. So the third step is now that we said that the things are linked together, Islam with your physicality, Eman with your intellect Isaan with your soul. So what are its effect? So then you hear the Hadith of the prophets or SLM where when he's asked who is a Muslim, he doesn't say a Muslim is the one who does Islam is the one who says a shadow is the one who does the prayer is the one who fasts and Zakah and Hajj that's not the definition given. The

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Prophet then says, and Muslim men Saleemul Muslim Muna, mainly Sunny, he was a Muslim, the one who surrenders who submits to Allah, the effect of practicing Islam shows in that their tongue and their hand, does not harm another Muslim

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Subhan Allah, what good is my Salah saying Allahu Akbar, nothing is greater than God. If I then strike out at others, if I am unashamed in my words and lies and treachery towards others, how do I believe Allah is greater than me when I hold no regard? So my effective humbling in front of Allah Allahu Akbar, and fulfilling my Salah is that I understand I'm questionable I'm going to be asked about how I conduct myself in my life. Then the Prophet is asked who is a man who is a more men, so the prophets I seldom said, Men men, any now who NASS, I am wearing him what I'm forcing. A believer isn't just righteous in their conduct with fellow Muslims and Muslim. He restricts his tongue in

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hand from other Muslims.

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A believer one who's above just merely Islam, but now is grown in there he man it's penetrated in their thoughts in their mind and their behavior is the one man Emina who knows who all of humanity find in them security for their wealth, their property and their life. So Pamela, we as the believers are meant to be the safety deposit box of the world. We are meant to be the givers of peace. The peacemakers, Blessed are the peacemakers is the word of Isa it is Salah. Right?

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When you are right you raise up another rank to the level of Sn. So the prophets I sell them said either the bathroom for us in the path. If you're about to slaughter an animal for food, do it with sn what does that mean for asiento

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Use your sn meaning, recognize that Allah is watching every moment. Don't let this animal suffer not even the pullover hair. Do it with a sharp knife in Not in front of other animals, giving it comfort. Don't let your soul be harmed by your mistreatment of even animal sallallahu wasallam and therefore, you kind of see the coherence of Islam, that when you find yourself, your body needs to reconnect with Allah. Connect with your soul, connect with your fasting, connect with your charity. That's how you realign yourself. When you find that your heart is empty of faith and you need more Eman. Begin to recite from the Quran study its meaning attend to the lessons and the classes. Learn

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about your tawheed who is a law How do I seek Him? What is my creed What is my Alfie that notice it that means often means that tying you tie your mind because you tie your heart in faith with a lot.

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And then you pursue your side which influences your mind and your body. We will continue with these discussions in the coming weeks, the evening law heated up and I pray that Allah subhana wa tada makes the time that we have spent together a time of fidelity and love and mercy and comfort that Allah Subhana Allah accept from us the little and increases us in it and that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah allows us to grow in our humility and in our care for each other. Allah whom I mean. So I'm going to look towards some of the comments some of

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the questions that may have been asked in sha Allah and we'll try to rifle through them as best as we can be evening llahi to Allah All right, let's see we got Mashallah we got people on our social media people on our website and people on Instagram, from Ethiopia from the United Kingdom, Masha Allah, Allah we got people from the Philippines from India from Egypt, South Africa, it's 4pm over there they're saying in Ivana Masha Allah from Pakistan, Allah was it were better Caleb. All right. So and of course from Perth, Masha, Allah, some of our brothers, some of my students here from Perth as well. Allahumma Zhi Hua baddeck. Yeah, or Hama rahimian? All right, let's get some of your

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questions going from some of the comments. I'm interested to hear from you, what are some of the questions that you may have. And if there are any that I can handle that relate to this, that would be wonderful. Some people are actually asking how they can handle the resource, access the resources, come towards my website, yahia, forward slash live and you'll be able to download the PDF that I've been sharing, you'll be able to access it and there'll be something that could be a benefit, in that sense. In sha Allah.

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There are those who are asking on my website, how they can download it. So in the right hand column, there should be a place where there are a couple of dots, click on the download button if it's not made active. I'll make it active soon. And shortly be evening Lehi, Tyler. All right, we'll try to get that sorted for you as much as as soon as we can. In sha Allah.

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All right, any any other

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comments, that we have any other questions that we that you have, please pass them forward in sha Allah, and I'll do my best to to take them which is a common law. All right, there's a few coming in now.

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All right, how can we elevate our soul? Well, that's going to be the the the basis of these 10 weeks in sha Allah. Now there's no quick solution. How can we elevate our soul is that it is a determined process. We have to work when FC one Massa and the whole system of the life of the Prophet is lm is what leads us to bettering ourselves bettering our soul reconnecting ourself with Allah Subhana who want to add up. All right, we got another question on our live stream if we are to show mercy towards animals. Why do Muslims practice hunting isn't that cool to animals and encouraging the building of a bad nest? Now it is how long for a person to hunt an animal just for the sake of

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hunting. animals were never hunted at the time of the prophets. I sell them for sport that was forbidden by the prophet sallallahu. It was sell them to make an animal a target just to be a target. animals were Oh

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hunted as food at the time of the Prophet Mohammed, so I sell them or to read as a pest. So if there were like hyenas that were coming into cities, they would hunt them to make sure that they kept them out of the places where they were ruining livestock or taking away young children and things of that nature. But hunting as a sport is condemned mobile in Islam, if it is taken a life that is not going to be consumed, not going to be shared with others. All right, how closely is Al Qaeda related to the character of a person

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Carrick you're out Alfie the builds character. So a person's a man in the heart must show in their practice. And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he had the best of luck because he had the greatest he man right. The amount of the prophets I seldom showed in his actions, peace and blessings upon him. And that's why I show when she's asked to describe the Prophet she said cannon for an young she been a nurse. He was a walking, talking, breathing living poor and in that sense, who demonstrated its actions. His Eman only increased through the Quran.

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Eman is not only increased through the Quran, Eman is increased through allameh lasala. through doing good deeds, and abstaining from sinful deeds. But what tells you what is good deeds is your knowledge of the Quran. What tells you of the limits of Allah is the Hadith and the sin of the prophets I sell it. And therefore knowledge becomes one of the first steps that we will study in seeking to improve our hearts, souls, minds and bodies towards the truth. How can we purify our hearts and purify our actions? So that's a dedicated process that we're going to take it's something that requires any intention in the heart and the determined effort in our

00:36:54--> 00:37:39

willingness and desire to please Allah subhanho wa Taala Adam? shares when is the next plus. Next lesson taking place next week, Wednesday, same time in sha Allah every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks. The evening lakita Allah said I'm Jeff, can you explain the concept of Hideo when we hear about his Yoda stories? They often happen in the blink of an eye. How about people searching for it for years, he daiya hedgerow yet to find them, how does a person purify themselves so that they can make and receive hedaya and make his euro towards Allah meaning that their soul inclines towards Allah Subhana Allah He Daya is a very and this is going to be one of the the sessions that we have.

00:37:39--> 00:38:29

But there is the he Dahlia of earshot where a law allows a person to see evidence is signs versus a human interaction, something that touches their heart that turns them towards something that can bring them to faith or increase their faith or cause for them repentance. And many of that roadmap of the past with you find their stories of returning to Allah as being phenomenal. One of the great people who mastered the the practice of Islam was called the yard and then called the yard used to be a brigand. He used to be a highway robber. He used to be a thief and many other things are with the villa wa rahmatullah la became one of the great icons of Islamic moderation and spirituality by

00:38:29--> 00:38:52

overcoming that because he heard one verse of the Quran, I love him yet and in Medina Avenue and Daksha, Apolo, isn't it time for the believers that their hearts humbled to Allah so as he was walking by message, he heard that recited or somebody's home, they were reciting it. And that verse fell in his heart so that he died out of earshot that points you in the right direction, by the order of Allah subhana wa Tada.

00:38:54--> 00:39:36

How can we train our souls to have full trust in Allah, especially during the hard times? So Pamela, the hard times are what allow you the opportunity to practice because if all you had was good times you begin to slip away from Allah, Allah will call him He said, I liberty that will be named up. So what I should do Minal if Taylor if delta will * that Allah test you by giving you ease and comfort is a more difficult test for you to pass in life, then by Allah taking away from you ease and comfort because when something's been taken from you, you return to Allah you say, Oh Allah help me Oh Allah make easy for me. Oh, Allah sustained me Oh Allah, I have no one but you but when you've

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

been given the world and that's what the prophet feared for us in the ashram and ecomo dunya antenna for su have had to Holika Come Come and look at him. I worry and I fear that the worldly life took SATA alikoum will be blessed to you given to you that you will compete in it in a way that will destroy you as it destroyed the nations that came before you. May Allah protect us from this era. So we must have

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Have a strategy of increasing our trust in Allah during times of difficulty, that is where we begin to learn the process. So it goes back to the rudimentary ease, the consistency of prayer, the increased ment of our charity, the fulfillment of our nefler and voluntary siyam. The increase of our remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah when hadn't dilla whether ILA and Allah Allah, say, Hola, quwata illa Billah understanding that there's no mind and power and ability or turn, except that which is provided by Allah. How can we worship Allah? When Allah doesn't ask us to spend all the day praying? So what does it mean to have Taqwa? So worshiping Allah is not meant to be the ritual

00:40:48--> 00:41:34

worship alone, your worship of Allah Rama O'Meara inlandia, Buddha, Allah, you worship Allah by being a good husband, but not being a vulgar man who uses vulgar language to their spouse, you're a good man that is pleasing to Allah, that allows your wife's heart to soften towards you. You're a good wife, by honoring your husband by doing the duties that are required for you not out of obligation but out of love, that you are a caring son, a caring mother, a caring daughter, that you're a competent teacher who puts more effort than what you're compensated for. All of those are acts of worship, if you're Nia is doing it for the pleasure of Allah and not just didn't simply for

00:41:34--> 00:42:19

the paycheck or because they're my wife or my husband. That's why I work this heart. That determined effort is a vida, the prophets I send them says allameh your Eva working is is an act of Riba if your work is to earn the halaal so that you keep your family from eating and consuming haraam, right? All of that is the concept of a bad, a bad that is defined the definition of the word bad to be a slave and servant of God who is worshipping him right? And a bad that is someone Jameer licola your hipbones Allah min Colin l fairland. l does the fund the fund? It is you do anything that Allah loves meaning that Allah told you in the Quran or sent with the prophets, I send them that this is

00:42:19--> 00:42:37

something I love for you to do or say, or to even just hold it in your heart. Just a belief in your heart is an act of Eva without a physical movement. How do we differ a particular sinful thought coming to our mind as being from the Shaitan or being from the neffs

00:42:38--> 00:43:25

the Shay thought does not influence thoughts, he just makes them bigger. So the thoughts you have are from your neffs, but the shaitan tries to amplify them. All of our negative thoughts and all of our positive thoughts are from ourselves. And the angels will increase the good deeds in our hearts by making us love them more. But the shaitaan will make our sinful deeds meaning fair seeming, that the shaitaan will deceive us, I do remove in he is an avowed enemy who tries to use our own weight against us our own thoughts against us, our own desires against us. But it's not his planting in our mind. It's not the shaitaan is living in your brain. This is a mistaken, misconceived conception

00:43:25--> 00:44:10

that has no basis in Islam, that the shaitaan moves within us by increasing our agitation, increasing our anger, increasing our jealousy, but that jealousy was there and that anger was there. And we allow the shaytaan though the opening to use it against us without saying I really will administrate on regime without making will do without standing up. If we were sitting or if we were standing we sit if we were sitting we lay down without making our cow and changing the place that we are without doing the things recommended for us to keep the shape on that day. We didn't say Bismillah when we entered our home and put on our clothes and ate our food. So therefore that which

00:44:10--> 00:44:56

is there has had something that is not meant to be with it. That is something that needs to be purified from it. Insha Allah, I never want to go over 1445 minutes. It's meant to be a session where we have a 2030 minute talk and a 1015 minute speech discussion with the questions. Although I know there will be other questions that will continue to come through. This is where I'm going to end the discussion in sha Allah and allow us to be able to move forward with our evenings and our mornings. I pray that you will join me again next week in sha Allah, Wednesday at the same time the evening Allah heeta Allah for part two of soul searching inshallah, next week we will talk about a

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sad which is cultivating our soul. So we

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They can influence our mind and then influence our body in sha Allah Subhana Allah hum ob handig eyeshadow Allah Illa Illa and as Stella Furukawa tubo lake with Salaam Alaikum, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh

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and to those who are watching