Munir Ahmed – Ramadan Reminders #1

Munir Ahmed
AI: Summary © The importance of intentions in Islam is discussed, emphasizing the need to be aware of one's intentions and avoid mixing them with anything else for maximum benefits from fasting. They also mention a woman named Maliki who talks about setting intentions for the month of fasting. The speaker discusses the concept of intentions, citing quotes from the Prophet Muhammad Sunil, and emphasizes that intentions are not just a statement about a past, but rather a past history. They also mention that people may fail to reach their goals and become unhappy with their actions, but intentions are important for achieving their goals. The speaker discusses the benefits of fasting during quarantine, including avoiding fasting during the summer and receiving discounts on upcoming meals, and addressing the issue of people not fasting during quarantine.
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Handling alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Chapelle MBA will mursaleen he was sacked me Ah my inner my body. A salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds Peace and blessings on his final messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam

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have been asked to give some short reminders

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throughout Ramadan. Despite my reluctance I'm going to

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some people may think it's

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actually it is easy to talk, but I am often reluctant to talk

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and have to be pushed and cajoled. I've been thinking for the last few days, and some of them started about doing a reminder but

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a bit engrossed in reflection and thinking and trying to be. I don't like talking too much, really. But you wouldn't think that with some of the talks and reminders coming up. But that's the reality.

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Anyway, I feel obliged and feel responsible, that I have to give some reminders and advice, responsibility to the community. So in regards to the reminder, the first one I want to talk about in trying to make the maximum

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benefit from our fasting and from the month of Ramadan, as many people who have written about this, and many people talk about this always mention it, and that is the correct intention having the right near. As a publicized well said in the mail app now live in New York was in the molekule limit in Manoa and the 100 carries on

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that these are only judged by the intention and for every person is only that which they intend. So, intention

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is crucial. I know everybody talks about it, but it is important, especially in regards to that. And this comes on not only in this study, but other studies in regards to fasting Ramadan, fasting, for example,

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the progress Iceland's said that

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Allah says have you could see which is reported in Sahih Muslim similarly mojari kulu Amel in the Adam laahu. Endless, endless Sam, in the holy war Anna an xe and carries on all of the deeds of the son or daughter of Adam, for him or her except for fasting. And the law says that is for me and I will reward for it personally. That is for me, meaning Our intention is to please Allah, we're doing this. We stopping ourselves from eating, drinking and our sexual desire between for the sake of Allah that it was stopping us. So there comes the intention.

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Policy and in a report in Buhari as I mentioned the other day as well.

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It's Allah says yes to an OSHA robber who was shocked what a woman actually zeebee he, he or she left his food and drink and sexual desire for my sake, and I will personally reward for it for my sake. Again, bringing out the intention. All of our sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, men of sama Ramadan, Eman And we're at the seibon Wilfred Allah who Metapod Domine zombie woman apama Ramadan, Eman And lastly serbin Wilfred Allahu mopod Cardamom in Zambia being there is a hadith which a Mojave Muslim saying whoever fasts Ramadan, following an unexpected reward after serban expecting more from Allah will have all their previous sins forgiven whoever stands in the night of Ramadan

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meaning night prayer doesn't mean the whole night stands in the night in night praying Ramadan full of Eman which again means with that intention. Yeah, as a believer after Serbian,

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hoping for a word from Allah with that intention again, we'll have that past sins forgiven. So intention is very clear

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in the bad and the bad of fasting in Ramadan.

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Very important. Of course, why do I mention it?

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Because, so that we don't do ourselves. So on the one hand, we're not out those who's who are. Who makes that intention. Well, you know, it's nice to do it's healthy and losing weight anyway. So that's why I'm doing it even though it's difficult. So that attitude is not correct on the other side, is also important that we don't go too extreme and wonder what is this intention, and I'm trying to grab a hold away hold of it, by, you know, all worrying about it all day and all night. That's not the way it's been left very naturally in Islam. Islam is the Dean of Petra, Dean of nature. So once he mentioned the attention, it means that we are aware as believers as to why we

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fasting and we don't mix that intention with anything else to get the maximum benefits from it, that we're doing it to please Allah subhanho wa Taala. So that will increase as the man and so on the other hand, as I said, is that some people get very obsessive about how I set my intention, have I done it at the right time, bla bla bla

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fuqaha, Allah talked about the time of making the intention.

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And certainly, I mean, like Hannah, said any time in the night optofluidic time Shafi shafia, and Hannah Bella said in the night, meaning the night before the day of the fast, Maliki has said, you can make the intention for the whole month of Ramadan, the beginning and if you have a break for any reason, for a day or two or a few days, then you make the intention again, for the rest of us. All of them are actually fine. There's a

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somebody will mentioned.

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Two or three Heidi's in this regard, specifically with fasting, Mel, Mel and your baby, you will use the siyam. Public Louis budget philosophia Mala. And similarly, in other words, is mentioned a few days in the summer, that whoever doesn't make the intention in the night, or should I say in the night before father comes for fasting, there is no fast for them. These ahadeeth various opinions amongst the fuqaha majority, however, say these are weak, they're not statements are from the profits analyzed on them.

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And even if they are they don't change anything. In this regard, we have the intention already. From the things I've said before. But the idea is with the intention is to think it is not to say something people often say Wabi Sabi, but in a way to mention, min Chateau Rama balm

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that I have made the intention to fast tomorrow from the month of Ramadan. This is a statement made by others, it is not all of Nabhi it is not a statement of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam neither Sahaba did this, we have no evidence for that at all. So there's no need

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for actually stating the intention. If people do it, that's fine. But we don't need to add this. Don't think that this, this is a draw from the prophets, Allah solum. Actually, the idea is to you go to sleep with the idea of wanting to fast the next day. And so people say, Well, what if you don't, so you get up for so long. And obviously you stop eating and drinking before you press Enter? You've made the intention by doing that. And you're thinking about that, obviously, naturally thinking about it. You don't have to make yourself think about it, specifically. So what if people fail to get up as a happen, sometimes you sleep in, and you wake up and the sun is shining, or it's

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gone past even find the time? It doesn't mean the past is not valid, you make the intention, as soon as you wake up that I'm fasting because it's Ramadan. So it counts in that regard as well. So

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intention is important, because with that emotion and the sad, that's what leads us to have our past sins being forgiven or not being pleased with us,

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at least helped in the situation with covid 19, especially in regards to standing knight in prayer, how we praise or the hijab or whatever you want to call it both is the same thing, in the sense that we're avoided the idea of showing to people that I'm coming up with our prayer, or I'm staying for eight or I'm staying No, I'm staying for 20 and people are watching so that that's all disappeared. Now is much more of an individual thing. So it actually makes the intention to please Allah a lot easier that we're in our own home. And, and, and a cleanser allows us to cleanse our heart from mixing it with any other idea that others are doing.

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So we just sort of following the crowd avoids that certainly. And that's not the reason we're fasting.

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So, it also just finally to mention, this includes those who are not fasting for various reasons, the elderly, their intention,

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the elderly, for example, or the ill,

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or those on the frontline, as I mentioned in previous reminders, who, who are

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working long hours and shifts in intensive care looking after COVID patients, etc, who are unable to fast, their intention is they want to fast, but they're taking the rocks and the facility given by a Masako, who wanted them to pass, they're taking that from Allah. So if we do it with that intention, either to pay the fibia or to make up from fast later, then we are included in this intention as well, because they're not celebrating and having a lot of jokes, because they've escaped fasting, they want to fast I know, this is the sign of belief, or whether it's the pregnant woman or the breastfeeding woman, they want to fast the old person they want to fast but they're unable to fast.

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So but that's not a given that facility. So they're included in this, those who are included in the rewards and blessings of the month of Ramadan, even though they're going too fast at a later stage to make up the past or pay the fee The other thing the fifth year as a compensation for the past that they are missing. So they are included in that one who fasts Ramadan follow Eman and they expect anyone from Allah will have their previous sins forgiven and this is important for us to remember

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in regards to those who are not fasting, mela SATA guidance, keepers and guided right and give us the maximum benefit from this wonderful month of forgiveness mercy and blessings. Our call volume Hello Mustapha. Truly welcome in the world. Wonderful Rahim. Somali Guatemala

Ramadan Reminders 1 – Intentions During Ramadan
Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed provides the first of a number of Ramadan Reminders on behalf of Altrincham & Hale Muslim Association and Chapter 25.

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