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The speakers discuss the concept of "the culture of Islam" and its negative consequences, including physical harm and negative consequences of sh matter. They stress the importance of avoiding fraud and avoiding fraud in modern times, as well as avoiding fraud and avoiding major Bad luck. The speakers also emphasize the need for legal protection for privacy laws and the importance of avoiding bad behavior. The Sharia law is discussed as a way to increase wealth and profitability, with emphasis on avoiding major Bad luck and avoiding major punishment. The importance of privacy laws is also emphasized.

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James Miller man Rahim Assalamualaikum once again.

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Mr. Romani was ex principal of mine. And I never got a hiding from him. I only go to hiding from one one teacher, Chef father, when he heard I, when I was in mitrik. And he said, you know, have you ever gotten it wished? And I said, No, I was in Saudi, I never got a K. They don't have corporal punishment. He said, You can't finish school without get without cleaning. And he insisted, so I got a hiding from Shephard level that if

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Alhamdulillah, we are only the products of our of our teachers and our parents, may Allah bless them and honor them. Whatever good we do is in the scales of goodness, I mean, and we hope that we fulfill the potential that they have, you know, put on us and guided us to I mean, this topic inshallah of Riba it's not a topic that I like to talk about. In reality, if you follow my lectures, if you come to Ronald Islam as read, I'm a firm believer that you don't come to the masjid and hear how deep in janome you're going to be. And that's sometimes what we feel, I don't want you to leave a talk feeling despondent, feeling negative. And, therefore, I begin with a bit of a caveat with a

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bit of a disclaimer, that number one, this area of of discussion is controversial. Shouldn't be but it is controversial. It's a bit negative, which I as I said, I don't like giving negative i don't like giving bad news, but the is a bitter pill to swallow. And it is something unfortunately, that affects most of us. And it's one of those sins that, you know, we find almost acceptance. It's easy for us not to accept murder, or stealing or drinking, but the rebar, we don't put it on the level of seriousness as we should. And therefore I'm not here to condemn anyone, and whatever happens in the month of Ramadan, that whatever is in the past is in the past that Allah subhanaw taala we make

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October and we reform from way forward. So this topic inshallah, as I said, it's not to scare anyone but it is to have consciousness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And before I enter, with that slight introduction, also what I'll be discussing, it's only a few of in a half an hour talk. This modern interest is a very detailed very specialized area, that you need a high level of expertise in this area, and I expertise in terms of modern economics, so I'll be speaking more on the classical side, what does it mean in the Quran, recite those verses, what was understood in the time of the prophet SAW sent them and from the further on, you can do further research and study into modern times.

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So our objectives is I would like you to understand what what is Riba? What Riba is in the classical terms in the Quran, I want to focus very much on putting in our minds the seriousness of this issue of Riba and I want to end up with a bit of forgiveness and ways in which we can move forward from the

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Riba as I said, the term you know, understand one thing that the word that the the term Riba is unanimously agreed is haram and it is one of the major sins but where the debate comes in is, is this transaction a Riba transaction or not? That is the debate as to what falls within this bucket of Riba once you in the bucket of rebar. Everyone agrees, rebar is is haram and is one of the major sins so let's go back to the time of the prophet SAW Selim. When they say the Riba, what was understood in the minds of the Sahaba and the layman in general, the Muslim and non Muslim when he said the Riba, what did they understand? linguistically, the word Riba refers to the Irabu it means

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to increase or grow, it is something in excess of the base, it is something more than the original. So it's a surplus. That's what the word Riba means it's a positive or negative connotation, depending on where you where you look, I'm going to share a perspective in the Sharia, it is the measure of excess in one thing, when two things are being exchanged in a barter transaction. And again, this will get a little more into the it'll become clearer when we get to that were two people gave barter transactions, when there was an increase in that that was the rebar and in the case of a loan with someone linked an amount of gold, and you pay back the capital with a bit of more excess,

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something more. I know that again, this is a it was looking at me, everyone's on about 52 by now by 30%, too, as we get to the end the military token, Sharia and numbers, it's difficult. So bear with me in sha Allah, and I know it's a technical a bit of a technical issue in show what will become clearer with time and stop me if you have a question. You know, I'm you know, to actions. If you have a question, please raise your hand.

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So in order in the in the times of the J helia, and we call this the Rebbe of Jamelia. There are two types of Riba transactions which are prevalent. The first would be the loan

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When a man would say, you know, lend me 1000 100 kilos of gold. And then he says no problem in one year's time you pay me one and you know, 150 kilos of gold. And this was the Riba that is mentioned in the Quran and Swartz mentioned. The ayat will speak about that's the one type. The other type of Riba, which was prevalent was in terms of a data. So I come and I say, look, can I buy X amount of dates from you, and I'll pay you the 100 grand that I owe you, in a month's time, no problem. In a month's time, the creditor, the supplier comes and he says, Do you have my 100 grand? And he will say, No, I don't have you on the train. So he says, no problem, you can pay me next month. But now

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it's 110 grand. And this is how the rebar progress. So it was based on the loans where you paid a repayment that was more than the original amount. And number two, it was in terms of a business transaction, your data, and you pay more than the original price, because you want a time extension instead. So this is what the Riba was, in the time in the context of the prophet SAW Salem, and every IRA you will see now that refers to this concept of rebar. And we can really see in modern times this is still applicable. And in reality, yes, they are very detailed transactions about rebar, very finite, very high in in depth study of rebar. But I'd say for the majority of us, we

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perhaps fall into these two brackets. When the when do we become in contact with Riba when we go to the bank to loan some money to buy our car or house and we pay more to the bank than we separate, then we originally linked or number two, we want to buy something on credit. And the cost that we will pay on labor, or whatever it might be, is more than its original cost. And most of us that sweep, I'd say 90 plus percent of us fall into when we have a rebar transaction into those two areas. So let's not be confused, that we're talking about something external to us. And when we go through these is actually the V ski is very, very scary is to think this is how close we're getting

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to a very dangerous area.

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So let's go through some of the ayat of the Quran the about 13 is in the Quran, which refer to river and these ayat that I've selected, basically will encompass the understanding of Riba and you'd see it's a stage progression. Allah subhanho wa Taala, reformed the Society of the Muslim in through step by step. So Allah began when he spoke about the Riba This was soon after the hicieron. So to room where Allah says, Whatever you pay as interest, so that it may increase the wealth of people does not increase in the sight of Allah. Allah really began by explaining that the Riba based transactions will not reap any dividends in the dunya and in the AF era. And I will liken this to

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someone who would say, you know, what, if I lend an amount from the bank, I can buy a nice apartment, I can rent that apartment out, the rental payment I get is more than I need to I need to repay the bank say 7000 and so I bought a 700,000 rent to buy this apartment, I need to pay back to the bank 7000 rent, but I can rent that apartment out for 10,000 rent, which means I pay the bank back and I pocket 3000 so I've made a clean 3000 Rand with no effort. Allah says if you indulge in a Riba transaction, understand that Allah will take out any form of Baraka in that, yes, your bank balance might go up. But you don't know around the corner what calamities Allah has now put in your

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way, what, what other areas of your life Allah has taken away the blessings from it, that's only in the dunya. And in the accuracy panela, it can be so much worse. So Allah says, Allah began by saying, avoid Riba because it's not going to be in your benefit in the dunya and the afro.

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When the language becomes more serious, Allah says, Oh, you who believe if you have a man who believes me and you if you have a man, do not devour Riba, making it double and redouble. And be careful of what you may have Allah have Taqwa of Allah, so that you may be successful. So Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is towards obviously, it's the lender. If you lending money, if you have money, and you lend it, and you increase and add a premium each time, then Allah subhanaw taala says, beware of Allah, if you want to be successful, and I'll just give you a warning. Now, do not go into a transaction. If you want to lend someone money, lend it interest free. If you want to

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invest money and make money, then be a partner with that person. And be a partner with that person. And the question usually comes up and says, you know, Chef, my brother in law he wants in eat some money from me half a million Rand to start his business. If I were to put that off a million Rand in places or whatever it might be, I will get a return. If I lend this man money, and he gives me back my 500,000 Rand, I've lost out

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And I'm just making a distinction here. loans are not business, a person who comes to you for a loan. He's in need. You don't profit on the need of someone else. But if you want to enter into a partnership with him when she the risk with him, and look at the difference of this look at this issue. Someone comes to me he wants to he has a great business idea. Leave me half a million Rand. I lend him the money. I say next year you pay me

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an extra 100,000 you pay me back 600,000 Rand, if that business goes bankrupt, he still owes me 600,000 Rand Yes, I got 100,000 for doing nothing this person now he's lost his capital and he owes me more than original right? So you making profit of a needy person whereas if you wanted to make a profit, profit with an F right the pH profit with an if you see in the risk, become my partner. You bring the capital I do the work if it's successful, we say if it's a failure, we shame that failure. This is the concept of of this almost explaining you do not confuse loans do not make business out of a loan and double and triple keeping the data permanently indeed.

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The language becomes most of you oh you will believe Yeah, you will let me know if you have a man. Have consciousness have Taqwa of Allah and give up of what remains of a Riba if you are believers. Allah is challenging your Eman. Stay away from Riba completely if you are true believers, Don't make excuses. Don't look for loopholes. Don't look for that gray area, stay away from it completely. And if you do not do so, then receive a declaration of war from Allah and His Messenger as a serious language. Allah says, I declare war on you, if you do not stay away from Riva and if you but if you repent, you shall have your capital sums, you will not lose out the initial loan that you gave. You

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do not deal do not deal unjustly and you are not dealt with unjustly remember Allah subhanaw taala saying that this whole issue of Riba is about justice, you will not be done, you will not be done in by the Sharia and you should not do others in that you should be faith and Allah will treat you fairly. Allah subhanho wa Taala does not appreciate you and therefore you are in a position of power. You don't oppress others.

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So very CDC analysis if you have a man stay away from Lima, and if you don't, then I declare war new Elian is also declared war on you.

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Allah subhanaw taala mentioned to the Baccarat those who eat Riba those who acquire and get to the bar doesn't say when it's one Rand or a million Rand, even if it's one cent of Riba, those who acquire eat Riba, they will not stand on the day of karma, except like the standing of a person beaten by shaitaan leading him to insanity What this means is, Allah protect us if you get into any different topic altogether gene and these kind of things when shaytaan and it happens when a person is touched by shape or gene. They have they have some gene problems. One of the one of the things that happens to them is they have epilepsy or foot's.

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And it gives us a very different topic altogether. Most times the issue is on genius mental medical problems, but people who genuinely have gene problems. If shaitan touches a person, it leads them to insanity. So Allah says unki Amma, the one who has Riba on his account, he will stand like a person who has mental with deranged, he will be having foot's he will go into yoga, you'll be paralyzed, you'll be shaking, these are the things this is the way a level is linked to NPM. And remember this different way some will be restricted, beautiful shining, others will be restricted in ugly forms, but Allah protect us some will be restricted blind because they turned away from the signs. So the

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person of Riba Allah says you'll be resurrected like the one being possessed by shavonne, leading him to insanity. That is because they said, and this is the excuse they made, that training is like an eba and eba and business is the same. So the same thing, you bought it interest we call it profit. What's the issue? It's semantics. Allah says they say that trading is only like Riba whereas Allah has permitted trade and is forbidden forbidden Riba don't mix the two up. So it receives an admonishment whoever receives a warning or even receives an a guidance from his rub. Stop eating a river stay away from it shall he shall not be punished for the past. He's cases for Allah what

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you've done in the past. And that's the point I want to make all sorts of towards the end. What we've done in the past, taqwa and forgiveness removes the past. So we move forward from today. So this is whatever we did in the past. It's in the past, we make Toba but we even returns and goes back. Such are the dwellers of the Fire and they will abide the so this is a very, very serious punishment in pm.

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Allah says he will destroy a Riba and he will get

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Increase in sub account meaning all kinds of Riba will ultimately lead to your destruction in the dunya. And your wealth might increase, but Allah will then take away the Baraka in your kids or your health. So every time you take that, that extra interest that you're going to acquire, think about what else Allah is not taking away from you. The blessings in your marriage, the guidance of your kids span a lot, you're going to take that risk and Allah says he will give increased support and he will and Allah likes not the disbelievers and the sinners. Again, Allah is equated Heba with disbelief and support today in Ramadan people are always you find out hamdulillah so many good

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projects and you might feel if I give, I'm giving sebata I'm losing out. Allah says you're not losing out. You might feel bank balance might go down today but tomorrow something else more profitable will come in your will come your way. Truly those who believe and do deeds of righteousness and performance salah and give us like a they will have the reward with their unnim shall be no fear. No shall they grieve? This is the dunya and akhira oh you believe be afraid of Allah and give up what remains from arriba how many times is already Peter this keep up and stay away from Riba? Don't make excuses. Don't look at the bottom line. Think about the duck, I think

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about the afro

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in terms of so those are the eyes of the Quran. And as I said, we only use the Riba explain what is it about one of the points Allah made he said, when you learn to not take w Tripoli do not leak you can edit your data pay you back in excess of the capital amount. Already we saw from the if Reba was that additional amount to a loan.

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And from the IRS, we may say it's all about the lender. It's all about the guy who gives the loan and he takes back it but what about the one who pays it? We'll get to that? That's the question that brother wants to ask us. We'll get to that. So so far, let's just do a quick recap. What is the Quran says the Quran is said there will be no blessing for you in the river. You will not make a profit if you involve yourself in a deeper transaction. If you lend money and you demand any excess whether it is one read 1 million then that is Riba Allah subhana wa Taala declares one you stay away from it and it is severe punishment in kiama you'll be restricted by law particulars insane and your

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destination is Jana. So it's I don't like to put people in jail number these are the ayat of the Quran, not my opinions or any scholarly opinion, black and white in the Quran. We don't deny it with Alhamdulillah Allah that's your that's your guidance we submit. Let's go to the Hadeeth and let's see this more clarification the prophets RS and MCs avoid the seven great destructive sins so in Islam we also have seven deadly sins. Allah says not it's not major sins it's actually destructive movie caught the things that will destroy you completely, and Allah and then the Prophet lists them What are these sins? Yeah, Allah number one to commit to worship anyone besides allies the worst of

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the worst, to practice magic and sorcery to communicate with jinn to kill that life to kill someone without which Allah has forbidden to eat the wealth to eat at night. So number four on the list is to eat Riba when to eat the wealth of the orphan and you can actually see this is in levels of security, obviously schilke is worse. Then, then sorcery because also poofer and then murder, and then the Rebbe is even before taking the wealth of an orphan. And you find maybe an organization may not be the case you find out the director was stealing the orphans money was panelo what kind of 40 person is listening to rebuys even worse than that, right, to take to eat Riba and to eat the wealth

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of the orphan, to flee in the backlog into Jihad and he turns his back and he deserts his comrades, and he causes them to lose the battle, to accuse a chaste woman of Zina to accuse a chaste woman of Zina and she cannot commit Zina. So these are as a lot as the Prophet mentions the seven destructive sins, the Rebbe is one of them. So it's not only it's all from the Quranic area, we find it's major. And, and we'll get towards the end of my presentation, there's something on major sins and I just want to touch on the sins of two types, minor and major and our losses if you avoid what is major of sins, the minuses, we can't ever get away from them, it's natural will always fall into it. But if

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we avoid the major sense, then Allah promises as you come to kalon Pm with zero major sense, a level forgive all your minuses and you will interject and we'll get to that. Right if you avoid the major sins, unless I will automatically forgive all the minuses, no questions asked, and you'll go to agenda. So what are the major sins? There's no clear definition but the Rama mentions any sin which Allah promises is serious in the Quran. That is a punishment that is called a major sin. So yeah, obviously the seven sins are major because the profits on cc these are the seven biggest sins. There are others as well. Xena isn't on the list here. Obviously drinking hammer any sin which has a

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penalty in the dunya or Allah mentions the penalty in the Acura is a major

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There's about 40 of them or more between 40 or so that are masons avoid them. And you have a guaranteed place in general, I mean,

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the prohibition of interest. So the province also mentions and again, I'm going through the seriousness of Riba on the Iranian Mirage when the Prophet of the saw intragenic them, he saw a specific punishment for those who consumed Riba that they were in a river of blood. And the angels were throwing them with stones, forcing them to swallow it leaking, they bought the belly swell and swell and swell. Now that is mentioned that they eat people tune in now, they actually these are not just stones, but these are called burning coals eating into your stomach. And this is what Ally's mentioning, that the punishment, the punishment you'd find in the kiama is commensurate, it is

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similar to the sun in the dunya, the person who committed a certain sin in the dunya, the punishment will be like that in the pm in kiama. So a specific place for those who consume the rebar is a special punishment for them.

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And of the signs of piano is that everyone will be touched with any bar, unfortunately. And it's not to be fatalistic and say, Well, if everyone is going to be touched by rebar, then what's the point? The point is that the promises is some will be touched with the fire of Riba and some will be blackened with its smoke only for this degrees of the punishment. And we'll talk and we'll get to Heidi, which mentioned that the Rebbe has degrees of it, but everyone and except those very special few who try the best will avoid it. But the Jin Allah prophet is telling us basically a time will come when the economics and the prevailing circumstances of the time would be that it's unavoidable

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almost it would seem unavoidable that everyone feels I have to get involved in some labor transaction and this is one of the signs of pm and we living through those times.

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This is very dangerous Heidi things Pamela is mentioned even imager, and it is the you know, the scholars have graded it so a modern scholars have said it's on the level of Buhari in terms of its authenticity. The prophecies the Rebbe is of 70 types, meaning has degrees. The least form of Riba is like having dinner with one's mother, these are the words of the prophets of Salaam, nazionale, Moshe, this is the words of the prophets of Salah, the seriousness of this matter. And as I said,

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Why this issue is so controversial and contentious is because we can all when I speak about Xena, we can all eject you know, no problem. We can already check murder and killing. But the Rebbe, this is degree of acceptance in our community What's so bad about it. And when we just look at the ayah and the Hadith, we see that this is a very, very serious matter, it is one of the most serious of sins. It is just it's on par with Xena and murder and those kind of very bad sins. In fact, it's it's even worse it looks like from these I've been drinking and eating haram Riba is actually a degree above that the language is more severe.

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So why is labor so bad? You know why? What makes it so bad? I can understand killing you so bad.

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When we look at our society today, the economics of the world today, you know, so how about in the time they did not get to see the full extent and the wisdom of the Sharia. We live in a time where we can see societies built on a foundation that is not under Sharia what happens to it, and Allah speaks about stay away from Xena, if you don't do that, you're going to find aids, you're going to find families that are broken, you're going to find women that are being swaddled what's happening to our women in the news. mela, protect us daughters and girls What's happening? Right? So these things if we don't follow these rules, per the Sharia piece of the consequences to your society. And

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we just need to look at the modern economics that we're in to understand the evils of Riba. That report came out earlier in the year that three people in South Africa control 50%, or they have the wealth equal to 50% of the rest of the population, three people, she took the wealth of the bank accounts of the 28 million South Africans, three people own that amount of wealth. And globally, eight people own the wealth of 50% of the entire population. Now, for people to have such, you know, obscene amounts of wealth, and you see people dying of starvation, this cannot be normal, you know, your economic status cannot be normal. And it is a product of the system that we in, you know, we've

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all played Monopoly. And that is really how this world works, the economics of our time, that these one winner and even as losers, that inequality is only increasing. It is designed for those who have wealth to remain wealthy, that you lend your money out risk free, and you get a share of the profits without any effort. And we live in a society, we really began out of balance that a certain segment of the population, whichever way it was taken, they they hold all the cards, they hold all the wealth of the nation.

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They will forever keep that wealth, so long as we in the system. What it does, I mean, just think of it because of the system. My kids, your kids are disadvantaged, you want to go to a school, the top schools on a certain area, but you can't get and they'll say, look, it's free, everyone can apply. But we only give positions to kids in this area. Now how do I get to loving that area? Well, you have to pay 5 million Rand and you need to get a bond to get that.

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We live in a free and equal society. But really, because of this economic system, we are disadvantaged your kids, my kids are suffering because of that, because of the system. And what we see in terms of crime, we see that we are not safe. We see it's all linked to, or one of the big reasons is the economic inequality that we have, that for 20 years, people are still living in, you know, the worst kind of situations. And the people who have wealth just are getting wealthier and wealthier. This is because of rebar. And if you look at more shocking statistics, countries in the world spending more money to repay the debt, they took a loan, because they were in need, they had

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to build. They had to build power plants, they had to build dams, they had to build schools. So they took a loan from the World Bank 10 years later, they pay more to repay that World Bank than they are paying for schools and infrastructure, and the kids will inherit that date. And this is the way of the economics of our time. That the this is the economics of our time. So just to recap on the CD system, I said number one, I want you to understand

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two things I said number one, so far the classical form of rebar was number one, when someone gave a loan and took back more. That was rebar. Number two, when someone you know he bought an item and he couldn't repay after a month, the next year to repay plus a penalty that was Riba This is in the put on the two types of Riba and then all the all the punishments and as a lot attached to Riba it will not increase your wealth, there's been no success for you in the dunya. These war with a lion is that our soul standing like a mad personal piano, Allah promises destruction in the dunya they after Allah said the punishment of fire, it's of the seven most destructive since it's like Xena, like

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one's mother, it is the sun. We'll talk about the sun shade, but others that the Baraka is lost in that, that you'll do ours will not be accepted. Or maybe one of the reasons why we don't every you know, one of the reasons why we don't have rain, if you look at the Hadeeth one of the reasons why Allah removes rain is when our financial affairs in order.

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The rain is seen as a charity from Allah, it is a blessing, Allah gives it as a blessing. And when we are corrupt in our dealings with money, and in specifically, we don't pay Osaka and any other kinds of Riba based transactions, that's when the rain is withheld. So Al Hamdulillah for the rain coming yesterday, and

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we can see our dependency on a lot, a lot also fine, you can have your Riba and you can have the biggest bank account, I will withhold the rain, but what is the benefit of your even your wealth doesn't help you. No matter how much money you have, you can't make the income down. So almost pantalla sees if your fee was on this fee with you.

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It is the method of today, the poor countries are getting poorer and they remain poor. You know, it's so unfair, that the colonial countries who ravaged and raped the world of its resources, once they've had all the power, they've said, Now let's be free and fair, where everyone is equal to pursue their own objectives. But you're living in a system where you will always be indebted and in need of those who have. And it's designed. It's an it's, it's a form of slavery without any chains and shackles. But it's still slavery. It's still slavery. And if you just need to look at 20 years on, the haves have just gotten more and those who are poor and destitute or just getting poorer.

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It's the economics is developed like that.

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It encourages stagnation. It encourages you not to do anything that if you have, well, you just loan the money and you get you get returns for doing nothing. It's enslaves you in the dunya. And it's a universal you know, it's universally regarded as evil. If you go to the Bible, and the Torah, even the corrupted versions of it, if you go to the the Vedas, the transcript of the of the of the Hindus, the Buddhists, they will all speak out against the Riba it's universally seen as an evil to profit off the needs and exploit the poor. It's universally seen as, as evil. How much time do we have? The five Okay, inshallah.

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So, those are all from the Quranic speakers, but to understand that even more, and it goes beyond as the brother asked the question, what about the prayer? The show the Hadith of the prophets of Salaam gives us more understanding and we shouldn't have this mindset that Oh, that's good. And this hadith last pantalla says that whatever separates between online is real soon. This is a serious sin that Allah He will anticolonial However, he speaks not from himself, but he speaks from Allah Spano Tata

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promises is the Messenger of Allah curse, the one who accepts Riba and the one who pays it. And most of us, we form on the other side. I don't think any of us who are banks that are lending money, but we are loaning money from the bank. And that's where the Prophet Allah says that it is cursed both the one who pays it and the one who consumes it. And even more all encompassing, whoever basically enables the transaction. So river transaction there's a few parties to it is the one who loans the money and takes the Riba The one who pays the Riba, the one who the lawyer withdraws from the contract, the witnesses who stamped and approved whoever was involved in authorizing the

00:30:42--> 00:31:14

transaction, the promises, the messenger Allah curse, the one who consume the Riba, the one who gives it the one who writes it down, the one who witnesses he said all of them are equal in sin. So the Prophet has made a distinction that those sins we spoke about Nicaragua is dealt between all the parties who are party to authorizing that that transaction. So anyone who in his job and others is really dangerous, maybe you work for a bank, maybe you work in a company where you need to calculate interest. Well, you need to sign off on a document whether the business is going to loan some money.

00:31:15--> 00:31:23

Anyone who is party to authorizing the transaction, not my words, words of Rasulullah saw Salam as in Sahih Muslim, but all of them she in that sin

00:31:28--> 00:32:07

Riba when the prophets of Salaam when when a step further and this is this is dealing with a gray area is and this I said is not so much which those are these are the areas that really affect us because most of us I said, when do we get into Riba when we loan money to buy a house or car and that is clearly River. But the province of Salaam went a little further. And in this hadith below the line famous below, he comes from an obese asylum, and he wants to give them a gift of of dates, very nice dates, very real dates. So the professor asked Milan, Milan, we need to get these dates. So I had to two kilos of inferior dates. And there was a manual kilo of superior dates. So we

00:32:07--> 00:32:21

swapped you give me two kilos. You give me the one kilo good dates, I give you two kilos of inferior dates, on the face of it. What's the issue? Definitely the kilo of superior dates is more valuable than a kilo of inferior dates and promises. This is a river.

00:32:23--> 00:33:04

And this is this is where the confusion comes in. Why isn't the Rebbe the Prophet, we'll see. Rather what you should have done is sold you two kilos of dates in the open market got some gold or silver and then buy that one kilo. Why? Because there's a degree of exploitation potential for exploitation. You both don't know the value of your dates, there is a potential of causing some kind of friction and he says this, in itself is also a kind of Riba. So the problem is going a step further and saying, beyond loans, and beyond deaths, ethical business transactions, is also comes into the level unethical business transactions falls inside the scope of river that any form of

00:33:04--> 00:33:45

exploitation and that's really the essence of Riba. It's about exploitation. Anything which could come will lead to exploitation is Riba another example once a hobby he had he bought a necklace of gold, right? So he was the guy selling a Nicholas, he bought this necklace for X amount of money. When he eventually value this necklace, he found that the gold that he got in the necklace was even more than the gold that he paid, plus the obviously the jewels are the gems, when he told the prophets of Salaam, the prophets on says that this is a type of rebar. So you mentioned this, the Prophet replied, It must be sold until the contents have been valued, that this is also an area of

00:33:45--> 00:34:23

river that these degree of exploitation, any transaction when there's uncertainty you find is haram in complete unsaid. But if I say you know what, I'm going to give you a million Rand for whatever your crops produce next year. Now it's a bit of a gamble. Either the crops can be more than a million or could be less This is how, why there's a degree of exploitation, there's an uncertainty when one is going to lose and no one can benefit. If it's a fantastic harvest, the farmer lost out its Panama is a lead with resentment in his heart, it's a total disaster, you find a million for nothing. The Sharia does not want a business transaction where there's a winner and a loser or all

00:34:23--> 00:34:40

it should be mutually beneficial for everyone. That's the business ethics. So this also took this concept of Riba a lot further and rebar was of the last things that he made her on towards the end. And therefore this is these are the kind of Hadith that have some kind of ambiguity we listen.

00:34:41--> 00:34:43

And I say this is beyond our scope, I think about discussion.

00:34:44--> 00:35:00

The prophets was a type of Riba is when one person bids up the price, so you know, we go into an auction and want to sell my property on the open market. My brother is in the crowd and he keeps bidding up the price even though he doesn't want to buy it. He bids up the price, so that any genuine

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

doesn't want to buy it, but someone else has to buy the higher price versus EPA as well. The provinces is a curse taker of Riba. Why cuz unethical. So profit has gone beyond the normal scope. And I said this is the more in depth analysis of Riba To conclude, and I'm really, I don't want to conclude that if we fell into it and we feel and when people hear this they feel very guilty. And it's fun as part of the taqwa to feel a degree of guilt that I you know, I took out a loan on my house I'm still paying I can't undo it. I'm still locked in I can't tell the bank I'm not gonna pay. What do I do?

00:35:35--> 00:36:13

The profits are often be going wrong direction. This is the I mentioned Allah subhanho intestinal cavallino mattone honan, who naka francomb see it come if you avoid the major sins, Allah promises as this so if you haven't gotten into any of these major sins, and you avoiding and you haven't gone close to Riba, Allah says if you avoid the major sins, we will look at fit Allah is saying he will like you know to disbelieve, cover to cover, you will completely cover up your mind essence one of the maternal Karima and will include agenda kiama if you come no major sins on your account, no matter how big your minuses are, and how few your good deeds Allah, Allah, your good deeds are Allah

00:36:13--> 00:36:19

promises to wipe away those medicines and I will introduce the agenda. So avoid it don't put you at risk.

00:36:22--> 00:37:01

And if we have fallen into it, don't lose hope also fantasies one of the most famous, my favorite Ayat of the Quran cleobury alladhina, asafoetida to see him, all my servants, my slaves who have transgressed against themselves, Allah says to the promises and say to the slaves of mine and the good ones, not the only ones who are pious to the centers, the ones who have committed all kinds of evil evil, la Rahmatullah. Don't give up on Allah's mercy. In a lawyer for the robber Jamia, he forgives all the sins if you ask. And the very very last thing I promised the last the last Hadeeth perhaps my favorite, my most favorite howdy? Allah Spangler says Oh, son of Adam, as long as you

00:37:01--> 00:37:41

call upon me and you put your hope in me, I forgiven you what you have done, and I don't mind, no questions asked. Whether it is murder, Xena rebirth, whatever it is asked me, I will forgive. And I don't ask any questions. I don't mind. I guarantee that to you. Oh, son of Adam. If your sins were to reach the clouds of the sky 70 years of sin and now you want to make Toba it's reached the clouds of the sky, then I will forgive you. So there is no reason to feel paralyzed by what we've done in the past. The Nia is from today inshallah matobo. Whatever we've done with it a small one of us might have a delay by account by the increase in our credit card. We paid 130 but it's quite small.

00:37:42--> 00:37:59

It counts against our name, Allah forgive us. We might have a loan. Currently we have a loan with the bank, we can't get out of it. Now forgive us. We make the turbomeca testify. And remember the one who sin is forgiven. He gets a higher place in sha Allah. So Allah subhana wa Taala is looking at it for that sincerely, and that is a tough one.

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To wipe away all my sins, I mean, well solarsystem hamadryad earlier episode mursaleen let me

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know some questions

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