Self-compassion In Times Of Hardship

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Ashraful Ambia you want to mursaleen Nabina Muhammad in while early he was Sufi as your main woman sir I learned her Ji laomi Deen

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it about Allah it duckula haka to Clottey while atta moto Nila and to Muslim moon. Yeah are you living in

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a taco la Hawa co lo Coblenz sadita. Your Slocombe armella calm while the fiddler calm zunow back home 180 I love her water Sula, who forgot the fares 1000 of Lima and my bad for an obstacle Hadith Nikita Allah. Wa Hyrule howdy howdy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were short on Ohmori Mahathir to her Wakulla Mata setting he had a de Nibi Dalton worku 15 Allah Allah, what could not Allah Allah infinite

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or praise and gratitude belongs to Allah our Creator.

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We seek His help, we seek his refuge. Mais prayers and blessings be on to his messenger Muhammad, peace be upon him, his family, and all those who follow him in righteousness till the last hour.

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My brothers and sisters as to what follows a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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Before I begin, I just like to make a note that this is not a real zoom or our hotbar. This is a virtual hotbar just so that we can connect ourselves to the beautiful memory of our zoom Aha. And the hope was that we used to attend before the lockdown May Allah subhanho wa Taala bring about ease and comfort to the Muslim ummah and to the rest of the people of the world. May Allah Subhana Allah guide us and return us back to remembering Him and to our Salah in the message it mean so please do not pray the Juma prayer after this. It will not be accepted. And it is not valid to pray behind me as your Imam unless we were in a masjid together and we were all physically connected. My brothers

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and sisters,

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as we have advertised the topic for today insha Allah is about self compassion in times of hardship.

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Many Muslims around the world neglect themselves thinking that they're not allowed to have compassion towards themselves.

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I'm going to say that it is part of the Quran and Sunnah.

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That the first and foremost focus is actually on the self. We are not talking about selfishness or greed, or ego or self desires. We are talking about monitoring ourselves and sticking within the boundaries that Allah subhanho wa Taala has guided us to, but at the same time, not to go too extreme on ourselves, either this way towards seriousness and hardship and to not to go to extremes in the path of ease and negligence, where we forget our duties and responsibilities. Allah said in the Quran, worker that he can Jaiden

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motto was self taught. And behold, we have made you and Muslims a nation, which is balanced, not too extreme in either way. Allah has sent down our deen My dear brothers and sisters as a balanced religion. We are not extreme in either way. At the same time, we have to look after ourselves, for if we can't breathe, how can we help others around us breathe? If you're a parent, and you don't look after your own well being how can you look after your children's well being or your spouse's well being? My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. Once there was the companion segment and Pharisee and the companion I would err on the Allahu Anhu met. The Prophet peace be upon him had made them a

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special type of brothers. They had to look after free after each other in Medina, one day sent men and Pharisee went to visit his brother, I would do that. And he wasn't home, his wife answered, and he found her in an undesirable state. She had old clothing, and she looked quite neglected. So he went looking for him and found him in the masjid and ordered him to come home. He was fasting that day and send manifests he said break your fast I would do that. He said you took me from the masjid and now you want me to break my voluntary fast? He said yes. Then the sleeping time came and he said to him, I would doubt that you're going to sleep. You're not going to stay awake. And then

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They woke up later on. I would doubt that went to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and complained about us and manufacturers he was doing about that that thought that by staying in the masjid all the time, praying all the nights and fasting all the day was something that Allah is pleased with. But on the contrary

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the prompts are seldom asked him What does someone say to you? But they're there and he said he says to me, yeah about the lira because I like a hug. Well is he gonna like a hug well enough cigar like a hug over there. Your Lord has a right upon you. Your wife has a right upon you and your own well being your mental and physical state had its own right upon you. Faculty couldn't do the cooler the How can haka. Give each one of them their right in do balance. Don't give one more than the other.

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The point of this hadith My dear brothers sisters, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him, sadaqa said man Sadako Sandman, Sandman has spoken the truths and man has spoken the truth. Therefore, our mental state, our physical state, our health and our deen all of it has its right. And we must also look after it for it is a trust. Once a man was in the masjid, and he was called Abu Abu Abu. He was called Abu Omar from the unsought. The prophets Allah Salam entered and saw him sitting in a corner of the masjid outside of the time of Salat. He approached him sallallahu alayhi wa salam because He is compassionate. And he put his arm around his shoulder and said, Oh, abou Oh, mama, why is it that

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I see you in the masjid at a time when it's not time for SONET? Are you okay? And he was full of sadness and worry. He said, Yeah rasool Allah, the worries of life, the hardships of life, and the depths. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said to him, do you want me to teach you some words that will relieve you of your hardships, your worries and your debts? He said, Yes. Yeah, Rasul Allah. He said, say, every time you go to sleep, and every time you wake up Allahumma net Oh, there'll be bigger Middleham me well has an O Allah, I seek Your protection from sadness and worry. And I seek Your protection from being lazy, or inactive. And I seek Your protection from being cowardice or

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fearful. And, Oh Allah, I seek or protection from falling into debt and overcoming me and I seek Your protection from the hardship and abuse of men.

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The man said after that, Allah's pantalla relieves me of my worries and my debt. My brothers and sisters, we need to remember Allah subhanaw taala in our times, and we need to make moments where it's between us and Allah, where you look after yourself. The Prophet salallahu Salam was not concerned too much about his debts and his worries, as much as he was concerned about his well being and his health. Why? Because worries that and hardships in life are all temporary. Every hardship, every disease, every sickness, our current condition now with the Coronavirus in a disease and the fears that people have around the world, whatever that fear is, it is temporary my brothers and

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sisters and it will be lifted. And there is a reason why we're going through this let us understand that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not want hardship for His creation. Allah says in hola hola Yo yo, maybe Coleman had the euro euro maybe unfussy him. Allah does not change the peaceful and secure state of people unless they have changed something about themselves. Allah says in another verse, Allah will often build a bed. Allah is ever so compassionate to His servants. Hardship my brothers and sisters is a way of strengthening us learning about ourselves and repenting. It teaches us to become stronger once we accept it. But what Islam doesn't like us to do is to overburden ourselves

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with information that is unnecessary for us to go through. It doesn't burden ourselves with arguing and going and debating with other people and carrying upon ourselves burdens and responsibilities which Allah did not place upon us. Allah says Have compassion upon yourself. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, all the prophets went through hardship. A prophet or your buddies said Ms. physical sickness for years. Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one after the other. There is even a year called the year of sadness for the prophets Allah Salam. Prophet Yunus Allah is Salam made a mistake in a choice that he made, and he had to learn from the consequences of his mistake. Maryam

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Allah has Salam Subhan Allah at the trunk of the palm tree, she says, I wish that I would have died before this and become forgotten. But my brothers and sisters, none of them gave up from the Mercy of Allah, as even our Prophet Jacoba Alayhis Salam became blind from the sadness yet he used to say, I complained to Allah my sadness and my hardship. I did not complain to people. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah

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shows us that in America last three years, with every hardship, there is always A's. And if you notice the verse, it starts with Delarosa and ends with user. And the word user is the last word Allah uses, which the Arabs know, in language, that it means whatever the last word is, it means that what's going to happen therefore there's going to be ease the hardship is always lifted my brothers and sisters insha Allah today, I will give you five practical tips to be compassionate towards yourself and towards your children that we can use that come from both the Quran and Sunnah and for also from scientific studies, which agrees with it, but isn't he dialer for now a colocar

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really had was stopped for Allah Haleiwa confessed of Pharaoh in the whole world of photo Rahim Al hamdu lillahi Allah axon or chakra Allahu Allah tofi He won Tina Annie was Salatu was Salam ala Mala and IBM embody he while early he was so happy as you mine, my brothers and sisters in Islam. In times of uncertainty, we have a golden rule in Islam. Number one, to seek the advice of people that we trust and who have the knowledge that is needed to advise us. So seek advice from people that are personally close to you, who have knowledge about whatever you are fearing, or whatever you are uncertain about, and seek as much as you can from them their advice. Number two, make this the

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harder. It's the heart of seeking ALLAH SubhanA wa Adonis, counsel micador. Pray to Raka and lift your hands up to Allah subhanho wa Taala and say, the Doha of istikhara you can get this from any Doha book, and it's the heart I mean, Oh Allah, I leave my affairs in your hands. And whatever you see is right for me, let it come to me and whatever is wrong, keep it away from me and me away from it. And let me be guided to that which is best for me in my Deen, my health and my hereafter. If people do that, in sha Allah, you will have a successful life and you'll be guided in your life, but also know my brothers and sisters, that whatever Allah Subhana Allah has decreed it's going to

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happen and whatever he hasn't decreed will not happen. Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam said to his young cousin Abdullah and I bet as a young man, know that if you monitor the boundaries which Allah has placed for you, Allah will look after you. Because you are following the guidance of Allah. Keep Allah in your mind, and he will always be in front of you. Oh, hola. Oh, young man. If you're going to ask anyone ask Allah. First and foremost, if you seek refuge, seek His help first. And know that the entire world if he, if it gathered to benefit you in something which Allah has not written for you, they cannot benefit you except what Allah has written. And if they came to harm you with

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something Allah has not written against you, they cannot harm you, except without Allah, Allah Subhana Allah has written and then he said, victory comes with patience, and ease comes after hardship. Then he said, the ink has dried and the books have been closed, the pages are closed. My brothers and sisters we do what we can we work within our control. Don't burden yourself with more than what you can control. My first advice to you number one, my brothers and sisters is to avoid overburdening yourself going on social media and listening to bits and pieces night and day from here and there trying to find answers which we cannot find answers to.

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A lot of people have become so obsessed and found themselves in a spiral web at information and argumentation and debate over matters which they cannot find solutions to, to the point where Subhanallah some people may be, we fear that the stress that they are going through may get to them to their health and even to their life before what they are fearing. So look after your stress rather than sisters, and go and do other things that benefit you in this world and in the hereafter. Rasulullah saw Selim said if the world was ending, you see the signs of the last hour coming this hadith in Bukhari and you have a shoot of plant a little plant to plant in the ground, he said

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planted and don't worry if the world's going to end tomorrow or the day after. In another Hadith and Buhari he said, If you heard of the de JAL coming out and you have a shoot of plant to plant it, then planted for after that the gel is going to be life for people which they can benefit from what you planted. The point my dear brothers and sisters is this. You do what is within your control and do not give up and fear what is for tomorrow for you don't know what's there. Allah does not hold you accountable for tomorrow. He holds you accountable for now. Number two, this may seem very simple but what Allah hates in our religion, breathe, my brothers and sisters breathe. Breathe five

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times a day. What I mean by breathing is hold your breath and exhale. Now you might think how does this matter? Well, look at solid

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out in your salad, Allah's Fanta Oda staff who show up who show up means to calm down and to breathe slowly and recite the Quran slowly. In your Quran when you recite it's the same thing. Look what happens. You take a deep breath, and you recite a verse, some verses are long, some of them are short. Sometimes you have to extend a letter, sometimes you shorten it, but you're holding your breath in, and then you pause and then you move to the next area in select is the same thing. My brothers and sisters, this is a breathing mechanism that allows Panther has given us in our normal day to day worship, or an and select. So breathe, my dear and sisters were lucky and makes a

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difference in your positive thinking and in your calmness. If I look social media information, and I'm always bothered with trying to find solutions, you realize that your heartbeats, your heartbeat increases and your breathing increases. But when you recite Quran, it forces you to take a deep breath and that's why one of the reasons why you feel better after you recite Quran so recycled and in your day and pray your prayer with calmness and slowly and you will find in sha Allah, the breathing patterns helping you by the will of Allah. Number two, my brother and sisters is solid, and Quran and dua, many of us have neglected the Doha, make dua and seek help from Allah subhanaw

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taala in your sujood and in your standing and sitting every now and then in your day will lie he has a tremendous effect on you as the process and taught that men in the masjid number number three or number four may I say? Brothers and sisters, do something that is beneficial to yourself that brings you happiness, joke, entertain, laugh. And you know what? Right now in our lockdown, we have something so special that we didn't realize before. And that is the family we live with. One brother said to me Wallahi because of my work always being outside, for the first time my children are in lockdown. And I'm seeing them more often. I asked him what did you realize you said the first thing

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I realized is we don't understand each other. We don't understand each other Subhanallah and his children are growing by the time they're teenagers. They're not going to have a good communication relationship. Or even you know, they won't go to their father for solutions because they don't understand each other. This is a time to connect. And number five, my dear brothers and sisters have physical contact with your family at home, hug. Talk, put your arm around each other, your children, your spouse will love you it has a huge effect. And I may add one more thing number six, it's very simple. Force yourself to smile. Smile my brothers and sisters. There is great research in that not

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just from Islam. But in science. Smiling and forcing yourself to smile brings positiveness to your mind and opens up your hope and connect you with other people, Brothers and Sisters in Islam. My advice in the here to Isla is to focus on what you can control. Avoid what you cannot control and rely on Allah subhanahu wa taala I ask Allah Samantha to relieve us of the hardship that we are in and to grant us the guidance to stay away from what is haram. Oh Allah, make this hardship. A lesson for us and one that you did not deny us the rewards of for in there are many rewards and opportunities to rise. If Nikita Isla avoid documentation. Avoid insults. Avoid letting this

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hardship get the worst of you for what law he neither this virus nor any other disease or fear in the world. None of it controls you my dear brothers and sisters none of it but rather it tells you who you are. So then there are control it you will know yourself and ask Allah to assist you. I bet Allah in Allah he might have been added only so anyway either either quarterback way and hand in fascia. It wouldn't work very well, buddy. Yeah, either comme la La Quinta. karoun are servants of Allah. Allah commanded you to do justice and be fair, and he commands you to do good beyond what is just your duty.

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And he commands you to connect your family ties, and he forbids you from being unjust and he forbids you from doing immoral acts. He reminds you so that you may be straightened and remember

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acordo curly hair that was tough for Allah li Walakum wa SallAllahu ala Nabina Muhammad wa earlier Sophia Germaine was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh My dear brothers and sisters here and around the world