Are You A Bossman? Then Listen Up!

Mufti Menk


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I always tell those who have employed others, please respect the employees. respect them. You know why? Because Allah has chosen for them to be there and he's just watching you don't think I got the money and I'm the one who's the boss here so I can say what I want to whoever works for me because tomorrow it can turn around or with your children it might turn around who knows? And I always tell people you know what?

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Allah Almighty is the giver. Allah is the one I'd rather have less with dignity than have more with total disrespect and dishonor. You got a post of a big manager but they swear you every day, every day and you are belittles and you are put to shame every I'd rather walk out and say you know what? I have my honor, my dignity, I'll have less but inshallah walk away. Remember, Allah will definitely record what's happening when you treat someone badly.

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I said this a few weeks ago, I have to say it again. When you treat someone badly, it's a debt against your name. It's coming back for you. It will come for you. So panela when five years 10 years 20 years in you or someone around you something specialty is coming. Allow will never let it go. But he gives you time to make peace. So before anything happens, go to those who've wronged and apologize say look, I'm very sorry. You know, I spoke to you very rough. I'm a human. Sometimes I actually, you know, lose it a bit but i don't i mean well and so make peace, because what did you do? You raised that ball that was coming back to put you straight on your head. You threw the ball.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us all