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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of superstitions and their impact on people's health and belief in Islam. They also touch on the importance of animals and the use of mirror and book/discoverage to protect one's home and avoid harm. The speakers emphasize the importance of protecting one's health and protecting oneself from evil attacks, reciting Surah Baqzik and breakfast fundraiser, and not calling out individuals.
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We live in a *hole rajim Bismillah Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali he was savage marine and beloved brothers and sisters a cinema Alikum warahmatu Allahi wa barakato

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen always and we will begin with the praise of the thanks of Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah will testify that is not worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we testify that none can benefit us that can harm us there is no there's no power, there's no bite besides Allah subhanaw taala hola quarter illa biLlah there is no change that can happen except through ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We said our love and our greetings and salutations and beloved Debbie Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam to his pious is pure family to his companions and all those who follow his sunnah till the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be of the

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Sunnah of the abyssal Salam, till we die, we will hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. Last week we concluded our series on the miracles of the Quran and inshallah I hope that through that we have a deeper appreciation for the Quran. And it helps us build our love and our bond with the Quran. The Quran, not only is it something that we just need to recite, and it is obviously the Book of guidance and it puts Baraka blessings in our lives. It protects us from Horeb gives us mental emotional comfort and spiritual protection, and that inshallah is the topic we're going to talk about today. The month of suffer is upon us, which is the second month of the EEG Canada bathtub to

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And suffer has always been associated with Bing and others month, a month. That is bad luck. Even today, Subhan Allah you find people mentioning that they won't get married in the month of suffer, they would look at the duckweed stars, they will look at the calendar and they'll say Look who suffer sorry, good day, not a good month to get married. And this goes back to the time of January before there'll be some sort of a specific Hadith about suffer having no such thing as superstition. So the Hadith says there is no such thing as suffer. Be not no such thing as suffered as it exists when it is no such thing as there is a bad luck or misfortune attached to a month or anything else

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yet so today, we get this quite regularly, people will ask you shake is it permissible to get married and suffer? Why? Because they say it's going to be bad for your marriage Subhanallah this is something that we need to need to discuss. And we know that there are many, many such superstitions special office, that is in our culture, in our customs that we need to remove from it, not just because it is gives you mental trauma for no reason. It gives you psychological pain for no reason. But it also impacts you Tawakkol upon Allah, it impacts our belief in Allah subhanaw taala when we began we c'est la hawla wala Quwata illa biLlah we said that there is no benefit or harm that can

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come to me except through Allah subhanaw taala nobody can, can can give or take except Allah subhanaw taala and that is that is what our COVID Allah Allah is in control, no one else can interfere. So when you look at superstition, and in every culture, in every society, there are beliefs that are there's a oh, by the way, belief attached to it that, for example, we know that certain types are deemed to be unlucky types of times where evil comes about when you looked at the origin of these things. You understand why it was take it to be like the nonsensical gist of it. So as we said, the Arabs they had this belief that the month of suffer was a bad luck. That's why I

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told today you have this belief. And Friday this maybe from a Western culture, we don't Friday the 13th is taken as a bad luck day. The number 13 is deemed to be you'll see on elevators lifts, many times they wouldn't have a 13 or in the plane, sometimes some of the airplanes, the row 13 is perverted. So the number 13 is taken to be unlucky. Why where does it come from? Obviously, this is a Christian view that they were 12 disciples and the 13th. One, Judas betrayed Jesus. So therefore the number 13 is taken to be unlucky. Of course, this could have to do with Islam. And then Friday Subhanallah the complete opposite of why should Friday be deemed to be an unlucky day? Obviously,

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from a Western perspective, Friday was the day when heathens and pagans would worship meaning Muslims. And so they took this was the day that you know, we come to the budget and we do some kind of evil in the budget, whereas the contract is through that. In fact, Friday is the

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was Blissett day of the year of the week. It is the day many Hadith about the blessings of Friday that if you want to make special dua Fridays your day and it's the day that Allah subhanaw taala has ordered amongst all the days of the week, that is the day that Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives the sins between one Friday to the next. And so Friday is really a day that gives you optimism rather than pessimism. So if we look at what comes from certain numbers, certain numbers as we said there is a feeling of it is good or bad. You put 786 on your lumbar plate and you believe this is going to protect you from an accident those final 786 has no power in it 786 has no benefit top blessing in

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it in fact we should move away from associating symbols with with Islam symbols even though the moon the star in the moon I know this is like the smaller the one thing that we can agree upon is the moon you know the one thing that is this unites the OMA is the moon when is the when it's easy when it's LeBron, but the star in the moon is not an Islamic symbol, per se. Yes, we always going out to look at the moon for the purpose of knowing when the month is, but it's not something that's gonna be Salam when he built his monastery that there was a crescent No. So it has become part of our culture, nothing wrong with it. But if we ascribe a significance to the star in the moon, we

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subscribers significance to 786 There is a belief that becomes problematic people also as we know they have beliefs around certain animals. We all know the the superstition if a black cat comes in front of you. And this even goes back to the ancient pharaohs. They had special beliefs around cats being the gatekeepers of the afterlife. If you look at the hieroglyphics, cats have a very important role within Egyptian mythology. Cats also a very important role now on the internet, they like the dominant meme cats, you know, they some of the top of the food chain. But Subhanallah had something very strange that in our culture, there is a belief that when you build a building, for example, you

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need to put a goldfish in the foundation. anyone knew about that? Is it

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No, no, no, it's, I've heard this even Masjid budgets, that when they build the foundation stone, you need to put a goldfish in there for good luck. Oh hon, Allah, this is pagan. This is completely against our belief and our philosophy of just common sense. Goldfish, you know, assist you in any way.

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Allah subhana says about specifically buildings and emerging a structure. We'll see that Allah Taqwa is the one that is that is the most Blissett a structure whose foundation stone is stuck, who has consciousness of Allah that Nia in the heart, that is a structure to Allah. So that's why 100 I see some most of us hundreds and hundreds of years. Allah does based on Taqwa from the very first day and hamdulillah names being unlucky Subhanallah Yes, you shouldn't give bad names. But names don't have bad luck attached to them. It's a ugly name, meaning that is bad. There'll be some canceled these names you had find. You found the Arabs gave very weird names to the kids, you know, they

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would give a name like savage you know, for the because they mean it's like, oh, you know, like the angry one you know. So these names we remove because they have a bad meaning. And we don't attach that ascribe that a bad meaning comes to you because some people's pride, they fix it to Allahu Allahu Allah, they'll come to you and say, My whole life has been messed up my marriage, my business why? Because my parents gave me the wrong name is Pamela that's, that's not correct. That's completely you cannot be harmed through a name. But there'll be some did say that to give a good name is an aspiration. So you give your child your name.

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You know, half if you know and you insert that I want you to be happy to Quran one day, this is Buddha hamdulillah or you give the name of a pious prophet or it's a hobby so that your child aspires to be an emulated that is permissible and that is allowed in Islam. I know in our culture Yeah, maybe this is a Malay culture don't cut your nails at night. People you heard this before the only answer maybe they mean because it's going to you're going to cut yourself from

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it you might you might cause harm to yourself maybe from that perspective and yes, then you also shouldn't cut during load shedding as well. But to cut your nails obviously there is no there is no restriction as to when you can cut your hair or cut your nails, except of course, if a machete or perspective or unit haram and the first days of of the hijab, if you are going to Corbyn people putting waters in a glass for the did you find that in certain houses or Subhanallah they did demarcate a certain place in the house and said look, the chef only makes Salah in that area, or Subhanallah Mola time we find people have changed in the masjid isn't what is that che said

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Rasulillah Salam attends this gathering this is completely incorrect. Completely goes beyond superstition to the level of pap shake. We we know that the Olia and the the Ottawa the people have passed away. The souls do not move around. The souls are in the bodies of yes angels come in and out. And that is why when you see a house that has pictures in it or a dog in it, and there's nothing better or evil of

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Dogs, but because of the Naja of the dog and the pictures in the house are always haram in the house when the angels were not into such house the angels of Mercy obviously, molecule Mercosul into the house whether you have those things or not, but the angels yes stood out into the house and of course the jinn can enter your house. For example, if you intend to add saying salam, aleikum wa Bismillah R Rahman Rahim when you eat when Yes, the jinn do into the house, and the jinn can cause harm. So these things we believe in, and these things are based on, on Sharia. Let's talk about some more of these interesting misbeliefs.

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Closing the mirror when these are janazah, we see this very common. Yes, how many of us we enter the house, when there's a mate line day that person has passed away? He's hustled and without going to leave for the house. And so the you'd find the murders are closed? Where does this come from? Where does this come from? This is a pagan belief that the soul when it needs to move out into the summer, or to the next world, it can get locked into the mirror, the mirror grabs the soul and the soul gets stuck in that mirror.

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And suddenly for metal breaks, you know, there might be souls in there that come out with some bad luck. And that's why there was the belief that when you look at the mirror, you are looking at your soul. It's your soul inside the obviously not understanding the modern physics of light and how light travels. It was in fact, a great Muslim scientists simulating

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who invented the camera a few 100 years ago that really understood even kept like cameras for a long time people believe that you know, this thing is evil inside the it grabs your soul, and it keeps it locked in. Obviously it was and this is our religion. Our religion is based on intelligence and academics and intellect that proved that we don't believe in these nonsense stuff, that everything has a basis in physics and science. And then of course, there are things which are supernatural, which is from the which we based on the Sharia certain

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amulets to bring you good luck is also haram.

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So people way you'd find the way a horseshoe or four leaf clover or whatever it's with different cultures. In maybe in our culture, there is this concept of a tau D. Tau is,

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you know, as he met, we don't weigh the visa Salam never in if he will be the first of all people to wait an object to bring him blessings, does ask yourself that question. Then there'll be Salam ever compiler of funds kind of heavy, some kind of paper even if it's Quran inside of it. Did you wait for his protection? And if he didn't, then why are we doing it? And yes, the Quran is Mobarak and the Quran brings about protection. But uh, you know, Allah is no ally even if you have the entire Quran, the whole must have, you know, hanging from your mirror in your car, it will not protect your car from an accident with you. What will protect the car is reciting the Quran and playing the

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Quran, maybe on the radio, in our houses Subhanallah you know, people, mashallah, we are we are smart people, doctors, professors, you have a shelf full of grants that don't get touched on the year, but only Ramadan when we have had the whole shelf is full of must haves, but in the corner of the room, which is good to see. So we ask now what about the item policies and all of these 100 grands sitting on your shelf? Why is that not protecting your house, but that little piece of paper on top of the door that protects you, this is superstition, and misdeeds and SubhanAllah.

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Apart from wasting of time, apart from creating psychological trauma to the danger is you begin to put your dependency on those things. And none of us are gonna

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the protection that comes from the Quran is through your reciting and connecting to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he is the one that protects you, not objects, not amulets, not a shapes and other

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black deed Pamela are living ways when exactly you find in certain cultures that when a baby's born, they put like a little bangle with beads on it. Nothing from somebody it's come from. Where does this come from, in fact, it causes more harm than benefit. It takes away the baraka from Allah subhanaw taala the protection we have that we give to our kids, it will really excite them and when they get old enough to decide for themselves, the connection to Allah is way the protection comes in

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another bad

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superstition, but a incorrect belief is menstruating women. They hope they prevent the angels of

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another Miss, you know incorrect belief is the view that menstruating women

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like dogs and like pictures would have the angels of mercy. This is completely haram. This is completely incorrect and you find

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that when when a person passes away the janazah and they hustle the mate and then they must snow we greet and we excuse last goodbye to the maid. They will say no, no, the TTS that are menstruating, they're not allowed to come close to the mate. We've seen this for Han Allah. And this is completely an Islamic, as one Imam said that if the angels avoided menstruating women, I'd surround myself with hate women, the molecule Moton, get to me it's completely wrong. The lady that is in your menstruation is no there is no evil Amana or bad luck Omen this is in the previous generation. So the previous scriptures the the backward thinking where our ladies we stigmatize there is no harm in

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that Subhanallah when the Nabil Salam was with Aisha radi Alana, and he said to her, Can you please go fetch something in the most information? I mean, my hide, he said to hide it's not in your hands so to form that you have hide, so nothing to do with you. Right? It's a big deal that we don't dis disadvantage in any way that certain rules just you can't make solid You can't force me height. But beyond that, there's nothing evil about this assault certain, you know, there is this belief that if you smell the salty must throw it over your shoulders. Where does this come from? I find these things interesting. Where does it come from? That it's obviously because people had a lack of

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understanding of modern science, they would put a piece of meat and in the rock, then they will put a piece of meat it's covered in salt like biltong and doesn't rot at all. So the evil spirits that causes the rotting, that the salt sort of protects it from it, not understanding bacteria and dehydration. And so if you spelled the salt you spelt this medical

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Q, the only way to save you is you need to make like a FARA, a PE A dumb by throwing more of it over your shoulder. You don't believe in all these things panela salt is wonderful, too much of it can give you hypotension but beyond that, you should have no no belief in any substances having Baraka except where Allah has prescribed like some some where Allah has prescribed that this water has blessings in it and he prescribed the recent prescribe certain dates or dates for example, if you if you eat X amount of agile dates, then you would have a protection from certain supernatural harms. So as we said these and in every every culture, and in every

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society, we have these buffalo fees, which is not part of our religion, and there'll be some says Tyra will Tiara the belief in omens is a type of chic and very dangerous. And how many of us Subhanallah we we don't take this seriously. Oh, we just have a you know, I see the letter. And I'm gonna go on the other side because I want to walk under the letter. Or I opened that horoscope just to see if my love will come to me this month. Oh, the horoscope says the stars are not aligned. Don't do business transactions, okay or other delay the business transaction, the minute you change your way of living, just to be safe. It's a type of shake. And of course that means this whoever

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goes to a soothsayer, a fortune teller just by going the sin of that is for 40 days your Salah is not accepted. You must still make salah but the reward of your Salah just by going for entertainment sake opening an otoscope for entertainment sake. And as for the one who believes the fortune teller, tell me what must I do? Oh, okay, okay. Okay. That is Cooper that is this belief in Allah and Rasool Allah. We spoke about the wing amulets and towers, and I noticed a lot of discussion around whether you can wait a tower with Quran in it. As I said, No nubby there'll be Salam Sahaba never wore those things. But if it is purely an only Quran in the

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Allah Allah, at the very least, perhaps it's just, it doesn't do any benefit or harm to you, but it's only Quran, then there's some permissible isms called as a management tool, but will lie when you open these things. And I am not telling a story, I have a personal account of a friend, you know, his wife had before they got married, we visited her, and she had this random thing on the door for protection. So what is this? This is the Takata with protection, and every word in there was was evil. He believes Yeah, he believes Yeah, fear around ya, man.

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You open these towers, and you find shapes and numbers. And what is this? This resembles more of the magic, the communication, the language of the gym. So if you don't know what's inside that thing, be very, very careful. Don't weigh these things. Don't put it on yourself or your children or in your house. You don't know where this comes from. If it was purely truly someone wrote it couldn't see and you can see it. Put it in there Allah Allah benefits you are not the real protection is reciting of autocracy that episode Salam said, he said O Messenger of Allah, you accepted the legions of nine people. So 10 people came to give the Islam that Islam but he accepted nine of them and he rejected

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one he said, No, I'm not gonna accept to Islam. So they said why, why why what's wrong with this guy? So then the reason he's weighing in amulet, he's weighing something for protection. The man put his hand in his shirt and he took it off and the promises accepted easily. So then them

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head to office this thing. And then the prophecy says whoever ways an amulet has come with a chick, whoever wears a type of attire we were obviously Quran is maybe a bit different, whoever was anything to protect himself. Sometimes you find this bangle, this copper bangle, and you asked, What is this thing? Is it No, it helps me for whatever. If it's a medical thing and hamdulillah it's fine. If your doctor prescribes it, that's fine. But if you wing it for some kind of supernatural, then it's gonna be sweet. Another Hadith he says, exactly this hadith than a piece of Salam saw a man wearing a brass ring on his hand and the province will ask you what is this thing? And so, he

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said, The man that said This is to prevent weakness and old age. So the problem is, is that remove this thing for it can only add to your weakness it will only take away your Baraka should and should death overtake you while you're waiting this you will not be successful in the era you die type of shrink. So unless your doctor prescribes you to weigh some kind of instrument to something or you have or purely for for for for for cosmetic purposes it's a jewelry What is this thing I'm weighing? No, no, it's a bracelet for jewelry. That's a different masala but the minute you have a belief attached to it, that will protect you, then this becomes a problem.

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So the danger of superstition number one Subhanallah you don't want it to nullify your Islam while you're standing. The thing about it sometimes we think why is my dua not being answered, I'm making dua, I'm crying, I'm crying cry, because you're weighing something which you believe protects you other than Allah subhana wa Tada. This prevents your Baraka. So number one, the dangers of these things that come with Chick. Number two, it puts your fear and your hope and your dependency in someone other than Allah subhana wa Tada.

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It removes you Tawakkol your belief that yes, Subhan Allah, they are harms. They are gene, there's magic. There's all these things out there. But our dependencies, Allah alone can protect me. Allah alone is my Savior. And that's why it makes us more more in tune to making our DUA and that's why the NABI Salam gave us so many dollars, you can't keep up with all the two hours per day to do awesome prediction in the morning and the evening. Why this times, this is when the genome active, and two hours when you enter your house, you leave your house, into the bathroom into the cemetery, wherever there are places where you are at risk than abuse, gave us the correct prescription dua.

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And of course, it is unnecessary fear, panic and paranoia. It's going to make your life miserable. That's one of this one thing that you find this hand with the eye is becoming quite well, this blue eyes, those who are going to Turkey coming. You must remember that even though you buy these things, not believing in it, not believing what it is. But it's a souvenir, get rid of it, because that thing has a belief attached to it. It's like buying a cross a crucifix for jewelry purposes. So even if you buy a symbol, and you don't believe anything in it, but it is taken as a religious symbol by someone else, it is haram for you to wait. So I cannot wear a cross a crucifix or a Star of David

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purely for

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jewelry purposes, or the blue eye and the hand for prediction. You find in many, many shops go look at many of the Muslim shops you'd find this hand for protection for Baraka. This completely removes your Baraka don't use any of this. So we believe in supernatural things like magic and the evil eye. But the best way to protect yourself is to believe in the Oneness of Allah. To be firm on your daily Ebola, your biggest protection is your Salah. And that's what we do. But of course busting gene counseling now only and consulting and I consult I don't go out and do the thing. But just by telephonic No, don't call me out. But many times the people will say it's this and that is happening

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most 99% of the time it is, you know an easy, it's easier to say that my marriage is falling apart because someone could pass it on me. Many times it's easier to say I'm failing because of some supernatural power, not my laziness, right. So most of the time, it's just a psychological issue. But that 1% When it's the real deal, and and then the tone gets low in them as soon as we talk about the real deal, when it's really really you dealing with some serious supernatural powers. And then you tell them let's start over making sada reciting AYATUL kursi reciting your three chords and say that any i Things are going haywire in my house and you're telling me to do this. Just try it. And

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we're alive I'm alive after some time these things disappear. By focusing on the basics don't go to extreme cases don't go to Gene catching and Gene slaying and all these funny things started they just tried and tested it could see your sort of Fatiha your Surah Baqarah so how do you protect yourself before you go sleep the call so recite the three calls after every sada recite it could see before you sleep recite it and see if your house feels uneasy or you bought a new house whenever you buy a new house today is a good thing play Surah Baqarah then the reason says a house in which Surah Bakura is played we should recite it but you know all of us have that energy to recitals Surah

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Baqarah. So play it in a bandit Ambu bossy to recite and in sha Allah every time this removes the the you know Gene and all these kind of

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one simple dua whenever you leave the house in the morning, and this is something which means you part of your habit, the easiest one, Allah so the provinces are becoming mighty lighter, Mishima Haluk. That when you start your day you leave the house you say yeah Allah, I seek refuge in your perfect words meaning with you and with the Quran, from every evil which you created IBLEES magic audits from Allah subhanaw taala. So you see Allah I seek protection from you from all the evils which you which you have created, and you have power over.

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Enough with us beautiful Hadith that comes out to the sahaba. And he says to them, on the day of piano, they will be 70 people who will enter Jannah before the questioning. So imagine the scene everyone is standing they were scared. And now the scale has been set up the courtroom is going to begin everyone's waiting his turn to stand before Allah and answer for his sins. And then then obese and then Allah will say, Wait, you 70 You will say to Jana? Nope. Wish I'm not even gonna ask you a question that day of Kiama is questioning you and you are exempted and say from the exam, even you pass before the exam. So the Sahaba CDR was this and they were discussing amongst themselves. And so

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then it says this people they are, they are those who they do not believe in any kind of omens, and they don't cauterize themselves. They don't take any strange remedies that are not scientifically based on they don't believe in flying objects and birds and they put the faith and the dependents in Allah Alone. They believe in Allah Alone, whatever good bad comes to them. It makes them return back to Allah, the Eman and the tobacco and Allah is complete. So there'll be some debt is the highest level of tobacco once a hobby said put up his hand and we should all know this man's name because the hadith is named after him. He raised his hands there are so Allah let me be of them. His name

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was Akasha and then you will catch up on one of them. 70 That's why this hadith is called the hadith of Akasha the hadith of Akasha that the intergender without even being questioned why? Because he's Yochanan Allah was complete sincere, no questions no doubts, may Allah grant us to all be of those no longer answers to intergender for those without any questioning, I mean, a few announcements quickly and inshallah I'm gonna season is coming up again. And our next O'Meara course will be Sunday the 17th of September.

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So for those who are going on camera or would like to join the cloth even if you're not doing an ombre you may join the class, please let us know. Also Saturday the ninth of September is a breakfast fundraiser with our bills. If you'd like to meet our bills Inshallah, in please support them. They love that they will make they're going for a trip to Port Elizabeth. The majority is celebrating its I think 50th anniversary, and so they would like they've been invited. This is to support them as well to sokola here for Salah Cena, Muhammad, Islam Celine. I'm glad I'm glad I mean Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh