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hamdulillah al hamdu lillahi

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Mallanna v Avada Amadou folder. Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well, Menon, our momina to bavuma, Malia sakalava.

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My dear respected elders and brothers

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in the time that we are living in, and the challenges that we are facing,

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there are certain things that assumed great importance.

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And it is also an aspect of our Sharia that certain deeds become valuable by time and become valuable, according to the situation we find ourselves in, for example, in Laila to Qatar,

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and that particular night,

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the greatest aspect that we can spend time on in Laila through Qatar, is to turn towards Almighty Allah and he bought it

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in Ramadan during the day, the greatest ibadah the greatest importance is for us to concentrate on fasting and turning towards Almighty Allah,

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the situation that we find ourselves in today, in the country and in the world.

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It requires from us a certain

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priority in terms of our deeds. And let me give you an example with regard to it.

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As a time of partition, India, Pakistan,

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and I will relate this to what I'm trying to say is there was at the time of partition, in the time of India, Pakistan partition, there was a great amount of turmoil, people are losing their lives. And when people were losing their lives, you saw that people were

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asked to migrate from India to Pakistan and there was killing Muslims lives were at stake. Muslims, were in a very difficult situation because there was hordes of other people who were

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attacking the Muslims. And at that time, one island now subject to correction. I think it was either mama Hippo ramen, or Mama habibur. Rahman.

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He started helping the Muslims who were in the refugee camps.

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So much so that he gave him a great amount of reassurance, comfort, making them safe, although he himself stayed over in India and he was not in favor of partition, of course, the two views of the allama but he helped the people who are in the refugee camps.

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And he saw to the needs and those who are going to Pakistan, he led them onto the train and he did great amount of service. After a while after some time he went to his chef Marana bukata library, anyone who knows about our own ama and the great Ola will know more of the other right but he is also regarded in high esteem by has a chap called Manasa curiosa who wrote the facade and the facade Amal books. So he went to him and he told him he said because of my spending time in helping the people because of the fear that overwhelm them.

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I had in this last year, in this last month or so, I did not finish my Zika I did not what you know you are my chef you told me I must make certain sicker I could not finish it. I could not complete it. I could not do my normal Amal I could not do my normal type of deeds that you told me to do do so much times read so much time read this. I couldn't do it.

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Do you know what one of the other I told him? He said Marana the work that you did to give people reassurance, comfort and support and, and give them encouragement. Give me the reward of that deed and take the reward of all musica

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Give me the reward of that kindness and reassurance and comfort you gave people is a time of difficulty. And take all my Zika take very waterfall my Zika brothers we are living in a time that people are facing challenges. Many times people are ill. Family members have become ill many people have lost family members. at such a time what is the greatest deed for now? The greatest deed is not for us to fight about. Which theological position is better? Which Musleh is better? Am I supposed to read numbers like this or like that? It is not the time whoever wants to do it, let them do it. Now is the time to give people empathy, kindness, reassurance and comfort. Plus kindness plays such

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an important role. In our Deen nebia Kareem said Allahu alayhi wa sallam it said

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Do you know he as a Saba wants to know who is going to be the people of Jenna savasana tell us maybe a cream sauce from said those people who are considered sahan layin people who are soft hearted who are considerate who are kind to people maybe a cream sauce you know this is something that we we ever wonder is Allah tala Allah is Allah tala happy with my household we sometimes wonder we are in a household Do we ever wonder when is Allah tala happy with our eyes household maybe a cream sauce limit said in a hadith Eva Radha be ugly, baiting Hira. Whenever Allah tala wants to shower his famous upon a household that Allah introduces kindness to the household. Whenever you see a

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household which got kindness, the people speak to one another with kindness. The husband and wife and the children are conversing in an aspect of kindness they know Allah tala speedways upon that house.

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Today is unfortunate that you and I sometimes we regard harshness and uncompromising in a rigid attitude is part of Sharia. But what did Allah tala says with regard to our beloved Navy saucer? For me Mara Mati Mina la hillington It is Allah tala Rama did the prophet of Almighty Allah was kind towards you, when open generally is a local belief of human holy,

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if if nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was harsh

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and he was not kind upon you learn for two min holy people would not come around him. People would not throw and would not surround him. So just imagine what is a letter telling us in this if it is because of nebbia Kareem saw salaams kindness that Sahaba came around. He saw cillum they love nebia Kareem saw cillum they they gathered around nebia cream saucer. If nebia Karim sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was harsh, then the Sahaba would not have come around him.

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And which sob are we talking about? Our worker Omar Osman Ali raviolo Taran home if Allah tala says

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Elisa calculon fulfillment Holic if nebia creme de la la wa sallam was harsh, and he was welcomed to the people that people would not have surrounded him. The people surrounded him because of his kindness because of his considerate nature Subhanallah maybe a cream sauce come to Russia the alota and once

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in a lot you

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Ayesha natella is kind and he love kindness. When your team in a risk manner your terminal. He gives consideration and reward and benefits for kindness that he doesn't give for harshness.

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Maybe a cream sauce from change people sahaabah came upon d not because of the harshness of nebia cream sauce because of the considerate and kind nature of Nivea cream sauce. How is it that today you and I have a particular perception that denarii and piety means I must be harsh, uncompromising. I must be rigid in harsh the more harsher and more and more in taqwa I got more piety

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how does that gel with our beloved to be so solemn Do you know is kindness one day as a DLP

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is a very prominent Savi has a job O'Brien used to come for war he was in the in the form of lb going look at how has it the iconography of altona became a Muslim. The haikal became too heavy cream sauce. And he said yeah rasulillah I want to accept Islam, but I'm worried whether my Islam will be accepted or not.

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So let me occur himself Some said you know the Hadith in Islam, Makana Kabbalah, Islam wipes away all the evil what you have done, no matter what you have done, after you have said except Islam or whatever you have done is wiped away or the here. Whatever you do, if you have become a Muslim Allah Allah will forgive all of your sins. Why are you worried? Why are you concerned? Why are you asking this question? We are cream sauce alum when he asked him to hear said you have a school of law. I buried seven of my daughter's life.

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I buried seven of my daughters and I

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nebbia Kareem saw cinema webserver said his beard was wet with the tears of Navy saucer. This is the kindness of Navy saucer. How he was impacted because something like this had happened. Then maybe a cream sauce and I said here maybe a cream sauce Lim said wait. Let me wait for waiting and let gallery

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And said, If Allah tala would wipe away poofer then why wouldn't Allah subhanho wa Taala wipe away this particular deed as hideous as it is via cream saucer when he heard this he cried again. And you know why he cried the stand, he lifted up his anindo and said yada yada. If you can forgive to hear for something like this,

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then Forgive me for whatever wrong they have done

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and later revealed I it was so for you Okay, Cara puca Fatah, I will give you something that will please you.

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This is the kindness of nbia crimps, awesome. I can go on and making mention of so many aspects with regard. What I'm saying is that every particular situation demands a certain priority in our deeds. This particular time that we are in does not demand from us that we start fighting with regard to or try to score points, or to show which theological position is better. This is a time now for us to show and give people relief and comfort. And look at the beauty of our Deen our Deen has taught us how to give people comfort. Our Dean has taught us that when you give comfort, how do you give comfort? You know what great? What great rewards the ease for giving people comfort? Look at how

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nebia creme de la when he was Selim told us in Mischka. Sharif, there is a hadith

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that when you go and visit the ill person, you can visit the sick person, no matter now there might be situations that you can go and visit him go and give him a call. Right? But give him some comfort. Maybe a cream sauce alum said Whoever goes in visit a sick person 70,000 melodica make dua for him until he returns. But what do you do when you go and visit a sick person? How do you think Mr. Chary?

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Oh my people oh my oh my oh my god, when you go and visit an ill person, give him encouragement.

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Don't go and tell him something that will make him feel even worse. Now you go and see a sick person you see, you are looking so bad. You are looking so ill. He was he was not easy because he

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didn't want to be a cream sauce alum said keep your your visits the LP ill person short, unless he asked you to remain is one of the etiquettes of going to visit any person is to keep it very short. He said one one goes Luke was very ill so that people were coming in one of them was staying a very long time. So you know, so he started saying that coming and going of people have given me the cliff has inconvenience me. So the person who still didn't get the message we said must I closed the door? said yes, close the door. Close it from outside.

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So sometimes people don't get there. But look at what we saw some said when you go and visit an ill person give him encouragement, tell him he'll have 11 long life.

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It will not change the deal.

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But it will give him encouragement. He will feel happy.

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Do you know what is the reward for giving consolation to the bereaved person?

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Do you know I'm saying that this is now the priority of our deeds more than anything else. This is the time that we are supposed to do this Navy aquarium service is headed into Bharani Sharif nebia Kareem saw Selim said whoever gives comfort to a bereaved person.

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Allah will close him with clothes of honor on the day of combat.

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Whoever gives comfort to a bereaved person to a person who is afflicted, allow will clothe him with clothes of honor on the day of karma.

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I mean, I'm saying I'm sometimes thinking that here are situations where Hadith teaches us where we have got an opportunity to gain such great rewards. But you don't hear this. What you hear is which theological position which moves the status and which move to state and which other positions are better. When did we think about this Queen giving person a very of person comfort that Allah will give you lots of clues of on on the day of

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the week cream sauce lamb said whenever you give period and you give comfort to a person, you will get the same reward he gets because of the difficulty is going through.

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Whatever the whatever he would he is getting because of the summer he is making. Allah will give you the same reward that you that you will get because of you giving him comfort.

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Nivea creme de la Oliva Salaam situation we all know the greatest human being and that Allah is created. Maybe a cream sauce enough to count the time to write a letter to the Attorney General of the law Toronto when his son passed away, can you imagine going look in search and you will find the letter Nivea cream sauce from Rhode Island

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Tell him was your son was a gift from Allah to you? He made you use that gift till he wanted to.

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And when his time was up he took it away from you.

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In anila him Africa omata the one who gave you is the one who took it away. And remember, it's a gift you're supposed to benefit from it as long as it was there Allah gave you Allah Allah took it away. When you take a rented car, and you go and give it back do you feel do you cry? It's supposed to be only there for such a period of time. Give people relief when maybe a cream sauce Liam's grandchild passed away. Let me a cream sauce mom's daughter came and asked me a cream sauce for them to come and get me a cream sauce lamb went with a Sahaba when he came there and me sauce them started crying when he saw that the grandchild is about

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a lamb has never let us see the difficulty of our children. When I relate this I always feel younger we relate to him because his history because nobody saw him Harry never ever tested some difficulty.

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Allah was never let us see the difficulty of our children and grandchildren. We all make dua amin inshallah so maybe a cream sauce them so then the Sahaba Sonia yes una you cry. Yes. What are you crying? And maybe a criminal law when he was seven said yes this is Ramat Allah escaping me. This is kindness. Now he does show that maybe a cream sauce Liam did tell Sahaba about crying before and there is a hadith that maybe a cream sauce and said he who slips his cheeks and tears his clothes and screams loudly out of mourning. He's not from us.

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That is not permissible. But such crying that is crying when which you express your grief. Without without wailing without tearing your clothes without slipping your cheek is not only permissible no resource limit said and then maybe a cream sauce from told when as zebra him his son was on his last stages of his life in ebrahimian mellifera Kalamazoo O'Brien we're selling biodiesel in our eyes are tearing, our our eyes are tearing our heart is said but with our tongue we will not say anything which shows displeasure with your command. And your decision. Let me conclude with this most beautiful incident

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of to live near busca de la Toronto said that when my father or Buster Viola clan who passed on,

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then I felt it very difficult. I found I found it and I was very, very sad by this. So he said a villager came and the villager came. And he said a few poems. And he said that gave me the salary and gave me comfort. And one portion of that particular poem was this,

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Allah is better for a bus than you.

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Allah is better for a bus then what remaining with you. He said that gave me such great amount of consolation.

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SubhanAllah This is and of course there is one of the doors of the doors that we are supposed to read at the time of the mayor is what does that

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mean it will not change for the room, a house in abode better than the Abode that he left behind, and even a family better than the family that he left behind.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala In short, let me conclude in saying and let me just give you again, just in just a what I'm saying. There are certain times certain deeds take priority and has great amount of value. And I will relate in many of them might not have heard this incident on great album. I think it was one it was rough man. He helped the people at the time of refugee camps at the time of partition, the time of partition. And at that particular time, he when he had the people in the refugee camps, he after a while after helping them when things got better settle he went to Costa Rica.

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And he told me that because of me helping the people in refugee camps, I could not finish my Zika scan

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some of the color I told him Mara, give me the reward of helping people at a time in which they need help and take the reward of all my Zika

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and now is the time for us to show kindness. I gave the example with regard to NaVi sauce limbs kindness to give people relief I gave the Hadith that when you go and see a sick person, give him encouragement. Tell him that Allah tala give you Allah give you a long life, you are gonna have a very long life. It might not change the gear but you will encourage him look at the psychology of Sharia. Give him encouragement, give him reassurance. And let me conclude that how do you think of Ronnie? Whenever you give relief to an afflicted person, allow what clothes you wear the clothes of honor on the day of karma. This is a need of our time, man. That'll give us a flick.