Isn’t a Female Cleaner a Problem When Your Husband & Son Are Around

Fatima Barkatulla


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is an interesting question about somebody's asking.

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Basically, like, I think the the point of the question is, like, if there's a female cleaner then isn't that problematic for when, when your sons and your husband is around, right? Well, I have certain certain requirements of my cleaner. So I choose my cleaner very carefully, right? So for example, I will ask that the cleaner be middle aged, or above, okay.

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It's usually somebody who's mature, older than me even Right?

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Or similar age and somebody who's like,

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parent themselves. Somebody who dresses modestly, like I literally tell them, you know, there's certain requirements for dress in my house. Basic requirements, you know, obviously, if it's a non Muslim, I'm not going to tell her to wear the hijab or anything but

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certain basic requirements of modesty. Yes. And basically my my son's keep out of the way. It's quite simple. I time it in such a way that she, first of all, you don't want a lot of people in the house anyway. Right. So