Haifaa Younis – The Sound Heart

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of the "sweet heart" that Allah is focused on, and how it can be pleasing or unhappy. They also mention a mother who said to her son, make something in that meaning, and that working on the heart is essential to success. The speaker suggests that the "sweet heart" is what makes the son happy and pleased, and that the " sweaty heart" is what makes the mother smile.
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Bismillah your Walkman you're watching

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when I'm presented to Allah spawn Tada, it doesn't matter how I look, doesn't matter where I come from, doesn't matter what color skin is me, doesn't matter what job I did doesn't matter what bank account I had all these no veil. One thing only at a law Herbie Calvin setting pure, sound healthy. And what is that? There's so many definitions of the heart that is saline. I will say, one statement. The sound heart is that heart that has nothing in it. But Allah

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nothing in that heart, but Allah. So you're going to tell me so I don't love my children? I'm not Yes, you will love your children, but for him, so I'm not going to work. Yes, you do. what pleases Him? And the way that pleases Him. Him is capital H. So I don't eat Yes, you do. But it is for him.

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I don't get happy. Yes, you get happy, what makes him happy and pleased. Last one, what Allah said that inshallah to show our lemon at Allah we have been sending. No one will be successful that day. unless that person has a heart that is sound and pure. And I think it was

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the mother of the father of Gianni who said, Make something in that meaning. Work on your heart to become like a strainer, anything you put in it.

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If that thing is not pleasing to Allah, it comes out.

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And the only thing that stays in it is what to please Allah. I'll call mousseline.

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