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Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna ba ba,

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ba ba,

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ba ba ba kitabi

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Shariati mavado Villa hamina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Well levena turbo Dara Well, he man Amina Cavalli him. You hip buena mana hija de la him. When I added when I used to do re mhada MIMO to

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era fusi maloca NaVi Mufasa, Sara colloquialism,

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my dear respected elders and brothers, one of the great challenges of the modern age.

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And there is not only for Muslims, but for the entire humanity is how to deal with migration.

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We talk about migration, we are talking about people who migrate from one country to the other, for whatever reason,

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whether it be for financial reasons, whether it be for economic interest, whether it be for the sake of the family. This is a reality that, by and large, the modern world has to contend with.

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This issue has also become very important in our country. During the course of the week. We have seen xenophobic attacks that have happened in various parts of the country, more specifically around our region.

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Now, how do we deal with this? What is our solution? what is reality? And what does the Islamic Sharia our beloved Nivea cream sauce lamb what examples our beloved Libya cream sauce gives us when I've also spoken about the fact there is not only to do with Muslims, it is a global phenomena. This is a very interesting book that has been written by the name of arrival city, that a person by the name of Doug Saunders. And he says that, throughout the world, almost 2 billion people migrate. Today, almost 2 billion people have migrated. And it doesn't only count migration from country to country, he also calls about migration from the farms to urban cities. So we find throughout the

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world today, the cities are becoming larger. People don't want to stay in the farms. People don't want to stay in agricultural places, everyone wants to run to the city, feeling these glamour, these glitz, these money, these economic development, this is a reality that means one third of humanity have been migrants in some way or the other. One third of human beings are migrants in one way or the other. There is no way that such a large percentage of humanity migrate and we don't have norms, rules values, with regard to how do we deal with it. In this book, it is made mentioned that in every migration, that there are massive opportunities and potential threats in every migration,

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whichever way they ease these massive opportunities, and there are potential threats. And not always people get it right. But let us look at the example our beloved nebia Karim ser Allahu alayhi wa sallam is given us. It is a remarkable example. Because nebia Kareem saw cinema the people of Makkah migrated to Medina. And what was the example nebbia cream sauce even gave us in integrating the two different communities into one community into one brotherhood? Maybe we can share that and take that and show people that this is what Islam has said with regard to it. Unfortunately, we don't have this mindset of sharing the beautiful examples of Islam with the world.

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So as I said, Hey, Jaga seducer Chica moon tequila aegir karna Ito a Nasir musalman Omaha Lincoln por la cannot miss schedule Hannah Haskell but was cursed with childre to schemata become caca nebia cream solsona macchiato Alma de The first thing is let us say with regard to the people who migrate from one place to the other. The first thing is to make your near correct. The very famous Hadith enamel Ama rubini yet Allah will join

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your intention by Allah will judge you action by intention. That beautiful Hadith was narrated by nebia cream sauce on the context of Egypt. That is why the whole Hadith reads like this in the mallamma lupini for one candidate era to era la hora soli he for hegira to

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whoever makes him that for the sake of Allah, Rasool Allah will give him the reward of making each other for online is Russell woman can add hatred to Allah dunia you see Buddha, whoever makes hatred for the sake of dunya Allah will grant him dunya but he won't get the reward of the first instance. So the first thing is make your near correct well we'll assume that we Rahim Allah when he spoke to people who are migrant coming back to America and he spoke to the people who had come from India, Pakistan. He gave one very amazing example. He says make your intention to increase your Eman. Make your intention to take the deen of Allah tala to the other parts of the world. And then he used to

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tell people he said if your identity is not going to be maintained, and you are going to forsake Islam by migration, it's better for you to go back home

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either aka a man service sohini Retta he says Casa tussah better yakob Nicaragua mobile lesson net Vina Lobo suswa cottage of America or wa Pataki, Georgia india pakistan sir Julius Caesar Kurkova Cienega he told him that if your mind is not going to become right then rather go back home. So the first thing is to make an Let me also make mentioned sometimes you can make a need for something. But after you can change your net, as it Manasa jedno manisa, Rahim. Allah say, Islam men nikitas he cassat near Kitab deal ortho cboc.

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Together with a correction of your need, you can also change your net, and you can also broaden unit. So even if you came with a particular reason, first, change your net that I have come in initially for economic situation. But now I want to come for the sake of the deal. I want to make myself a better Muslim. So that's the first thing. The second thing is when a person comes into the country or migrates from one place to the other, he must respect the local norms in respect the local infrastructure.

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And a person might may have been doing something differently in his place. But when it comes to another place, unless it's a matter of clear cut right and wrong,

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then of course he can bring it up. But just as a matter of doing something differently, then you must respect the norms and the ways that people local people are doing things. Hama has matroska Cena Yeah, just two unnecessary object, hammer, I'm happy I say karate, now you bring it here, that is not the way your person does it. So when a person comes and let's say something crossly wrong, then you can bring it to the attention of people, but it is a matter of doing something differently, then you must respect the local norms and the way they have done things don't unnecessary, you know, create confusion and controversy for nothing. They said American went to China. So, we went to China

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as a people what is the population there? You said 1.51 point 2 billion, he said you will do anything else. So you see this way we go ahead cut resize the people out the local people what they are doing, they got their own ways. That's another thing. The third thing that is of great importance is that when we come into a place we must always understand one thing was suggest no money. Yesterday I was listening to his band on this and he made mention a very important point he says, you see whenever humanity and he talks about in a broader sense. He said whenever you learn to give someone something, people will respect and like you. People will respect and like when you

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build you have a situation of giving people you see as it was Monrovia loutra when nebia Kareem saw slim the Treaty of wood Abia sent us man to Makkah can speak to the courage that we have come for peace. We have come for peace. Why did they be a cream sauce themselves man. The reason why we sourced them sin was mine because mine was generous. And he used to give people and when he used to give people the people loved him. It is said that the mothers in even before Islam, when they used to love the babies to sleep they should say baby go to sleep I love you as much as I love this man.

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I love you as much as the courage loves Monrovia louder because when you start giving people then there is a love and respect. But when you always taking from people when you always taking from people then actually what happens is there is disrespect, hatred that balls into people that hate to bus, Linux or Cushnie. So when a person comes from abroad and comes into a different situation, learn to also give not only to

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Pick, one, I suggest makes mention of this in a broader sense of the world. Instead this

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previously used to give the nations of the world things that is why they were respected. And we don't like to listen to this brothers, but in the last two, three centuries, this woman has already taken from other people,

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because we have already taken from other people, that is why we do not have respect amongst people in the world. And Muslims went to Spain, they gave them peace, they gave him tolerance, they taught them wisdom, they taught them cleanliness, they taught them what justice was, show us ways, the example of Muslims giving people today something we're only taking, whether it be the the unemployment fund in Britain, most of the people who are taking are Muslims. So, when you have only taken from people, there is no respect of you in the nations of the world, learn to give. So when you learn to give, then you will see you will be respected by the people. So this is a very

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important aspect for us as Muslims is minorities in this country, and people who have migrated. So these are some aspects with regard to people who have migrated, just very briefly some, you know, very important guidelines with the Sharia historisk. Then of course, there is also guidelines to the Sharia has made mentioned with regard to people who are the local people. Now we can take this as the local people in a broader South African sense, the local indigenous people in our community, the people who have been here before and the people who have come. Now we know in South Africa, there has been a situation since 1994. Many people from different parts of the world have come into our

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communities, they have become part and parcel of our communities. How do we deal with it? Firstly, we must acknowledge that this is a reality. You can't turn away reality. So acknowledge it, accept it. Instead of burning of becoming jealous, it doesn't mean nothing. We have to acknowledge it. As I've said migration is such a phenomenon that one third of humanity is involved in some way or the other in some form of migration is the first thing. The other aspect is, you know Allah Allah has made mentioned in Quran, this earth is very vast, although this ayat was revealed for the people of Makkah to migrate to Madina, munawwara because that time it was

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the identification of a Muslim, but Allah Allah says this earth is vast, so there is migration is going to happen. You see, so under this ayat, Mufti Shafi supplemental, Allah writes, that he says that whoever has migrated by and large Allah has given them Baraka and blessings in the risk.

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So many times people who migrate you will find Allah has given them Baraka and blessing in the risk, they tend to do, because many times they also come with, with, with a determination to do better than what we were previously. So you find that there is a greater determination. And today we find it, we find people who have come from abroad have taken opportunities that local people who have been here for years have not taken those opportunities. And they add to the beauty of the landscape, they add to the beauty of our communities. I mean, we look at Facebook, for example, they have brought in different types of situation that previously were not there. So this is another aspect.

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Thirdly, also acknowledge sometimes when people travel and migrate from one place to the other, there is difficulty. There is no days no aspect of not difficulty in people leaving their own homelands and coming to another place. Acknowledge the type of difficulty as a slave Rumi radi Allahu Turan, who was migrating from Makkah from Mecca to Medina. The Quran stopped him and said, You became wealthier you became one now you're going and what are you going to do with your wealth? So suape roumier, a theologian who said, you know, I'm the best Archer among show. You leave me alone. Let me migrate to Madina, munawwara Let me migrate to Madina, munawwara as long as I got one

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arrow, you will not be able to catch me. This URL, it will allow you to migrate on one condition, there's all your well that will leave me and give it to us

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because he wanted to join nebia Kareem Salalah cillum he said I take all my wealth. So when it came to Madina, munawwara he was tired and exhausted. It is a one more thing on this when he came to Madina, munawwara Navy Sawsan was in a gathering and his eyes was very sore because of the exhaustion that he didn't sleep for many days. So normally it is said when a person's eyes so you don't have dates. You know, you don't have dates because dates exacerbate the pain. So he started eating dates one of the sabaton episodes from jasola suhaib is eating dates in his ears, his eyes so it will affect his eyes. So now we saw slim looked at sway and sway ruparelia autoset yasunaga

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eating was it I am meeting with other I which is not so so there's a sway rumeida Latino but anyways mentioned I said women and nasima Yes sure enough so

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people gave away their wealth for the sake of Allah tala they made it for the sake of Allah tala so there is a difficulty that is there when maybe a cream sauce brought them who had it in answer together. What actually maybe sauce lamb did was he paid the people from Makkah whether people of Medina and made them brothers and some anila that brotherhood was established and was honored by the people.

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of Medina May Allah subhanho wa Taala reward them. You know that is why up till now there is a sensitivity in other oma for the people of Medina because from that time they were people who were mama Nawaz who entertained guests. They looked after people who came from other side, so maybe a Creme De La Hoya silom peribulbar karela noir jabeen Zaid and Saudis. Javi Omar was banned in Malik Aveda village era WhatsApp in mass. And the most remarkable incident was Abdul Rahman who was paid WhatsApp bin Robbie Sabine Robbie was a very, very prominent and sorry, local Medina resident. And he was very wealthy comparative to the other answer. So when I put money over the Latino came to

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him. He said, Listen, I've got so much codons here. I'll give 50% you take and I got two wives. You look at you look which one of the one you you you like I'll divorce you get married to her. The other one was regard to eat at nebia creme de la jolla was selling bait him and then he said I will go to ice you want one? I'll divorce. You have said no. I don't want that. You show me the marketplaces. When he went into the marketplaces. He went to win earn the first day he earned great amount of profit. And then also Allah tala gave me so much Baraka. Even if I would have loved to restore Allah would have given me wealth underneath that he became the most wealthy and now what we

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learned from it is on one hand, from the local people, the ability to sacrifice the people who have come from abroad. This is what we learn. And this is why we're in one expedition nebia cream sauce. Liam got some wealth. And when we are krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam got some wealth, then maybe a cream sauce Adam told answer. He said come up, saw some cold answer and said, I can give this wealth

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to everyone. But you see this module will get a very short, very little bit really get liquid but it won't be enough for them to stand on their own two feet.

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On the other hand, if I give it only to them or Hodgins you don't have to look after them in future they must stand on their own two feet and now they must become independent. So Han Allah on this particular request the answer said jasola give it only to the muhajirs and we will still look after give it to them. But he was still looking. That's a time when this if it was revealed. You hit Buddha Malhotra Illa him, they love the people who have made history to them, they will look upon them in better eyes or dead ways. They love the people who made internet when I actually won a few sudarium hatami moto and they had no hajat and looked upon them in other particular ways. We were

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thrown and they gave people preference even if difficulty came a lot. So when the people come we acknowledged him and also what we learned from the via cream sauce for them to make people feel part of Mashallah we have to make people feel part of our community. That is one of the things that maybe a cream sauce lamb did in the Battle of butter limiters concluded this incident. You know, when in a battle of butter nebia Creme De La La Jolla wa sallam did a very amazing thing he has the people see we left Medina to go and fight a trade caravan. Now all of a sudden we are facing a full fledged war. So the resources took people's Matura initially only the muhajir in the answer. Only the

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Mahajan, the people of Makkah gave us Yasuda law we will fight as its medallion as was said hurry punchy Solomon ship Oprah Almighty Allah go and make war with whomsoever you want. make peace with whomsoever you want, whomsoever you you know, make war with who will be what was who said will you make peace with who will make peace with and take with me Ramana Maharshi take from our wealth whatever you want, what you take from our wealth would be more beloved to us and what to leave behind with us. Suddenly that'd be nice. Well, on the other hand, Nevis Aslam still asked for mushara and then the answer of Medina realized that Libya cream sauce lamb was looking at them to

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give some sort of view because the initial the initial condition was that the people of Medina would protect nebia cream sauce from in Medina this was not in Medina was in butter outside Medina then the answer said yes, we'll go and make whatever you want. We will be with you and said I think it was sad when obata Ravana who said that jasola even if you go to the oceans and you fight in the ocean, we will be with you. So nebbia creams awesome in a mature I didn't say that my people gave me my surely we carry on. He waited for the people of answer also to give much Mashallah. So when we are in a particular situation, we make people feel part and parcel of our community. That is a way

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our beloved nebia Karim Allah Allah wa sallam brought the people of Makkah and Medina together. In fact, on one occasion in the Baja Swanee masala when there was an incident in skirmish, it happened between a person of Makkah and a person of Medina, the person of Makkah called Oh people of Makkah, come and help me and the person from Medina said, Oh, people of Medina come and helped me. Maybe a cream sauce then became so angry. And he said, What is this calling of joy helia This is a calling and slogan of J. Eliot. It is ignorance. I've come to

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To remove the semicolon brother would not be so awesome then said it is a slogan that smells It stinks. This is the teaching at the end of the day, irrespective where people come from, wherever they come from in different parts of the world and they come together. We are common brotherhood, and we're going to keep in that in the middle. We are one brotherhood. And you know, Abdullah, he was about to say, very beautifully, he said, the difficulty that you face in maintaining unity is less difficult than the difficulty that will come upon you when you are disunited. We'll repeat that again. The difficulty you face in forging unity nine forging unity, you have to have a broad heart,

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broad shoulder, have listened to people listen to various views, see people from different walks of life coming. You know, that difficulty is less than the difficulty will come upon the moment when there is disunity. May Allah subhanaw taala hear a topic of understanding and making our learners look at these beautiful presets to be a criminal law. Well, your syllabus taught us well through that one and