Ebrahim Bham – Lessons from Uhud

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The group discusses the success of Islam and the importance of actual success in avoiding victory or defeat. They also talk about the upcoming battle in Afghanistan, the use of cream sauce and "by the way" methods to prevent enemy attacks, and the use of " cream sauce" and "by the way" methods to prevent enemy attacks. They also mention the struggles of some people in their lives and the importance of staying true to one's beliefs. The transcript ends with a mention of a new national holiday in April.
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and Hungary that you have there was Sarah was salam ala Milan, Italy about

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another group organized administrate on Virginia Bismillah Gerwalk Manuel Rafi whatever that you know what I want to

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go on to more money setup Allah will ask you

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my dear respected elders and brothers, one of the most important lessons we learn from our religion is that success. ultimate success is not measured by Victory and defeat in this material world. There are instances in our history where people have become victorious in this world materially

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but they are unsuccessful, there are failures. And there are instances in our history where people have been defeated. But yet after being defeated Allah Allah has called them successful. And that Allah in the Holy Quran says who may you cartography Sevilla? For you tell us Oh yours remember, we ever strides in the path of Allah, wherever fighting the path of Allah, whether he is killed? Oh yesterday or whether he achieved victory. Allah will give him a new order.

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Two year a DECA humble school year. K Amara phala on come Yadi dunya with Fatah or shaker scooper while the study can be so tight if you have a photographer that can come up in a cubby she just have it can come down here. Just a formality to going hola que ramen.

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Chai walked Shahid hauj years Ali Bucha Allah Tala Kia.

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So this is something that we need to keep in mind. It is something that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us an example, that today I would like to concentrate upon is the battle of Wuhan. Now it's a very long battle and I don't have the time to go into ground details. Briefly. The creation of Makkah, because of the defeat in the day take a vow to avenge sanctity, they put all the

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assets together and they gather the assets to make

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march towards Molina with the intention of defeating the Muslims who are in Medina. So according to their they gather all the things and they come into Medina, they come to Ohio, they on the outskirts of Medina, they come with a great force 3000 time, people that time 3000 people was a great force, that person comes to know about what they have done. Maybe I can install some calls the matura Allah Tala fermata where shall we

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make Matura in your matters, so who himself Salam called or the salah Quraysh whether you had the opportunity to come to HSBC Medina to Pamela Kia or what the phones get, let me tell you sir Allah when he was set up in the maturity or Sahaba said In the meanwhile maybe a cream sauce them see a dream a very amazing dream. And the interpretation is also very amazing. Maybe a cream sauce him sees a tree that he is in harmony, full armor,

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that what you wear, when people go to war, maybe a cream saucer Musa Musa

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or maybe a cream sauce and that is referred to as Madina Munawwara because Medina was protected and then the cream sauce and so that he was slaughtering a cow, the slaughtering of the cow was that many Sahaba were going to be martyred or will see a man himself swimming naked the genuine guys Zima marine or near crimson took his sword and Malia cream sauce him when he saw it and if that sword the sword broke

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then what to do? And then retrieves awesome wave the sword again and the sword was restored to its former glory this was a dream definitely occurring Salah when he was selling his soul right so this was an interpretation as you will go along who made matura were the Sahaba Sahaba by and large all of them maybe a cream sauce Salam wanted to stay in Medina maybe a trim sauce and said let us say Medina why we were aka Kamala Correct. Um Medina manufacturing. Or I'm a Medina care and watch what if I'm Deepak Amelia, Sally, Olga, because we know that Torino Molina IVIG

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I'm gonna take us we know where to put them, we know where to take them. We know that streets, we will be able to defeat them we will be able to defend Medina. But the younger Sahaba they said the other suit Allah that Jana took over Oh Yara Shula don't prevent us from achieving Jana. And they were among the people. Yeah, the sooner we're going to fight with them. I'm Jacqueline cellaring

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I'm Madonna particularly Okay, sir. Why must we fight the defensive war we will fight an offensive war, Jacqueline said and the reoccurring salsa Sahaba INCRA ki George Khadija Libya crimson a cartel I'm Dr. Wasserman wobble, let again. Let me get himself some say okay, we will well find them. The director himself sort of went into his room, maybe a cream saucer and came dressed in armor. Not one armor two hammers on his body, not one, two. Now I always tell the people you want to fight but you got no resources. I'm Jacqueline Lorenzo to amonkar. To add to hidden reoccurring sources of Baraka, you created in the near term sorcerer who want to armazenamento five intelligent men 500 M seeker or

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as calcium we are going to fight to a seeker he made seeker he made to ah but he also prepared himself so maybe a cream sauce from Kmart was to armours then the younger Sahaba said yes to Allah for every impressed upon you you want them to stay stay Medina we're not going to force themselves now I dressed myself to go out and fight I can take out Muhammad Anwar Jacqueline joke which Allah

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we will hook hook hook read the via cream sauce when the next morning now on the next morning just before the better 300,000 won't get calculated till maybe a cream salsa Musa monkey

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or postMessage thing so nothing was said to the okay 300 will happen to the left the better on the eve of the better. It's a sign of hypocrisy, that when the mud is in difficulty and need you then you go and step the foot in the back here when Africa tishanna the OMA is in pain when you come in you go and put more difficulty upon the ummah. So this is not the way of the OMA. So in that particular way in Libya, Kareem Salah who it was sort of wind and Libya Kareem sawston The first thing he he saw the terrain he saw the better he said, See in this particular mountain, there is a danger that someone can come from the back and he can attack the Muslims to be extremist Islam in a

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purchase, you know, local happen Caracas he put 50 on them and what he told them you don't move from here no matter what the circumstances. No matter what the circumstances you don't move from here to get the baker himself Slim gave him certain advices up you acid deal. Banker on call to Henan on computer campaign. Do you use your archery and the people who are on the horseback, you keep them back? And the vehicle has also no matter what happens because it's a fear that they can come from the left. Therefore, you must not leave this place. That when I was through here is a long particular incident. Shuman Schumann musalman. Okay. Juliet, muscle man, Fattah Yang, maybe

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utterings awesome. And the Sahaba because of the courage because of their bravery has it to bury me as an

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as an Amazon of the ultimate Muslims. We're getting maybe a chemist how soon before the battle, gave his sword he said who will take the sword and who will fulfill the rights of the sword a lot of Sahaba said Yasunaga we will take it we will take it and I will to China. I will do Jana came and he took it and when I moved to China took it

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to China was an amazing person, he used to wear a red turban and when he used to go into the bathroom, and he used to when he used to go into battle, he used to have a particular method of you know, quality, a particular battle cry or a certain degree of you know, prior to that he showed that with that particular you know, sought at the recurring source in 2002 Jana, normally Allah wouldn't like this way you are getting money, but in the better

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the way you are going around normally Allah would like to, but because of it being a better Allah subhanho wa Taala loves us. So in this particular way the Sahaba were on the verge of victory. Now because of the being on the verge of victory, the people who won the mount the headmaster, the scaling with regard to the via cream sauce of Metallica Templar ratio, or rivalry to Smith Wenham yami Abraham, I'm to enter Pattaya, they are running away they are moving away, and they are running from the battle. So 40 of the 50 or 39 of the 50 They left the post and they will do

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though after the, with the enemy, Halloween worried who was in the cavalry, the cavalry was the people on horseback. He realized that they had left the poles he came from behind. And when he came from behind, he the rear of the Muslim army was exposed. And he gave into and he attacked the Muslims. When he attacked the Muslim from the year, the Quraysh, they realized they also started attacking the Muslims was sandwiched in between, they broke through the ranks of the Muslims until they originally occurred himself so if you come here to la era, he took a stone and a rock any threw it upon Himself Salam, breaking the nose, breaking the teeth, and bruising the face of our beloved

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Maria Teresa was salam. And the cry went out

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in the Mohammed uncut mud cream sauce, as passed on Sahaba Kyoko there was no more difficult thing to hear that maybe a cream sauce, women passed on for a certain degree of time they became despondent when they became despondent, some of them went away, some of them went back to Medina

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to find out that maybe Omari underneath

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them let me say CalFire so then they certain degree, then certain people came up to the fore.

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And amongst them were very, very great Sahaba and they came in a day and has been another you know, people saw him running, and he was immaculate, complete different enthusiasm upcard, Dario? guardado, who had killed who had said to anyone Jannetty who's poor man,

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my song well, I can see the smell of gelatin, the frequency of gender from the mouth of God, and he went forward until he was martyred. And then the Sahaba Ikram when they came to Korea Kareem Salah while he was selling was alive, they surrounded the reoccurring social, initially they were 1250 and then more and more people came and tire round the VA cream sauce from the entire Dettol was focused around the beauty cream sauce. Well, initially they were only about 11 or 12. So the people were attacking the reoccurring sources, one waiver protective the acronym SOS Nica Mira Tifa, called karega tell her

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and he and he reserved the defendant cream sauce from another particular taking conifer Canada who will protect again tell him he allowed him when he said seven times the reoccurrence awesome call who will prepare defend me and seven times still have in

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the lobby roommate will be allowed to seven times he came for, you know he attacked he prevented any defendant in returning so a lot while he was settled, you know, as Uber could have gotten used to say, the Battle of what day of

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the day of Ohio was still happy to be the last day so much so that his whole helmet in paradise, whole head became paralyzed because you are protecting the vehicle resources and in that particular way they change the battle. Now that is the incident. Now why I'm making mention of this because from there, Allah subhanahu wa taala revealed almost a quarter supera about how Allah Tala consoled the Sahaba after what happened can become a mere haram without I find it amazing that killing this whole incident this whole incident we have to learn brothers we have to learn lessons. Not once to nebbia cream sauce or ever the Sahaba ever tell those young Sahaba Why did you tell us to go fight

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It was what about it? It must about this 11 Sahaba could mica she's only a year matured yet.

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kissy now Jupiter as Mica. This is the unit view of the woman not once anyone told us because of your matura we went and we got defeated. We made a decision we stand by the decision Subhan Allah then Allah subhana wa Tada gave them I will make mention of fiber 60s subset area Allah Tanaka felt subset Bella cool to Allah Allah will women in the

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year shuckers que Hua Why did it happen? Why did a certain victory turn into a defeat? Allah Allah Allah says who Amina

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Maha Sabha Quran. introspect que hamari from Zurich watch as I was subscribed to you or maybe perhaps because of a weakness something happened. So the first thing Allah Tala told them, introspect. The second thing Allah Allah says, We know that we have been hurt by this word of Allah. Allah.

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Allah Allah forgive you.

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So Allah

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So I know what Allah says I forgive you. You have your weakness TK you are human beings. Allah subhanaw taala for him

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and that's what ALLAH forgive

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and that Allah will forgive you when we don't forgive. You might be able to hear that can open up open looks on what what Allah Tala T has helped you understand whatever difficult came upon you Allah

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Allah will forgive, you will be doesn't forgive. So the second thing Allah Allah told him Allah is forgiven you despite the fact that you are weak.

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Despite you are weak Allah is forgiven you. The third thing Allah Tala.

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Alone, don't lose hope. Don't lose heart, do not grieve and tumble alone you will be victorious in equal to more money if you are believers. Subhanallah the third thing Allah what Allah Jana told him don't lose heart

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at Cabrini.

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I would love Natalie, up here for Tatiana.

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muscleman or more, Mr. Heater as your home. If you don't lose her, don't become despondent. Don't grieve, Allah will give you victory, a victory if you are true believers. So look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala gave them consolation. And this will happen one day it will happen you know this better the next better, or eventually the people who are dying, they're going to reach Allah subhanaw taala and now we're giving them a reward greater than the difficulty that they face in this world. What

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don't believe do not lose hope do not become despondent, you will be victorious. Now what it makes upon us we must strive to become good believers will

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equal to many third setting

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the first thing

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he says come on cut muscle

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you suffered wounds they also suffered wounds destra opposite me with whom is happy when you got you accidentally defeated difficulties due to a difficulty you can what happened in Casa TK we have also many of us you know we many of our people have passed on they've had difficulties but they've also inflicted never before so much infliction upon the people the enemies never before they've had so many people who have died in since the beginning of his life

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to you they do head wounds. You had people who have fatalities you have they also have dies and the difference is that none of

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our people who have died they are injured and the people who have died by yourself one way ticket to Jannah no return so a national Hello dialysis em system common pocket muscle como como Metro, good and bad days come upon people in this world we had certain good days sometimes we have bad days. This dunya is in Darlington em system common socket Mr. Omaka. Then the fourth thing, pious people never lose hope.

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Musa man Karima used to okay him in the Benin cartel my worry be you will notice here from our honeymoon Mr. Asaba who feels really love how many times was salaam port? When kissa looked? There were people with them from our heart.

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They never lose hope of the difficulty they came upon them.

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Or Montana problem. What did they say when difficulty came upon them when they were fighting? Illa and Kalu prop and a Filipina or whatever Forgive us our short term waste Rafi Amina and whatever trash trespasses we have done for coffee. I'm gonna say yeah, Tina, whatever phenom Alibre fill in as Rubina where he slept for now. I'm gonna be one that people are steadfast and help us again to prefer. So the pious people never lose hope. And this is the two other teammate Rapana filling out Reuben

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was what's going on our holding company. And then I think the focus of the 60s that the bounties enjoyed by the manor those who have passed on by our side do you know what great bounties without the photolemur up submitted I don't ever say that people who have died in the past have a nut allergy again, or they are dead, but who was in

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tears it died. Maybe a cream sauce remits it to people who died in one day Allah Tala made them into beautiful birds and Allah Tala made them you know enjoy the beauties of Tana Subhana wa.

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And then we are getting social mistaken ideas and no one asked to be alone as the shade on the day of cabin reception here.

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And now we'll ask him on the linear geometry of QR chatting What do you want? Whatever you want I prepared to give you Joe Bucha chat immediately create a URL for what your Canadian What will they say for what lurks in the US back in this world? The Mazel Tov bizarre I made to any update Xin the hippo for ban collimator ma

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saya or Dubai Ramadan, the beauty and

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the joy we got in sacrificing our life. Give us go and let us go back in the dunya and let us get the joy again. And then lastly ALLAH SubhanA wa Jalla says in the last message, Mr. Mohammed will allow us all

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to do who's going after him Martin? Oh good.

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People, when maybe a creamy sauce will have passed away, the Sahaba felt they were despondent and when they were to support them, and that Allah revealed will hamper this Rasul of Almighty Allah and other previously than the only game in the past away. If Mohammed passed away, are you going to turn away against religion? Are you going to turn away from Allah? Are you going to turn away from Islam? A good Whopper. She goes to care how Islam says

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and that Dad told the Sahaba you want to turn away from me if puppet passes away in the battle

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to Wahhabi

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Islam is our our victory Islam is our celebration, we will become even more firm even if they said that these are some of the lessons lessons that we learned from what happened. May Allah subhanaw taala by mistake will have to put in

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